Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 122

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Episode 122

The two people’s eyes met. I had an unusual premonition.

They ran towards the direction from where they heard the screams without worrying about who would go first.

‘trap? ‘Did Black Hawk attack anyone?’

The members of Group 9 are all nobles except Helmut and Asuka. If you’re targeting it, isn’t it likely that you’ll be targeting Asuka? Black Hawk had targeted Asuka once before.

Numerous assumptions crossed my mind.

Group 9 members could be seen gathering in the distance after hearing the screams.

It seemed like everyone was nearby after a short break and dispersed.

“What should I do with this?”

“Someone quickly run and call Professor Dwayne!”

“I have to take my leg out first!”

“Don’t put your hand in it recklessly. “You’re hurt too!”

“Fuck, there’s so much blood! “Basil is going to die!”

Helmut saw that Basil’s face was white with pain.

As I looked down, I could see his legs between the group members. A leg cut in half between the tightly meshed trap teeth and bleeding profusely!

The trap was the same as the one Helmut had seen last time.

‘You weren’t targeting me.’

There’s no way Helmut would get caught in something like this. It can’t be a coincidence.

Clearly, they were aiming for 9 trillion won. It is clear that his team is being targeted.


Basil is a nobleman. And the members of Group 9 were all nobles. Does this mean it’s okay to mess with nobles?

However, the members of Team 9 are not related to Helmut in any way, as they are only undergraduate students at the same academy. Guys who don’t care if they die. Don’t you know that even if you try to mess with them, they won’t even bat an eyebrow?

‘You might not know.’

Since they were in the same group, they thought they were friends, so they attacked them regardless of whether they were nobles or Greta Academy students. But why go to such lengths?

‘I’m the target anyway. It would be easier if you just approached me.’

It is too much to say that it is suppressing the momentum.

‘If I wanted to kill him, I could have killed him. ‘Because it’s more convenient than having to go through the trouble of setting up a trap.’

That might mean not going to the extent of murder. Whatever the meaning, it only raises curiosity and has no effect.

Helmut was used to feeling tense enough to be anxious to this extent.

“Get out of the way.”

Helmut entered the group and swung his sword before anyone could stop him.

Crispy! The trap was cut cleanly in half. Basil’s leg felt like it had been put in the mouth of an animal. It was completely bloody.

Helmut bent down and carefully removed the dismembered trap from the leg. Basil’s face trembled. I’m barely holding back my screams.

“It’s dangerous to cut it with a sword like that!”

“It’s more dangerous to leave it alone.”

Helmut spoke firmly and grabbed James, who was standing next to him.

“Well, what is it?”

“Are you friends with this guy?”

“uh. “Why is that?”

Boom! Instead of answering, one part of James’ cloak was torn. Helmut wrapped it tightly around Basil’s leg.

“First of all, hold on to this. “I don’t want any more blood to flow.”

James, whose clothes were suddenly torn off, grabbed Basil’s legs without a word of protest. Helmut looked around. Asuka stepped forward before he could speak first.

“I’ll bring Professor Dwayne. “Because I’m fast on my feet.”

For some reason Asuka moved. From here, he was the only one who could reach the campsite at high speed and without getting tired.

As soon as he left, Helmut explored the surroundings. At that moment, the grass under the tree over there caught my eye.

‘That’s it.’

When I chewed the pulled grass, it tasted bitter. Helmut spat it into his palm and approached Basil. He was half-conscious, sweating coldly.

It doesn’t look like he was poisoned. It was because a lot of blood was shed.

“It’s an herb that has a hemostatic effect.”

This is the knowledge I learned from Darian. I didn’t know I would use it like this.

After explaining, Helmut unwrapped the makeshift bandage and applied some medicinal herbs to the wound.

As if the pain was rising, a series of moans came out of Basil’s mouth.


James took off his cloak. Helmut tore his cloak lengthwise, finished the treatment, and stood up.

After experiencing a new experience called first aid, I felt somewhat satisfied. After all, learning anything is useful.

When I looked up, I saw that the people around me were looking at Helmut with strange eyes.

“Do you have any problem?”

“Oh, no. nothing.”

“To handle this situation so calmly… … surprised.”

Helmut raised his eyebrows. He said it was Basil who was hurt, not him. In fact, even if he had died, Helmut would have remained calm. As he ran here, he thought the worst.

But unlike him, the members of Group 9 were in a semi-panic at first. That’s why Helmut’s calmness felt so amazing.

“More than that, how did this happen?”

The location was exquisite. There were sharp thorn bushes on both sides, and the area where Basil stepped was just a shallow bush. I thought I could step on it. But I needed to know how that happened.

“It’s James who moved with Basil.”

When one person pointed this out, James wiped his pale face.

“Basil said he saw something over there and ran over. “I was rushing after him, but he suddenly screamed and fell down.”



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“What did you see?”

Basil frowned and answered, as if he had the presence of mind to answer.

“bear? “It was something big like that.”

“What kind of animal are they trying to catch? They set up a trap like that. “I can’t help but step on this.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Basil’s condition gradually worsened. He lost a lot of blood, and although the bleeding stopped somewhat, the wound was not at a level where it would heal if left alone.

Fortunately, magic energy soon came rushing in from the front.

Pot! Three people appeared out of thin air. It was Asuka, instructor Patricia, and Professor Dwayne who performed the magic.

“Here it is, Professor!”

James waved his hand. Professor Dwayne approached and examined Basil’s legs with a cautious look.

“huh? Someone took first aid. “This is an herb that is effective in hemostasis.”

Although herbalism was taught at Greta Academy, students in the swordsmanship department were rare.

“Helmut did it.”

“I see.”

Professor Dwayne looked at Helmut with surprising eyes for a moment and removed the stuck herb. Basil screamed mercilessly.


“Even if it hurts, just endure it. “I need to treat my wounds.”

Soon healing light flowed from his hands. Basil’s wounds were completely healed.

I feel like I’ve seen something like this before. Helmut soon found the answer.


Area used magic like that when treating Asuka. I don’t know much about magic, but looking at the effects and magical power of the magic implemented, there is no difference between then and now.

‘They said he was a genius, I guess so.’

Even though he is a second-year student of magic, his magic skills are comparable to that of a professor. It was the same for Helmut, but it was a strange feeling to confirm Area’s skills once again. As expected, I have to pretend not to know his secret.

Instructor Patricia frowned as she checked the bloody trap cut by Helmut’s sword.

“There is a dangerous trap in a place like this…” … .”

“It’s lack of training. “I’m weak, so I step on something like that.”

Asuka, who was talking randomly, got hit on the head. Perfect! Instructor Patricia, who spontaneously hit her on the head, spoke again with a serious face.

“I guess there really are poachers. “I guess I’ll have to ask for a crackdown.”

“Are the other guys okay?”

When someone asked, the instructor shook his head.

“You were the first to run after an accident occurred. I should tell everyone to be careful. Accidents always happen in the forest. Whether small or big. At least last year, there was a guy who climbed a tree, fell, broke his head, and almost died. “Something like this happens.”

It seems unlikely that the hunting outing will be canceled. It might be better if it gets cancelled.

If Helmut was honest, it could have been cancelled. If you mention Black Hawk, I won’t take it lightly as long as Asuka, who has already been attacked, is here.

But I didn’t want it. Actually, it was kind of interesting. This is the situation now.

If it were an ordinary person, his body would be worn out and his blood would dry up in doubt, but not Helmut. He truly enjoyed this unique situation.

‘I want to know why they are doing this.’

Helmut decided to enjoy his guessing time. No matter what he does, no crisis will come to him. Because he had that confidence.

Instructor Dwayne cast a few more recovery spells and stood up. He said healing magic was difficult, and he looked a little tired.

Instructor Patricia asked.

“Basil lost a lot of blood. Even though her wound has healed, it would be difficult to send her away alone. Is there anyone who can go back with me? One might not be enough, so two would be better. Instructor Dwayne needs to save his magic power for other situations. “He can’t use the magic to move money all the way to the academy.”

There are a lot of people, but there are only three leaders. There are about 100 people, so there is one commander for every 30 people.

The students of the swordsmanship department were not children who had to be looked after, but it was strange for the instructor to be away when this situation broke out.

“I’ll go.”

“me too.”

Wesley and Mitchell came forward. The other three guys were closer to Basil than they were, but if two of the three go, one will be left alone. It was appropriate for them to go.

“Let’s go back to camp first. It would be better to go on horseback. “If you contact the academy, you can follow the main street and meet the administrative staff halfway.”

Professor Dwayne stroked his chin with a worried look on his face. While almost everyone was in the mood to leave, Asuka raised her hand.

“Can I go separately? “There is a harvest.”

He had a calm face that did not show the slightest concern for his classmates.

Instructor Patricia glanced at him.

“What a great harvest there is.”

“Will you be surprised when you see it?”

Asuka smiled naturally.

“Don’t step on any traps and be careful. Sir, you can do whatever you want. “Either go back like this or hunt some more.”

“We… … .”

Group 9 members looked at each other and answered in unison.

“I’m going back to camp.”

An awkward situation occurred. Seeing the horrible sight made me lose my desire to enjoy hunting. There’s no law saying there’s only one trap around here.

Instructor Patricia, who was holding the trap that bit Basil’s leg, nodded.

“Okay, then let’s go together. “What about Helmut?”

“I will also stay with Asuka.”

“Both of you, be careful. “Don’t come back late.”


After they left, Asuka smiled and tapped his shoulder.

“As expected, I thought you would stay.”

“They say two or more people have to act together.”

“Okay, I take care of the bear and you hunt.”

Asuka said that and immediately opened her eyes. They ran into the same situation as before.

“what? “I have to take care of the bear, but what about hunting?”

I shouldn’t have let him act alone, but I also couldn’t take that brown bear hunting.

Helmut’s mouth opened. I’m trying to resume what I stopped saying earlier.

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