Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 380

Chapter 380

right after.

The three of us simply packed up and started moving to the place where we would be training for two months.

“… … Greenland.”

I rode a military jet and moved about 4 hours to reach my destination, Greenland.

“I never thought I would come here in my lifetime.”


A land of the dead teeming with monsters.

Two and a half years ago, the level of search was still possible.

Within two and a half years, the monsters increased rapidly due to the abnormal climate that covered the world, and now it has become a place so dangerous that real people cannot set foot.

“Don’t look away. And if you fall off with me, you could die right there.”

As for how dangerous it is, even if the three of us join forces now, it would be difficult to survive even for a single day.

I will never lose in terms of quality, but even if there are a lot of numbers, there are too many, so there is no way to survive.

“Am I stupid? Get out of here with you… … oops! crazy. Reaper tarantula?”

Sunchan grabbed my shoulder even more tightly.

Seeing a giant spider-type monster building a nest with spider webs in front of him, he was frightened.

“What kind of S-rank monsters are there on this crazy continent? eww. I hate it, I hate it.”

“… … Is it something to be so frightened of?”

Adela looked at Soon-chan and tilted her head.

I’ve also faced dragons, but are monsters like that a big deal?

It looked like he was saying that.

“Of course it would be frightening. It means there are monsters like this swarming around. If something happens, try to break the stealth… … . ugh I hate to imagine.”

Sunchan trembled with an anxious expression on his face.

“I don’t know if he used Umbra. What you’re using right now is normal stealth magic.”

Currently I can’t use Umbra.

In exchange for using long-distance travel, you cannot use Umbra for the next 3 days.

Right now, we’re not using Umbra, we’re moving around with normal stealth magic.

“don’t worry. It’s none other than Mr. Seokhyun’s stealth magic. It won’t take too long.”

Isn’t it normal stealth magic?

The secret magic of Mr. Seok-hyeon, a stealth specialist, is not ordinary magic.

“Me and Adela are jointly developing it.”

In preparation for any unexpected situation, I am also receiving assistance from Adela.

It is impossible to detect us unless it is a certain mutant monster.

“Then just eat comfortably. follow me Because it’s not long now.”

“… … ok.”

Sunchan let out a groan.

I know it in my head. When I see the monsters swarming around me, I instinctively cringe.

He seemed to think so.

“I’ll try to calm down as much as possible. I don’t know if it will… … .”

Sunchan took a deep breath.

Efforts to somehow calm the trembling heart can be seen.

“Whoa. good. Somewhat calm… … .”

It must have been around the time Sunchan took deep breaths five times.


Suddenly, a monster jumped out in front of us.

A spider-type monster with a similar appearance to the Reaper Tarantula that we passed on earlier.

It was the first monster I had ever seen in my life with hundreds of eyes attached to its entire body.

He’s blocking our way and staring at us.

“… … Is it a mutant?”

A species I don’t know is a species that has never been discovered. That is, it is a variant.

“yes. It’s probably a variant derived from the Reaper Tarantula. Judging by the shape, it appears that the vision is exceptionally developed.”

“Visual-specialized variant… … .”

I concentrated mana in my right hand and made it into a sphere.

And slowly moved to the right.

The mutant tarantula’s eyes moved along the sphere.

“Looking at how sensitive it is to the movement of mana, it seems right.”

“Sensory-specialized variant… … . It must be tricky.”

Among the variants, those sensory-specialized variants are very demanding.

The already good sense has been further refined. This attack doesn’t work properly.

“Take it easy! It won’t take long, so relax!”

Sunchan shouted with an expression of blame on me.

“… … Did I say it clearly? As long as it’s not a ‘somewhat’ variant, it’ll be fine.”

And that is an object belonging to a certain variety.

“Due to the location, a detour would be impossible, right?”

“Usually, spider-type individuals live by establishing territories. There is a high probability that the place we are going to is also within the realm. I have no choice but to knock it down.”

Besides that, leaving a monster that can detect us alive is dangerous in many ways.

It would be better to defeat him right now in order to get rid of the aftereffects.

“Even if I were to defeat you, how would you defeat me? If I started fighting with that guy right here and now, all kinds of monsters would come running towards me. Can you handle it?”

Variant tarantulas are also a problem, but the bigger problem is after fighting.

Uncle Seok-hyeon’s stealth magic has the disadvantage of requiring quite a long preparation in advance to activate it.

It is impossible to use when the opponent is aware of me.

It is difficult to use stealth when there are monsters around.

In short, if a fight breaks out now, you will have to fight all the monsters in the vicinity, not just the mutant tarantula.

“Well, what can I do? We have to pack everything up and deal with it.”

Of course, that’s what happens when the battle gets longer.

Deal with it as quickly as possible, and wipe out any entities aware of us.

You just need to quickly cast a stealth spell before other monsters arrive.

“Hey, it seems like it’s going too far… … .”

“ruler. Let’s go.”

I ignored Sunchan’s complaints and canceled the stealth magic.


A life that boils in an instant.

All the monsters around us were aware of us and focused on living in unison.

Soon-chan, who received the killing blow with his bare body, trembled.

“hey! A warning in advance… … !”

“Mimir. Please.”

Once again, Sunchan’s complaints were ignored.

“huh? Why did you call me?”

Mimir appeared.

“aha. It’s a battle.”

“Please support me.”

“okay. Leave it to me.”

Mimir quickly came out and synchronized his senses.

The preparation is over with this.

“Miss Elena.”

“yes yes. I know.”

Adela also finished the preparations in an instant.

“… … Ah-oh. really… … .”

“If you have time to complain, pay attention.”

Sunchan also grumbled and finished preparing for battle.

“Let’s finish it in 5 minutes. If the battle lasts longer than that, there is a high possibility that monsters will swarm and become dangerous.”

The longer the battle, the more monsters located in a wider range will flock.

It is best to keep the fight as short as possible.

It must be done unconditionally within 10 minutes at the latest.

“It is easy to say. How do you deal with all these guys in 5 minutes?”

“Don’t grumble. ruler. come. defense charge. please.”

“Oh really… … !”

Sunchan held out both hands.


A total of 43 octagonal doors appeared around Adela and me.

* * *

After that, after about 7 minutes of desperate fighting, we succeeded in wiping out the surrounding monsters.

“… … ah. I will die of exhaustion.”

It was pretty close.

“This crazy continent… … . What kind of mutants come out at the same time?”

While dealing with the mutant tarantula, one more mutant monster popped out, so he suffered a lot.

“It’s tough. We fought well.”

“… … Where do you see this looking ugly? Can’t you see I’m on the verge of exhaustion right now?”

If it wasn’t for Sunchan, the battle time would have exceeded 10 minutes, and it would have been a very difficult situation.

“I almost got exhausted, but I wasn’t really exhausted. Then you’ll be fine.”

“… … and. Is that something you would say to a colleague who did everything in his power to stop the enemy?”

“Did you stop me? Aslan-nim did it all. If you had stopped everything, I wouldn’t have said this.”

No, it would be more accurate to say that it would have been better if it hadn’t been for Sunchan and Asran.

With the advent of the second variant, if Asran had not borrowed Sunchan’s body and manifested, it would have been a difficult situation in many ways.

We applaud Aslan-nim’s excellent judgment for quickly reading the situation and choosing to immediately pour out his full force.

“… … Having said that, I have nothing more to say… … .”

Sunchan is on the verge of exhaustion right now, but Asran is asleep due to overload.

It is clear who exerted more power.

“… … It sucks.”

Soonchan licked his lips.

it’s something stupid

“Soon-chan. Magic. Have you grown a lot?”

At that time, Elena-sama spoke to Soon-chan.

“… … Will it increase?”

Soonchan asked with an expression as if saying, ‘What is it?’

“It is magic. The number of simultaneous activations of the Octagonal Gate also increased. The speed also increased. Oh, and it looks like you can handle space magic without Asran’s possession. Right?”

“yes. any… … .”

“also! Incredible. It hasn’t been long since the training started, but it’s already there… … . After all, geniuses are different.”

Sunchan’s eyes widened.

“Me, me? Are you a genius?”


“… … Isn’t that too much of an exaggeration? … .”

“It’s not too much. It’s true.”

“Is that so?”

Sunchan’s expression softened. Laughing in vain is very ridiculous.

“yes. I mean it. All I could see was admiration. How sophisticated the magic is… … .”

A string of compliments poured out of Elena-sama’s mouth.

Every moment, Sunchan’s expression melts. A look that tries to hide its joy, but can’t.

“… … hey.”

Seeing these two, Mimir let out a small exclamation.

“Imperial days. It seems to be looking at the time when Elena and Aslan were both instructors at the same time.”

“… … Was there a time like that?”

“uh. About a year.”

Mimir said with an expression that seemed to miss him.

“Asran whip. Elena carrots. The trainees couldn’t come to their senses at the connection of the two. I know that? Trainees who completed that period. Was he the best jockey of all jockeys?”

Aslan-sama whips it, Elena-sama caresses it… … .

The effect seems certain.

“Then try harder. If you have any difficulties, I will help you.”

“yes! We will do our best!”

You can tell just by looking at Sunchan right now.

The kid who grunted with a dying expression suddenly became a quick expression and attitude like a newly enlisted trainee.

Will 100% charge complete.

It seems that it is written on the face.

“The effect is certain.”


Mimir chuckled.

‘For two months, I can leave Sunchan’s care to Elena.’

I was a bit worried about Soonchan’s mentality. I guess I don’t have to worry about that.

I had faith that if it was Elena-sama, she would do something for me.

“Then are you all rested now?”

I asked, looking at Sunchan and Adela standing there beside him.

“I rested~”


Soonchan answered lively, and Adela answered calmly as usual.

“okay. Then let’s go.”

We moved on again.

“But, how much further do we have to go? Isn’t it time to arrive soon?”

“I’m really almost there.”

really everything has come

“I see it over there.”

In the distance, we can see the place we made our destination.


“excuse me.”

“… … ?”

Sunchan tilted his head.

“What do you mean? I can’t see anything in my eyes.”

All we see now is an empty field.

Nothing special can be found.

“You won’t see it now.”

“… … What are you talking about?”

“It is hidden.”

I left Soon-chan looking at me with a mysterious expression and approached my destination.

Then, he knelt down on one knee and put his hand on the ground.

“Mimir. Please help.”


Mimir closed his eyes and sharpened his senses.

With Mimir’s support, I can feel my senses becoming more sensitive.

“Whoa… … .”

Taking a deep breath, I raised the Infinity Circle to its maximum output.

Mana began to boil.

I concentrated the mana in my right hand and poured it onto the floor.

“As the official successor of the bi-tenor style. Request entry.”

The mana from my hands and the words pouring out of my mouth become one and flow into the ground.

And mana and words soon converged into one phenomenon.

“The site of Halamanium.”

The final arrangement left by Master.

The site of halamanium.

The doorway to it slowly began to open.

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