Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 233

Chapter 233

that afternoon.

Stella Binoche was driving home as usual in the car driven by her butler.

“Then did you decide to issue a temporary instructor’s card?”

“I decided to issue it. Anyone who sees it will know that I have tremendous authority.”

To the butler’s question, Stella calmly answered as she gazed at the scenery outside the window.

“I just decided to provide a place where I can get a temporary instructor’s card.”

“Isn’t that the same thing? There’s no way he would just fail the test for issuing a temporary instructor’s certificate… … .”

Considering the man’s skills, arranging a seat was tantamount to issuing an instructor’s ID.

“From what I heard, he even guaranteed his identity.”

“yes. You don’t have any activity records. If I don’t guarantee your status, you won’t be able to take the exam itself.”

Perhaps the real purpose was to secure status.

In the case of a temporary instructor’s certificate at the National Knights School, if you try to get one, you can get it somehow.

Of course, there is a premise that the right skills must follow.

“Are you all right?”

“Are you okay?”

“Identity guarantee. If, by any chance, that man does something… … .”

If something happens, Stella Binoche will take full responsibility for it.

That’s what guarantees your identity.

“well. At least I don’t think you have any bad intentions.”

“May I ask why you think so?”

Stella was also suspicious when he asked for a tour of the facility.

Doubt that he approached himself for some purpose.

But that suspicion was quickly dispelled.

“His skills seem to be on par with my mother. There is no reason for such a talented person to infiltrate the school in such a cumbersome way, right? If you have that level of skill, you can just sneak in and investigate secretly.”

“It is, but… … .”

National Knight School.

As a prestigious French institution, it boasts considerable security, but it is not at all impenetrable.

If you’re that skilled, breaking in isn’t that difficult.

“Isn’t there a possibility that it might be a spy dispatched from somewhere?”

“It can’t be a spy.”

Stella smiled bitterly.

“I don’t know if it’s the magic academy. I’m going to send a spy to steal something from our school.”

“that… … .”

Stealing is something you have to steal.

Considering the knight’s current position, sending a spy in itself is a loss.

“sorry. I can’t speak… … .”

“You don’t have to worry about it. I was just saying the truth.”

Stella smiled broadly.

It was a bright smile, completely different from the cold appearance seen by other students at school.

“I have no intention of living being ignored like this forever.”

Stella’s eyes lit up.

It was a beautiful look full of hope, will, and determination.

“Because I will bring it back to life.”

“miss… … .”

The butler’s expression was moved.

It’s been 70 years since I attended the Binoche family and learned the sword.

Looking at Stella, who has grown beautifully both on the outside and on the inside, it felt like my tear ducts were naturally loosened.

“For that, please do your best so that he can pass safely.”

Even if there was Stella’s guarantee of identity, it could fall out of the paper stage without any activity records like now.

To stop that, at least one more person is needed to help.

And there is no one like this butler who can add that strength.

“indeed. That was your real purpose.”

He is said to be the de facto second-in-command of the Binoche family, and an elderly gentleman who will assist the former and current heads of the Binoche family, and perhaps even the next head.

Sven Ryan.

He gave a small smile as if he finally understood everything.

“yes? Is that your real purpose?”

Stella pretended not to know.

“You don’t have to pretend. Isn’t the lady’s real purpose to accept the man as a member of the family?”

The purpose of Stella Binoche is the revival of knighthood.

And for that, you need knights with strong power.

The strong ones who would enhance the value of being a knight.

“Anyway, was the last word too explicit?”

Stella stuck out her tongue and smiled cutely.

“yes. that’s right. I don’t know if it will work or not, but bringing him into my family is my ultimate goal. This temporary instructor’s certificate is the first step towards that. One to two months is enough time to appeal to the splendor of our family.”

If you become a temporary instructor, you will be living at the school for at least a month.

In that way, opportunities for friendship will naturally increase.

We get to know each other little by little, and when the time is right, we propose.

I’ll treat you the best, so are you thinking of working for the Binoche family?

‘It’s good if I accept it, and it’s good if I refuse, it’s good because I’ve built a good relationship.’

There is nothing to lose here or there.

“But would a person with that level of skill want to belong somewhere?”

“hmm. Usually you’d refuse. however… … .”

A tinge flowed from Stella’s eyes.

I remembered what the man said earlier.

“Should this be called luck? He just said he was looking for a disciple.”

“student… … You mean?”

“yes. student.”

Stella turned her head again and looked out the window.

“Looking for a disciple. Does that mean you’re trying to settle down somewhere?”

“I’ve heard that there are cases where you take a student on a trip, but usually you think about settling down.”

“If I offered to help them settle down, wouldn’t they at least refuse with a single blow?”

If you’re going to settle down anyway, it’s better to settle down in a slightly better environment.

And the Binoche family is confident in providing him with the best environment.

“If you say it’s burdensome, I’d be happy to accept it as a guest.”

It is beneficial even if you make a kite as a guest.

“You’ve already thought about that.”

“sure. After I met him at the airport, I only thought about him for a while. That much is natural.”

Stella’s eyes sparkled.

Even the butler, who had been watching Stella for 20 years, had the first look and look in his eyes.

“Ah, come to think of it, I only heard the name and didn’t hear any other information. How old will you be? It is said that knights who have reached the level cannot judge their age by their appearance, but even taking that into account, they don’t look older… … .”

What should I say?

It’s like the eyes of a girl in love.

‘… … no way. Probably not.’

The butler shook his head.

Judging from the realm, the man’s age is at least 40.

Is there any way you could ever fall in love with a man twice your age?

It’s probably just the thrill of the unexpected appearance of a powerful knight.

The butler organized his thoughts like that.

“I’m just saying that I don’t know anything but my name. There is just one snag in that plan.”

“Does it take?”


The butler said with a serious expression on his face.

“That man’s past.”

“Are you talking about the possibility that he is a villain or a criminal?”

“yes. Of course, as the lady said, it doesn’t seem like she has any bad intentions… … . Also, I said with my mouth that he would not be a wicked person, but just in case you don’t know.”

“hmm. It does.”

Stella furrowed her brow with a somewhat calm expression.

Even so, it continued to take hold. I’m thinking it won’t happen, but I’m not sure.

“I should find out a little about him.”

“yes. I will investigate separately.”


The butler smiled with a confident expression.

“By the way, lady. As I said, we arrived at the shopping district.”

“Oh, already? It’s fast.”

Looking at the time, 30 minutes had already passed.

I guess I was too busy talking.

“Is your purpose your usual ‘it’?”

“yes. I got a call today saying that a large amount of new books have arrived. May I ask you a favor?”

The butler laughed bitterly.

“… … As I’ve said before, it’s me who gets scolded by the hostess if I get caught.”

“no way. You know I like butlers, right?”

“The operation doesn’t work now. You should say that you like it only at times like this… … .”

Stella pulled herself off the backrest and clung to the butler.


The butler’s eyes widened.

“please. Please. yes?”

Then, he trembled with aegyo with a cute expression and voice.

“… … Gee, what did you say just now?”

The butler’s lips quivered with a shocked look on his face.

“grandfather. please. yes? It is my lifelong wish.”

And that expression soon melted like cotton candy.

“haha. grandfather. it’s grandpa It sounds very good.”

He stroked his beard with a very happy expression and smiled benevolently.

“great. Not as a butler, but no problem as a grandfather. I will be on my way quickly.”

“really? thank you. After all, there is only my grandfather.”

“Heh, heh heh heh.”

The butler burst out laughing and got out of the car.

Then I went into the bookstore located right in front of me.

Sooner or later he’ll be back with a shopping bag full of books.

‘The killer charm operation succeeded.’

Stella stuck out her tongue and laughed.

Then he pulled out a book from his bag.

Pure literature books designated as must-read books.

It was truly a book that felt like Stella Binoche.

But the only thing Stella Binoche does in the book is the cover.

The contents of the book were completely inconsistent.

[Resurrection of the Legendary Knight]

genre fiction.

In other words, a fantasy novel.

‘thank god. I was curious about the next volume. Come right out.’

Stella Binoche’s secret hobby is reading this fantasy novel.

Of course, not all fantasy novels are read.

Stella’s taste is very firm.

No, it’s okay to be narrow-minded.

‘Although mercenaries and prosecutors are good too. After all, the article is good.’

knight, inspector.

Reading a fantasy novel in which a character wielding a sword is the main character.

That is the joy of life for Stella Binoche.

‘Anyway, the main character of this novel. The more I look at him, the more he resembles him strangely.’

Stella immersed herself in the book with an expression of happiness in the world.

* * *

After that, about two days passed.

It was the day to meet Adela again.

We didn’t really talk or talk at all during this meeting.

Just like the last time, we secretly exchanged notes with each other, sipped moderately, and parted ways.

I think there will be no other words until the next meeting.

At about the third meeting, wouldn’t it be a sneaky conversation?

Judging by the atmosphere, if you feel a bit strange, you can talk to her at the fourth meeting.

In any case, the relationship should be as natural as possible.

In order not to be suspected by Hermes.

‘It looks like they’re doing some shadow boxing… … .’

Hermes doesn’t even care, so maybe I’m shadowboxing alone.

Thinking like that made me feel embarrassed.

‘But what, what can I do?’

How to cross a stone bridge by knocking on it.

You should always think that Hermes is watching you and move.

At least when abroad.

After thinking like that, I burned the note I received from Adela.

The evidence was completely destroyed, just in case.

“Now the next tangent is the key.”

For reference, there was nothing special in the message I received today.

Adela didn’t know the situation on this side, so there couldn’t be anything significant.

‘I must be very surprised by now, right?’

I can see Adela’s eyes wide open and looking at the note I handed her.

Roaring… … .

Just like that, Adela’s note was completely burned and turned into ashes.

I opened the window and blew the ashes out.

It was complete destruction of evidence.

I closed the window again and headed straight for Mimir’s room.

“Then Mimir. I’ll go out and come back.”

There was no separate business.

Just wanting to say hello before leaving.

“this time? Where are you going?”

Mimir took his eyes off the book he was reading and came closer to me.

“I’m going to take a test for issuing a temporary instructor’s certificate.”

“Didn’t you say it was tomorrow?”

“I did. I just got a call saying it was moved ahead. If possible, come now.”

“Is it past 9 o’clock at night?”

“What, is there any problem? That side is now.”

Mimir tilted his head with a puzzled expression.

“Since ancient times, civil servants have been famous for not moving at night. that’s interesting.”

“hmm… … .”

I couldn’t think of anything to refute.

It is true that public officials have no reason to work after work hours.

“Anyway, good is good. I’ll come right away.”

If you pass today, you can start the investigation right away tomorrow.

There are many benefits to taking the exam ahead of time.

“Well, that woman named Stella must have put in some effort. okay. go and come.”

Mimir waved his hand with a look that said he would soon.

At that time, Miho staggered towards me with a sleepy expression.

Then she rubbed her face at my feet and cried sweetly.

It was to tell them to go, to see them off.

“Thank you for seeing me off. Come on, go back to sleep.”

I sat down and stroked Miho’s hair.

“Mimir, you suffer too.”


Then, I immediately got out of Mimir’s book and headed to the promised place.

* * *

At the meeting place, an unexpected person was waiting for me.

And not just one, but three.

‘Why are Adela and Adela’s mother here?’

When Adela spotted me, she gave me a slightly surprised look.

But that’s for a while.

I immediately went into facial expression management.

He must have realized that he shouldn’t be surprised when he sees me.

Adela, who returned to her expressionless expression in an instant, completely turned her attention away from me.

I immediately turned my gaze to Adela.

‘and… … .’

Then, right next to Adela and Adela’s mother, he focused his eyes on the woman who was laughing with a look of joy in the world.

‘Why is Sain Binoche here again?’

Saint Binoche.

Stella Binoche’s mother and the world’s greatest swordsman.

If the pinnacle of wizards is Sofia Anezepri, then the pinnacle of swords is Sein Binoche.

As for how great the knight was, he was even respected by wizards.

“… … .”

Such a being was staring at me intently.

like it’s very enjoyable.

He smiled, looking very happy to see such an entertainment.

“The examiner.”

Then he slowly opened his mouth.

“yes. Please speak.”

“It’s entertainment.”

Should I say it’s a voice that captivates people?

Wouldn’t it be just like that with Stella’s voice when she gets a little more years of experience?

“I will be the opponent of that man.”

“… … yes?”

My brow furrowed.

‘What kind of situation is this really?’

Dozens of question marks popped into my head.

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