Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 365

Chapter 365

A fully awakened dragon.

The amount of mana felt inside his body was greater than any mana he had ever seen.

“Even though the liver was swollen, it was properly swollen. I hope you came here on your own feet.”

Marco, standing in front of the dragon, sneered.

Feeling the dragon’s immense power with your whole body, and enjoying it.

“Do you have any regrets after seeing the dragon in person? Korean little hero?”

Of course, he knows me.

Since he didn’t change his face using his persona, he probably couldn’t know.

“Why are you not saying anything?”

Marco took a cigarette out of his pocket, put it in his mouth and magically lit it.

“hmm. Are you at a loss for words at the majesty of the dragon?”

A sneer leaked out of his mouth as he smoked a cigarette.

It was the reaction and expression of a villain who got the switch for a nuclear bomb.

“one. I will ask.”

Looking at Marco like that, I asked.

“Did the dragon feed his men?”

Marco’s eyes narrowed.

Mouth curved like a half moon.

He licks his lips with a funny expression.

“I’ve heard rumors, but it feels pretty good. No, do you have good eyes? credit owner. God’s rate.”

Marco looks straight into my eyes.

“okay. You are right. All the subordinates gathered here were sacrificed to restore the dragon’s power.”

Beyond Marco’s gaze, I looked at the dragon that was still standing there.

Again, a huge amount of mana.

Mana, which is so huge that it is hard to see it as imperfect, is located inside the body.

There’s nothing special about this so far.

Bondi, it’s natural for a dragon to have that much mana.

What is unusual is the nature of the mana it possesses.

Not the dragon’s original mana, but mana that seemed to be a mixture of hundreds of different types of mana.

All of the mana worth hundreds of people detected outside the building earlier was contained within the dragon’s body.

“… … Are you insane?”

All of Marco’s men located in this building were eaten by dragons.

It was thrown alive into the dragon’s belly, turned into a living magic stone, and became the dragon’s mana supplement.

“What are you so angry about? I am not your subordinate.”

Marco took a deep breath in, holding the cigarette in his mouth.

woo woo-

Cigarette smoke filled the atmosphere with exhalation.

“No matter how I use my subordinates, isn’t that my mind?”

Marco laughed like a devil through the smoke of the cigarette.

An expression that seemed to show no sign of apologetic feelings towards his subordinates.

“Everyone will be delighted. At the cost of a worthless life, I became one with the dragon, even for a short time.”

Hold the cigarette between your index and middle fingers and laugh out loud.

It was the laugh of a very banal villain.

“Kuk-kuk. Guess who isn’t a hypocrite. Your expression is very good to see.”

Marco saw my expression and sneered again.

The expression that my anger is very funny.

Marco tossed the unhalved cigarette on the floor.

He put his hand in his pocket, extinguishing the cigarette that was still lit.

“Whoa. Then let’s keep the small talk like this.”

As if responding to Marco, the dragon moved.

“The mana that has been lost because of you can be restored by feeding you.”

The dragon’s eyes sharpened.

It completely targeted me.

“ruler. good. Go and devour him.”

The dragon spread its wings.


The wings, as huge as those of the giant body, spread out, shattering the inside of the building.

Although the basement was designed to be twice as gigantic as a fairly large playground, it was no different from a cradle in front of the giant red dragon.

oh oh oh oh-!

The dragon roared.

A roar filled with mana.

Its roar shook the air and the earth.

Peers pouring intensively towards me.

I got goosebumps all over at how bloody Peer was.

Even though it’s in an imperfect state, it’s that majestic.

Is a dragon a dragon?

‘Is 1:1 impossible?’

This one is definitely stronger than the dragons you encountered earlier at the Rid Furniture Factory.

I’m not someone I can beat with my skills right now.

If you fight 1:1, you will always lose.

However, this is just a story of a 1:1 fight.

If it is 2:1, the story is a little different.


True to the name of the red dragon, he used fire magic.

Flowers of flame embroidered all around.

I took a small deep breath while watching the magic.


At the same time, I called my partner’s name.


Mimir answered briefly.

That was enough.

No further questions and answers were needed between us.

Mimir and I held out our right hands at the same time.

as if they had become one body.

At the perfect angle and speed, he raised his right hand towards the flames fired by the red dragon.


The moment our right hand pointed at his magic.




His magic shattered without leaving any form.

“… … ?”

Marco’s eyes widened.

He didn’t know that the dragon’s magic could be neutralized so easily.

He tried not to show off his expression, but it was clear that he was embarrassed.

“… … Did you strain too much?”

But that panic was short-lived.

Marco quickly regained his composure.

The magic the dragon used earlier was not power.

It was just a somewhat weaker spell to capture me alive.

There is no need to panic if such magic is blocked.

It looked like he was thinking that way.

“Let’s see if we can stop this.”

Marco gave the dragon a new order.

The dragon’s momentum became even more brutal.

Fire, lightning, wind.

Three spells were cast simultaneously.

All of them are high-powered magic that I cannot stop.

They were spells befitting the name Dragon.


Marco lowered his raised right hand.

As if that was a signal, the dragon fired magic.

Three spells flying towards me.

Mimir and I held out our right hands again.

No, not just the right hand this time, but the left hand as well.

I stretched out both my hands toward the wide-spreading magic.

And again.



As Pafe had instructed, mana was released.

Clink, click, click!

Three spells smashed at the same time.

The three-property magic instantly became the remains of mana and scattered through the air.

Marco’s eyes widened to the size of a lantern.

The look on his face that he didn’t know that magic would be neutralized like this.

“Don’t you know?”

I looked straight at Marco and said.

“Magic doesn’t work on me.”

It is widely known that I can nullify magic.

This is a fact known to the public during the Olympiad held three years ago.

“You can even nullify the dragon’s magic? I can’t… … .”

Marco said with his eyes still wide open.

“Weren’t you unable to nullify magic beyond your power?”

Marco’s eyes, which were already wide, widened even more.

“Could it be that your strength is equal to that of a dragon?”

Marco’s expression turned serious.

“You know quite a bit about my powers.”

In fact, if it’s natural, it’s natural.

In the past, the Italian team participating in the Olympiad was sponsored by the Mafia.

Since he was Marco, who was an executive of the mafia at the time, it is worth being quick with my power.

“… … .”

Marco’s eyes were full of vigilance.

The sign of ignoring me has completely disappeared.

“Red dragon.”

As if he wouldn’t say a word to me anymore.

As if conversation is a luxury.

I just called the red dragon with a cold voice.

“Burn him with your breath.”


It is the power unique to dragons, and the power that made dragons of the mythical age of the past exist as dragons.


“know. I have no intention of stopping it.”

The ruthless violence that I can never stop as I am now.

A huge amount of mana began to accumulate in the dragon’s mouth.

In the past, a breath with a much higher density than the breath encountered at the Rid Furniture Factory is about to be born.

That breath could neither be avoided nor blocked.

The firing speed and the spraying speed far exceed my own speed.

‘also. 1:1, even if you die and wake up, you can’t win.’

That’s why I said that you can never win 1:1.

Because I have no way to counter his breath.


woo woo woo woo-!

A breath that is being completed quickly.

I moved my mana while watching that breath.

‘This fight is 2:1.’

By the way, I added Mimir, so I’m not the 2nd.

I am 1.

2 is over there.


My mana pulsed.

Mimir showed no movement.

The magic I want to use this time is not a type of magic that Mimir can help with.

Mimir was silently watching me.

‘Now that the red dragon is carrying the burden of being Marco. can win.’

My mana momentarily stopped all action.

The center of reverse and order.

A world that has stopped and doesn’t go anywhere.

‘Completely neutral.’

Everything in the world has stopped.

Not Marco, not the dragon, not even the dust blowing around.

everything has stopped

tuck, tuck.

I walked out of that stopped world.

slowly at an insignificant pace.

The place I arrived at was right next to where Marco was standing.

As soon as I got to that location, I immediately turned off full neutral.

“… … !”

Marco’s eyes widened.

He was surprised to see me suddenly move right in front of his nose.

Marco points a finger at me and trembles his lips.

Go go go go go-!

The sound of the red dragon’s breath could be heard from behind.

Soon, that breath will be completed, and it will pour out aiming at me.

“… … !”

At that moment, Marco’s expression twisted.

As if realizing what situation he was in, he shouted with an urgent expression.


The breath that had been boiling in the dragon’s mouth stopped.

The use of the breath was canceled at Marco’s command.

“You guys… … .”

Marco glared at me and gnashed his teeth.

Right now I am located right next to Marco.

What would happen if the dragon shot its breath at me in this situation?

Marco is also eaten by the breath, and ends his life as it is.

That’s why I stopped the dragon’s breath now.

“Good job.”

After making eye contact with Marco, who was glaring at me, I smiled a little and left the seat.

After hitting the ground and concentrating all the mana in the right hand at the same time. He placed his hand on the right wing of the dragon standing there.



Together with Mimir’s brother-in-law, my mana turned into flames, burning the red dragon’s wings.

No matter how red dragon it is, it cannot be immune to the primordial flame in mythology.

The red dragon’s right wing was turned into ashes.

If the red dragon was in its normal state, if it was in a state where it was wrapped in mana.

I couldn’t have taken his wings so easily.

However, now he is gathering all the mana in his mouth.

Even more so, forcibly stopping that mana, he was carrying a huge penalty.

Right now, its wings are completely defenseless.

That’s why I was able to take his wings so easily.

“Certainly, the red dragon is strong.”

Leaving behind the scales of the red dragon that burned and fell to the ground.

I moved my gaze to Marco, who was glaring at me with a stiff expression.

“But the current red dragon is weak.”

As I said, I can’t beat the Red Dragon 1:1.

Although the magic used by the dragon can be blocked somehow with ‘Pafe’.

Breath, a power unique to dragons and a mystery only dragons can enjoy, cannot be stopped no matter what.

If it had been 1:1, he would have melted into his breath and died.

However, this is 2:1, not 1:1.

The Red Dragon is carrying the burden of being Marco.

“As long as you’re acting as a suppressor for the red dragon. The red dragon is no match for me.”

Using Marco, you can block the breath.

Marco is my shield and suppressor.

“thank you. Thank you for making the foolish point of controlling the red dragon.”

This is why I was so sure of victory.

“Thanks to you, I have a chance to win.”

A red dragon controlled by an incompetent leader named Marco isn’t that scary.

“You guys… … .”

Marco’s expression contorted with anger.

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