Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 105

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Episode 105

“Does the conclusion mean that we should stay away from Charlotte?”

However, Area quickly responded to Helmut’s question.

“You make the decision. I’m telling you that this could be the case. “It’s just suspicion until the other person does something.”

He said that, but looking at his eyes, he seemed like he was sparring with Charlotte, and if he even met her, he would accuse her of being a fool who fell for his followers.

“There’s nothing to say back.”

Actually, it was a simple problem. Helmut has no reason to be in conflict with Area over Charlotte’s matter. It doesn’t matter if Area’s judgment is wrong.

“If you’re suspicious of Charlotte and want her to keep her distance, say so. “I don’t care anyway.”

That’s what I wanted, but I didn’t know why he was changing his mind. Helmut liked things simple and clear.

Of course, Area is more important than that. I don’t know if my roommate or a tutor will give me tutoring like this again in the future. Of course it’s not free.

I didn’t have many encounters with first-year students. Helmut thought that Asuka was enough to have a famous person by his side in the swordsmanship department.

Continuing to chat with the only female student in first grade doesn’t seem like a very desirable choice, judging from the glares she gave me when I had a brief conversation with her.


Alea’s expression softened. I feel better because I followed along obediently. If you look at the slightly raised corners of the mouth.

He coughed a couple of times and continued speaking.

“I’m giving this advice because I think you’re too guarded… … .”

Area continued speaking with a serious expression.

“From now on, if a strange girl approaches you pretending to be friendly, be suspicious first. “Not only will there be people trying to use you as a bridge, but there will definitely be people trying to approach and stab you in the back.”


Helmut answered with a cautious expression. Area’s words were consistent with Darian’s advice. The dangers of the human world.

A weak opponent would not be able to harm himself no matter what, but Helmut is shackled as an academy student. If he let his guard down, he might get into trouble.

There may not be anyone in the academy with the ability and will to target Helmut that much, but there is no harm in being cautious. Helmut readily agreed.

‘Area is definitely thorough and vigilant.’

There is a lot to learn. As someone with a secret. Helmut’s misunderstanding was once again deeply rooted.

First of all, he wasn’t making assumptions. She realized that there might actually be a female student who approached her because she was attracted to him, not Area.

Being a commoner is a flaw, but being at the top of the grade in swordsmanship and being handsome is an advantage that makes up for it.

But Helmut was completely unaware of that fact.

Except for Area, who I approached first, I unconsciously felt that only unusual people like Xian and Asuka were approaching.

There were some rugged swordsmen in the swordsmanship department, but Helmut was a strong man. It is only natural for the weak to follow the strong.

It was also due to Helmut’s unfortunate fate, as he grew up in the forest of Pahe and only saw women from afar, and then he met Area and never once in his life received the favorable attention of girls his own age.

Occasionally, there were women who showed interest in him, but it was only as an adult woman who treated Helmut cutely, like a younger brother.

Therefore, it is not strange that Helmut believes that the female students who approach him have another agenda.

‘Do you believe this? Does this guy not even know what he looks like?’

Area also felt a bit skeptical as she spoke. Seeing Helmut’s attitude of agreeing, ‘You’re right,’ my conscience tingled for some reason.

Area decided to take it easy. The important thing now was tutoring, and Helmut had just turned over the answer sheet.

“… … “Let’s review the answer sheet.”

It’s not like he said anything completely nonsensical.

It’s unclear why she felt bad after hearing that Helmut had asked her out on a date, why she felt better now, and why she said such extreme things.

‘Did you feel bad because of the trick you tried to use as an excuse to talk to me while talking about Helmut?’

Area gave me a vague explanation and blew away the unpleasant feeling inside me. There was no need to think any more.


My preparation for the midterm exam, which required me to sit in the study room staring at white paper and pitch-black letters all day long, went smoothly.

‘My body aches from sitting for a long time.’

Helmut massaged his sore neck. He hadn’t been this inactive since he emerged from the forest of Pahe half-corpse.

Regardless of training or anything else, I didn’t have the energy to swing my sword outside of the early morning hours.

I heard that understanding magic is not a very difficult subject by wizards’ standards. Do wizards actually learn like this?

I don’t know if Area is particularly like that, but I dug and dug into one problem. Very in-depth.

Since even the smallest logic had to come from background knowledge, it was like engraving an entire tree with countless branches in my head.

Although he learned a lot, this was definitely not his aptitude. Steam is coming out of my head.

I almost thought that listening to Darian’s random words wasn’t even studying. It was better for my body to be tired.

‘They say a swordsman can’t become a wizard because vis and magic conflict anyway.’

Should I say I’m glad I learned for sure that being a wizard wasn’t for me?

Looking at the answer sheet Helmut handed over, Area nodded.

“This is okay.”

“Is it not enough to get a perfect score?”

“The standard for a perfect score is my answer sheet. “That is incomparable to your answer sheet.”

The tone was obvious, but the content was very arrogant. Xian, who was sitting next to her, cleared her throat and Asuka immediately frowned.

As the midterm exam was approaching, they had wandered around for a while and found themselves in the study room again.

It’s always unlucky to hear Alea’s occasional chatter. Xian, who was used to it, brushed it off, but Asuka insisted.

“Look at what you’re talking about.”

“You better not take the essay test. “I will only issue answer sheets that will hurt the grader’s eyesight anyway.”

“what? this!”

Asuka raised her fist at Area’s cold sidelong glance, gritted her teeth and lowered it again.

I was irritated and angry, but for some reason I couldn’t make a fist. Something, whether it was instinct or conscience, stopped him.

‘I can’t beat up a weakling like this just like I want.’

Asuka has the upper hand in terms of physical strength. Needless to say, I was dealing with a defenseless wizard while sitting this close.



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‘I don’t know if it’s big enough. ‘He looks deceptively pretty.’

Asuka was not a follower of Area. I refuse to treat those crazy girls as compatriots.

But I feel like just touching that face would be a sin.

Area, who had become more relaxed after finishing Helmut’s tutoring, looked at him and rested her chin. Even its appearance was sparkling. However, he was unable to understand Leah’s inner feelings.

‘I feel it again, this guy is really unique too.’

“You’re lucky.”


“I’m preparing an attack spell, but he hasn’t attacked me even once. “Are you scared, or is it an animal-like instinct?”

‘If I had jumped at it without knowing the topic, it would have made me unable to take the midterm exam.’

Alea’s purple eyes narrowed. Asuka felt like she had been hit in the back of the head.


My eyes darted around. If you don’t fall for this kind of provocation, you’re not a crazy dog ​​in the swordsmanship department.

This time, I really need to hit that unlucky bastard. It was an intense feeling, like sparks flying.


The person who stopped Asuka’s fist was not Cyan, as always. Before she could reach out, her wrist was grabbed. Asuka’s face distorted.

“Helmut, are you siding with us as roommates now? “Didn’t you hear what that bastard just provoked?”

Helmut responded calmly.

“You started an argument.”

“That bastard spoke to you unluckily first!”

Helmut was calm, but Asuka, who heard it, got angry instead, but he spoke as if it were someone else’s business. It was an incredibly unfair thing.

“Area was just answering my question. “I asked, and I told you the truth, so what’s the problem?”

If you give her a sword and tell her to swing it, Area will show a poor performance by Helmut standards. Since she is smart, her learning speed may be fast.

So, on the contrary, it is okay to point out that Helmut is lacking in Area’s area of ​​expertise. That was Helmut’s idea.

However, for Asuka, who was criticized by Helmut for her way of speaking, it was a discrimination that made her jump.

“Oh, really. There is no use taking sides!”

Asuka grumbled but lowered her hand. Anyway, I didn’t think it was a good idea to beat up Area.

First of all, he is a wizard. If he doesn’t stop breathing, he will retaliate somehow, and it will be difficult for the prosecutor to defend himself. Because you will face an extremely difficult and tiring situation.

A curse that causes athlete’s foot, or a curse that causes nightmares. There are many ways.

It was a revenge that even a mad dog, who has become a little more docile these days, would endure.

“But you also restrained me. Usually, I just stay quiet and quiet. “What’s going on?”

Helmut was indifferent to whether anyone was fighting or not. Asuka looked at him suspiciously. Helmut couldn’t really explain it either.

‘Because he’s my tutor.’

That seems to be the most correct, but it also seems a bit different. The moment I thought that Area might be right, for some reason, my hand moved first.

“You’re my roommate.”

Is this a closer answer?

‘I think it’s because of Area.’

Cyan also noticed that there was something between Helmut and Area that he didn’t know if it was a secret.

But even he, who was quick-witted, couldn’t guess what it was. These aren’t the kind of guys who give you anything to guess about in the first place.

Instead of worrying about nothing, Sian decided to do what he was good at.

“Come on, it’s dinner time again today. Aren’t you all hungry? “I think the tutoring ended successfully. How about we all go together this time?”

Just to brighten the mood.

“A waffle place opened in the alley in front of here that opens late. There was a rumor among the magic school students that it was delicious. Why not go there once? They say they put a lot of sweet and sour strawberry cream on top. Oh, there’s just whipped cream too!”

Helmut looked at Area with interest. Also, if you say you can’t do editing or anything… … .

As a student, what can you do? You have to follow what your tutor says.

“You always say you eat late-night snacks, but is there a restaurant you haven’t been to yet? “Are there that many stores open at this time?”

“The alley in front of the academy is a very busy area. There are a lot of food stalls. Especially during times like these? “It’s already been rumored that our academy students study until dawn during exams.”

This means that due to the boom, stores are all opening late at night. Area seemed to be thinking about something for a moment, then nodded her head.

“Okay, let’s go.”

“Are you guys going too?”

“of course.”

Following Asuka, who readily agreed, Helmut stood up without answering.

Are you finally experiencing the Academy’s full-fledged nightlife? With that expectation in mind.

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