Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 358

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Chapter 358

The housekeeper’s room in the Madosinga’s mansion.

Housekeeper Shin In-hyeok was talking to the blue mage tower over the hologram screen.

“… … It bothers me in many ways.”

-yes. Even when things were twisted, they were tightly twisted.

Both have serious expressions.

My head hurts when I think of what is happening in Italy right now.

―If this continues, we may end up engaging in an all-out war with the mafia. I’d like to avoid that if possible… … .

After the death of the head of the moderate faction.

I thought that a Cold War structure would unfold between the moderate and the hardy.

My expectations were completely wrong.

“That would be difficult.”

-yes. It must be hard. I never thought that Marco would completely take over the Mafia… … .

The mafia did not split in two.

As the moderates’ magnates were purged at the same time, the moderates who lost their center were absorbed into the hardy faction as they were.

Currently, the mafia has become an incomparably more powerful evil than before.

At this rate, an all-out war with the mafia cannot be avoided.

“What did the hound say?”

At Shin In-hyeok’s question, Kim Kang-in showed a surprised reaction.

—… … That’s amazing. For the head of the household to ask for Captain Charles’ opinion.

the past two and a half years.

Shin In-hyeok used to treat Charles as someone who didn’t exist.

Far from asking for opinions, they would often ignore the opinions themselves.

For someone like that to suddenly ask for Captain Charles’ opinion.

what kind of wind is it?

―Are you thinking of reconciling now?

“… … gibberish.”

Shin In-hyeok frowned.

“Reconciliation is something between people who have fought. Hounds are not up to fighting me. Since we didn’t fight, there’s no reason for reconciliation.”

Reconciliation is something between people who have been fighting.

And fighting is the law between people who are in the same class as each other.

Because no adult really fights with a child.

―If the captain hears it, he will go wild again.

“Reacting to such words one by one is proof that you are young.”

—… … haha. you are still

Kangin Kim smiled bitterly.

―By the way, then why are you curious about Captain Charles’ opinion?

If there is no change of mind, there would be no reason to ask General Charles for his opinion.

“… … There is an air that can only be felt on set. I just wanted to hear the opinion of the person who moved to Italy first and has performed the mission so far.”

– Hmm. Is that so?

Kangin Kim’s eyes narrowed.

A strangely smirking smile.

Seeing Kim Kang-in’s lukewarm expression, Shin In-hyeok frowned.

“You look like you want to say something.”

―Do you see it that way?

Shin In-hyeok gave an answer by giving strength to his eyes.

Don’t be shy and if there’s something you want to say, just say it.

It was the gaze that claimed so.

– Well, it’s nothing. In the past, even if I was in the same situation as now, I would never have asked for the captain’s opinion.

Kim Kang-in’s expression became more smirk.

―Isn’t he starting to acknowledge Captain Charles? I thought about that a bit.

“… … That is bullshit.”

Shin In-hyeok’s expression became even more distorted.

“Are you acknowledging that a person died, or that you had a weak will to live like a crippled person for a year and a half? Even if heaven and earth turn upside down, that will not happen.”

The corners of Kim Kang-in’s mouth rose upward.

―I guess that was the trigger.

Now, as if the thought of hiding a smile has disappeared, he laughs openly.

―Isn’t it time for you to forgive me for that? No matter how hard it must have been, I would have even thought of seducing Ha Yul… … .

“… … .”

Shin In-hyeok’s eyebrows were furrowed to the point where there was nothing more.

Say more than that.

The expression and eyes that were full of the meaning of such a warning stood out.

– Great. It was a mistake.

Kim Kang-in coughed and put on an embarrassing expression.

No matter how old it is, it was a mistake to try to talk about it.

It is also a sensitive matter involving the relationship between a man and a woman.

“… … Okay, so answer my question.”

-Ah yes. Captain Charles’ opinion.


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Kim Kang-in was lost in thought for a moment.

What did Captain Charles say?

“no. done. Come to think of it, it was a question that didn’t even need to be asked. With that wild horse’s personality, there’s no way he’d say he’d step down like this.”

There was no way that stage gun would have said that he would step down like this.

“That was a good question. You don’t have to answer.”

It was when Shin In-hyeok tried to draw attention from this topic.

―It would be better to take a step back and look at the situation. said so.

“… … .”

Shin In-hyeok frowned.

It was like seeing a ghost.

“Now, the hound said to retreat. Did you say that?”


Shin In-hyeok’s expression crumpled even more.

It was no longer the level of seeing a ghost, but the expression as if facing something impossible.

“… … Why did you decide that?”

―The results of the investigation do not match the current situation. There is something beyond our expectations. Going into an all-out war like this is too risky. He said so.

“… … .”

It was an incredibly rational and very cold judgment that the wild horse’s thoughts were unbelievable.

“… … It’s something to live a long time to see. I just heard that Sophia Anetsefri is alive. Has she come to her senses?”

-yes. that seems big My eyes came alive.

It seems that the best mercenary, who fell into despair and indolence due to the death of Sophia Anechevri, is slowly awakening.

-Oh yeah. Besides that. I also said it didn’t feel good.

“You don’t feel good?”

-yes. If we wage an all-out war like this, I think we will regret it greatly… … .

“… … hmm.”

Shin In-hyeok lowered his gaze and was lost in thought.

‘The hunting dog’s sense fits well.’

I hate to admit it, but that hound has good sense.

should not be ignored

“Did you ask Hayul’s opinion?”

– Not yet. however. Perhaps you will respect this opinion. Ha Yul-kun thinks of Captain Charles’ intuition as a prophecy.

“… … .”

In the first place, he even entrusted the work over there to Charles.

I wouldn’t bother touching it.

“Then do you plan not to contact Ha Yul?”

-no. I would like to contact you. If you’re Hayul, you might find out the true purpose of the enemies that we couldn’t figure out, and the true intentions of this mafia integration case.

“… … Right.”

He is also the one who infiltrated the Rid furniture factory in Italy and stole information.

You might be able to spot something you’ve missed on this side.

-so… … . Where is Hayul-kun now? I can’t get in touch at all.

“Hayul is currently training with Adela. probably coming back soon… … .”

It was then.


A relentless roar rang out.

A roaring sound as if a Giga Explosion exploded right in front of you.

After that sound, a huge vibration followed.

The vibrations were so strong that the entire mansion shook.

―What was that sound?

Kangin Kim asked with an urgent expression.

Sounds unusual just by looking at it.

It was an explosion of a size that was not strange even if a terrorist attack had occurred.

“It hasn’t been figured out yet. I’ll have to check it out now.”

Shin In-hyeok immediately ran to the direction he came from when he heard an explosion outside the window. he opened the window

“That… … .”

―Isn’t that location near the training ground?

Next to the mansion, the training ground located inside the research center was raged.

Perhaps there was an explosion there.

Shin In-hyeok strengthened his vision with mana and looked at the center of the training ground through the deflagration.

It was hard to see because the smoke was so thick, but I was able to confirm the silhouette through Mana.

A skeletal figure that appears to be a man is lying down, and a skeletal figure that appears to be a woman is supporting the fallen man.

‘Did Ha Yul collapse?’

Shin In-hyeok immediately threw himself out of the window.

It was an impolite act that I would never normally do, but now is not the time to be polite.

―The lord? where are you going… … .

Beyond the phone left in the room, Kim Kang-in’s voice in the hologram quickly faded.

Crossing the garden like that, Shin In-hyeok arrived at the center of the training ground in an instant.

‘This… … .’

Beyond the deflagration, traces of invisible destruction are visible.

The outer wall of the high-intensity training ground, which was designed to withstand even the explosion of a missile, has been completely destroyed.

‘What the hell happened? What are those plants… … .’

This alone is surprising enough, but what’s even more surprising is the plants that cover the destroyed outer wall.

Plants of a color and shape that I have never seen in my life are scattered around the outer wall, as well.

It looked as if it exploded together while protecting the outer wall.

‘This tree. Is it a demon tree?’

horse tree.

A plant grown with mana.

When I touch it, I can feel the mana, it seems to be a demon tree.

‘But why is there a demon tree here?’

I was trying to sleep like that.

I realized that now is not the time to be thinking.

Shin In-hyeok immediately stopped thinking and ran to the main training center.

And I was able to check.

“What is this… … .”

The appearance of the main training ground that was shattered to the extent that it could not be compared with the outside.

Pussss… … .

The inner wall, which was designed to be much stronger than the outer, has completely collapsed and is scattering like sand.

It is as if each particle of the inner wall has been separated.

Everything in this space seems to have collapsed.

‘What kind of magic can I use to make it like this?’

Shin In-hyeok looked around with a surprised expression.

And soon after, he was able to find Shin Ha-yul and Adela.

“… … mister.”

Adela sensed Shin In-hyeok’s approach and spoke in a creeping voice.

As if he had squeezed out all his strength, he was laying Shin Ha-yul on his lap with an exhausted expression.

“Adela. What happened here?”

For now, as long as you see Adela’s figure. She doesn’t appear to have been attacked.

Then something happened while these two were training.

What the hell happened and how did this devastation unfold?

“Hayul’s… The magic ran out of control.”

Shin In-hyeok’s eyes widened.

I was surprised for two reasons.

“A runaway?”

I was surprised once that Shin Ha-yul couldn’t control his magic.

I was surprised once again that this horror was created by Shin Ha-yul’s magic.

“I tried to stop it somehow… … . It’s too bad. sorry.”

“Stop… … ?”

To block a magic powerful enough to turn this training ground into such a mess.

It is absurd.

“This is not something you could have done. it’s your fault… … .”

It was when Shin In-hyeok tried to say with a benevolent expression that it was not Adela’s fault.

Suddenly, a thought passed through my head.

‘Adela… … How are you all right?’

If Shin Ha-yul’s magic ran out of control, it should have affected Adela first, who was next to him.

With this much power, Adela should have disappeared without leaving any form.

But Adela is fine.

He looks a little tired, but he doesn’t see any wounds.


“The Demon Tree outside the outer wall… … .”

The answer came out simpler than I thought.

The demon tree that surrounded the outer wall.

Even under the collapsed inner wall like dust, you can see the roots that appear to be those of a horse tree.

In other words, it means that this magic was used by someone with the intention of protecting this training ground.

in short.

“Adela. Are these plants your magic?”

It is said that this demon tree is the magic used by Adela.

“… … yes.”

Adela narrowed her eyes and nodded.

It wasn’t a nod in the affirmative.

“My magic is right… … ah… … .”

The limit has been reached, and the head is only slowly moving up and down.


Adela collapsed like a puppet whose threads had been cut off.


Shin In-hyeok moved quickly to catch Adela’s body, and checked Adela’s condition.

Fortunately, there were no major wounds to be found.

Exhaustion due to mental exhaustion. It was nothing more and nothing less.

“It’s amazing that magic of this magnitude can be used… … .”

Shin In-hyeok muttered softly as he looked at Shin Ha-yul and Adela, who were fainting.

“To say that magic of this scale and power was blocked by exhaustion… … ?”

Shin In-hyeok smiled and turned his gaze to Shin Ha-yul.

Looking at Shin Ha-yul’s collapsed appearance, I suddenly remembered what had happened before.

‘I will be strong enough to overcome the veil stall in six months… … la.’

What Shin Ha-yul said a week ago sounded rather absurd, but now it didn’t sound like nonsense.

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