Clearing the Game at the End of the World Chapter 303

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Chapter. 15. Can someone who has seen the end of the world plant an apple tree? (4)


“I don’t know.”


– Heungan Mandu: What?

– Jokass: What address is this?


From Roderick to the Empire. The professor, who has solved numerous cases with his renowned brilliant mind, chose the best answer for the current situation!


– professor: I don’t know. You really don’t know?


It was consistent with ‘I don’t know~’.

Of course, I expected the repercussions that this type of escapist remark would cause. The same goes for Mandu and Jokas, who are running wild right now.


– Speed ​​Wagon: Professor, this is not a problem that can be ignored. I checked your connector dozens of times, but there was nothing wrong with it. That means that the game GG has itself isolated you from the outside world, and this can be seen as being related to the purpose of Gedroitz, who developed GG. It’s a really, really important issue.


The same goes for Dana, who repeats the same words over and over again in a tone dripping with worry.


– D.worker: I thought we were one team. Even we, who are at the cutting edge of modern technology, can’t even guess what kind of technology GG was created with. The same goes for the Gedreuts drones that transport exchange goods, whose numbers have not decreased even though scavengers and mutants have shot down so many. It is clear that there is a facility somewhere that stores the technology and resources of the old civilization. This is a matter of humanity’s fate, and even its survival.


The same goes for the president of the dome, who somehow crawled into the chat room in area 47, number 1, and used the ID ‘dome worker’ and immediately established the formula [blocking from the outside = secret story] in his head.


– Noroo Drug: Worth the license fee! Worth the license fee!!!! Does it make sense that when I turned the screen down and turned it back on, all the important scenes were lost?!!! refund! Give me a refund! Since I only watched half of it and didn’t see the ending, if you don’t give me a refund for half of it and compensation for all the mental damage I’ve suffered for my heartache and shattered expectations…!

– professor: If not, well. What should I do?

– Noroo Drug: As a senior in life, I will teach our Miss Dana, who is like pure and white drawing paper, all kinds of things! Knowledge that is helpful in life! Life! life! My professional and systematic knowledge related to the birth of life!

– professor: Niimi ㅆ-

– Heungan Mandu: Stop it! The wasteland natural monument has become Roe Deer No. 2!

– Jokass: Sorry. It’s already gone.


As for that, uh… let’s just pretend it doesn’t exist.

Anyway, everyone gathered here, except for the guys working now, was making a fuss about what happened, but what can’t be explained can’t be explained.

You have to have some time to dig in to make excuses, but even if you try to say the word ‘flag’ right now-


– That sound rings in my head. It doesn’t even tell you anything. It just beeps, like a warning. That’s scarier.

You can’t just open your mouth when you don’t know where the confidential information is and if it’s a brain-wiping trap if it’s leaked.

So the choice I made was ‘I don’t know.’


– professor: Are you really saying I don’t know? The moment you guys go off the air, I too! And I lost my mind.

– D.worker: I’m sure you’ll understand that it’s a little hard to believe. Of course, there have been many cases where the broadcast goes black when a player faints. But in your case, weren’t too many steps skipped while the broadcast was off? At the center of the incident, when I came to my senses, I realized that the incident was over. It would make even less sense if the autoplay feature was activated when logging out outside the safe zone. Autoplay does not solve the case on behalf of the player, but only finds a safe area and lies down. If GG’s autoplay had worked, you would not have left the empire and been welcomed by the people of the capital, but would have ended up lying in an inn somewhere in the Burning Empire, turning into a pitch-black corpse while sleeping.

– professor: That’s usually the case. But, aren’t I a little different from others?

– D.worker: If it is different. Are you really talking about that friend?

– professor: Yes. Even if I lose my mind, my wife, Hyde, is still there.


[Again, I only sell myself when I need it.]

‘Let’s do a favor. If you twist your words and talk nonsense in front of that person, the president, you will be found out.’


The most burdensome thing was that person, the man who, in the midst of his busy schedule, took the precious step of going all the way to my chat room and asked me questions. If you say something nonsense, they’ll find out right away and say, ‘You bastard, you really have something to hide!’ What should I do, since he is the kind of person who will either threaten me with my body lying in the administrative ward or negotiate with Dana, who is staying in the administrative ward.

What they don’t know yet. There is no choice but to put up a smokescreen with the unknown entity called ‘a woman born in a game.’

I know a lot about Hyde now, but that’s only because I share my thoughts with him 24 hours a day. From the outside, Hyde only appears to have some type of serious mental illness.

That means no one can predict Hyde’s actions.


– professor: It seems that Hyde moved my body while I was unconscious during the broadcast. Since I was right next to the place where the emperor gave up his power when he had already used up all of his power, it seemed like I was swept away by the wave of power.

– D.worker: It’s a negative… I don’t know whether to say it’s convenient or unsettling. Well, if you ask that guy named ‘Hyde’, you can find out what happened.

– professor: Well, should I say that Hyde is a part between consciousness and unconsciousness rather than a complete personality? This is a difficult part to explain… As a result, he doesn’t know either. I just hooked it! They just said that after he disappeared, he lost his temper and went on a rampage. Perhaps because the main personality suddenly disappeared, the secondary personality became unstable, too.

– takealook: That doesn’t make sense. That crazy situation was resolved automatically without any player intervention?

– professor: No. I ran rampant like a monster dropped in the middle of a real city, and all the important matters were taken care of by people called oath-whiskers who had gathered together to care about the emperor’s promise. The swordsman, the Duke of Glenn, the executioner, and the gatekeeper of the elven forest also came… All the famous people of the empire gathered together and released Daguri.

– Speed ​​Wagon: Wait a minute. If you say you don’t know anything, how do you know how things were resolved?

– professor: Ah, that. He told me


Doo doo doo doo doo!

Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap!

The professor pointed with his chin at Gregory, who was riding on horseback next to him as he chased after the flying balloon.

I heard that even dog poop can be used in medicine. This guy had been reciting Haram scriptures for hours after putting on all sorts of buffs to his words, but thanks to Gregory’s utter sincerity, there was something left in his hands.

This is the item that Gregory forced me to hand over to me for inspection, asking if I had recorded anything incorrectly or omitted anything.

[Finally, light falls again – Professor Seongja’s biography]


If I had said that I really didn’t know anything, I would have had to make up things later when Astrad or Swordmaster Schwarz pretended to know, but fortunately, I had a good excuse.



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– Noru Drug: ….Huh?

– professor: At the beginning of the empire, the bishop of the margrave domain started using it, but it spread widely among the Gwangmyeong Church, and is now said to be being updated in real time at the archbishop’s order. It’s all written here. Let’s see… [And so. The angry hand of light struck the red malefic, and no matter how much strength I had gathered, it crumbled in a moment of light. When the new emperor saw this, he shed tears of repentance and said, ‘You bright light, please be a witness that reveals the future of this ugly person.’ He said, and Professor Seongja said those words….]


Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap!

“Saint! I don’t dare to disagree with the saint’s actions! Unfolding an unfinished temple while running so fast can easily cause damage to precious feed! I understand your desire to see precious words in your eyes even when you are on the move! “That Gregory dared to speak words of light to the saint…”

“oh my! Okay, okay! Take the book, dude! “You’re saying something is going to ruin the book….”


– professor: Did you see it? It’s roughly like that.

– takealook: Hmm. In the end, the build-up in the Empire so far finally exploded. Certainly, if the Holy Knights of the Gwangmyeong Church had been included in that lineup, the witch crisis would have been resolved.

– Jokass: It’s not like there aren’t quests like this. A type of quest in which all actions taken in the background area are evaluated in the final chapter.

– D.worker: Eventually. I don’t know anything. It’s clear that GG intervened with the player, but they haven’t found out anything… First of all, I understand. Then there’s no need to stay here anymore. Anyway, I’m glad you’re safe and without any problems. Take care, and I hope to see you outside as soon as possible.

– Professor: Let’s take a look.


hmm. At first glance, his tone seemed extremely suspicious, but he seemed to get through it without saying anything.

How did you get over this difficult time?

[Take a shot.]

I internally nodded to Hyde’s joke.

Now, I felt like I had to take it for a ride, with the rope fluttering down from the balloon.

Suddenly, the majestic mountains of the Blue Line began to come into view.


“Geuuu. Good job.”

“If I had seen you struggling, I could have lowered the rope sooner than I am now, right?”

“Oh… this is not something a guy who didn’t sleep and was following me would say… but he followed me all the way here… If only the wind had helped a little….”

“Do you want to be my grandfather?”

I guess I’m feeling better. How can you just run and catch up with a vehicle that crosses this huge empire in less than 48 hours?

Just Gregory, who was waving his arms below me, barely caught up with me by generously pouring holy power at the level of a leader of the Holy Knights onto a high-end war horse with a good pedigree purchased from the Church of Gwangmyeong.

The professor washed off his sweat with the moisture contained in the clouds and gazed at the vast blue line stretching out beneath his feet.

“Oh oh… so, where do you plan on going now…?”

“Oh, the destination? “How can you not go a little further?”

“It’s a little difficult to get beyond the blue line. The magic of the Blue Line, the center of magic flowing across the continent, affects even the windless areas of the sky. You have to keep in mind the attacks of flying monsters, but the most important thing is that the wind collected through magical power will be dispersed by the magical power of the blue line.”

“this. “I was planning to ride all the way to the Roderick Front.”

“That’s probably too much. Fortunately, most of the winds near Wuthering Heights are cooperative with me, so even if I don’t give them any magic, they will help me to some extent if I ask… but in the end, it will only be a slow glide.”

hmm. This is a bit of disappointing news. In fact, in my mind, I thought, ‘If you ride with Astrad, there will be no problem.’ I was thinking the same thing, but Grandfather Lightning, with his eyes wide open, was holding the wind in his hand that could push me out of the balloon at any time, so I decided to keep it to myself.

Seeing that he himself says that, it seems like he has no intention of following along.

‘Anyway, it’s a destination….’

Since you are said to be gliding on the wind at Wuthering Heights, your starting point will be in the southeastern part of the empire, near the Blue Line. I’m guessing they’ll tell you how to pass the mountain range, and that means asking them to decide the direction to go over and glide.

direction. Where to go next. What I will do. A thing to do. hmm….







– Jokass: Finally, it has come.

– Durg: Bogdanov. He is worried.

– Speed ​​Wagon: …..

– takealook: A place to go. Let’s see… Now that I think about it, maybe there was something I had buried in a corner of my memory for a long time and pretended not to notice? Umm…. The sand wind is blowing so hard today, does it make my throat feel sore? A wasteland is truly like a ‘desert’.

– Noru Drug: Ah, that’s right. As the days go by, the wasteland becomes more and more like a desert, and cleaning greenhouse glass is a very difficult task. desert. Desert…. Something that seems to come to mind, something that doesn’t seem to come to mind….

– Heungan Dumplings: The starlight is shining brightly, the desert night is extremely cold, but there is no news from my lover who has been waiting~ Ah, cruel wind~


These damn bastards really are.

….okay. As for the next destination, there were quite a few things that came to mind.

First of all, Rodrik’s front line has been empty for quite some time.

I heard that there is quite a bit of progress on the front line, which had been pushed back all day, perhaps because they defeated Edeorna and Vazyur. It was said that they had succeeded in recovering the area around Tobrunn beyond Kings Land.

It will take some time for the huge number of soldiers and elves from the elven forest that the empire said to be sent to Roderick, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be there in advance. Strengthen the command authority, and weed out the rotten commanders who are the life and death of humanity, and who exist in every battlefield, one or even dozens of them. We also received the formal canonization that our Archbishop is anxiously awaiting. There is quite a bit to go and do.

Alternatively, if you go a little further south from the southern part of the empire, you will come across a primeval forest, and it would be a good plan to enlist the cooperation of numerous sub-races such as gnolls, trolls, ogres, orcs, and goblins.

There may be some friction since they are not a sub-race that has adapted to human society like Haunuman, but there are Notums here who have three great ancestral spirits.

If you are an orc or troll with a strong shamanistic trend centered on shamans, the moment you see the actual images of your ancestors praying into the air every day, you will immediately raise your forehead. Their wild nature and power will be enough to crush the middle and low-level mutes who are flocking in like a tornado.


– professor: Oh, how are you? I think both are not bad choices –

– Jokass: Uh-huh.

– takealook: Escape. Is this really the man we knew, Professor Park? Was it really true that divine power was very effective in reducing stamina?

– Noru Drug: Can’t we just mention the third one?

– Speed ​​Wagon: …..


Damn them, really.

No matter how much I tried to deny it, it meant that if I had come this far, there was nowhere to go back.

third. A country further east than the three eastern countries called Rodrik, Free Cities Alliance, and Teldrat.

The mysterious desert nation of Taklan and its ancient humans.

And now, the scars are covered and barely visible to the eye. The owner of the magic imprint that is still clearly embedded under the skin.

Anaya Tam Shandea. Or, Rakshasha.

It’s a hero unit that took a picture of me as Jeongin and disappeared while I was doing it, and it’s a place where there’s an old relationship that I, um… damn, I don’t know how to define.


– Speed ​​Wagon: ….Think carefully. Reasonably. Because your life is at stake.


He was a very, very, terribly vulnerable person in this regard. I never once thought that Professor Park, a brilliant human being, would worry about this kind of problem! Because he had never imagined it, while the professor was hesitating, someone’s patience was wearing out just like his burning insides.


– Jokass: My personal advice is, first of all, answer quickly. The more time I spend worrying about it, the more I offend so-and-so.


“The sky is so clear…..”

The sky was so clear that I really wanted to jump.



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