Demonic Master of Mount Kunlun Chapter 23

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Episode 23

Changryonghu (蒼龍吼)

Ten days later, twenty Taoist monks stood tall in front of Samcheongjeon.

Those who stayed behind expressed their disappointment and prayed for the safety of those who left.

The faces of the twenty Taoist monks who heard their thoughts turned red.

I once again realized that I would represent Kunlun and become a strong player, and I made a firm determination.

‘We will show the world a better, more elegant and stronger Kunlun.’

‘I am acting as a wise man worthy of the name of Kunlun.’

Although he is a Taoist monk, he is also a warrior, so his passion for winning is bound to boil over.

The atmosphere heated up.

Jang Mun-in, who guessed the reason, woke them up with a dignified voice.

“Do not try to exalt the name of the text. “I believe that no matter what happens, you will do what is right.”

“yes! A long writer!”

Jang Mun-in laughed inwardly at the enthusiastic response.

‘haha. If we pay more attention, morale will only drop. I guess I’ll have to stop here.’

Unhak, who led this trip to Jungwon, had a lot of experience and knew how to think broadly, so Jang Mun-in decided to trust him.

At that moment, Unhak nodded slightly as if telling me not to worry, which made my trust even greater.

Jang Moon-in’s eyes, which were looking at the others with a happy smile, wavered.

Jeong Gwang, who made eye contact, nodded slightly.

It was a similar action, but on the contrary, my anxiety only increased.

Jang Moon-in sent a message to Unhu sitting next to him.

-execution. Did you pay special attention to Jeonggwang?

-Of course.

-What exactly did you say?

Unhu smiled without answering.

This is because, as in the past, the message was to keep what you believe in right until the end.

-… … For some reason, seeing the death penalty’s smile makes me even more anxious.

-Don’t worry too much. The person who will lead Kunlun is not an old man like us, right? Let’s trust it and leave it to us.

Jang Moon-in had nothing to say due to the answer being so straightforward.

So, instead of arguing, I looked at Jeong Gwang’s master, He Qing.

It was an unspoken pressure to persuade you, who was going with me, to not cause an accident.

However, Heo Cheong was more excited than anyone else and was urging Unhak, the leader of the group.

“Sasook. Let’s go quickly. “Gangho is calling us.”

“… … Look, Heo Cheong. Jang Mun-in is watching you right now.”

“ah! Long story! Don’t worry, you’ll be fine! haha. Come on, Sasuk. Let’s go. yes? “Oh, come on.”

“… … Ah, I see.”

Leaving behind Jang Moon-in’s empty eyes, the group moved on.

They are heading to Iljumun,


“Ahh! “Don’t push, you bitch!”

“What are you doing, lady!”

A lot of female daughters came and it became a mess.

What a total confusion!

Anyone would have been scared and run away, but Jeong Gwang did not pass by those who had cared for him for a long time.

“It’s been a while since you came.”

“Um, do you remember me?”

“You married in Gansu Province five years ago.”

“yes! I came to my parents’ house to see Jin Ok-ryong! But why are you leaving today? Sobbing.”

“Thank you, but now you have to take care of your family.”

“You don’t have to worry because you’re doing everything right. “Anyway, Jin Ok-ryong, what should I do because I’m having a hard time?”

Jeong Gwang was kinder to older married women than to young wives.

But no one was puzzled or jealous.

We know that he is the one who taught the Kunlun Taoists who had no idea how to raise children when they were babies.

Jeong Gwang’s memory was like that of a ghost, so he was able to accurately describe each person’s circumstances.

“My sister has bad knees, so please come in moderation.”

“How is your mother? It’s been a long time since I saw her face. Please tell her not to overdo it and to come back when her health recovers.”

“Infinite Buddha. Her grandmother’s memorial service has arrived. “Please rest assured that the seniors will perform the ancestral rites with great enthusiasm this year as well.”

The women and children who looked at these scenes shed tears of emotion.

And I decided.

‘I should work hard and receive such warm words.’

‘I’m going to have my whole family switch from Lamaism to Taoism.’

‘Jinokryong doesn’t look at age or appearance. ‘You can’t be fair like that.’

What is slightly different from the truth is that Jeong Gwang does not look at appearances.

I saw Jeong Gwang because he was also human.

However, in his past life, he was surrounded by only beauties with the best colors of the country, so he treated all the other women the same because they all looked similar.

If furry men had clung to him, Jincheonma might have been resurrected in Kunlun. In any case, it was fortunate that it was fair to ordinary women.

“I’ll just leave. “Please take care of yourself.”

“Sobbing. “Can’t you go?”


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“Let’s stop and let it go. “The Taoist monks are in trouble because of us.”

“You’re not leaving at all. “I will gladly send it to you, and we can protect Kunlun.”

Only after the True Jade Dragon Guards soothed the mourners was Jeonggwang and his party able to reach Iljumun Gate.

A lot of time has already passed.

However, Iljumun Gate was crowded with a large number of people.

Due to the joint actions carried out by the Kunlun faction in Qinghai Province over the past year, the number of hikers climbing Kunlun Mountain has increased.

As rumors had spread about this trip to Jungwon, those who had been waiting up the mountain in advance prayed for the departing monks.

“Please be careful.”

“I believe that you will be a source of strength to those in need in the world.”

Unlike the Taoists who showed respect to them, Jeong Gwang narrowed his eyes.

Isn’t there a mix of people giving off a familiar smell?

‘Are these people crazy?’

A piece of water cut down in the Yellow River.

A bandit who destroyed the Dangorap Mountains.

Even the black island that was ground at Cheonghae Lake.

Jeong Gwang sighed inwardly.

‘I’ll just kill them all.’

There was a searing chill in Jeong Gwang’s eyes.

It wasn’t life, it was a manifestation of irritation, but some people who made eye contact with him turned pale.

A similar thought occurred to their minds.

‘No way!’

‘Have you been caught?’

‘Nonsense! ‘How do you know?’

At that time, when Jeong Gwang saw them in confusion and made up his mind, ‘I should just kill them all.’

The sound of Unhu was heard.

-haha. Do you want to see blood when the helpers who walked the hard way are congratulating you?

-it can not?

-I’m worried that the helpers will get hurt.

-ah. Don’t worry about that. Killing those bastards won’t take a single breath.

Unhu’s voice became more urgent.

-Weren’t you a child who saw things bigger and more broadly?

-ah! Are you saying we should stop by their base and cut them all down before we go to Jungwon?

-… … Umm. A little wider. There is a way to solve this problem without shedding blood.

Wrinkles appeared on Jeong Gwang’s forehead.

If someone else had told me something this complicated, I would have laughed it off and started dancing… … .

These were Unhu’s words.

‘You can solve the problem without shedding blood? how?’

After thinking for a while, Jeong Gwang came to a conclusion.

‘That’s impossible.’

Kangho is a world of strict rule of the fittest.

Power is justice.

In order to protect my justice, I must kill my opponent.

Once it shows a gap, it will be bitten, and if you don’t step on its buds, it will grow someday.

Those guys are the proof.

When I first had a grudge against him, I should have killed him outright, but when I took matters into his own hands, he came up here and started manipulating me.

-Sajo. I think it would be easier to just kill him.

Unhu, who looked at Jeonggwang for a moment, sent another message.

-Isn’t it possible that you came here not to harm the text but to see the context? If you kill everyone you don’t like, corpses will pile up with every step you take, so don’t do that for the sake of the world or for yourself.

It was a long explanation, but it had little meaning to Jeong Gwang.

But the last words, ‘Don’t do that for your sake, either.’

Jeong Gwang scratched his head.

-You mean just scare them away?

-haha. Yes, you know very well, but why are you giving the old man such a hard time?

-ha. all right. I will do that.

As Jeong Gwang was about to draw his sword, Unhu’s sound caught his ears.

-If possible, I wish a dragon could fly in Kunlun.

-… … yes?

-Then what will they do? I’m afraid so I won’t come again. It will also be a great gift for those who care about you.

Jeong Gwang’s face crumpled.

To do such an embarrassing thing in front of so many people, no matter how much Unhu asked, it wouldn’t be possible… … .

-You said you would show me.

-… … !

-Do it now.

-… … .

Jeong Gwang, who had been silent, sighed.

He was a man who strictly kept his promises.

“Haaah. driving me crazy.”

Jeong Gwang grumbled and drew his sword.

The faces of the spies who were watching him turned black.

But the sword of Concentration was not aimed at them.

His opponent is the sky.

Jeong Gwang’s body soared into the air.

Jeong Gwang, who had become a dragon, flew freely in that place where no one was there.

His sword became a dragon’s claw, cutting through the pouring sunlight,

His hand became a dragon’s tail and disturbed the white clouds.

People put their hands together or knelt down when they saw that scene.

It was beautiful.

Yet it was strong.

There is truly a beautiful dragon in Kunlun.

Everyone now knows why the True Jade Dragon is the True Jade Dragon.


I wish it would end here, but Unhu’s message was directed to Jeong Gwang.

-guy. Changryonghu should do it too.

-Haaa… … .

From Zheng Guang’s mouth, the Changryonghu that shook the Kunlun Mountains burst out.


The mountains and rivers cried and the clouds disappeared.

Kunlun School, a sacred place of Taoism, is one of the nine schools!

The second coming of the founder of the faction that opened the door!

Kunlun’s disciples, including Unhu, felt overwhelming joy.

The helpers who visited Kunlun trembled in awe.

The spies who came to investigate the situation were pissed.

It was the first legend where Jinokryong announced his existence to the world.

‘crazy. You’ve become just like the pretentious old man who founded the faction.’

It would only remain as a dark story for Jeong Gwang, but that was the case anyway.

* * *

“Aaaaaaa! Cough. Cough.”

Someone was imitating Jeong Gwang’s Changryonghu and started coughing.

It was Jeong Woo, the ambassadorial brother of Jeong Ja Bae, who was trusted for his dependable personality and sincerity.

“Whoa. I can’t even imitate it with my skills. I’m the youngest. Was it similar?”

Normally, he wouldn’t have made a prank like this, but he was very excited as it was his first time descending the mountain.

The others also laughed happily because they understood his feelings.

Jeong Gwang also smiled.

It was a smile, but it was a smile so cold that it made my heart ache.

Jeongwoo quickly shrank his neck.

“Hmm. hmm. I’m doing it because I’m jealous. “Don’t look so scary.”

“I just saw it, why are you doing this? “Isn’t it because the ambassador was stabbed?”

“Uh huh. I can’t believe I was stabbed. That’s because your eyes were really scary. Should I at least show you my admiration?”

“Isn’t it obvious that the Ambassador has such feelings? If he had looked with a good heart, he would have seemed good.”

“Ugh. I lost. “Your way is higher than mine.”

The monks who were walking down the street and listening to the argument smiled.

Jeong-woo’s words were not empty words; Jeong-gwang was showing his words and actions quite like a guru.

‘haha. How can you be so proud?’

‘My martial arts skills are high, but I thought I was still a child, but now I’m all grown up.’

Many days have already passed since I came down from Kunlun Mountain. They were heading to Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province, and received warm hospitality wherever they went.

It was the result of the collaboration that had taken place over the past year added to the original reputation of the Kunlun faction.

During their journey, the Kunlun disciples were busy every day, holding ancestral rites and offering blessings with the common people. Jeong Gwang, who was awkward, followed them and began helping the common people.

The Kunlun Taoists who had been watching Zheng Guang since he was a baby couldn’t help but feel proud.

Unhak, leading the group, shouted with a smile on his face.

“ruler! “We’ll arrive in Seonyeong soon, so everyone behave themselves!”


Soon, Xinyeong Castle began to come into view.

A strange light appeared in Unhak’s eyes as he looked at that place.

“Huh. “Why are there so many people at the gate?”

As he said, the area around the gate was crowded with people.

“uh? “Someone is riding a horse.”

“There are two?”

Two horsemen were running at great speed.

“what? “Why those people?”

Unhak asked as Jeong Gwang muttered to himself.

“Do you know them?”


“What kind of people are they?”

Jeong Gwang’s next words were even more ambiguous.

“It’s the nanny and the uncle.”

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