Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 14

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Eugene replied with a smirk. Hera stared at Eugene, calming her beating heart in surprise. The pure white flames all over her body give off an indescribable sense of intimidation, but Eugene’s face still looks innocent because she still has a youthful look.

With such a face, the muscles of the body were split apart… I didn’t listen to Hera, pounding my pounding chest and clearing my throat.

“Everyone, I’m glad you weren’t hurt. But Eugene, please don’t overdo it. If Eugene-nim gets hurt, not only me, but the Red Tower Lord and the Red Magic Tower will find it difficult.”

“Yes, I will be careful.”

Eugene smiled and nodded. She didn’t make any point.

A week ago. Iod left the Red Magic Tower and returned to his home. Eugene did not see it, and did not want to see it. Whether the stupid eldest son will come to his senses through this incident, or whether he will become more crooked and become an idiot. Eugene didn’t know anymore.

That’s Theonis’ job. He even quarreled with Gil Reid and took his son down to his parents’ house, which must mean that he will take care of his son’s education himself.

In any case, it was true that the position of the Red Mage Tower and Loberian was in trouble because of that incident. He ignored the dissatisfaction and ridicule of the other wizards and took Iod with him, and all the citizens of the Pentagon became aware of the indecent act of Iod.

There have been many low-quality rumors about Iod before, but it is a completely different matter to remain only as a rumor and to be directly publicized. Thanks to Iod, a massive crackdown on drugs began in Bolero Street, and the position of the black magicians and low-level demons in the guild narrowed.

In fact, it was Lionheart’s home that suffered the most damage. The honor inherited from the great ancestor Vermouth, his eldest son, Iod, tried to make a contract with an incubus or something, and shit splashed out.

‘I was good at not having children.’

When I first went to Ryanhart’s family home, I regretted that I had done that in my previous life to leave at least descendants.

I don’t have any regrets like that anymore. If his offspring did something stupid like Iod… Just imagining it was terrifying.

‘If it were me, I would have broken the coffin and came out even if I died.’

Eugene thought so and saved mana.

“Did you come down here because of my worries?”

“Oh, no, no, yes.”

“You mean no, you mean?”

“I’m worried…but there are other things besides that.”

“What happened?”

“First… First… put on your clothes.”

Hera looked back and said. Only then did Eugene realize that she had taken off her top.

“Oh, sorry. I sweat a lot while doing it.”

“It’s okay… it’s okay.”

Thanks to you, I had a good look. Hera licked his lips, conscious of the memories left in his head. Memory preservation magic. Thinking of extracting this memory and saving it as a video later, a refreshing smile spread across Hera’s mouth.

“The tower owner told me to bring Eugene.”

“To the top floor?”

“No, Tower Lord is out now.”

“Then where are you going?”

“This is Akryon.”

Hera smiled broadly.

At those words, Eugene also smiled widely.


Arot’s capital, the Pentagon.

The center of the pentagram drawn by the five magic towers. There is Arod’s royal city, ‘Abram’. Built in the center of a huge lake, Abrams cannot enter without taking a boat. Even the aerial carriage that freely flies in the sky of the Pentagon cannot get close to Abram’s airspace, and it is impossible to cross the lake with any magic.

It’s because of Abram and the seal that surrounds the entire lake.

300 years ago, the wise Senya used the Bongmajin as a long-term skill, which blocks mana within a certain range and only activates her own magic.

The seal that acts on Abram as a whole was a gift from Senya to the royal family of Arod as a dear gift, and it is still working wonderfully even after hundreds of years have passed.

Royal Library Acryon. Its majesty is not inferior to that of Abram, who can be seen from afar. Eugene looked alternately at the tall clock tower and at Abrams across the lake.

‘It’s crazy.’

Thanks to reading the magic book for a while recently, I got a rough understanding of magic. With Eugene’s ‘common sense’, it didn’t seem possible that he had wrapped that huge lake and the entire castle with a seal.

There was no such thing as a lake around the royal castle 300 years ago. That lake was also a gift from Senya. She created that huge lake in less than a week, and moved the entire castle from elsewhere to the center of the lake.

“Nice, right?”

Hera smiled and pointed at Abram.

“Even the Mage Tower lords cannot use magic in Abram. The only ones who can use magic there are the royal family and the court magicians who have sworn absolute loyalty to the royal family.”

“So, does that mean that the masters of the tower did not swear absolute loyalty to the royal family?”

“Umm… I’m loyal, but I can’t unconditionally obey even unreasonable orders, right? The Mage’s Tower has a cooperative relationship with Arot… it’s because it’s not a relationship made by order and obedience.”

The king does not get very involved in the politics of governing Arot.

“What is deeply intertwined with the Magic Tower is the Parliament, not the Royal Palace. Since the royal palace has a court magic division, the wizards of the Mage Tower serve as the council’s strength. But I’m not in a position to confront the wizards.”

Alot is peaceful. There is no civil war, and there are no enemies abroad.

Since the war 300 years ago, the continent has been at peace. It’s not that wars between small countries and civil wars weren’t rare, but none were as massive as they were 300 years ago.

“Would you like to visit Abrams?”

As Eugene continued to look at Abram, Hera tilted her head and asked.

“I was just curious to see it. It’s not even a place you can go to if you want to, isn’t it?”

“That is true. The only ones who can enter Abram are the great nobles and the tower owners… Ah, but Eugene might be able to go.”

“Because I am Lionheart?”

“There is that, but if you get an Acreon pass, you will be called by the royal palace at least once. I’ve never been there, but I heard about it from the tower owner.”

Hera said that and took the lead.

“It’s not something I’m going to tell you. You will probably hear about him today too.”

Eugene entered Acreon with Hera. A tourist attraction like this would be crowded with tourists, but the surroundings of Acreon were empty without a single tourist.

because of heavy expenses. It is impossible to approach the Akryon area without permission in advance. That permission only allowed access to the first floor. Starting from the second floor, you cannot set foot without a pass.

“Then, I will go back.”

Hera doesn’t have a pass. She no longer took the lead and bowed her head to Eugene.

“Eugene. Don’t be too nervous… Fighting!”

“Yes, fighting.”

Yujin sighed and laughed at the cheering handed over with clenched fists.

Royal Library, Akryon.

Although the Red Pagoda and Black Pagoda lords wrote letters of recommendation, the other three pagoda lords expressed their doubts about Eugene having an Akrion pass.



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Lionheart of the Great Vermouth.

No matter how brilliant the descendant may be, isn’t he a young boy who doesn’t know the depths of magic after all?

Akreon is not a light place that you can enter with just a letter of recommendation. This is where the magical history of Arot and the essence of the wise Senya dwell.

“My name is Eugene Lionheart.”

Large room on the first floor. Eugene entered the room and bowed his head.

Five Mage Masters, including Loberian and Balzac, stared at Eugene.

It’s not just them. Here, the head of the royal court magician and the guild leader of the wizard guild have come.

“Keep your head up.”

In the midst of the giants that move Alot.

A young man a little older than Eugene was sitting.

“Your name has been around for years. I thought I would love to meet you someday, but I never thought I’d be able to meet you in a place like this.”

Honein Abrams.

Arot’s Crown Prince smiled at Eugene.


Eugene stared at the crown prince, who was 4 years older than herself. Honein is not only the crown prince of Arot, but he is also a master magician himself.

‘Circle 5.’

Arot’s royal family has produced excellent magicians for generations. It is not an exaggeration to say that they are a lineage for magic that has been improved over hundreds of years.

Among them, Honein was special and excellent. The royals of Arrot are initiated into magic from a young age, but Honein was the first to reach the Fifth Circle before reaching adulthood.


Eugene also heard the story about Honein. The Crown Prince is 1st in the line of succession to the throne. Although he had heard from Hera beforehand, he felt strange seeing the proud prince face-to-face.

‘I’ve never seen royalty in my previous life, but since I’m reincarnated as a descendant of Vermouth, I see royalty at the age of 17.’

In his previous life, he had no ties to the royal family. There were many places where Vermouth was called here and there, but there were not many places that called Hamel, who had no relatives, and Hamel himself ignored the call on a daily basis.

“Do you know why you are here?”

It was the mage who seemed to be twisted and spit out the words first. Blue Mage Tower. Although the age of the appearance was middle-aged, the actual age would be much older than that. He glared at Eugene with dissatisfied and annoyed eyes.

“Eugene Ryanhart. I’ve heard a lot of rumors about you. You are here… The Red Pagoda Owner and the Black Pagoda Owner pushed you to the point where you thought it was excessive.”

The head of the blue tower stared at Loberian and Balzac with frowning eyes. Seeing that gaze, Balzac nodded his head with a thin smile, and Loberian snorted.

“Oh, of course. I know that you are so good that you can’t compare to the criminal. But… isn’t wielding a weapon and exhaling sword energy completely different issues?”

The head of the Cheongtap did not like this place. The opponent is a kid who is only 17 years old. Moreover, he is a newbie who has only been introduced to magic for a few months.

Such a little boy is about to receive a letter of recommendation from two Mage Tower owners and an access pass to Akryon. The owner of the blue tower neither acknowledged nor wanted to accept it.

No matter how I looked at it, I couldn’t help but think that this was a request. If a 17-year-old, a little girl who had only been introduced to magic for a few months, was good enough, how good would she be? Of course, he has talent, but it’s not enough to give him an Acreon pass.

Right now, there are not one or two wizards who were called geniuses in childhood. All wizards who entered the Mage Tower must have heard the word genius at least once or twice when they were young. All of them are talented gemstones.

Even such wizards have longed to enter Akryon for decades, but that little kid, a kid who would be nothing more than a new chick once he reached the level of magic, gets an access pass from Akryon? No matter how you look at it, this goes against equity.

‘The owner of the red tower has been friends with the owner of Lionheart for a long time, and the owner of the black tower… must have used this embarrassing incident as an opportunity to make friends with Lionheart.’

Isn’t the timing also exquisite? Eugene came while Iod, the eldest son of Lionheart’s family, was not achieving much, and soon after, Eugene’s letter of recommendation was written.

It was not only the owner of the blue tower who thought so. Green pagoda wine and white pagoda wine were not revealed openly, but they did not like being called to this place.

“I understand what you are saying. What can I do?”

Eugene asked it without hesitation. Then, as if Loberian had been waiting, he opened his mouth.

“You can use your magic.”

“Is that all?”


Loberian nodded and looked around at the other tower masters.

“If Eugene-nim spreads his magic, famous wizards who come here will examine Eugene-nim’s magic.”

“Originally, I have to look at the topics and papers I have been researching. You have never done research, let alone a thesis.”

Loverian’s eyes narrow at the smirk of the blue pagoda owner. I understand that you’re upset, but I didn’t like the way you openly insulted me in this arranged place.


Eugene nodded slowly. He was determined not to be treated with unconditional favor. Eugene calmed down and drew out mana.

The star in the heart shines. All the wizards in the room stare at Eugene with calm eyes. Their eyes paid attention not to Eugene’s body, but to how the mana in his body moved.

Honein, unable to see him with his own abilities, put thin glasses on the bridge of his nose. Then Honein opened his lips and burst into admiration.


Cheongtapju’s expression changes. Indeed, Eugene did not use the circle. But it wasn’t purely core utilization either.

three stars. Baek Yeom-sik of Lionheart’s home. Stars resonate with each other to lead and amplify mana. A pure white flame wraps around Eugene’s body. There was nothing special up to that point.

The movement of the core changes at the moment when the white salt ceremony is operated in earnest. The resonating stars interlock with each other and begin to rotate. Thus, the three stars become one circle.


‘I didn’t separate the core and the circle. Resonate multiple cores to form a single circle…’

There is only one circle created by Eugene. However, there was not a single magician who thought that it was a simple circle 1.

‘The density of mana… is ridiculous.’

‘I’ve been training mana for several years… No, that makes no more sense. Eugene Lionheart’s mana training period was only four years.’

‘I don’t know the qualities of martial arts, but I was born with the ability to handle mana.’

‘That alone is not enough.’

The blue pagoda owner’s eyes cool down.

‘Managing mana well and understanding magic are two completely different things.’

Just because you handle mana well doesn’t mean you can become a great mage. The reason why the adjective ‘great’ is attached to Vermouth Lionheart and the title of All Master is because he has reached an unrivaled level not only in martial arts but also in magic.

Combining the core and circle is a huge waste of mana. There are many people in the world who are famous as magic swordsmen, but if you separate the martial arts and magic of such magic swordsmen, most of them are ambiguous.

300 years since the great vermouth. There were many talented people from Lionheart’s family, but none of them showed as much achievement in magic as in martial arts.

The ability to create swordsmanship and strength with core mana, and to handle weapons well, is not a great advantage in the face of infinite depth magic.

It is also the case in reverse. Among the famous archmages in history, there was not a single one who was good at wielding a weapon and fighting.

Although dealing with mana is the same, martial arts and magic are never the same.


Eugene has manifested the magic that he can use. The flame of the white flame ceremony changes to a blade of wind and then becomes a red fireball. The fireballs seemed to scatter, then became dozens of bullets, and the bullets coalesced into one long blade.

During the magical conversion process, Eugene never uttered a single chant. There was no wastage of mana even in the process of dissolving magic. All the mana used for the first spell is used for the next spell.

“…can you use magic and swordsmanship at the same time?”

Noktapju, who had been watching silently, opened his mouth. Eugene did not bother to answer, but showed it directly. He extended his right hand forward without stopping his magical transformation.

There was no need to take out a sword or other weapon. The flame of the white flame ceremony was concentrated in one hand, and it became a blade of pure mana. That appearance was enough to astonish the wizards.

The circle does not collapse. While the core replaces the circle, it is certainly used as a core as well. At that point, the blue pagoda owner’s expression couldn’t help but harden.

Is it possible to make a precise mechanical device with parts of completely different specifications? Is it possible to perfectly implement the function, not just the appearance?

Even if it was possible, could a boy who had only been introduced to magic for a few months pull it off?

‘No-young window.’

The magic formula was linked only with mental arithmetic, and it was started only with will. It means that he perfectly understands the magic he has learned. The blue pagoda owner let out a low moan. Loberian smiled proudly and turned his head.

“How is it?”


“I also heard a lot of prodigies when I was young, but when I started magic for about two months, I couldn’t use magic as well as I did.”

It’s not just Loberian. All the Magic Tower owners have heard the voice of genius since they were young, and have been proud of their overflowing passion and talent for magic.

However, no one was able to handle magic as well as Eugene’s age and experience.

“…I think we need to discuss it.”

The green tower master muttered. The head of the blue tower nodded her head without saying anything.

“I guess so. Eugene, could you go outside for a while?”


“It won’t take long. You won’t be able to go to the other floors… but there are many things to see on the first floor, so please take a look at him.”

Yujin bowed her head and left the room.

Immediately, the blue pagoda owner turned to Loberian.

“Red tower lord. Are you sure you didn’t give any guidance?”

“How many times have I not said that? I did not give any guidance to Eugene.”

“I don’t really understand. If what you are saying is true, it means that Eugene Lionhart reached that level by self-education without anyone’s guidance.”

“I read the book eagerly.”

“That’s why I don’t understand it any more. I don’t mean to disparage the quality of the magic books that the Red Magic Tower possesses, but didn’t Eugene Ryanheart say that the only magic books he read were introductory magic books?”

Cheongtapju shook his head and continued.

“You mean you can understand magic as much as I do just by reading the introductory magic book?”

“It’s Ryan Hart.”

It was Honein, the Crown Prince of Arod, who opened his mouth. He stared at the door that Eugene had closed and left with his eyes shining.

“Lionheart of the Kiel Empire. A descendant of the great Vermouth. Everyone on the continent knows how good their ‘blood’ is, isn’t it?”


“But, Crown Prince. Eugene Lionheart is an adopted son who does not inherit blood from the original family.”

“That doesn’t mean his last name isn’t Lionheart, though. Even if he is from a collateral, Eugene Ryanhart’s genius is unmistakably real. At least that’s what it looked like to my eyes.”

Honein put down his glasses and looked around the crowd.

“What do you guys think? I sensed an inescapable genius in Eugene Lionhart. I think he is qualified to enter Akryon.”

“…but you’re too young.”

The wizard guild leader, who had been listening silently, opened his mouth.

“Eugene Ryanhart’s genius has to be acknowledged, but apart from that genius, he’s young and his level of magic is still low.”

“Not yet.”

The Black Tower Master, Balzac, took the word.

“That’s why I think now is the most important time. If Eugene-sama now enters Akreon, his magic will be able to develop rapidly.”

“I wonder if there is a need for such accommodations.”

Noktapju shook his head.

“There is no reason to hurry as you are young. There is also the prestige of Acreon, so over the next few years, the owner of the red pagoda will directly guide you… There will be no problem even if you let him in and out of Acreon after reaching a level that everyone has no choice but to admit.”

“I don’t think there is any need to procrastinate so much.”

Honein said, crossing his arms.

“With the qualities he showed today, Eugene Lionheart will become an outstanding wizard without any special guidance. I wonder if he should divide his magic formula into circles… but if he did, I think he would be able to use 4 circles of magic without difficulty before he becomes an adult.”

“At least.”

The only woman who spoke this time was Baek Top-ju. she continued, twisting her hand through her curly hair.

“The magic that the Lion Heart kid just unleashed… Although it was a Circle 1 magic, its power far exceeded that of Circle 1. Did you all feel that?”


“The purity of mana, the sophistication of arrangement… What was particularly surprising was the unity of mana. You’ll have to check it yourself, but a dispel at the level of Circle 4 won’t dispel the kid’s magic.”

“I agree.”

Loberian smiled and nodded.

“…I think it would be nice to think of it as an investment.”

The court mage who shared eyes with Honein got lucky.

“17 years old, excellent qualities, adopted son of Ryan Hart family. You’re young and your skills aren’t good enough, but you’re full of potential. Anyway, if you are old enough and have enough skills, you will be qualified to enter Acreon, but if you issue a pass in advance, you will be able to build a friendly relationship.”

“Is it necessary? Anyway, I have a good enough relationship with Lionheart.”

“Doing a direct favor to Eugene Lionheart, not the Lionheart family, is worth the investment.”

“…Even if that’s the case, you won’t be able to become the family head, right?”

The green tower owner squinted his eyes slightly and muttered. Then Balzac smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

“Of course it is. No matter how good your skills are, Yujin-sama is your adopted son. Maybe… the head of the household will be one of the twins.”

“Cyan Lionheart.”

“yes. In terms of succession, Iod Lionheart has the upper hand, but there is an unfortunate incident this time… and his skills are quite lacking, so he will have no choice but to be pushed out of the succession competition.”

“Even if Eugene Ryanhart does not become the head of the household, the position he has in his family is by no means small. Lionhart’s second wife is well aware of that fact.”

“Rather, I think it is worth investing in Eugene Lionheart because I can’t become the head of household.”

The Court Magician looked around the mage tower owner and the guild leader with calm eyes.

“Someday Eugene Lionhart will have no choice but to leave his home. If you get married and have children, being independent from your home is the family law of Lionheart.”

“Are you saying you want to be invited to Arot then?”

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with preparing in advance because your skills will be sufficient anyway.”

“You don’t have to be independent, but it will be worth doing favors for you. If you don’t become the head of household, you will be that much free, and if you don’t forget Arot’s kindness, you’ll be a reliable ally someday.”

There are three people who expressed negative opinions about the issue of Acreon’s pass. Blue Tower Owner, Green Tower Owner, Wizard Guild Leader. However, as the story progressed, they were forced to be persuaded little by little.

To that extent, the genius shown by Eugene was unconventional. I also have pure curiosity. Even though he has only been in magic for a few months, he is as good as I am. If he gets acquainted with Akryon’s great magic… How much will he improve? If you don’t stop at self-education, but receive magical guidance from a proper teacher…

“…I heard that you showed overwhelming skills at the Blood Ceremony four years ago.”

said Balzac, staring at the closed door.

“That quality was acknowledged by Ryan Hart’s family. In that state, if we get Arot’s support… we might be able to talk about the second coming of the great Vermouth.”


At those words, the master of the green tower unknowingly laughed. The Second Coming of the Great Vermouth. It felt ridiculous that the person who spoke of him was the black mage tower lord.

“…You don’t hold back your praise to the point where you feel like it’s too much. Balzac Rudbesse, is your claim entirely yours?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The demon king of confinement who made a contract with you. I just wonder if his breath has added to it.”

“ha ha ha.”

Balzac put down his spectacles and burst into laughter.

“The demon king of confinement is busy with Helmud’s work. Besides… If you wanted to represent the will of the demon king of confinement, you wouldn’t have argued in this way. I would have pushed harder and stronger.”

“By force?”

Noktapju’s eyes sink coldly. It wasn’t just Noktapju that reacted that way. Balzac shrugged his shoulders, letting go of the hostility that was pinning him.

“I’m sorry if my expression sounded radical, but the Demon King’s will is absolute to me above all else.”

“Don’t get off the point.”

The head of the white pagoda snorted and stood up.

“I don’t think our opinions will match perfectly anyway. How about a majority vote? The longer the argument, the more bored the kid outside will be.”

“That would be better.”

Honein also laughed and agreed.

“I am in favor of issuing an Acreon pass to Eugene Lionheart.”


1st floor of Acreon. On one side of the wall of this large space, the history of Arot and Akryon was written, and there were quite a few stories related to Senya among them.

This Royal Library not only holds many magical books with the highest value, but also stores the traces of legendary archmages who have left their names in the history of magic, divided into floors.

‘I heard it’s a library, but it’s similar to a museum.’

Yujin stood with her hands behind her back and read the words written on the wall. What Eugene was most interested in was, of course, about Senya. The floors where Senya’s traces are kept are the 12th to 14th floors. Among the mages listed in Acreon, Senya was the only one who used all three floors.

As much as that, the name ‘Senya Merdein’ in Arot’s, no, magic history has a great weight. A great wizard who fought against the demon lord with the great Vermouth.

Vermouth did not contribute much to the development of magic, but Senya settled in Arrot and served as the lord of the green mage tower for a long time, establishing the circle magic formula and disseminating it so that many wizards could learn it.

‘I lived hard.’

Eugene smiled bitterly as he read Senya’s actions.

‘It doesn’t suit me.’

Marry normally, like everyone else. After giving birth to a child, living like that, I told her that I wanted to be her grandmother.

on the subject of saying so. Senya has been single all his life. When he was in the Red Mage Tower, he also looked up many books about Senya, but he lived in Arot for nearly a hundred years and didn’t wear a single yeommon.

Are you smart

Arot’s books attach different modifiers to Senya.


He lived alone all his life, never drank or lived a luxurious life, and spent most of his life confined to the Green Mage Tower and the Mansion. Even with his three disciples, he had never met privately outside of the Mage Tower, and had never appeared at a banquet or something like that.

Senya’s anecdote did not have any resemblance to the Senya that Eugene remembered.

Hamel remembers Senya, who liked to drink. She wasn’t as good as Anise, but throughout her travels, Senya used to get scolded for secretly stealing Anise’s holy water and drinking it.

Senya also liked to play. She liked drinking and chatting with the mercenaries at the cheap tavern, and she liked talking to strangers.

To think that such Senya had lived an insignificant life enough to be called a seeker for a long time of a hundred years. Eugene couldn’t believe it.

“Little boy.”

I was reading Senya’s notes over and over with frowning eyes. Looking back at her, the head of the white tower was smiling as she twisted her curly hair with her fingers.

“What are you looking at so intently? Are there any mages you are interested in?”

“Is the story over?”

Instead of answering the question, Eugene asked something else. Other wizards were walking out of the room beyond the white pagoda.

“Yeah, it’s over. Didn’t it take too long?”

“It ended much shorter than I thought.”

“Today would have been enough to unify opinions.”

“Then what happened?”

“It was done by majority vote.”

The head of the white pagoda smiled and looked back.

“Five people in favor of your pass. two people against it. One neutral.”

“There are more than I thought.”

“Aren’t you curious who is in favor, who is against, and who is neutral?”

“It would have been nice if there were more people in favor. Then can I go upstairs too?”

“Yes, you can go. Because it was decided by majority vote. Oh, you don’t seem very curious, but I’ll just tell you. Neutral is me.”

At those words, Yujin’s eyes widened. She spoke favorably, so of course I thought she agreed. When Yujin tilted her head, Baektapju smiled at him.

“Anyway, the result was a positive atmosphere. Because even if I stand neutral, the result won’t change. Oh, never mind. Even though I stand neutral, I do not oppose your entry into Akryon.”

“You didn’t even agree unconditionally.”

“That’s right. Actually, I think it’s ambiguous. There are plenty of qualities, and plenty of possibilities. But is it true that you are young?”

Baektapju’s voice is lowered. She leaned over to Eugene and whispered in a low voice.

“And I mean. The crucial thing is, if you give a biased opinion, you’ll get swept up in an annoying argument. See their faces? Everyone is confused… First of all, it was decided by majority vote, and the conclusion came out. They will move and argue again.”

“Who is the Lord of the White Pagoda?”

“I’m neutral, so it doesn’t matter. I said I wouldn’t change my neutral no matter what I hear.”

The master of the white pagoda raised his leaning body and waved his hands toward the other wizards. The only one who reacted to him was the cheongtapju with a twisted face. He made an expression of disgust toward the white pagoda owner, then sighed deeply and went out of Acreon.

“Cheongtapju agreed.”


“Your pass. He objected at first, but changed his mind halfway through.”

Eugene thought that was surprising. From the first time I entered the room, it was the blue pagoda owner who openly dissatisfied, but in the end, he changed his opinion.

“Then, let’s go. Who are the two against?”

“Because I’m not curious.”

“I’m the leader of the green tower master and wizard guild.”

“I’m not curious, so why are you telling me?”

“Are you really 17? What a cool reaction. You’re hot and angry, aren’t you?”

“What is there to be hot and divided about?”

“How dare you ignore the home of Lionheart? Don’t you have such a sense of choice?”


“After all, it’s because you’re from a collateral?”

“Oh, not like that. What kind of idiot’s seonmin consciousness is this? How embarrassing it is to come all the way to a foreign country and get drunk on such nonsense.”

“Are you talking about your brother?”

The head of the white pagoda asked with a mischievous smile. Yujin made a puzzled expression and glared at the white pagoda.

The White Magic Tower Master, Melchis Elhair.

Eugene knows about her. The best magician of the time. She is the first person in history to sign a contract with two spirit kings at the same time. A great wizard who has reached the level of being called a great wizard not only with spirit magic but also with general magic.

“You keep saying things you don’t want to hear. Do you have any ill feelings toward me?”


“Then do you have any complaints about the other mages?”

“no way. Do you think what I am saying now is alienation? yea, it’s not like that What are you doing by teasing you?”

“Then why are you doing this to me?”

“Because it’s interesting.”

Melchis smiled and pointed at Eugene’s belt, the storm sword, Winid.

“I know what that sword is. Lionheart’s treasure. Storm Sword Winid. A sword with the protection of the Wind Spirit King?”

“yes. What about it?”

“I am interested in you, but I am also very interested in that sword. I’ve been wanting to sign a contract with the Wind Spirit King for a long time… but he’s such a proud person, he won’t come out no matter how much I call him.”

“As far as I know, the Lord of the White Pagoda signed a contract with two spirit kings. Are two people not enough?”

“Of course not enough.”

Melchis stared at Winid with twinkling eyes. He looked like he was about to rush in and take it away.

“Have I tried too hard? I also asked the Lightning Spirit King and the Earth Spirit King, but they said that the Wind Spirit King doesn’t sign a contract with anyone. That’s why I sent a detailed letter to Lionheart’s family. Do you know what reply came back?”

“Can I go up?”

“They say you can never lend your family’s treasure to a foreigner. Foolish bastards, anyone who sees you would think I would eat Winid and go to sleep. They say they’re just going to use it as a catalyst for a contract, but I don’t know why they hit the iron wall.”

“hey. No matter what you say, I have no intention of lending Winid to Lord Baektap. Strictly speaking, I don’t own Winid, I’m just borrowing it with the permission of the head of the household.”

“It’s okay, I won’t tell anyone. Just borrow it for a moment. won’t it take long? one day at most. You may observe if you wish.”

In fact, it was a proposal that was quite appealing to Eugene as well. Vermouth is dead. Senya seems to be alive, but she is not in a state where she can talk, and she may be stuck somewhere in the world. anise? Her journey as a pilgrim had been cut off 200 years ago, and even the bastard didn’t know her whereabouts.

The only one who knows the truth about what happened 300 years ago in the imprisoned demon castle is Tempest, the spirit king of wind. Of course, Tempest said he didn’t know anything, but Eugene couldn’t believe it.

‘The dog, the butt is so heavy that it doesn’t come out.’

I sang The Tempest several times in four years. Each time the number of stars in the White Flame Ceremony increased, each time the amount of mana increased. She tried several times to polish the sylphs she would contract with, but Tempest never answered her call.

‘I can’t summon Tempest with the mana I have now.’

But Melchis could be summoned. Is he not qualified enough? Among the spirit lords who made a name for themselves on the continent, Melchis was the only one who signed a contract with two spirit kings at the same time. Until now, he hadn’t come out even when called, but Tempest might respond if we use Weined as a catalyst.

“Little boy, where are you going? I’m not done talking yet.”

“It’s not worth listening to, so why are you listening?”

He thought about it, but Eugene did not show a positive reaction to Melchis’ proposal. Rather than being snapped at, it was to push and pull back and forth to grab something more.

“Where are you going?”

“Go upstairs. You said you lost your entry permit? Do I have to have at least the real thing for the pass?”

“If you ask for it, I will give it to you.”

Surprisingly, Melchis immediately informed me. Eugene headed for the door she pointed to.

There is also a Librarian in Akreon. The horse is the manager, but he is not allowed to enter the upper floors and is a public servant who only manages his familiars. The old wizard immediately opened the door at the sound of a knock.

“I heard the story.”

It didn’t take long for the pass to be issued. Acryon’s seal was stamped on the back of Eugene’s ID card, and that was it.

“What if I go up without a pass?”

“I die.”

The director answered in a tone that it was not natural.

“First of all, Acreon’s interception magic will be pierced into the whole body, and if it doesn’t kill you, all of Acreon’s familiars will attack you with an instant killing posture. Before that, the wizards who have the pass of Acreon will be dispatched.”

“I know that? The familiars here are left behind by the great mages who were named in Acreon.”

Melchis never left Eugene’s side. She continued, glancing at Winid with her covetous eyes.

“Not only the magic king who founded Arot, but also the battle mage, who was called the father of battle magic, and the wise servant of Senya remain.”


“My little boy’s reaction is so bland. Weren’t you very interested in Senya?”

Melchis asked, raising the corner of his mouth.

“I mean, I saw it all before. You’ve been reading Senya’s records over and over again. The first day I came to Arot, I went straight to see Senya-sama’s mansion, and the other day I met a collateral friend at Merdein Square.”

“How well do you know?”

“My kid doesn’t seem to know much, but you’re very famous.”

“Of course he must be famous.”

Eugene snorted and replied.

“Your personality is a bit, contrary to what you see, you are unlucky.”

“What do you mean by different from what you see?”

“Your face is handsome.”

“Please think of it as a face value.”

“He’s not a bit, he’s not very lucky.”

“Then why do you keep calling me a kid?”

“I’m a kid, so I call him a kid. You say you’re 17? Ugh, it smells like milk, kid.”

“Something is going through my head right now, and I don’t know if I can spit it out.”

“What do you mean?”

“I just won’t. Because it seems so rude in the first meeting.”

You can’t say it smells like grandma. Melchis stared blankly at Eugene and sniffed for no reason whatsoever.

“I don’t smell anything.”

“I don’t smell wet either.”

“So, when are you going to lend Winid?”

“I won’t lend you.”

Eugene looked around, ignoring Melchis who was following him. I wondered if I had to go up the stairs, but there was an elevator in the corner.

“See the hole by the door? Insert your ID there and the door will open. Are you going to the twelfth floor?”


“Look at that, Senya-sama, you really like it.”

“I don’t like it.”

“Maybe it’s because he’s young, he’s shy about weird things. it’s okay, it’s okay My sister understands everything. Are kids really like that? especially boys. I can’t honestly say that I like the things I like, because they’re cute.”

“Isn’t your sister a little too much?”

“Are you doing that with my age?”

“As far as I know, Melchis-sama is over sixty.”

Even if you add the age of the previous life, there are more Melchis. Of course, Melchis looks like he’s in his mid-twenties at most, but that doesn’t mean he’s younger than his age.

“The heart is fresh, but what does age matter? So don’t be shy and call me sister.”

Eugene didn’t answer that. Instead, she slipped her ID into the elevator and lost herself in trivial thoughts.

If Senya is still alive, she will be over 300 years old.

‘I should call her grandma when I meet her.’

It should be called undead, not just an old woman. Of course, if she said that in front of her face, it was clear that Senya would lash out at Eugene and try to kill him.

I hope so.

Eugene smiled bitterly and entered the elevator. Melchis did not ride the elevator with him. She smiled and waved her hand outside the elevator.

“Go and go.”

“You’re not going to be waiting, are you?”

“I am not that lazy either. Actually, I want to go with you, but uhm… I don’t think you’ll be able to concentrate if I’m with you.”

“Of course I will.”

“Yeah, so I won’t go. The shock of encountering a piece of truth is… hehe, it’s the most intense at first.”

Melchis laughed and pointed at Eugene’s lower body.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to wear a diaper at least?”


“It could be boring.”

I just asked Eugene frowned and pressed the button for the 12th floor, and immediately hit the close button repeatedly.

The elevator goes up. The 12th floor, it didn’t take that long. With a bit of exaggeration, I arrived at the 12th floor in the blink of an eye.

“Welcome to Senya’s Hall.”

When the elevator door is open.

The little girl looked up at Eugene and smiled broadly.


Eugene half-opened his lips and looked down at the girl.

The girl, who looked about 10 years old, looked exactly like the Senya that Eugene remembered.

Senya’s Hall

While Eugene was speechless and pursed his lips, the girl in front of him took off her large hat and bowed her head.


“…uh… uh uh.”

“I am the familiar who manages Senya’s hall.”

The girl smiled and said. That smile shook Eugene’s memory.

In their previous lives, they met when they were both grown adults, so Eugene had never seen Senya’s childhood. However, Eugene saw Senya’s childhood in the familiar in front of her eyes. She has light purple hair and an indescribably nasty smile. Although she was quite young, her familiar resembled Senya.



“…that… uh…”

Are you old or not?

Eugene desperately suppressed the desire to ask such a question. Senya’s welcome at the plaza in front of the bank. Thinking of him, the familiar in front of him could never be Senya himself.

“…what should I call you?”

Eugene hesitantly looked at his familiar. The little familiar’s height hovered around Eugene’s waist. Thanks to this, Eugene had to slightly lower his head and look down at his familiar.

“Senya-sama called me ‘Mer’.”

“Could it be that the name Mer is Merdein’s Mernya?”

“yes! Isn’t that a glorious and wonderful name?”

Mer responded with a bashful smile, but Eugene laughed incredulously. Merdane. Senya’s castle. Making a familiar that looks exactly like me, and giving it a name that is two letters from his last name.

‘I don’t know what you’re thinking.’

“…That’s because I don’t know. The original familiar… uh… is it similar to a human like you?”

“I am special.”

Mer answered with a straight chin.

“The person who made me is the great Vermouth’s colleague, the wise Senya. Familiars from other floors are not as special as I am.”


“yes! Yujin-nim, haven’t you been to the other floors yet?”

“How do you know my name? Aren’t you a servant?”

“What are you talking about?”

where do you get goosebumps Eugene opened her eyes and glared at Mer, but instead, Mer put on a puzzled expression.

“Eugene Ryanhart. You just registered your name with Acreon on the first floor.”

“…It did.”

“Not only me, but all the familiars here are linked to the magic system of Akion. They say we know in real time who is entering and leaving Acreon.”

“So you’re special among familiars?”


Mer held her chin upright again and put on an arrogant expression.

“If you go to the other floors, you will know, but the familiars there are not as good at conversation as I am. It only executes the system that was initially entered and then responds to external commands.”

“…Then what about you?”

“I was created based on the personality of my master, Senya-sama.”

“Isn’t creating living beings a taboo in magic?”

Eugene recalled what he had heard at the Blood Ceremony a few years ago.

Why can’t we create living things?

At that time, Iod did not show any desire for the blood ceremony, but his eyes were shining brightly at Loberian’s magic. Even though he was interested in magic that much, it turned into trash after 4 years.

“I am not a living being.”

Mer said in a tone without hesitation.

“I look alive, but I don’t have a soul that all living beings have. My body was created by Senya-sama’s magic, and my mind…”

Mer put the hat on again and turned her head to look behind her. Only then did Eugene take her gaze away from Mer and look ahead. There was a large sphere of light floating there, and several rings were slowly rotating around the sphere of light.

“It’s over there.”

Mer said with a smile. Eugene blankly looked at the sphere. It’s the first time I’ve seen such a sculpture. It gives a mysterious impression just by looking at it at first glance, and Eugene’s senses felt an absurdly huge and sophisticated array of mana from that sculpture.

“…what the hell is that?”

“Good question!”

Mer spreads her chest wide. She then shrugged her shoulders and tilted her head back, with the hat much larger than her face tilted along with it. However, it seemed that he was used to such a motion that he did not fall even though he was about to fall.

“That is the essence of magic Senya-sama has been dealing with all her life. It’s ‘Witchcraft’!”

A cry of pride. Eugene’s mouth was forced to open again. location craft. It is said that Senya finished his writing just before he retired, and it is said that it is divided into three volumes, upper, middle and lower.

“Where did you find that book?”

“It is an outdated prejudice that a book looks like a book.”

“Sounds that don’t sound like words…”

“It’s natural that Eugene-nim doesn’t understand. There’s no way Eugene-sama could understand Senya-sama’s magic that even the masters of the mage tower couldn’t understand, right?”

overflowing pride. A sly smile full of confidence. Still, the attitude of belittling the opponent. I heard that Senya’s personality was used as a base… Indeed, Mer was just like Senya in that she was reckless and nasty.

“…You said that it was made based on Senya…’s personality, right?”


“Then… Uh… Was Senya-sama’s personality similar to yours until the end?”

Eugene recalled the image of Senya he had seen in the portrait. Her smile was warm and benevolent, unlike hers. The Senya that Eugene remembers had never smiled like that.

“It was different.”

Mer replied with a smile.

“Senya-sama was much nobler and more dignified. He didn’t laugh very much, and he was only engrossed in studying and developing magic.”

“…But what is your personality like?”

“What is my personality like?”

“On the subject of using Senya-sama’s personality as the base, it’s completely different from Senya-sama.”

“of course. The personality that became my base is Senya-sama’s childhood personality.”

That nasty girl, was she even more nasty when she was younger?

“…what do you mean your mind is over there?”

“Ummm… that’s a tricky question. How should I make Eugene, who has a short learning curve, understand…”

“Then tell me in an easy-to-understand manner.”

“I’m like the artificial intelligence of Witchcraft, created by Senya-sama.”

Certainly the words were easy to understand.

“My mind is made up of Witchcraft magic, and my purpose in existence is to protect and manage the Witchcraft. Since 200 years ago, I have been managing this hall by following Senya-sama’s orders.”

Eugene passed Mer without saying anything. From behind her, she felt Mer follow her with her gun-like strides.

“…Why did Senya-sama use her childhood personality as a base?”

“To remember.”


“Eugene-nim is still young, so you may not know it, but most adults have a hard time remembering their childhood. Memories remain clear, but at that time he can’t recall with certainty what kind of ‘personality’ he built those memories.”

“…that’s right.”

“Senya limited my personality to that of a child in order to reminisce about her childhood. His magic is so great that it can summon even his distant memories.”

Eugene stood in front of Witchcraft. When I came this close, the majesty was amazing. A sphere that glows from within several rings. A magical essence that has been preserved for hundreds of years.

“…Then, do you have all of Senya-sama’s memories?”

“No way.”

Mer laughed.

“I used Senya’s personality as a base, but I don’t even share her memories. If so, my very existence could be abused.”

“That’s right.”

It is no exaggeration to say that Senya is the most important wizard in the history of magic. If Mer had all the memories of Senya, Arot’s wizards would not have left her Mer alone.

Dismantle it and extract all memories related to magic. Or maybe he used it to research new magic. No matter how much the wizards respect Senya, if there is ‘something like that’ in front of them, they want to dismantle it, look at it, and study it. Wizards are a race.

‘…Not that I didn’t.’

can’t or

or don’t need to.

have already done

Eugene stared at Mer. Witchcraft’s artificial intelligence. To Eugene’s understanding, Mer’s very existence was absurd. It’s just as Loverian said. When he first read the book of Witchcraft, he said that he had been mocking himself because the magic he had been learning all his life was a child’s play.

‘Certainly, it’s far beyond the category of general magic.’

Did I tell you to put on a diaper and go because you might get tired? Eugene shook her head, recalling Melkis’ mischievous smile.

‘The original version of the Witch Craft is kept only in Acreon. Any wizard who has access to Akryon can read the Witchcraft.’

The secret to Mer’s spirit and existence is all within the Witchcraft, so there is no need to dismantle it.

“…You don’t know why or where Senya-sama retired, do you?”

“Of course I don’t know. Senya’s retirement was sudden and secret. His disciples, the servants of the mansion, and I don’t know anything about Senya-sama’s retirement.”


“Eugene. How many times do you think I’ve heard that question in 200 years?”

Mer’s expression changes. She no longer puffed out her chest, shrugged her shoulders, or smiled that nasty, proud smile. Cold, dull eyes without a single light. Eyebrows furrowed, lips twisted on one side.

Even that smile resembled Senya to the point of giving goosebumps.

“I’ve heard it countless times. I was in Acreon long before Senya-nim retired. Even so, the King of Arot, the magic tower owners at the time, the wizard guild leader, and countless other wizards grabbed me and asked about Senya-sama’s whereabouts.”

is it.

“I replied that I knew nothing. But I could hardly believe it. So I told you to do whatever you want. Those who didn’t know the subject and lacked the ability accessed the witchcraft and messed with my memory. They say that they are repeating it, saying that they will look for it again every few decades, perhaps because of their lack of learning ability.”

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