Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 136

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Episode 136

By the time Helmut and the second-year swordsmanship students returned to the academy, an all-out search had been conducted in Pedica Forest.

Needless to say, it was late. Talon and Fasho have already left the forest. The traces of the assassin remained only in the camp, but everything else was completely erased.

However, the existence of a first-class mercenary assassin was truly threatening. Helmut knew that if Fasho was sane, he would never have targeted him alone again. Also at Greta Academy.

But people at the academy, especially instructor Ethan, didn’t think that way. Helmut was banned from going out to Baden.

The good news is that it simplifies his schedule. Helmut could only focus on training. As soon as he finished his statement at the academy, he headed to his personal training room.

Battles with strong opponents and intense new experiences awaken spirituality. Helmut is a swordsman who has reached the level where he can embody Vis.

There is a saying that all roads lead to one. Once you reach a certain level, you are influenced by all kinds of achievements. New experiences, new emotions, new life. The experience he gains soon becomes his food.

‘A sprout of darkness has grown.’

They say it can’t be helped, but I encountered demonic energy up close. The sprouts of darkness were growing, albeit slightly. You can’t stop growth. However, as the sprout of darkness grew, his Vis also increased proportionally. It was as if I had skipped a stage where I was struggling.

The two forces supported Helmut, but at the same time kept each other in check. Thanks to that, Helmut became stronger. How and how he became stronger, he didn’t even know.

‘Fighting in battle also had an impact.’

The process of swinging the sword with all your might, consuming vis and refilling it again. It’s all intertwined. One cycle. At the Academy, Helmut became weaker but also stronger. He was growing up.

Helmut knows that this path is not easy. He’ll soon be facing the wall again. However, if he goes beyond that wall, Helmut will one day reach the level of Darian. It’s too early to be overconfident, but it won’t be in the distant future.

Standing alone in the training room, Helmut tightly grasped the wooden sword.


When he returned to the dormitory, Helmut unexpectedly ran into his two friends. Asuka and Xian returned late after being investigated at the academy.

“I heard you guys had a unique experience in the forest?”

Sian asked curiously. Having finished his homework, he was lounging around in his dormitory. He had completely switched from playing around during normal times to focusing only on exam periods.

“What was it like fighting an assassin? It was fun?”

“Yeah, it was fucking fun. “This is fun too!”

Asuka mercilessly put a headlock on Xian.

“Ouch, ouch!”

Asuka gave strength even while listening to Xian’s loud screams. If possible, don’t try to subdue this weak guy with force. How could you say so lightly that it was someone else’s business? Asuka herself was the type to speak without thinking, but when someone else said that, he couldn’t let it go.

“You, you bastard! “Is that what you would say to a friend who came back alive from a deadly disaster?”

“No, you look safe. I said that as a greeting. You look fine. Ouch, let go of this!”

“Greetings are crap, you need to get scolded!”

Watching them bickering, Helmut realized that he had returned to Greta Academy. It feels like I went somewhere far away for a while and then came back. It felt surprisingly real. It seems like this place has already become my hometown.

“I’m going to rest.”

It was close to midnight. Helmut arrived at his room and was about to open the door but stopped. The light was on in the room.

‘Is Area awake?’

Since I came back early, I thought I was sleeping. However, as expected, Area seems to have been concentrating on research until late at night.

“Come on.”

As he opened the door and entered, Area got up from his chair to greet him. It was a strangely gentle tone. Helmut stared at him.

‘You’re not wearing pajamas.’

Area is wearing a school uniform. Helmut, who thought it was cute but disappointing to wear teddy bear pajamas, was shocked. He had discovered today that he had such a taste.

“Here, take this.”

What Area held out was a bracelet shaped like a curved flat, thin silver plate. It had a simple shape with letters and magic circles engraved on it. Helmut took it without thinking and asked.

“What is this?”

“Contact bracelet. If anything happens with this, contact me. “It’s rechargeable and disposable.”

The bracelet was new. As if it had just been enchanted. It seemed like she made it because she was worried about her roommate.

Area was a considerate guy. Helmut couldn’t understand Asuka and Xian criticizing him for having a personality breakdown. In the first place, it is difficult for the person receiving special treatment to recognize it.

“The starting word is ‘areahu akbar.’ “If you speak after putting it on, the magic will be cast immediately.”

“Areahu Akbar… … what do you mean?”

Unique pronunciation. It was not a common language.

“In some island language, it means ‘Area is great.’ Because you have a good memory. “Memorize it well.”

“… … okay.”

I feel cold. Helmut thought that reciting those words would make him feel like he was begging for his life from Area. It was somehow humiliating.

But he obediently wore the bracelet. There’s no need to ask him for help by force, but if you get injured, Area’s healing magic will be helpful.

“Then rest.”

Area immediately turned around and headed to the desk. He must have been organizing his work. The feel of his bracelet was cool. I felt somehow bound, as if I was wearing shackles. I don’t know why I feel that way. Helmut tilted his head and headed toward the bathroom. He planned to wash his tired body and rest.


The camp manager confessed that he was forced to lend his space to families living near the forest because they were taken hostage. A wanted leaflet was also posted based on the impression of Fasho expressed by Group 9 members. But can you catch him with something like that? Helmut was skeptical.

There were some positive achievements at the academy as well. He searched the administrative office and caught the mole who leaked to Black Hawk that the second year students of the swordsmanship department were heading to Pedica Forest. Because of that, the entire academy was in an uproar for a while.

In any case, they will not approach Helmut again. Even if they have the intention to eliminate him, they would rather take advantage of the moment Helmut contacts them.

‘Three pieces of information.’

Helmut thought about what information he could ask.

‘Darian’s enemies, my family, and the temple.’

Baden is a city familiar to wizards. The path was different from the temple, which valued obedience to God over human achievement.

It wasn’t ostracism, but there was conflict. He heard that she actually pressured the temple to set up a barrier in Baden.

‘I’m not in a hurry yet.’

Helmut shook his head. I have a vague idea of ​​Darian’s enemies. Because Darian told me.

The most needed information is the second. Helmut had one problem to think about. Black Hawk will wonder why he is seeking that information. Helmut knew that through that information, they might in turn find his weaknesses.

‘You should think carefully about providing confidential national information. ‘Because we can’t waste it.’

Whether Black Hawk really has the ability to provide that is another matter.




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Helmut devoted himself to training all day during his days off. After the holidays and an eventful picnic week, classes began again.

Helmut soon found himself enjoying great fame. As a guy who fought against a first-class mercenary-level assassin!

Academy students passing by, regardless of whether they were seniors or juniors, looked at him and whispered. The second-year students in the swordsmanship department looked at him with ‘Oh!’ eyes when he appeared in class.

Asuka, who had fought to the point of blood, grumbled disapprovingly.

“No, I was the one who stabbed him and I just chased after him when he was running away.”

“I heard you ran away because you were scared by Helmut, that bastard.”

“Then Helmut did it all.”

It’s cooler to let your opponent run away without losing his mind than to fight to the point of bloodshed. Asuka had to admit that fact even as her face crumpled.

Andro and James remained quiet even after experiencing the same thing. Both of them must have realized their helplessness and were thrown into the training room. Basil, Wesley, and Mitchell, who had already left Group 9, looked embarrassed.

“I can’t believe something like that has happened since we couldn’t go back.”

“You worked hard.”

“I had bad luck.”

Helmut knew that they were children of a powerful noble family. Because Fasho made it seem like he excluded them because of that.

If Asuka had known, she would have looked upset, but luckily she didn’t. Helmut calmly accepted what they said.


“Well, it would have only been a distraction.”

Asuka also just snorted and passed it off.


As Helmut and Asuka were leaving the swordsmanship building after class, they encountered a familiar face.

“Ah, senior.”

Charlotte bowed and spoke. Although she was rarely encountered in the beginning, she was immersed in her training immediately after being defeated one-sidedly in a sparring match with Helmut. She seemed to have calmed down during this time and her expression looked good. She was alone. It looks like he was waiting for them. Helmut asked.

“What is your business?”

‘It won’t be Area again.’

Charlotte likes Area. Whatever the truth, Helmut thought so. But fortunately, that was not her purpose. She opened her mouth with a serious face.

“I heard the rumor. They say you were attacked by an assassin from a group called Black Hawk. Both of you have been through difficult times. “I’m glad you’re safe.”

She was the only one who showed a normal reaction. Asuka frowned at Charlotte as soon as she saw her and suddenly opened her mouth.



His face twitched. It is an expression of conflict over something. Asuka soon picked out what she wanted to say.

“It was very helpful.”


Charlotte opened her eyes wide.

“Don’t be mistaken. “I didn’t learn it from you, I just applied it.”

Asuka turned around and left first, and Charlotte looked at Helmut.

“Do you know what that means?”


Asuka was originally a strange guy. Charlotte didn’t pay much attention and got straight to the point.

“Senior, if it’s not rude, could you spar with me on your day off?”

That seems to have been the purpose. Actually, she is also a swordsman. Since she had been attacked by an assassin, she didn’t have the sensibility to come over to offer words of comfort.

Helmut, who was about to say ‘excuse me’ out of annoyance, stopped.

“… … good. “There are just conditions.”

“What are the conditions?”

“Answer my question.”

“If only I could answer.”


The deal was done. Helmut made an appointment with her and turned his back on her. It was something I had put off. But I think it would be better to check with her first before asking Black Hawk for her information.

He achieved something, and because of that, he decided to move forward with things he had been hesitating about. First of all, I wanted to know. The timing for action has not yet been determined.



A few days later, Dino returned after three days of recuperation and waved to his classmates. He originally had a pleasant personality. He is in good condition considering that his eyes turned upside down and he went crazy.

Helmut sensed that the remnants of demon energy had completely disappeared from his body. It was fortunate.

‘Is sacred magic really effective against demonic powers?’

Dino’s medical expenses were paid by the academy. He offered a huge amount of money to the temple to completely purify the demonic energy, he said. It is a vicious method that cannot be treated without money.

If Helmut hadn’t taken out the demon energy in the first place, Dino would have died before he could be treated. Helmut had no intention of becoming Dino’s lifesaver by saying that, nor could he. but.

‘Maybe I should have asked then.’

The heart-eating bug that Fasho tried to feed himself is also a unique method. In Black Hawk, Helmut used a method he had never heard of. If there are more than one such method, knowing about them will help you defend yourself.

While I was lost in thought, a cheerful conversation was taking place around me.

“Hey, Dino! “Is it true that you were caught by an assassin while urinating?”

“Did you get caught with your pants open?”

“Pissing bastard. “I’m so pathetic I’m speechless.”

“Noisy! “What can I do about something I don’t want to do?”

Dino soon became a subject of ridicule. Looking at his shameless response, fortunately, it seemed like he didn’t suffer any mental damage compared to what he had experienced.

It was a peaceful swordsmanship school today.

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