Helmut: The Forsaken Child Chapter 103

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Episode 103

‘Rain, did you use bis…? … ?’

Geoffrey had his doubts. Although Helmut’s wooden sword was fast, it did not contain tremendous power. He did not think it had the power to crush flesh and break bones.

But the shock of being hit there was beyond imagination. I feel numb to the core and feel weak. It didn’t end once.

It seemed to retreat immediately after stabbing the shoulder, but then suddenly it stabbed the abdomen one after another. There was no time for her paralyzed body to defend itself.

puck! puck! puck!

It felt like it was stamped on the tip of a stick. No, it seems to be torn.

“Ugh! evil!”

Jeffrey was shocked to the point of tears and screamed without even realizing it. The wooden sword he was holding so hard slipped through his grasp.

puck! The last sword strike hit the right thigh.

Jeffrey fell forward and fell to his knees. His whole body ached so much that his soul was half gone.

Helmut, who lifted the wooden sword and placed it on his shoulder, raised one eyebrow in surprise.

“You’re pretty good.”

Even though I was hit, I turned my body slightly to avoid hitting vital points. It is an instinctive movement. Still, the results did not change.

“Are you kidding me!”

Geoffrey became angry and raised his voice.

“Didn’t you use vis? “How is this!”

It was an incomprehensible situation. Although he is a senior, he is only one year senior. I can’t believe I lost so helplessly to a boy my own age!

“Vis? There’s no need to write anything like that. “You lost because you were weak.”

Helmut responded indifferently.

“Strength is good, but… … “It’s meaningless unless the attack is successful.”

If he had clumsily blocked it, it would have been as strong as cutting a wooden sword in two. For that reason, Helmut also chose to evade and then go on the offensive.

Geoffrey was not as dull as a bear. If he were an ordinary opponent, he would dodge clumsily and then unleash a barrage of attacks so fierce that he would be defeated as soon as he allowed the blow to land.

The reason he completely avoided that was because Helmut was far superior to him in terms of skill.

“Do you want to continue?”

If you can stand up, that’s okay.

“Of course!”

Geoffrey reached for the wooden sword. But he curled up before he could reach it.

This is because tremendous pain came from my right shoulder, where I was first hit.

“Maybe the muscle was torn? “It would be no use trying to move.”

Even if he was in good condition, he was an insignificant opponent, but in his current state, he couldn’t even practice.

Jeffrey gritted his teeth in humiliation. Helmut glanced at him and looked away.

‘Did you say Asuka and Charlotte?’

I suddenly remembered that and finished it quickly.

I’m a little worried about that girl named Charlotte. Maybe it’s because I heard they look alike.

There was a feeling I couldn’t explain. It’s too early to be sure, but if this is instinct, this feeling may have meaning.

When his gaze returned, Asuka and Charlotte were facing each other.

The sparring is not over yet. Helmut watched quietly.

Asuka was panicking again. As soon as the sparring began, he confidently extended his wooden sword.

I planned to finish it quickly and overwhelmingly and take a break.

But Charlotte wasn’t the big, muscular, hard-hitting male student she usually dealt with. He was slim and had a small area to attack.

An opponent who took the exact opposite of Asuka’s usual advantage.

‘Why is this girl so quick?’

Plus flexible movements. Light and fast like a hummingbird. Even if you tried to attack and subdue it, you couldn’t catch it.

Although he continued to have the upper hand, he was unable to deliver the final blow due to his careful movements, like hiding the back of his neck from a wild beast.

It was a bad opponent for Asuka to show off her explosive agility.

A strategy of recognizing that the opponent is stronger than oneself and striking and running away. He is full of will to lead the fight without overdoing it.

Asuka frowned, feeling like she was somehow being dragged along.

‘You’re being defensive. Are you saying that sparring is just for the purpose of learning?’

There are guys like that too. The opponent is Asuka. If you know that you can’t beat an opponent, just choose to stick to the essence of sparring.

But Asuka looked into her eyes. Eyes that are not intimidated. Charlotte’s eyes were slightly different from those of the other guys. There is some intention.

Asuka suddenly realized. How much time has passed? How long has it been since we last sparred like this?

‘Are you aiming for a draw?’

It sent shivers down my spine. Asuka gritted her teeth.

‘tie? ‘Tell me not to laugh!’

No matter how much he lost to Helmut, Asuka, the crazy dog ​​from the swordsmanship department, can’t compare to a first-year student. That is absolutely unacceptable.

Asuka’s eyes became harsh. The energy radiating from her entire body changed. There was tension in Charlotte’s eyes as she faced him.

‘If you take it well, you can win.’

If you can’t win, choose a strategy that won’t let you lose. However, if you see a chance to win, you change your strategy.

Asuka was the type of person who, rather than attacking without any openings, would make sure that even if she gave an opening, her opponent wouldn’t dare take advantage of it. She usually can’t even react.

But Charlotte could. He believed he could do it.

That was overconfidence.

The moment Asuka lunged at her, Charlotte lowered herself just in time.

Naturally, it digs into the lower body, with the intention of targeting the legs or shins.

However, Asuka’s reaction was different from expected. He stamped his feet and jumped into the air.

Charlotte, who lost her goal, quickly pulled back her body that was leaning forward.



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The same was true for Asuka. He spun in the air and climbed on top of Charlotte.

puck! Her head and heels hit the floor.

Charlotte did not miss the wooden sword. But he sensed defeat.


I can’t move due to the weight pressing down on my stomach. Charlotte narrowed her eyes as she looked at the boy sitting on top of her.

Asuka pointed the wooden sword at her neck and smiled.

“Where are you trying to beat Asuka in a first-year topic?”

It was quite good. But that’s it.

Asuka enjoyed the joy of victory in that state. Because he was a pretty tough opponent.

Of course, that is until you hear the voices around you.

“Wow, Asuka, that bastard attacked a woman!”

“He looks like a girl and he says he’s a guy too!”

“Get on top and look at me smiling! “Isn’t that kid a pervert?”

“Who is the pervert?”

Asuka, who was smiling triumphantly, stood up in surprise.

It was only then that I realized that I was putting down a female student. And that too for quite a long time.

Asuka cleared her throat.

“Hey, wake up quickly. You have to tell me. “Why are you still?”

“You seem to be happy… … .”

The tone of voice was that he did not want to disturb the moment when he was enjoying the joy of victory. Charlotte’s expression was calm.

“I never did that on purpose. Do not misunderstand.”

Asuka added an excuse. She already had the stigma of being a crazy dog, but he also wanted to avoid the stigma of being a molester.

“I don’t misunderstand. Movement… … “Because it was natural.”

What do you mean it happened naturally? Asuka frowned.

But Charlotte’s words meant exactly what they said. He didn’t mean to touch me like we were sparring, but he just happened to know it was happening.

It wasn’t particularly unpleasant. Except for the fact that I lost. Charlotte stood up with a cold face.

‘Senior Asuka, you’re not famous for nothing.’

In Greta’s swordsmanship school, you can’t go on a rampage just because of your temper. This is only possible if you have the skills to support it.

Asuka felt uncomfortable for some reason. No matter how much Asuka was called a crazy dog, she didn’t like being called a pervert. He scratched his head and got angry.

“Ai, what kind of girl came into the swordsmanship department and made people feel uncomfortable!”

Although it is slightly different from discrimination based on status between nobles and commoners, there is discrimination between men and women in a swordsmanship school full of men.

Charlotte’s voice suddenly became cold.

“Please don’t say anything discriminatory. “I think your senior has also experienced quite a bit of discrimination.”

“No, what!”

Asuka, who was about to get upset by the cold tone of voice, lost her temper when she realized the content of the words.

“Oh yeah… … .”

Asuka scratched her cheek and closed her mouth. Charlotte didn’t say anything more and turned her back.

Everyone looked at the two in surprise. This is the first time Asuka has seen an opponent retreat without even saying a word. And that too to a first-year junior.

“What’s going on?”

“Well, because he was also looked down upon as a commoner.”

Even ten mouths would have nothing to say about something like that.

The sparring was slowly coming to an end. Asuka looked around. Now that the sparring is over, the lights in her eyes turn on and the instructors who were watching her have gone over there.

Something feels uncomfortable. An unpleasant feeling as if I went into the bathroom and didn’t wipe my behind.

Asuka soon realized why.

“More than that.”

Asuka growled.

“come out.”

Asuka smiled fiercely at the second graders who were looking at me blankly.

“He looks like a girl, so he says he’s a guy too. “Aren’t this and that guy perverts?”

The bodies of those in line with his gaze flinched at his aggressive expression.

“You bastards who said this, come out now!”

Suddenly silence fell. The second year students just looked at each other.

I really thought I would hear it. I said this out of excitement, but the opponent was the persistent and fierce Asuka. He flicked his other finger holding the wooden sword.

“If you jump out and say something nice, you’ll finish it.”

I had a rough idea of ​​which side the words were coming from. The suspects are narrowed down to five.

Asuka was willing to punish all five people until the culprit was found.

“Aren’t you coming out? “Do these bastards want to be hunted together as a group?”

It was a brutal display that made even first-year students who were secretly looking down on him cringe.

By defeating Charlotte, Asuka proved her strength. He was a bad opponent so it took some time, but there is no doubting his skills.

“You five, stand right in front of here. I know I’ll be beaten until I confess… … .”

Perfect! Asuka, who broke through her instinctive defense and was struck in the back of the head, grabbed her head.

Instructor Patricia suddenly approached him and looked at him like he was the problem child of his life.

“It’s a good thing. “If you take your eyes off it, you’ll cause an accident, right?”

Asuka was about to shout, ‘What kind of bastard!’, but frowned when she saw her opponent.

‘Miss, it’s this woman again.’

Women are the problem. If I stop looking at it, I can’t stop eating it. Everyone did it except her mother.

“Why are you hitting me! “This is self-defense!”

“What self-defense? “Calling your classmates over and scolding them?”

“You accused me of nonsense. “If I have to defend myself, then everyone won’t misunderstand me, right?”

“For you, defense means threatening the opponent, bringing him in, and beating him?”

“The best defense is offense.”

“As long as you keep your mouth open.”

Instructor Patricia pulled Asuka’s ear. She held onto Asuka’s hand as she trembled with all her might.

‘Wow, did you take some kind of elixir of strength? I can’t shake it off.’

Instructor Patricia said calmly.

“Asuka, you did an excellent job sparring, it was really good up to that point. “Can’t you be quiet in front of your first-year juniors like a mature second-year student?”

“If you don’t touch me, it’s quiet.”

Look at me lying! All the second graders who were paying attention to the situation had the same thought. The same was true for Helmut.

Asuka, who would touch someone if no one did, wasn’t something to say.

“Okay, well, let’s say that. My classmates were probably just excited and joking. “Can you understand?”

“Understanding is a mess, evil!”

Instructor Patricia soon sighed and let go of Asuka.

“Follow me after class! “We need to discuss your inappropriate attitude.”

After she turned her back, Asuka stroked her ear. It’s tingling.

‘Hey, this is all because of that Charlotte guy or something.’

It was Asuka who was burning with hostility for some reason.

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