Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 139

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Episode 139

Although overshadowed by Irea, Xian was a more talented spirit wizard than expected.

I only saw two Xian spirits. He also said that he knows how to manipulate spirits of all attributes. Earth, fire, wind, water, mind. The final mind is a spiritual spirit. I remember hearing people complaining that Xian was the most difficult spirit to deal with.

“Area? Is that possible? “You still don’t know him.”

Xian snapped his fingers and clicked his tongue. Helmut found that sight somewhat disturbing. Isn’t Area her own roommate? She thinks this is the one she is closer to and knows better. Because she doesn’t even think of Xian as her friend.

But there was no need to deny it so desperately. Helmut said coldly.

“It’s not a test that is advantageous to Area.”

“That’s right.”

Only then did Sian realize something, and his eyes widened.

“No way, this is recognition of me as a rival! “This city, that area?”

He put his hand to his chest as if he was moved. How long were the days of being ignored?

Before the final exam, Xian was being checked by the head of the magic department who had looked down on him for a long time. I felt a tremendous sense of change.

“My heart is pounding.”

“… … “Are you confident about fighting against monsters?”

Helmut felt a bit strange. It doesn’t really matter what other people’s grades are. I’ve been thinking that way, but for some reason I think Cian will beat Area, so I don’t feel like it.

It was even more so when I thought of Area walking around in a low mood. Still, wouldn’t Sian be the type of person to laugh at Area just because she got good grades?

‘I don’t think so, but I can’t guarantee it. ‘I have a grudge against Alea.’

Even though it was a bet, Area was such a strong guy that he made Sian run 100 laps a day on the playground. He is not surprised when a boomerang comes flying by.

“No, are you confident about that? I have lived a good life. “I’ve never even fought a bear.”

Xian’s appearance was kind and gentle. The flesh was soft and the stomach seemed to have no muscles at all. In other words, it looks weak.

“But I don’t fight alone. I have spirits. ”

Sian raised his hand and stroked the head of the light spirit that was sitting on my shoulder and staring at Helmut. Since it passed anyway, I just pretended to pet it.

“Are you confident?”

Then the spirit of light confidently raised its fist. In fact, he is the light spirit and is the most useless guy other than blinding himself. He just brought it out often because it was good for raising spirit affinity.

“Did you see it? “You said you were confident.”

“… … okay.”

I don’t think there’s any need to worry about Area. Because I don’t think this no-nonsense guy will fight well. He just gets good grades because he’s smart.

“You must work hard not to lose to Asuka. Okay, it’s a revolt by the second-ranking members! “There’s no way for me to always lose to Area.”

I don’t know if it’s because he inherited it from Asuka or if he’s taking after Asuka, but Xian has also become quite loud compared to when we first met. Helmut did not necessarily break his will.


There is not just one testing site. The facility itself is completely identical, but is divided into three rooms. Otherwise, when will all these students take the exam?

The contents of the test were kept secret. The entrance and exit are also separated. To re-enter the waiting area, you had to blink and pass in front of the missionary. Because of this, it is not possible to tell those on the waiting list what monsters appear or how to take the test.

Strangely enough, the order of the test was Asuka followed by Helmut. Helmut waited to see when Asuka, who went in first, would come out.

‘If it takes 5 minutes to fight one guy, it takes 50 minutes to get to level 10.’

Helmut did not underestimate Asuka’s skills. He didn’t overestimate it, though. But Asuka is the explosive type. Unlike when fighting an assassin, results from these tests will come quickly. Either you pass or you don’t.

Mathematically speaking, yes, but there may be some variables. Helmut finished the sparring in less than a minute.

After fighting the assassin in Pedica Forest, I only sparred with insignificant opponents a few times. And that too with a wooden sword.

It’s been a while since I fought a fight with a real sword. At that time, he made the right decision not to fight Talon, but it was a shame. He was one of the few strong men who could fight to his heart’s content.

Even though it’s a test. Fighting with a true sword means that you can freely use vis. Inside, using weapons other than swords was not permitted unless it was the main weapon.

Helmut strengthened the hand holding the sword handle. As he focused only on training, his body became itchy. There is no one with whom one can spar properly.

Ethan was busy and wasn’t in charge of the second grade. He sparred, and if Helmut won, his face would be hurt. He liked doing it even when he was on vacation.

‘It’s a monster, it looks familiar.’

I have already cut down many monsters. Those guys oozed demonic energy and had a negative impact on Helmut’s dark sprouts, but this was different. Because monsters are nothing but illusions.

They say there is an interval to skip the steps, so Helmut plans to try to get through them in 15 minutes.

To the side, second-year swordsman students were chatting quietly. The tension seemed to ease as they talked.

“Isn’t this a test that is beneficial to you? “I heard there are a lot of monsters in your area.”

“What does it feel like to deal with a monster?”

“It just feels like fighting a really big, scary animal. “Maybe it’s because I’m carrying demon energy, but I feel strangely scared.”

“What does it feel like specifically?”

“Whenever you look at me with your eyes shining this way, it gives me a little chills and feels like it’s pressing down on my skin.”

The moment he said that, a scream erupted.


Asuka ran out with a blue face holding a sword. Her eyes looked like she had seen something terrible.

“what’s the matter!”

“Asuka? “Why is that guy like that?”

Everyone was confused when the guy who was supposed to go out through the exit came out through the entrance. As they were just looking at each other’s faces, Asuka screamed again.


Asuka grabbed her hair with both hands and trembled. Anyone could see that there was a problem.

“Isn’t that guy mentally ill as a result of the illusion magic?”

“You must be crazy.”

Even though she is called a crazy dog, Asuka is sane. She just acts like she got some money.

His classmates were unable to approach him and just looked at him blankly. Helmut stared at Asuka as if observing her.

‘I came out with a sword.’

There is a sword stuck at his waist. That explained everything. If you were truly out of your mind, you wouldn’t have even thought of running out with a sword.

“Asuka, what are you doing here? Did you forget? “The entrance is over there.”

Instructor Patricia approached him, crossed her arms and said. Asuka came to her senses and her eyes returned to focus. He gritted his teeth and shouted.



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“Professor, what kind of test is this! “I made it to level 8!”

Perfect! Instructor Patricia hit Asuka on the head. Today again, without fail. It was a familiar sight. Instructor Patricia rolled her eyes.

“Didn’t you hear the notice? Did I tell you not to talk about exams? Didn’t you? “Can’t you see there’s a waiting room here?”

As I spoke as if asking, Asuka only then looked around. When Asuka noticed her classmates looking at her strangely, she felt ashamed and shouted fiercely.

“What are you looking at, you bastards! “Did you see it?”

Perfect! Instructor Patricia hit Asuka on the head again. As if that wasn’t enough, he pinches my cheek and pulls it. A scream with a different meaning came out of Asuka’s mouth.

“Ouch, ouch!”

“Stop talking nonsense and come out with me! “There’s no need to make a fuss.”

Instructor Patricia clicked her tongue when she remembered what the level 8 monster was. She said to her students as she dragged Asuka out.

“It’s nothing to worry about. All of these tests have been verified by instructors who have personally taken them, and they are not dangerous. “Don’t be scared for no reason.”

As she dragged Asuka out, there was a stir again.

“What is that guy?”

“What kind of monster came out?”

“Isn’t it really terrible for that guy to be like that?”

It was fortunate that the guys who took the test in front of Asuka were lucky. The guys who saw his actions became anxious for no reason. Excessive tension causes stiff hands and feet. This will put you at a disadvantage on the exam.

But in that atmosphere, Helmut was the only exception. He felt curious.

‘what? There’s no way something like Naho would have come out.’

Naho is an evil snake with two heads. It had the most terrible shape that Helmut had ever seen. He can turn people to stone just by looking at him.

However, it would be impossible to implement something like Naho at the academy magic department level. No, it would be impossible even for an archmage.

‘Are you bringing a monster with a vicious appearance to test your guts and mental strength?’

That was a reasonable evaluation standard. In actual combat, mental strength is also important.


After Asuka was cleared, his name was soon called. Helmut stood up. He was going to hit whatever was waiting.

“Just in case, you should not cut the wall with force with a sword loaded with vis.”

Instructor Patricia, who had just taken Asuka away, caught Helmut as he was about to enter the exam room with a serious look on his face.


“It’s basically a defensive spell. “You may be able to withstand a fair amount of blows, but you are a swordsman who can shape Vis.”

Being able to make a first-class mercenary-level assassin escape was exactly what it meant.

Instructor Patricia also learned about Helmut’s skills after hearing about it from Instructor Ethan. If we do well, we may destroy this testing site that we spent a lot of money on.

“If the defensive spell is broken and the wall is damaged, the test will not be able to be taken in this room, causing a disruption to the test schedule. “Be very careful.”

Considering Asuka reacted that way, Instructor Patricia remained calm. As if she knew that Helmut would have no trouble.

Objectively, she had decent skills to be called a first-class mercenary. Even though there is a large gap within the level of a first-class mercenary, it is not easy to be called that.

All instructors passed this test up to level 10. It was not an easy test even with the instructors’ skills, but they had a wealth of experience.

On the contrary, it was obvious that the test would not be difficult for Helmut, who despite his lack of experience had skills beyond that of an instructor. Instructor Patricia relaxed her expression and smiled.

“I didn’t tell you because I was afraid my mind would become clouded by greed, but if you make it to level 10, you will be given a small prize. “It’s a privilege for the magic department that manages this testing center.”

If it were a perk, it would be better than the 10 meal tickets he got for finishing 5th in the hunting outing. Wizards are rich, so they will be more generous than that.

I suddenly felt motivated. Helmut liked anything that had an income. He had experience living without wealth, so he knew the joy of accumulating it.

“I think it might be a mental issue for you. Since Asuka wasted her time, I hope you can finish it quickly. cheer up!”

With those last words, Instructor Patricia closed her mouth. Helmut gave her a silent bow and walked into her exam room. The door closed behind me.

‘I said stand in the center.’

The room was quite spacious. It was as if a space expansion spell had been applied inside, and the space was slightly smaller than the school’s playground for swordsmanship.

The strength of a monster is proportional to its size. Considering the exam would last up to level 10, it was essential to expand the space.

As Helmut stood in the center holding his sword, the air around him immediately began to vibrate.

Hum. Noise that disturbs the eardrums. And the magic power that surrounds the body. A magic circle was drawn across the wide space, as if there were cracks in the floor.

The test site was aware of the test subjects. That, Helmut.

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