Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 145

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Episode 145

‘Why did it change into something like this?’

Helmut later regretted that he should have expressed his opinion more when applying for the artifact. But it wasn’t the dean’s fault anyway.

Even though this country had many disadvantages – it was hot, there were people who betrayed Darian, and monsters appeared in the desert – there was at least one advantage.

It is okay to beat up someone who has a fight. You can’t kill it, but you just have to fight and win even if it means breaking its limbs. It was a country that was surprisingly generous to winners.

Helmut raised his sword in its scabbard and lifted his hand.

“If you want to start a fight, go for it. “Don’t just talk loudly.”

His cape is still being remodeled. Because of that, Helmut was hot and irritated.

“Oh, look at this guy?”

“Because it’s the same. “A young cub should have some pride.”

The rugged men approached him.

“Personal fights are prohibited near the martial arts venue!”

The receptionist shouted loudly.

“You look like a girl and have quite a bit of spirit, right? “I am a jackal.”

One of the men who had been arguing shrugged his shoulders and walked by.

“I’ll see you at the preliminaries. “Because then there will be no one to stop you.”

Helmut deeply engraved the faces of those around him, including him. During the preliminaries, I’ll have to pray that I don’t meet him. Because I won’t let you walk off the stage with your limbs intact.

A cold light passed through Helmut’s eyes.


“It’s 3,000 marks. That’s a nice cloak. “It’s in good condition, so I only get a small amount because it didn’t cost much to add a few features.”

The only thing you get is 3,000 marks. Actually, I guess it’s just the cost of one night’s stay at the inn he found. No matter how good the room was, it was a waste to spend that much money.

After paying the price, Helmut returned to the inn. There was a cool breeze coming from the cloak, so it was definitely comfortable. Now that she had escaped the heat, Helmut’s mood also improved.

‘I think I’ll survive.’

That is, until we returned to the inn.

“There you are. “Tell me about it.”

As soon as I entered the inn, the waiter who was facing a certain man saw Helmut and pretended to know him.

An ominous feeling came over me. I have a feeling that work will become a hassle. This premonition is not wrong. The man who was talking to the waiter walked towards me.

“Are you a guest who rented the Emerald Room on the 5th floor?”


It was an article. maybe. Looking at the color of his skin, he is not from the Kingdom of Basor. Although the way he spoke seemed calm, he implicitly exuded an overbearing aura.

“The person I’m serving has no place to stay, so I’d like you to give me a room. “You pay generously.”

“It’s difficult because I don’t have a place to stay.”

Also, it was a hassle to go around looking for a room. If you do something wrong, you may have to live homeless. In this heat!

Helmut already thought that the two million marks were his. So, they don’t even bat an eyebrow at a certain amount of money.

“You are alone. It has a small room for the attendants to use. “I hope you give in.”

It looks like the employee was playing around with his mouth a little. You can try to reach an agreement, but you even let me know that you are staying alone.

Did they think that it wouldn’t be a problem for such an expensive and booming inn to do something like that? No, in places like that, people tend to keep their mouths shut.

‘You made light of me.’

Employees are not properly trained. There was a need to pay a steep price.

“That won’t work. “Let’s try finding a room at another inn.”

In fact, I was willing to give it up if I found a room somewhere else and paid some money, but it has now disappeared.

The moment he passed by and was about to return to the room, the knight’s hand grabbed Helmut’s shoulder.

“you! “They said they would give me something in return!”

At that moment, death flashed in Helmut’s eyes. There must be something bad about this country. Maybe it’s not a good match for you. They mess with people so much that they get sick of it. An eerily cold voice came out.

“If you don’t take your hands off, I’ll cut you.”

One warning. His hand reached for the handle of his sword. 3 seconds, is that enough? There won’t be any setbacks in the martial arts festival. Even if… … .

“Stop it, Robert. “Don’t be rude to other guests just because you’re doing it for me.”

It was a neutral, sweet voice. Strangely, it had the power to attract people. Helmut looked in the direction where the voice came from.

“I’m sorry, my knight acted like a Bashorian.”

A boy wearing luxurious travel clothes approached him and spoke insinuatingly.

Thirteen or four years old, maybe that much? Pale face, blond hair, blue eyes. There was a smile on his thin face. He is a very noble and elegant boy.

The word doll was not a word to use for Helmut. Because this boy right in front of me was like a doll. In Bashor, this is a subject that will cause as much controversy as Helmut.

The knight named Robert let out a sigh.

“Mr. Michael.”

Helmut took a close look at her handsome and bright face, not like a man.

‘A woman dressed as a man?’

The idea was natural to Helmut. However, I can’t feel any magical energy, and judging by the protruding uvula, it doesn’t seem like it.

Asuka was described as pretty, so it would be sad to be the second child, but she was not a woman.

‘Only guys like this gather around me.’

Helmut had his doubts.

“I apologize for my driver’s rudeness. “I’m sick, so it’s hard to find a place to stay other than in places like this.”


Helmut answered half-heartedly. I tried to just ignore him and go, but for some reason he was a guy I couldn’t ignore. Eyes that are calm and unreadable for their age. Once he appeared, he was very noticeable.

“I know it’s hard to find a room. Because we couldn’t save it, we found this place where the kite was. “But I have a good idea.”

The smiling face with wide eyes was a reward that older women would give even if they had to create a room without one. Of course, she didn’t work on Helmut. He asked half-heartedly.




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“What if it were like this? I need a room to share with my people, and you just need a place to stay. So, you and I are sharing a room. Instead, I will pay for the accommodation.”

Robert immediately raised his voice.

“Michael! That’s nonsense. “How can you share a room with someone you’ve never met before?”

“Robert, is there another way?”

Michael’s eyes became cold. Robert immediately shut his mouth. Has control over his subordinates. He seems to be a different guy than his innocent appearance. The guy with a grin persuaded Helmut.

“Maybe you’re not afraid of me? I don’t have bad sleeping habits. “The room is spacious, so we can fit one more bed in.”

Sharing space with someone was not a big deal to Helmut. Because I already did that in the dormitory. But is there any reason to do so? Helmut looked it over.

‘It’s a new type.’

The type that hides their true feelings well and has a fake smile. Area also gave off an elegant and aristocratic feel, but he was not the type of person to be honest. It was interesting.

‘I don’t have much energy in my body. ‘This is not a guy who knows how to use Vis.’

It’s definitely not a threat. It was easy enough to be subdued with one hand.

‘I don’t know what he’s doing, but it’s new anyway.’

Helmut thought positively. He was the perfect person to fit into the framework of my new experience. A room with a stranger, even an unknown master.

‘It’s not bad.’

Even if it wasn’t just a deal that would be a loss, I didn’t want to obediently agree to it either.

“That alone is not enough.”

Helmut made a deal.

“I will even take care of your food expenses at this inn.”

“That’s natural. “Is there anything special besides money?”

Helmut was curious about what this easy-going guy could come up with.

“Um, anything special? “Not material things, but emotional or mental things.”


Michael, who was contemplating, placed his palms together.

“You’re not a Basore either, and you came here to participate in a martial arts competition, right?”

“that’s right.”

“Then let’s do it like this. I came here to watch the martial arts festival in the royal capital of Basor. I will support that side. “If you have someone cheering you on, it will give you strength too.”


Looking at the smiling face, Helmut was momentarily speechless. It was absurd. However, at the same time, I was attracted to that strange sound. He was strangely like that. This guy was the first to suggest something like that to Helmut.

‘Isn’t there anything I can take anyway?’

It seems like they would give it to me if I asked for money, but I got to stay at this inn for free and my food expenses were covered. Helmut decided to take it in moderation.


Soon the employee returned the money he had paid in advance to Helmut. It was the same employee who informed Michael and his group that Helmut was occupying the Emerald Room alone.

Helmut slapped him. match! My head turned, but it didn’t hit me hard enough to make my nose bleed. The employee who had suddenly been hit looked at him with a shocked face.

“Why, why are you like this!”

“You’ll have to be careful with your tongue from now on.”

The employee flinched and stepped back, as if he understood what Helmut was saying.

‘You have to come out strong in this country, it won’t work.’

It seemed like Helmut took it easy because he was alone and wasn’t picky. She looked at him all over the place.

As soon as I entered the room, the inn employees noticed me and brought in a bed. The two beds were placed separately at a distance.

Michael’s attendants occupied the small, nameless rooms attached to the Emerald Room that Helmut had no interest in. Seeing that there are more than one knight and servant, it appears that he is the son of a fairly high-ranking noble family.

Michael, who had been talking with his subordinates, walked over and asked.

“We’ll be sharing a room, but I can’t keep calling you that. “What’s your name?”

“swimming… … Hyde.”

I was confused because I had never used a pseudonym before. Helmut had a rather honest personality. He asked pointedly whether the other person had heard what was said before.


“No, Hyde.”

“Are you a nobleman?”

“Think whatever you like.”

I was deeply stung. After attending the academy, when I saw a guy younger than me, it was Helmut who naturally spoke informally to me.

But commoners should not do that to nobles. Even if Helmut is actually from a noble family, unless there is something to prove it.

“I’m Michael. He’s from the Empire. He’s a noble. Um, I’ll keep the last name a secret.”

“I didn’t ask.”

“haha! Hyde is so honest. But being honest isn’t necessarily a good thing. Sometimes you have to choose who you want to be honest with. “If I were royalty or something similar, Hyde could be in a lot of trouble.”

It was a subtle nuance. It’s soft but doesn’t bend.

‘Are you saying that my attitude is bothering you now?’

Helmut responded coldly.

“I don’t need your advice.”

“No one needs advice. Because no one can do everything on their own. “They say there is something to be learned from even a passing child.”

‘He’s the kind of guy who wants to hit me for making a fuss.’

Helmut thought. But he wanted to hit me, but he was a guy who couldn’t be hit carelessly.

It seemed so weak. He’s a man, but he’s a child. It seems like if you hit it once, it will go away. This was someone who might unintentionally commit murder.

Helmut understood why Asuka said Area was unlucky. To be precise, she felt unlucky.

Helmut decided to check.

“You, an academy student? Is it an academic department?”

“No, I couldn’t enter the academy because I was weak. If you ask me that, does that mean that Hyde is a student at the Academy? “Ordinary people tend to view others in the light of themselves.”

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