Hard Carry Support Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 – Ain’s Transformation (1)

“I never imagined that there was a monster hidden in the middle of the city! I’ll immediately send people to investigate!”

[The affection rate of Knight Commander Ollie has increased a lot!]

[If he trusts you, all the other people in the Empire will recognize you too!]

[You’ve obtained rewards!]

– Heaven’s Medal of Honor X 15

– All Stats +6

– The Empire’s Knight Commander’s Necklace

“Once again, you have my thanks! If it weren’t for you, a great crisis would’ve come in the Empire’s way!!”

As soon as Hyun logged in, he went to the Knight’s Hall and received the reward for completing the quest.

But receiving the rewards wasn’t the only reason he had gone there. There was another reason.

Hyun asked him the same question as before.

“Commander, with this… Do you recognize me…?”

The Knight Commander’s answer changed from before.

“To be honest, I was a little bit suspicious about you. It was because your partner was too good, but my thoughts have changed. You’re also someone very exceptional.”

[The Knight Commander Ollie trusts you 100%!]

[Will you accept his blessing and change jobs? Y/N]

Hyun didn’t immediately accept and fell deep into thought.

According to the quest’s explanation, the stronger the NPC from which he received the recognition, the better.

The Knight Commander’s level was 400. It was quite high.

It didn’t matter where he went. Being recognized by a level 400 NPC would be hard.

‘I don’t need to change jobs immediately. Right?’

Even considering that, Hyun decided to push the job ascension back.

After thinking of going to Iluna, he changed his thoughts slightly.

‘I guess I’ll be able to meet a Heavenly Being easily. Maybe even an Angel…’

Even though the Knight Commander was clearly a high-ranking NPC, he ranked lower compared to a Heavenly Being.

If he compared him to an Angel, a Transcendent being, the quality dropped even more.

Hyun thought that Louise would’ve gotten very strong those past five years.

Since he’d helped her before, it should be easy to be recognized by her. Right?

Hyun felt that the issue would be solved once he met her.

‘Okay, I should start moving!’

Hyun received the reward and left the Knight Commander’s room, then he sent Ain a message through Whisper.

「Ain, once you’re done with what you’re doing, come to the Knight’s Hall. It’s finally time for us to start moving!」

He thought if he should send TarrTarr a Whisper, but he decided not to do that.

The footage would probably be better if the editor recorded it, but TarrTarr had lots of things to do at the moment.

He had to finish editing the new videos, and if he wanted to change forces on top of that, he would need time.

“Hyun, I’m here!”

Hyun was surprised at the voice he suddenly heard and turned around.

Ain was behind him. smiling.

“Woah… You came really fast! It hasn’t even been a minute since I sent you a message!”

“It just happened that I was around here.”


Now that he thought about it, there was something he needed to tell Ain.

First, he had a short conversation with her, but it seemed like she hadn’t heard anything related to the tournament through the community boards.

Even while playing Asra, Ain wasn’t interested at all in the community boards, so it wasn’t strange for her not to know what had happened.

‘It should be okay if I talk to her about it. Right?’

Hyun tried to bring out the other day’s topic once more.

That topic was uploading videos!

Ain had said that she didn’t want to show herself… But maybe that was because she didn’t know about Asrian’s potential very well.

‘Maybe she’s changed her opinion.’

He thought it was too bad that they could be earning hundreds or even millions per month, but they weren’t doing anything at all.

It wasn’t only because of his ambition, but it was also for her.

Hyun began talking about the logical reasons he’d been thinking and preparing for about three hours.

But after saying a few words to change the topic, he could see Ain’s smile deepening.

Ain talked about it first.

“Hyun… You’re trying to talk again about uploading gameplay footage to YouTube. Right?”

“How did you… Wait, but I haven’t reached that point yet…”

“If you want to do it, I don’t mind.”


Hyun did his best not to smile.

But he couldn’t hide it from leaking.

There was no need to say all the excuses he had prepared before.

Who would’ve thought that it would be solved so easily?

While Hyun was smiling, Ain said something.


Hyun took a deep breath.

Finally, she was about to bring that topic out.

It was obviously about the money. Right?



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But what Ain said was totally unexpected to Hyun.

“Record the video, so that your face doesn’t appear in it.”

“Me…? Not you?”


Hyun tilted his head at Ain’s weird condition.

If she cared about privacy, shouldn’t she have asked to hide her own face…?

He thought maybe he’d heard wrong, but it was just like he had understood.

‘She’s saying we should only upload footage where I’m using «Assimilation»?’

That wasn’t something hard to do because, in most cases, since he was a Support, he was using «Assimilation».

But more than that, how they would distribute the money was more important.

“Another condition…?”

“Hmm, that we upload mostly videos where you’re using «Assimilation» on me…?”

“What about the money generated from the videos?”

“That… Do it as you see fit.”

Surprisingly, Ain had left the money distribution to him.

Hyun had a hard time controlling his facial expression, but thankfully, he was able to hide it.

‘This is a perfect opportunity to take a huge cut…’

For a while, he became overly ambitious, but he soon shook his head.

He didn’t want to ruin the relationship he’d built with her just because of money.

‘No. I’d rather split fairly. If we take out TarrTarr’s part…’

TarrTarr had a huge debt with him.

According to his calculations, he wouldn’t need to pay TarrTarr for a very long time.

Even considering that he split the profits in half for each, it would be settled in 55 to 45.

After settling that matter quickly, Hyun nodded while making a serious face.

“Okay. Ain, I’ll give you 45% from all the videos where you appear. Because we need to pay our editor, it isn’t going to be exactly half.”

Ain nodded without thinking about it.

Hyun was excited. He immediately sent a whisper to TarrTarr.

「Hey, TarrTarr, I have an extra job for you! Maybe we could make about 20 videos. I’ll send you the footage, so categorize it and edit it as you consider it best.」

He could hear TarrTarr agonizing as an answer, but Hyun was in a good mood because he’d been able to make a deal very easily, so he changed the settings so whispers wouldn’t reach him.

Translator – Daniel Shin

Proofreader – ilafy

* * *

‘Should we start moving…?’

After he was done with the preparations, his head again became full of thoughts about the quest.

Hyun told Ain that he was going to Iluna.

Ain seemed excited to hear that.

“Then we’re going on a trip?!”

“Are you coming?”

“Obviously. Isn’t it better for you too if I come?”

“That’s true…”

Once again, Ain replied without hesitation.

Honestly, it would be more beneficial for her to try to level up while staying in the Knight’s Hall.

Wouldn’t going together with him to help be detrimental to her?

“If you help me with my quest… Maybe it will slow down your growth.”

“That’s okay. While you weren’t here, I got a lot stronger!”

Ain opened her status window so Hyun could see it too.

Ain smiled proudly.

Ain (Lv. 102)

HP: 11352/11352

Mana: 2610/2610

Job: Elemental Berserker (Hidden)

Tendency: 67 (Heaven)

[Strength: 25] [Agility: 120] [Vitality: 86] [Magical Power: 261 (+15)]


From the moment he read Ain’s job, his heart began beating faster.

Elemental Berserker…

The job with a stylish name grabbed Hyun’s attention.

Wasn’t the job he wanted something like that?

While feeling a little bit envious, he kept reading the rest of the information.

[«Flame Claws» Lv.6] – <+Open>

[«Steps of the Incarnate» Lv.1]

– Leap instantly up to 30 meters and burn everything in your path.

[«Vitality Absorption» Lv.5]

– Absorb a certain % of the inflicted damage as HP and Mana.

– The lower your HP, the higher the %.

[«Latent Potential Increase» (Agility) Lv.3]

– Use 80% of your maximum HP and increase your [Agility] by 30% for 10 minutes.

– While active, you cannot recover HP with an ally’s skill.

– You can overlap it up to 3 times.

[«Latent Potential Increase» (Magical Power) Lv.4]

– Use 80% of your maximum HP and increase your [Magical Power] by 40% for 10 minutes.

– While active, you cannot recover HP with an ally’s skill.

– You can overlap it up to 3 times.

<«Awakening Skill» Lv.1> – <+Open>

<※ New Effect!>

– While active, ignore attacks with (Fire/Ice/Thunder/Wind) characteristics.

[※ You have 32 unused skill points!]

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