Hard Carry Support Chapter 259-260

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Emergency (1) and Emergency (2)

Immediately after falling with Ain.

Hyun took the rest of the party and headed to the one remaining institution.

From start to finish, the situation was a series of urgency.

“Someone has gone over to the prison! I think I’ve figured out where you are!”

Genie’s report was handed over to Hyun.

It was a few minutes later when the party encountered a group of NPCs.


“There are people with demonic energy here too!”


Hyun let out a groan.

Genie said that the number of Abyss users of Sky Bridge is rapidly decreasing.

This is the realm of heaven. Abyss users are a place where they can barely come by risking their lives.

As time passed, it was only natural that the Abyss users who would become Louise’s smokescreen would die.

‘Did he get caught?’

In other words, it was a set procedure from the beginning that the party would be discovered.

Even if a little more time passes here, NPCs in the sky will flock like bees.

“Shatin, you take over the rear!”

“yes. As commanded… ”

end of prison.

Asking Shatin for defense, Hyun moved forward with Louise, and this time, he also defeated the guard he encountered at the end of the pentagram.

He was able to somehow manage to break the sealing magic circle’s engine.

But the next moment is the problem.

‘Why haven’t I heard anything from Ain?’

I wondered if he was dead, but I was relieved a little when I saw the friend window marked as online.

Hyun sent another whisper.

“Ain, where is it?”

“This is over!”

“It’s still there… ?!”

The seal cannot be lifted unless all five key organs located at the tip of the pentagram are destroyed.

The way to save Papi and Radiette also disappears.

10 seconds, 20 seconds… As time went on, Hyun became nervous.

Again, Ginny’s voice was heard.

「Almost all of the Sky users who acted as spies have died! I don’t think it’s possible to catch NPCs with quest alarms anymore!”

Bad news arrived again.

Seeing the rapid increase in the number of enemies, he might be the last Abyss user to survive on the sky bridge.

thud! The moment Shatin’s heavy body bounced off something, Hyun suddenly came to his senses.

‘It’s to the point where the golem will fly… ?’

Hyeon found a strong enemy hiding in the crowd of enemies.

It’s dangerous if we don’t kill that guy quickly… !

‘Invisibility, the sword of darkness!’

In an invisible place, a greatsword made of darkness appeared.

Fain! The string was blown out by Louise’s wind.

It was to assassinate the dangerous guy, but the attempt failed.

Caang! The moment the sword of darkness collided with someone’s weapon, the string bounced mercilessly.

It wasn’t even a heavenly person, but there were also named NPCs among the enemies.

He looked at the string he had just fired and made an interesting expression.

“Oh, is the user correct… ? The magic power is far too strong.”

‘damn… !’

Hyun glanced at the formations of the enemies.

A knight clad in divine power. At first glance, a dangerous looking guy was extending his sword this way.

Besides, there were dozens of people who seemed to be his subordinates next to him.

‘Is it a paladin?’

I immediately realized the power gap.

There’s no way to deal with these guys.

10 seconds would be the limit for turning off the time… !

“Hyun, I’m done!”

It was at that moment that Ain’s whispers were heard.


And everything in front froze.

A person with the title of a celestial does not feel the cold.

Even so, Hyeon felt the chilly air sting his pores for a moment.

“It was close.”

Suddenly, a man who appeared in front of the party muttered.

Radiette. The only S-class celestial to ever come down to earth.

thru. After a while, the dozen or so frozen knights became powder of light and scattered.

The end of those who overwhelmingly pushed this side just before was too futile.

Radiette then reached out to the rest of the party as well.



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“I’ll make it a little safer.”

Kwadeuk! A blue film surrounded Hyun’s entire body.

The same protective film was formed on Shatin’s body.

“… !”

Hyun looked at Radiette and held his breath.

It was because Radiette’s whole body was burning with pure white flames.

An effect I’ve seen before.

‘Determination of extinction… ?’

The appearance of Ain using the ultimate skill overlapped with Radiette in front.

Hyeon’s gaze was accurate.

That magic is a technique that burns the ego of the Celestials.

It is similar to the resolution of extinction, but on the other hand, it is completely different.

Ain could release the ultimate midway through, but a celestial could not stop the self-destruction.

gulp. To Hyeon who looked at him while swallowing saliva, Radiette smiled and said,

“You don’t have to look at me with such nervous eyes. I have no intention of avenging you for deceiving me.”

“… … .”

“Oh, there’s one guy still locked up. wait a moment.”

Radiette disappeared as suddenly as she had appeared.

A few seconds after Hyun summons Ain

Pat, reappeared.

Celestials who burn their egos will have the same level of power as angels and angels of the same level.

Teleporting a short distance would be nothing.


Louise suddenly shouted.

Papi was unconscious.

“Is Genga safe?!”

“are you okay. I’m breathing properly.”

“To be like this… 」

Louise’s guilt suddenly rises.

It was a useless emotion now, so Hyun forced himself to suppress it.

“I just passed out from the recoil of the seal being lifted. It will get better with time.”

“thank you.”

Shatin took care of Papi, who had lost consciousness.

Unlike the others, she can fight moderately with one hand.

“and… Long time no see you too.”

Radiette looked at Ain and smiled bitterly.

“I mean… ?”


I knew it was someone else, but I couldn’t help but be startled when I saw it again.

From the moment he first met his lover, his life changed 180 degrees.

“good. Seeing you again made my decision firm.”

Radiette turned her gaze to an empty place.

Into the air, he muttered as if swearing to someone.

“I will dedicate my last body to you.”

“Yes… ?!”

“Follow me. It will be a little noisy.”

Radiette started to move forward again.

While following him, Hyeon heard Ain whispering in his ear.

For some reason, it was a slightly cautious voice.

“Hyun, I wasn’t jealous… ?”


“don’t worry. Because I can use my body whenever I want!」

For an instant, Hyeon’s head became confused.

I couldn’t hear the conversation between Radiette and Ain because I was worried about Poppy… . What did the two of them say that such lines came out of Ain’s mouth?

Anyway, it was clear that Radiette was helping them, so Hyun shook off his useless thoughts and moved.



Radiette broke through the cell’s ceiling and led the group upward.

sky at last. A space where all the restrictions of heavenly people are lifted!

The magic that Louise and Hyun possessed also had no choice but to come into the spirits of all the celestials.

Those who noticed the abyss in the sky looked in the direction of the party.

Normally, it would be a situation where even hundreds of lives would be lacking, but there was no problem now.

An ally stronger than hundreds of people was protecting the party.

“Don’t move for a moment.”

Quadd Deuk!

The entire space froze at Radiette’s gesture.

Its scope is everywhere in his field of vision!

Ordinary humans died from that one blow, and even named NPCs became ice statues due to the abnormal state of ‘freezing’.

Only celestials like Radiette were able to resist even a little.

“What is this… .”

“Is the angel trying to stop the fight?”

The power of the celestials becomes powerful in the sky.

Also, a celestial person who decides to completely burn her ego can instantly exercise the same power as a transcendental person.

It was no wonder that the other celestials mistook Radiette for an ‘angel’ for a while.

“No, not an angel!”

“It’s Radiette!”

But soon someone saw Radiette’s face and shouted.

“How will he feel… .”

“Stay with a human possessing demonic energy! He was a traitor too! There was a reason why the advent ritual failed!”

“Radiet… sir?”

After a moment of silence, the reactions of the celestials were divided into two types.

Those who oppose Radiette, and those who are genuinely surprised.

Mystia, who commanded the forces of harmony, was included in the latter.

‘A traitor.’

All the voices from the battlefield reached Radiette’s ears.

“I never thought the day would come when I liked that title.”

Ladie gave a small smile.

All sorts of divine patterns nested on his arms…

Whoops. The magic circles piled up in layers in the air eventually began to transform into a single magic.

Endlessly overlapping magic and divine power. someone hurriedly shouted.


“I can’t let that magic complete!”

Divine Arrow, Ring of Judgment, Thunderbolt… Countless magics flooded Radiette.

All-in-one attack by dozens of celestials!

However, all of that magic was scattered in vain the moment it touched Radiette’s shield.

Just before the magic circle was completed, Radiette muttered a word.

“Those who think good exists even in the abyss, close their eyes.”

His low voice mingled with the raucous noise.

Is it a coincidence? It was in line with the teachings of harmony.

The boundary between good and evil is not clear, so all creatures should help each other.

Radiette looked around the battlefield and observed the movements of the celestials one by one.

The one who quietly closes his eyes. who doesn’t


The next moment, an ensemble of screams filled the battlefield.

Lightning strikes from the sky and pierces the bodies of countless celestial beings.

Most of the F-class celestials died instantly, and the celestials of the upper level consumed their egos and teleported right before they disappeared.

The ones who didn’t take any damage from the lightning were the celestials who had their eyes closed. There were only those who served harmony.

“Ladiette-sama, you too… .”

Mystia’s self-talk was very small.

“… .”

Radiette glanced at Mystia, who was far away, and then turned her head.

Most of the celestials were incapacitated, but not all were safe from the thunderbolt.

In particular, B-class or higher celestials instantly protected their bodies and did not take a big hit.

Radiette would not have enough time or vitality to deal with them one by one.

“let’s go.”


The divine light emitted from Radiette’s hand melted the ceiling.

Fly. Then everyone was cast a flying spell.

The party simply followed Radiette, but it was not an idle situation.

It was a daunting situation for everyone just to avoid the aftermath of the battle.

‘danger… It does.’

Hyun was very nervous.

Cracks were forming in the protective shield surrounding the party.

The reason why he couldn’t ask Radiette to renew his protection magic was because the aura of extinction radiating from his body was gradually fading.

Like a candle about to go out… .

“Can not be done!”

In the meantime, an incident occurred.

Quaang! The moment Shatin was swept away by the sudden explosion, Louise yelled at her.

“are you okay. No one died!」

Hyun calmed Louise down.

One of Shatin’s arms was blown off, but she was a golem. If only her durability was left, it could be restored at any time.

Poppy, who was losing her mind, also seemed unhurt.

“Shatin, can you keep moving?”

“Moving is fine, but… I can’t support anyone anymore.”

I quickly assessed the situation.

Shatin was attacked because she was the slowest.

There, even one arm was broken, so I couldn’t leave Papi to Shatin any longer.

“Louise, you carry Poppy!”

“Um, of course… I’ll try it!」

“I can’t do assimilation anymore, protect it with Shatin!”

“Hyun, you… ?」

“Because I’m going to borrow Ain’s body.”


The road to the top floor of the sky bridge was rough.

The defense magic circles installed here and there also started to work.

The attack of the celestials targeting Radiette was also threatening.

Guns helped a lot here too.

Taang! Taang!

The bullets with impact amplification caused the projectiles to miss their trajectories.

Combining the highly accurate vigilance gun and the ‘Basic Shooting’ skill, the physical form of magic could be intercepted before it flew.

Although he had no choice but to avoid weightless attacks such as lightning or divine power.

“Back off.”

At one point, Radiette looked back and murmured.

Whoops. In his hand, dozens of layers of magic circles were overlapping.

A number of magics that even Hyun could not grasp at a glance were overlapped, and the condensed energy burst forward.


At the same time, a blue light covers the whole world.

‘Keugh… !’

Hyeon let out a moan at the tremendous energy that suddenly exploded.

I was blinded by the light and couldn’t see anything.

Heaven freezes.

Magic that can only be used by angels who are above Plain level.

The fact that it manifested in Radiette’s hand would mean that he, too, now possesses the same power as the angel.

Radiette’s magic finally stopped, and everything in the world was frozen.

The enemies who were pursuing them, the magic circle installed on the sky bridge, and even the defense tower were swept away by a cold storm and stopped moving.

With just one magic, the entire upper part of the sky bridge, which was supposed to be the crystallization of magic engineering, was changed like the traces of a civilization that perished during the Ice Age.

“Awesome… .”

Hyeonu murmured to himself involuntarily.

Even in Asura, the opportunity to see the magic that the angel used with full force was not common.

It felt like goosebumps all over my body when such magic unfolded in Asrian, which conveyed perfect senses.

“that’s enough! After dealing this much damage, the enemies no longer… . ah.”

Hyun, who was trying to express his gratitude for Radiette’s performance, realized it belatedly.

The fact that the image of him leading the way does not exist anywhere.

At Radiette’s seat, grains of light were spreading like fog and soaking the party.

Radiette’s soul, overloaded to the limit, was oxidized with the last magic.

‘This… .’

Hyun shuddered at the sudden sticky feeling.

When the old Maria died, Louise said her heart felt tight as she felt her reverberation in the air.

Is it because of increased empathy? Hyun could understand how Louise felt at that time.

I don’t know if there is such a thing as the smell of burning souls.

But if it exists, it will have the effect of amplifying human emotions.

Two streams of tears were flowing down Hyun’s cheeks.

I thought I was suppressing my emotions, but they flowed out on their own.

I couldn’t tell whether it was my own or the demi being assimilated.

“Hyun, right now I’m involuntarily crying… .”

“be careful.”

Hyun wiped away his frozen tears and spoke softly to Ain.

“Now is not the time to cry.”

All the pursuers would have died, or only a few celestials would have teleported to the base and fled, and most of the defensive magic circles around them were destroyed.

It wasn’t a life-threatening situation like a moment ago, but I couldn’t be relieved until the end.

It was because the defense magic circle that was not destroyed was working occasionally.

“Let’s focus until the end.”

Hyun tried to ignore the smell of burning souls and flew upwards toward the top floor of the sky bridge.

According to the event video you saw at the end of the Ice Thorn Dungeon, there should be a transport ship there.

Deception prepared through the forces of ‘harmony’.

If missing or destroyed… At that time, there would be no choice but to cross the sky with the wind barrier.

Hyun thought it would be nice if Ki-man wasn’t joking around.


Papi had a dream.

It was over a hundred years ago.

A dream in which someone stretched out a hand of salvation when everyone in the world condemned oneself as a traitor.

Perhaps because it was when I was young, I couldn’t remember the angel’s face very well.

What was certain was that she was wearing a dress that cut her chest apart from the usual angelic image.


Poppy came to his senses while the party was passing through the end of the sky bridge.

I only regained consciousness, but I still haven’t fully regained my senses.

The reflected sight reflected in the faint vision is the sky.

Someone was flying into the sky protecting himself.

‘Angel… ?’

Poppy wondered if he hadn’t woken up yet.

Or like that time. Did an angel hear his prayer and come to save him?

If that was true, he swore that he would serve only her for the rest of his life.

Then Poppy could see the face of the person carrying her.

A body slightly smaller than himself.

Even the bizarre outfits I started wearing not too long ago.

“Goddess… sir… was it?”

He looked at Louise’s face and blinked.

“Oh, come to your senses! I’m glad… thank god!”

“Where am I… .”

“Too long to explain. Leave everything to me now.”

Poppy soon noticed something odd.

Beside the priestess, a golem with a severed arm was scattering evil demonic energy.

I immediately tried to warn you of the danger, but I soon realized that it was protecting me.

Quaang! The golem was blocking the artillery fire with only one arm left.

‘What happened?’

I looked back and was shocked again.

There, a reaper holding a scythe was chasing him.

“Princess… danger!”

“What, are you awake?”

Hyun’s voice startled Poppy.

For some reason, the god of death’s face was familiar.

I soon realized that it was a familiar face. She was the user that Priestess had helped.

“you are… !”

“It’s all over, so I just woke up.”

“Did you help the priestess and save me?”

Louise answered Poppy’s question.

“No, he saved you, and I was of some help.”

“What is that… .”

“I will explain everything. Even the sky won’t be able to chase it easily anymore.”

The party arrived at the giant transport ship on the top floor before they knew it.

As seen in the event scene, when I put my hand on the crystal ball, the magic circles for the operation of the engine were all ignited and started to operate.

Wow! With the magic engine operating, the party slowly began to move away from the sky bridge.

The sky bridge seen from a distance was tilted diagonally.

Perhaps because of Radiette’s final magic, the upper part of the sky bridge was frozen solid.

The party watched the massive structure until it was completely out of sight.

Until then, no one had ever pursued this side.

Louise was finally freed from the pursuit in the sky.

“How did you escape?”

“I see… .”

after a while

Louise looked at Papi.

“This body is a demon.”

He uttered the first words straight out.

“I’m not a complete demon now… It must be the devil’s seed.”

“What does it mean… ?”

“It’s not a metaphor, it’s a literal meaning.”

“Ain, let’s get out of here for a while.”

It looked like an important story was about to begin, so Hyeon brought Ain to the deck.

Louise’s story was long.

She confessed everything, from her identity to how she used Poppy for five years.

Poppy couldn’t keep his mouth shut for a while.

If you hadn’t seen the scene of the tilted sky bridge a moment ago, you would have thought Louise’s words a joke.

“… A demon?”


“Are you saying that the priestess was originally a devil?”

“She probably wasn’t even a priestess. This body does not even have the ability to descend angels.”

Poppy was silent for a while, then asked again.

“Then why did you come to rescue me? Even with your own life as collateral.”

“Aren’t you a user?”

“… ?”

“Resurrection is impossible, so of course we have to save it!”

Louise asked what that meant.

Although she was never aware of it, Louise felt that Poppy was a family member.

Even with that one answer, Louise’s feelings were conveyed to Poppy.

Rather, it made me more confused.

“I still can’t believe it.”


“Because all demons are evil.”

“that… sorry. I have done evil to you… .”

“I am confused right now because I know that the priestess is not evil.”

Poppy didn’t forget the time he was tricked by the devil.

When the sacred power he possessed was changed to demonic energy, and his life was threatened by the people around him because of it.

He informed Louise of the incident that would forever remain a scandal.

After hearing all the circumstances, Louise became depressed as if she felt sorry for herself.

“Of course there are bad demons out there… .”

“I know. The priestess risked her life to save me.”

For a moment, Papi remembered the words of a prisoner who was locked up with him in the prison.

Did I say that the sky and the abyss cannot be divided into good and evil?

Now I could understand a little bit what that meant.

Fate was ridiculous enough to be absurd.

The one who actually answered his prayer was not an angel, but a devil.

“What are you going to do now?”

When the whole story was finished, Louise looked up and asked.

Can I be forgiven for cheating on him?

I revealed that I’m a demon, but will there be any problems?

It was obvious that she was having such troubles, so Poppy let out a devastated laugh.

Because when I looked at Louise’s face again, I didn’t think of it as a devil at all.

“I can’t go back to the sky.”

The celestials that I didn’t like before were even more disgusting now.

Because they were the ones who tried to kill themselves without knowing anything.

If I continue to follow the priestess like this, I will become a real traitor from then on.

There was no regret in drilling, but there was one thing that caught on.

“There is an angel I serve.”

“angel… ?”

“yes. Ever since I was little, I have dedicated my prayers to him alone. It doesn’t matter if she follows the priestess, but I’m afraid she might be betraying her.”

“Can I ask who it is?”

Truth, the Light, or one of their minions.

Louise expected such an answer, but what came out of Poppy’s mouth was a completely different name.

“… It seems that you are now called ‘Harmony’.”


The sky bridge incident.

This incident made a lot of Assrian communities noisy.

<Shade Guild, cast off the shadow!>

First of all, Hyun’s identity, which had been shrouded in a veil, was revealed.

The sight of him using a gun against the four apostles is truly shocking.

That alone was surprising enough, but a few hours later, the quest that suddenly appeared in the guild mission office shook the whole community once again.

– Where is the Shade Guild?

An unfamiliar guild whose name has never been heard.

The content of the quest requested there was also ridiculously dangerous, to the extent that he had to prepare for death.

If the name of the quest wasn’t special, most users wouldn’t even pay attention to the quest.

<Hyeon and Ain’s Quest>

Two names caught the attention of users.

And those who looked at the reward list again couldn’t help but doubt their eyes.

It was the first time Asrian had ever been given such equipment as a quest reward!

– A gun?

– Look at the options! This is what was just posted on the topic!

The Assrian community was just about to witness Hyun’s activity using a ‘gun’ and was noisy.

In the meantime, since the reward of a gun appeared in a quest with Hyun’s name on it, it was natural for users to show interest.

– Didn’t someone say earlier that you have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to a research institute to make one?

– If you look at the hot topic, it’s correct. (link)

-Are you sure it’s in billions? If it’s true, go do it right now.

-ㄴOf course, it’s goo lol There are over 500 bags, so if you count 100 million per bag, you’re just spraying 50 billion? Does it make sense haha

-interpretation: (I will do it alone, so please don’t do it ㅠㅠ)

Also, this quest wasn’t judged by success or failure, but by ranking first.

The registered guns totaled 517 guns.

It meant that if you could only get in the 517th place, you could get a gun as a reward.

In addition, all users who participated in the quest were able to obtain suspicious rewards even if they did not rank in the ranks.

[Shade Guild Points]

-Used to exchange for certain equipment and items in the future.

(※Caution: Currently, there are no items that can be purchased with the points!)

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