Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 141

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Episode 141

Helmut walked out of the testing room. As soon as he came out, he sighed with a pale face. The stress level is like having a series of fights with a strong fighter of the Fasho level. It was my first time experiencing such a tiring fight. The whole time, I suffered from the tension of being in a battle where even one mistake would lead to the death. My whole body was tired.

Someone spoke to Helmut as he walked out of the academy.

“It’s amazing that you’ve surpassed level 10. “The color of this crystal ball changes every time the stage changes. After you entered, the color continued to change, so I had some expectations.”

It was Dwayne, a professor in the Department of Magic. He pointed to a crystal ball hanging at the end of a pillar next to the exit.

He had remembered Helmut since their last hunting outing together. A second-year swordsman undergraduate student was sent after a first-class mercenary-level assassin. It was even weirder that he couldn’t remember.

“You are not the first student to pass level 10 since this magic test was established, but you are the first second-year student.”


However, rather than being proud, Helmut had a calm expression. He didn’t bother to add one word.

“It’s a very tasteless test.”

It sounded like an accusation, and Professor Dwayne smiled sheepishly.

“Practical combat often requires mental strength. “Even though it may seem a bit excessive, we decided it would be good for nurturing the mental strength of our students.”

Rather than cultivating mental strength, it would be more of a blow to mental strength. Unless you have a really nice stomach, you’ll probably skip dinner today.

As Helmut stared, he leaned his head closer and whispered with a serious expression.

“It is a name. Actually, it’s the dean’s preference. There is no use in trying to stop it.”

“Ah yes.”

Only then did I understand. At Greta Academy, the magic department was given more credit than the swordsmanship department. This is because the academy dean is a renowned wizard. To that extent, his authority was absolute.

‘Area said that her guardian was the Dean.’

That fact is little known. Area did not take the transfer exam at the recommendation of an instructor like Helmut, but entered Greta Academy after taking the entrance exam. Just because the dean was her guardian, Area did not receive any special treatment.

“What is the product?”

Helmut, who was about to leave, suddenly asked.

“I heard there is a prize if you surpass level 10.”

“I will create the type of artifact you want. “If it’s in the academy warehouse, we’ll give it to you or remodel it.”

It was a more generous product than I expected. My ears perked up.


“I didn’t say anything. It has to be reasonably good. Anyway, even if you say something excessive, we will cut it, so you don’t have to worry. It’s okay to think about it slowly, but you should apply quickly so you can receive it before vacation. “To me or to the swordsmanship instructor.”

Professor Dwayne lowered his voice and whispered again.

“The Dean will make it for you, so it will be useful.”

What should I order? The moment she started to think, a thought suddenly occurred to her. Area.

“How about an artifact with the ability to change its appearance?”


“yes. “It’s something that changes things like hair, eyes, and face.”

“I don’t know how much of a disguise it will be, but it’s a good idea.”

“I hope it is an effective product. You see, I’ve been holding a lot of grudges.”

Professor Dwayne, who knew he was targeted by Black Hawk, nodded.

“Ah, that’s right. do not worry. “I will tell you well, Dean.”


Helmut bowed and left the place.

Asuka was sitting on the bench and resting her chin. His complexion was pale, but he seemed to have calmed down now. He asked sullenly as soon as Helmut appeared.

“Helmut, how many levels have you penetrated?”

“to the end.”

Asuka opened her eyes wide.

“You got to level 10? “This guy has a really good stomach.”

It was a test where I felt that the mental strength that went through to that point was more important than my skills. Helmut, who saw that Asuka had enough skills to get through to level 10, nodded.

“I thought I knew why you ran away.”

“I’m having trouble with the final exam, and you should come in first place. “I got goosebumps.”

Asuka sighed deeply. The two shared deep sympathy. It was an uncommon occurrence. After a while he asked:

“What I saw was up to level 8. “What on earth was step 9?”

“Swarm of bugs.”


As the memory came to mind, Helmut’s brows narrowed. It was a memory he didn’t want to recall.

“The bug… … A lot of it poured out. Should I say it’s a combined monster?”

Fist-sized gray insects swarmed, crawling on numerous legs, and poured towards him like a tidal wave.

It was a sight that, if most people had seen it, would have instinctively run like crazy towards the exit. Goosebumps spread to my brain.

At that moment, Helmut instinctively completely cleared his mind. I tried not to even think of the disgusting thought. It was a state of thoughtlessness. Asuka looked bored.

“How do you catch that? Do we have to catch and kill them one by one during the time limit?”

“No, there is a nuclear guy. “If we find him and catch him, it’s over.”

It was the only red bug that caught my eye. It had wings and a fast body. At first glance, all I had to do was catch that guy.

“okay? that’s interesting. But what on earth was step 10?”

At that moment, someone walked out of the exit and the conversation stopped. There were multiple test centers, but there was only one exit.

“It’s Colin.”

Asuka’s roommate. She didn’t seem very friendly, but she did say hello and Asuka shook her hand. Colleen nodded her head in response. She was a girl with blank eyes for some reason, and her complexion was not good. Asuka mumbled.

“Now that I think about it, I heard that the magic department is also taking exams today. There are three testing centers. In the morning, the Magic Department uses two test centers to conduct the exam quickly, and from the afternoon, the Swordsmanship Department uses two test centers. They say they use it alternately like this. I saw the draft earlier. “I guess he’s a little later.”

“Area also said she was taking the exam today.”

As Helmut mentioned it, Colin, who was passing by, suddenly muttered.

“Areara will be next after me, taking a test in the next room.”



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At that moment, a tremendous roar erupted. Quagwagwang! It was a wave that vibrated all the way to the floor, as if there had been an earthquake. Asuka quickly covered her ears.

“W-what is it?”

My whole body trembled in the aftermath. Helmut, who had pulled up Vis, raised his gaze. The ceiling of the shattered building next to where he had escaped a moment ago was collapsing.

I felt a powerful magical power from inside. A magical wave that seems to soar to the end of the sky.

‘This magical power… … .’

Helmut immediately kicked off the floor and ran. A bright silver light came into view between the collapsed walls. Magical power rising from the body like a haze. Floating silver hair.

Standing there was Area, who had destroyed a testing site with destruction magic!

Magical energy was rising from his body, white as steam. He didn’t seem excited or out of his wits. However, Area was filled with a chill that was difficult to put into words. As if someone would freeze them if they showed up.

There was someone who entered before Helmut. Professor Dwayne, who was guarding the exit, raised his finger in confusion.

“Area! “If you destroy the building.”

When Area turned her head, Professor Dwayne stopped talking. Area’s purple eyes flashed coldly.

“You passed step 10, right?”

The look in his eyes was as if he was asking what kind of test this was. Area was always cold and cynical, so this appearance was unexpected. I felt the ferocity of a wild beast that was bristling. Professor Dwayne stuttered.

“The building collapsed, so we don’t know the criteria for judging it.”

“That’s because the crystal ball remains, so if you analyze it, you’ll know. “There is no need for passing products.”

His attitude was that it was natural that he had passed step 10.

“Ah, Area! “What are you going to do if you destroy the exam room like this?”

“The testing center is poor. It would be better to spend a little more money. Otherwise, please tell the dean not to test students with this bad taste. “Is that what he did?”


Professor Dwayne, who knew who Area’s benefactor was, cleared his throat.

Area lashed out at her benefactor in her mind. Collecting insect specimens is a rare hobby, but not a strange one. But applying it to the academy exam was a different matter.

As more and more stages passed, Area’s patience reached its limit. The moment I left only the last step, my reason suddenly began to squeak. I blacked out for a moment and when I came back, it looked like this.

‘I also have a lot… … I got emotional.’

However, people sometimes act emotionally. Area decided not to reflect. Instead, he pulled himself together and told the dean to leave the cost of the repairs to the dean. Any accident he causes will be resolved by his guardian.

As he was leaving the ruined exam room, he found Helmut standing beyond the wall.

Area’s shocked expression softened slightly. Like a tightly pulled string becomes loose. He opened his mouth.

“you… … “Did you take the test too?”

“So, what happened?”

“Ah, I made a bit of a mistake. “Stop without even realizing it.”

Area shook her head. The moment I witnessed that, my desire to protect reason disappeared. Use as much magic as possible to destroy it. Everything! It was filled only with that will.

Magic is the power that embodies will. The effect was amazing. The magic that was exercised beyond the limit that was implicitly concerned not only destroyed the illusion, but also the testing site where the illusion was realized.

Helmut noticed it right away.

“Step 10?”

“that’s right.”

There was a slight silence between the two. Helmut thought of the level 10 monster he had defeated.

Giant cockroach. Moreover, it is a combination type. Small cockroaches gather together to become giant cockroaches. The ultimate in disgust, itself. The sight was so vivid and horrifying that some people fainted and screamed as soon as they saw it.

As expected in the final stage, its movements were aggressive enough to be disgusting. He combines and decomposes at will, attacking test subjects. I hate the little guy, and the big guy is even more terrifying, but I take on both sides equally.

The sight of cockroaches with numerous antennae and legs crawling across the floor was spectacular in another sense.

There was also a flying type. Deukdeuk! It flew towards us, fluttering the air with its transparent wings.

Helmut’s excellent eyesight allowed him to witness the scene more vividly than anyone else.

Area’s complexion darkened as if she was thinking of the same thing. he asked.

“… … What prize did you choose to receive?”

“Ah, just like you.”

Helmut, who was about to answer casually, stopped. It stopped well. Area doesn’t know that Helmut knows about the magic he maintains. Area urged.

“like me?”

“I was wondering if there was an artifact capable of something like cleansing magic. “It’s vacation soon.”

Helmut answered smoothly and was impressed by his quickness. He came up with a good excuse.

An artifact that allows you to use cleanliness magic would be a very useful item for travel. During vacation, most students leave Baden. Helmut would be like that, and it would probably be the same for Area as well.

Area suddenly realized something. When she returns, her dorm room will be changed. As the dean said, he will be in solitary confinement. Alea’s expression suddenly hardened.

“… … okay.”

Area was surprised that she didn’t want that. She was so used to this guy. She is the only friend she made after entering the academy.

Even Area couldn’t deny the word “friend.” But Area immediately shook off that thought.

‘There’s nothing to think about already.’

The final exams aren’t even over yet. After the results were announced, there were about ten days left until vacation.

First of all, the exam at hand is urgent.

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