Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 219

Chapter 219

“… … What do you think?”

A garden near the Sinbiwi family’s mansion.

The center of a secluded place where no one sets foot because it is the private property of the Sinbiwi family.

Adela was tied up, wearing the Mana Binding Bracelet.

“Guess. Aren’t you smart enough to guess?”

Sang-Hyun Sang smiled as he looked down at the restrained Adela.

“Is it to get revenge on Hayul for interfering with my father’s plan?”

“… … I mean, it’s smart too. That’s correct.”

Sanghyun Sang gave a small clap.

“But it’s only half correct.”

Sang-hyeon Sang uses magic to make a chair out of clay and sits on it.

Then, slowly, he crossed his legs.

“What is more important than revenge is my safety, right? Shin Ha-yul is a means to protect myself.”

“… … .”

Adela squinted her eyes, asking what nonsense she was talking about.

“… … If you kill Hayul like this, you will 100% go to prison.”

Kidnapped Adela and called Shin Ha Yul. Sang-hyeon Sang is already over with this act itself.

“You’ll get a 15-year sentence, not a 5-year sentence. Killing him will result in life imprisonment.”

kidnap. Threat. attempted murder.

If you add these three things right now, your brother will greatly improve.

As an ordinary person would not know, as much as a wizard, aggravated punishment was imposed, and it could fall to a maximum of 20 years in prison.

“If you release me right now and call Hayul saying it was a prank, I can make it happen.”

Adela said with a confident expression. Even though he was currently in the overwhelming position of Eul, his confidence was still the same.

“Kuk-kuk. Do you make a deal in this situation? I mean, it’s smart.”

Sanghyun Sang laughed as if he was having fun.

“It would be great if you were my daughter. Then I wouldn’t have to do anything like this.”

I look up at the sky, licking my lips with a sad expression on my face.

Contrary to the confused mind, the moon is very bright.

“Thank you for the suggestion, but it is already too late. I have already crossed a river of no return.”

Sang-Hyun Sang gave a twisted smile.

“Do you know why no one is coming to find you after I kidnapped you so forcefully? At least I have to come find my older brother. is not it?”

Adela’s eyes slowly widened.

“no way… … .”

He realized what Sang-hyun Sang would say next.

It’s already late.

That was a great hint.

“I hope Dad… … .”

“woah. Did you notice already? really nice hair Isn’t your head better than before?”

“you… … !”

Adela stood up from her seat.

No, I was about to get up.

It would have happened if both hands and legs hadn’t been bound with mana restraints.


Adela, whose limbs were tied, fell to the ground.

“Why are you trying so hard? I tied it up in a pretty state to show consideration at best.”

Adela fell to the floor and was covered in dust.

Looking at Adela, Sanghyun Sang sighed.

“Sending you off in a pretty way was the last gift for my older brother who left first. It can’t be like this.”


With Adela lying on the ground, she raised her head and glared at Sang-hyeon Sang.

A face contorted with anger.

It was a change of emotions so intense that it can be said that it was the first time in my life.

“This is the scenario. All of this was done by my brother. I just followed his words.”

Sang-hyeon Sang-hyun set Adela back to her original position and brushed off the dust using water-attribute magic.

“I didn’t know that these 11 magic stones were made by stealing the magician’s recipe, so I came to the meeting as a cannon fodder.”

“Stop talking nonsense! Dad kept talking! Why would he have to cross a dangerous bridge!”

“well. who can prove it My brother is already dead.”

“this… … Garbage… … !”

Adela bit her lip and cursed.

“Anyway, in that situation, I came forward to accuse my brother of cheating. My brother said he couldn’t let it go and he attacked me. For the sake of killing.”

Looking at Adela’s clean face, Sanghyun Sang smiled.

“At that time, Adela, you helped me. Then she got into a battle to stop her crazy father… … .”

Adela’s lips trembled in a bewildered expression.

“At that time, Shin Ha-yul, who happened to come to see you, joins you. I ended up fighting Sangcheol Sang at a score of 3:1.”

“That… … Who’s talking nonsense… … .”

Adela’s anger was reaching its peak.

“And in that battle, you managed to defeat Sang-cheol Sang, but you and Shin Ha-yul lost their lives. how is it? Quite an interesting scenario, right?”

Adela shouted again.

“Everyone in the Mystical House knows that my father is not like that! I think you can do whatever you want!”

“There is nothing important other than believing. What matters is the situation. And proof.”

Sanghyun Sang raised his hand and used magic.

A faintly glowing gray sphere.

It was a moonlight bullet that could be said to be the basic skill of the ‘moon’ property magic that Shinbiwiga was proud of.

Seeing that, Adela’s eyes widened to the size of a lantern.

“How do you… … .”

The Secret Wigi’s secret magic is one-person succession. It is a structure that is handed down only to the family head or the next family head.

Currently, the people who can handle arcane magic in the Mystic House are Sangcheol Sang and Adela. There are only two.

It is normal that phase strings cannot be used.


Sang-hyun Sang smiled and erased the moonlight bomb.

“By the way, I didn’t steal it. Breaking through the Secret Service’s database was impossible for me. It wasn’t me who stole it, it was an executive from the Black Mage Tower.”

“black… … Magic Tower?”

“okay. Maybe it’s because they’re such newcomers. He already possessed the magic of the Sinbiwi family. I received the magic as it is. Something like this.”

“How could the Black Mage Tower… … .”

Adela’s bewilderment increased.

“Well, I don’t know about that.”

Sanghyun Sang shrugged his shoulders.

“Anyway, I’m going to kill you and the servant Ha Yul with this magic. Then what will happen?”

“… … .”

Adela was silent.

“why? Don’t you want to speak with your mouth? Then shall I explain with my mouth? The correct answer is ‘It looks like your older brother killed you.’ hey.”

“… … Everyone in the world knows that my father isn’t like that. It can’t be your way.”

“huh. I know. So, I prepared separately. It should probably be ready by now.”

Sang-hyeon Sang-hyun glanced at the main house.

“A warlock working with me should be working on your father’s corpse by now. As if he died in a state of loss of reason because he was captured by black magic.”

“… … !”

Adela’s eyes trembled like aspen trees.

“how is it. Will people not believe this?”

“… … .”

Adela bit her lip.

If, as Sang-hyeon Sang said, it is possible to fabricate the evidence on Sang-cheol Sang-cheol’s body, it would most likely be as Sang-hyeon Sang said.

This incident will be the case of Sang-cheol Sang, who is blinded by desire.

Sang-cheol Sang-cheol will be stigmatized as a rare piece of trash.

“If you did that, the position of the mystery house would be miserable… … .”

“know. you do it knowing what can i do Rather than going to prison, it’s better to eat even a weakened secret stomach.”

In Adela’s eyes, Sang-hyun Sang did not look human. It just looks like a monster in human form.

“this… … . Garbage worse than animals… … .”

“Is that an insult too? cute.”

Sang-Hyun Sang laughed at Adela’s cute curse.

“how is it. Do you know where you are now? You are not in a position to make me a deal.”

“… … .”

Adela glared at Sang-hyun Sang with ferocious eyes.

“huh. It’s a good expression. Do you like it.”

Sang-Hyun Sang smiled and crossed his legs.

“Then, let me try the opposite deal here.”

Sang-Hyun Sang slowly brought his face to Adela’s ear.

“If you give me the mana code that allows you to access the Secret Service’s database, I will spare Shin Ha-yul.”

“… … !”

Adela’s eyes trembled.

“It would be nice to seduce you to save you. Well, you’re not going to be fooled by such lies, are you? You know that I can’t save you after killing my older brother.”

Sanghyun Sanghyun slowly stroked Adela’s head.

“But it’s not God’s rate. If we finish everything now, Shin Ha-yul doesn’t have to die. The reason why Shin Ha-yul was included is because of my vengeance.”

It was like a whisper from the devil.

“think carefully. If we’re all going to die here, we have to save our friends too. A friend died because of you. You will regret it even if you die. is not it?”

“that… … .”

Adela’s pupils quivered in all directions, and she began to feel short of breath.

“It’s useless after I die anyway. hand over That’s for the best.”

That was right.

If he was going to die anyway, it would have been better to hand over the mana code in the database and save his servant at least.

“This is my last consideration as a small father. To forget personal grudges completely. How caring are you?”

“… … .”

Blood dripped from Adela’s lips.

No matter how hard I bit my lip, it flowed all over.

“… … really. Are you really saving Ha Yul?”

“okay. of course. I’d rather be tidy than scrape and bruise.”

Sanghyun Sang smiled.

Adela looked at Sang-hyun Sang with trembling eyes.

And then he just lowered his head.

“Okay… … yeah.”

From the beginning, Adela had no choice.

“Passing the mana code in the database… … .”

That was when Adela was about to say that she would hand over the mana code.

“There is no need for that.”

A voice was heard from behind.

“Even if I hand over the mana code, he’s not the one who will save me.”

Shinha rate.

He was walking, holding a huge staff.

“why… … !”

Adela cried out sadly.

“Why did you come!”

I told you not to come like that.

why did you come

“Why did you come? I’m here to rescue you.”

Shin Ha-yul stopped at an appropriate distance and smiled.

“… … I didn’t expect to come that distance in 10 minutes. Were you nearby?”

From the dormitory to here, it takes 20 minutes by car.

Covering that distance in 10 minutes?

It must have been somewhere nearby.

“well. It was far away, but it could have flown with all its power.”

Shin Ha-yul smiled leisurely.

“Looking at you talking nonsense, I guess you haven’t quite grasped the situation yet.”

Sang-hyun Sang widened his eyes.

“Rather than that, I came alone as I was told. How about releasing Adela first?”

“joy. You are more naive than you think. Did you really think they would let you go just because you came alone?”

Sang-hyeon Sang brought a sword made of earth to Adela’s nape as it was.

“Abandon the staff in your hand and kneel. Otherwise… … .”


At that time, Shin Ha-yul laughed coldly.

“You are in a situation… … .”

“Shut up and dodge to the right.”

Shin Ha-yul stopped talking again and pointed to the back of Sang-hyun Sang.

“If you intend to divert my attention… … .”

“It’s okay, so avoid it. Because I don’t intend to end it easily like this.”

“What nonsense… … . Suck!”

At that moment, behind Sanghyeon Sang, a ruthless killing spree exploded.

It’s the first time I’ve ever felt soggy living.

It was a thick murder, as if asking if you knew who you were touching.

‘Pi, must be avoided!’

Sang-hyeon Sang-hyeon let go of Adela and ducked to the side.

At that moment, a huge fox appeared in the place where Sanghyeon Sang was standing.

He growls in rage, as if he’s resentful that he couldn’t tear that damn scoundrel apart.

“Miho… … you?”

But that anger is short-lived.

With Adela’s voice, the life in Miho’s eyes disappeared in an instant.

Crying cutely, he rubbed his head against Adela.

“Mi, is it Miho? Wow!”

Then, he bit Adela’s back and moved behind Shin Ha-yul.

“… … What is that beast?”

Sang-Hyun Sang, who succeeded in evading, glared at him with a sharp expression and asked.

“My partner.”

“… … I’ve heard of taming monsters, but I don’t think I’ve heard of such monsters.”

“Because I didn’t say that.”

Shin Ha-yul smiled as he lightly caressed Miho’s chin with his left hand.

Then, he glanced at Adela, who was looking up at Shin Ha-yul with a blank expression from behind, smiled as if to reassure him, and turned his gaze back to Sang-hyeon Sang.

“Anyway, with this, the hostage disappeared?”

“A kid with no blood on his head… … .”

Extreme anger arose at Shin Ha-yul, who once again distorted his plan.

As if to embody that anger, dozens of gray magic bullets floated around Sanghyeon Sang.

“You are no match for me, whether or not you have hostages!”

Sanghyun Sang’s level is the 7th circle.

As befits a native of a famous family, it is enough to consume all kinds of elixirs and practice magic.

“Mysterious magician’s arcane magic… … .”

Seeing Sang-hyeon Sang-hyun using the arcane magic of the Sinbi-wiga, Shin Ha-yul narrowed his eyes.

Then, in a cautious voice, he asked Adela.

“Adela. By any chance Sang-cheol Sang-cheol… … Did you die?”

“… … .”

Adela bowed her head and remained silent.

“… … okay. It is too.”

Hearing Shin Ha-yul’s murmur, Sang-Hyun Sang snorted.

“You guys. You talk like you know what I’m trying to do.”

“uh. I know.”

Shin Ha-yul’s mana began to slowly expand.

Caylum’s appearance, which had been entirely pitch-black, was dyed a darker black.

“Perhaps you know better than you know.”

“… … It’s the number one thing in the world that really makes people feel bad.”

Sanghyun Sang’s mana also expanded in line with Shin Hayul’s mana.

“If my words sound like bullshit, just think so. I have no desire to persuade you, and I have no reason to do so.”

Gray magic bullets floated around Shin Ha-yul.

Just like the one Sanghyeon Sang used, it was the arcane magic of the Mystic.

“just. Thinking it was nonsense, he didn’t even know that he was being used by the Black Magic Tower. Die as the stupidest man in the world.”

Mana rotated above Shin Ha-yul’s head.

A translucent mana path that turns in the shape of a Moebius strip.

The mana gushing out of Caylum drew a picture in the air in a form signifying infinity.

As if in response, the ring of awakening nestled in Shin Ha-yul also began to rotate in an infinite form.

‘A ring of awakening.’

At the same time, Shin Ha-yul slammed Caylum on the floor.


Mana reversed.

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