Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 386

Chapter 386

A week had passed since I entered the grounds of Halamanium.

“Until there. Today’s training will end here.”

“Both of you. Thank you for your hard work.”

With Asran and Elena declaring the end of their training, Ji Soon-chan and Adela sat down on the ground.

Sweat pours down from the body like rain.

It would not be strange to lose consciousness from exhaustion right away.

“Don’t lie down because you’re having a hard time, replenish your fluids first.”

Looking at the two of them, Elena said.

“Yes… … .”

“yes… … .”

Both of them slowly raised their upper bodies with faces like dying zombies.

At least Adela seemed to have a little more strength left, got up first, brought two buckets of water and handed them to Ji Sun-chan.

“Here you go.”

Ji Sun-chan raised her hand slightly to express her gratitude.

I didn’t even have the strength to say thank you to Ji Sun-chan now.

‘If I had a body… … .’

Looking at the two, Elena’s face was stained with bitterness.

As a teacher, I can’t pass a glass of water to the disciples who have finished their training.

It’s bittersweet.

“It’s a great development.”

Unlike Elena, Aslan had a very calm expression.

As a teacher, he doesn’t seem to think that he can’t take care of his students. She has a faint smile.

“I really didn’t expect to make it in a week.”

Although he tries not to show off his expression, his eyes are filled with the feeling of being proud.

“Don’t praise me. You have safely overcome the ordeal in the Luminous Magic Stone Cave.”

At Aslan’s words, the eyes of the two widened.

“… … Pass… … yo. this?”

Ji Sun-chan exhaled heavily and asked.

“okay. You have passed the first test perfectly.”

“why… … ?”

Ji Sun-chan asked in a dying voice.

The expression that they have no idea how they got through.

‘I’ve just accomplished my first goal… … .’

A week ago.

In order to pass through the Luminous Magic Stone Cave, Asran and Elena conceived of a 10-step training.

The training I just finished right now is the 10th level of training, the 1st level of training is to hold out for 5 minutes inside the Luminous Magic Stone Cave.

Now that the first stage of training has just finished, I can’t help but be dumbfounded to have passed the ordeal in the Luminous Magic Stone Cave.

“… … .”

Adela also looked at Aslan with an expression of incomprehension.

The expression that he had no idea why he had passed the ordeal.

“The training must have been difficult. Ji Soon-chan aside, Adela Stewart. You wouldn’t even notice.”

Aslan raised one corner of his mouth.

As Elena put it, it was Asran’s trademark ‘smile that annoys people’.

“I will correct a misunderstanding you have.”

Aslan’s smile grew even thicker.

“You seem to think you’ve only managed to last five minutes. You are thinking wrong.”

“… … yes?”

“… … ?”

The expressions of Ji Soon-chan and Adela became blank at the same time.

As the two’s expressions became stunned, Asran’s smile became more and more lively.

“Like holding on for five minutes. It’s been a long time since I’ve already surpassed it on the second day.”

The two eyes widened like rabbits.

“I passed 10 minutes on the third day. I passed 15 minutes on the 5th day. and today. We exceeded our goal of 20 minutes.”

Aslan smiled his signature eerie smile and clapped his hands.

“Congratulations. You have safely passed the ordeal in the Luminous Magic Stone Cave.”

“… … .”

“… … .”

inside a quiet cave.

Only Aslan’s applause rang loudly.

“… … haha.”

Ji Sun-chan burst out laughing.

A look that I hadn’t even thought of.

‘I was fooled… … .’

I don’t know if I should be happy or angry about this.

No, it was an expression that I didn’t know how to react.

“I-I’m sorry. I was against it at first… … .”

Elena said with an apologetic expression.

“Even if progress is fast, it’s too fast… … . This was the only way to keep my motivation at its maximum.”

The growth rate of these two was too fast.

Of the 10-step training, the 7th step was already cleared on the second day.

At this rate, all training will be over on the third day. And from the 4th day of training, your motivation will drop noticeably.

That’s why Elena and Aslan lied to them.

I lied that it had only been 5 minutes, even though the two of us lasted a few minutes.

“To be precise, Ji Soon-chan. It’s a training that I built because I was worried that your morale would be lost. your temperament. When you know you’ve achieved your goal, you’ll be 100% relaxed.”

“… … .”

Ji Sun-chan laughed.

I can’t even answer because I’m dumbfounded.

“No, I achieved my goal and what? Aren’t you going to do your best?”

Even such a blank expression for a while.

Ji Soon-chan argued and listened with a face that was unfair to the world.

“I will do my best. But that’s it. You couldn’t have been more focused on training than 100%.”

“that… … .”

Jisun-chan couldn’t refute.

‘surely… … . The fact that there has been no progress all week, there is a desperate side to it… … .’

It is true that Asran and Elena’s lies made Ji Soon-chan draw out his desperate will.

If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have achieved the achievement I have today.

“Adela Stewart. Neither do you. You may not have been as good as Ji Soon-chan, but whatever it was, you wouldn’t have achieved the same achievement as now.”

“… … .”

Adela nodded.

I’m angry at being deceived. That statement is true.

For a week, the fact that she couldn’t even go beyond the first stage became the driving force that pushed Adela beyond her limits.

‘… … I didn’t notice in the first place and I made a mistake.’

Mistaking 5 minutes for 20 minutes?

I’m so pathetic to myself, I don’t even think about arguing.

“No matter what, it can be said that I have learned everything that can be learned in the Bright Magic Stone Cave, right?”

Adela, instead of arguing, asked questions for a final understanding of the situation.

“yes. You have perfectly overcome the ordeal of the Luminous Magic Stone Cave.”

Elena smiled brightly.

“maybe… … I wonder if Mimir and Hayul will be surprised when they see it. I wonder what happened in the past week, won’t you open your eyes?”

Elena gave a small smile, expressing that she felt happy just thinking about it.

“I look forward to it. isn’t it? Asran?”

Elena called out to Aslan with a smile on her face.

“You expect everything. Shinha rate. I don’t think he’d be surprised at just this much… … .”

“What is As?”

Elena’s smile darkened.

Mimir said, it was Elena’s unique, very, very scary smile.

“promise. It’s hard to forget.”

“… … .”

Aslan’s expression cooled.

The expression that he doesn’t like this situation very very much.

Aslan bit his teeth and replied.

“… … okay. I am also looking forward to it.”


Asran and Elena made a bet on Ji Soon-chan’s achievements.

It was a bet on whether or not Ji Sun-chan could pass the ordeal within a week.

With Ji Sun-chan passing the ordeal within a week, the winner was Elena.

“… … okay.”

As a result, Aslan was unable to respond to Elena’s words until he left the grounds of Halamanium.

Now, Aslan must nod unconditionally at Elena’s words.

“ah. What a great day. The achievements of the two of you are great. My hundred-year-old congestion has gone down.”

Elena smiled brightly, expressing that she couldn’t be this happy.

“Now, as long as Hayul-kun and Mimir bring good news, it’s perfect.”

Shin Ha-yul and Mimir are still stuck at the edge of the Luminous Cave, working hard to reform mythic magic.

When the two of them finish their reloading safely and come back, there will be no more perfect day than this.

Elena looked down the aisle expectantly.

“… … good news and what It’ll be difficult if you don’t give results soon.”

Aslan narrowed his eyes and muttered.

As long as you put in a week of time, you should give results that match it.

‘… … And if the other side doesn’t produce results, this side can’t move on to the next stage.’

Shinha-yul is also Shin-ha-yul, but this is also difficult in many ways.

If Shin Ha-yul doesn’t produce results, he can’t pass the test.

If you don’t pass the test, the door to the next stage, ‘Green Castle’, will not open.

In other words, Adela and Ji Soon-chan cannot attend the next training session either.

‘I’ve made progress so far. I don’t want to cut this flow here.’

There is a flow in everything in the world.

Right now Adela and Ji Soon-chan’s training is on a good flow.

As long as possible, I want to continue this flow.

“Don’t be too impatient. because they are the two There must have been some progress. I will be back soon with good results.”

A tear flowed from Elena’s eyes.

I believe in Mimir and Shin Ha Yul.

It was a look full of trust in the two of them.

“We are training as much as we can for now… … .”

That was when Elena was about to talk about the next training session.


Suddenly the cave trembled.

Tremor caused by mana.

Manajin rode a brilliant magic stone and moved, shaking the heavens and the earth.

It was a familiar manajin.

“… … Is it a dragon again?”

This manajin was generated when the dragon’s mana spewed out.

It started a week ago, and it’s the 5th occurrence today, so I can’t be mistaken.

“This robber. It looks like the minimum mana charge is over 50%.”

“… … It’s getting more and more frequent. bale stall. It seems that he has become quite impatient.”

Elena and Aslan exchanged opinions.

“I guess so. Right now, Sein Binoche’s power is at a level that can easily overwhelm us in our heyday. Impatience is enough for me.”

It was then.


Even before the first quake had stopped, new tremors hit the cave.

A manajin of the same size as the manajin that occurred just before.

The feeling is similar. This time, it seemed to be the mana gene caused by the appearance of the dragon.

“Two at the same time? bale stall. It looks like he made up his mind.”

“This mana density. It appears to be at least 60% charged.”

“50% and 60%… … It could be dangerous.”

The two faces hardened.

No matter how strong Binoche is, dealing with two dangerous S individuals won’t be easy.

If you add a veil stall to that, one situation in a million might happen.

“… … For this, shouldn’t we talk to Ha Yul first and think about applying?”

“I agree. right now… … .”

That was when the two decided to contact Shin Ha-yul.


Adela said with wide eyes.

“The first mana is the dragon’s mana, but… … . The second mana is not the dragon’s mana.”

“… … Isn’t that the dragon’s mana?”

Aslan looked at Adela with an expression asking what that meant.

“Second mana… … . Certainly, the nature is very similar to the dragon’s mana, and the unique density is very similar to that of the dragon, but the quality of the mana contained is completely different.”

“… … quality?”

“yes. quality of mana. No, should I call it the will of mana?”

only two in this world.

Mana’s distinctive difference that only Shin Ha-yul and Adela can feel.

Mana’s Will.

Mana’s words.

“The second pour of mana… … Not the dragon’s mana… … .”

Mana is talking.

‘Our king is back!’

‘Friend of Mana!’

‘Let’s open a festival!’

This mana is not for dragons.

I’m screaming not to compare it to something like that.

“It’s Hayul’s mana.”

Adela’s eyes emitted a brilliant light.

“I think I’ve finished it.”

Shin Ha-yul achieved his goal and started to move.

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