Academy’s Genius Swordmaster Chapter 339

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Abduction 22. A blue spring to you (4)


The full moon was bright.

Because of the high altitude, the stars were much more visible.

The airships anchored at the docks of Adren were resting with their wing sails folded.

“Phew, it’s finally over. Thank you for your hard work.”

Varen wiped the sweat from his forehead.

He had just finished checking the number of students following immigration.

Adren’s immigration screening took almost an hour.

Not only was there a large number of people, but the examiners were very meticulous in nature.

The examiner, who looked like an old man with white hair, opened his mouth.

“No problem. “Just don’t make too much of a fuss.”

It was Vanartier, the white dragon who had judged Ronan and his party in the past.

He survived the final war and was still guarding the gates of Adren.

Varen patted his chest.

“Do not worry. “If anything happens, I will take responsibility.”

“Well, I don’t think the younger students of those three will cause trouble. “I believe it.”

Vanartier hesitated.

The three people were Ronan, Asher, and Schlieffen.

He vividly remembered the day when Adren almost fell.

Varen smiled happily after hearing the names of his favorite students.

“Sure. “I think so too…”

“Kwaaaaah!!! “Save people!”

To be exact, it was a car that was meant to make you smile.

A thunderous scream erupted from the square where students were gathered.

Varen’s mane stood on end.

The fearful voice was unusual.

A flash of golden light bloomed in an instant and enveloped his thighs.

“Wait a minute, you…”

It was Varen’s auror that improved overall strength.

Vanartier didn’t even have time to say anything.

As soon as the spot he stepped on caved in, his figure disappeared.

The distance, which was about 500 meters, narrowed in the blink of an eye.


Varen, who landed in front of the students, growled and shouted.

“everyone! Is there a problem?!”

“Kyo, professor… behind, behind!”

The terrified students stretched out their index fingers.

Varen turned his head and his eyes grew so big that they seemed to pop out.

In the middle of a plaza surrounded by ornate buildings, a dragon whose entire body was covered in steel was looking down at the students gathered in the plaza.

“you are···.”

But that look was somehow familiar.

A sleek body and artificial wings specialized for high-speed flight.

There was no sense of hostility in the beautiful white-blue eyes.

Varen, who was facing the dragon, breathed a sigh of relief.

“Haaaa… It was Naransonia. it surprised me.”

【You came again this year, Varen. I just came here to say hello, but aren’t you making too much of a fuss?】

“I’m fine, but the students are surprised. It’s not very common for the average person to encounter a dragon. At least if you land right in front…”

My pulse relaxed.

The aura wrapped around Varen’s thigh sank.

Almost immediately, the dragon’s body was engulfed in light and disappeared.

Soon, a woman in uniform walked out of the light.

Her nickname is Empress of Steel.

Naransonia, the fastest dragon.

Her gray-white hair, resembling scales, was blowing in the night wind.

“That’s what I heard. sorry.”

“no. “It’s my fault for not being able to tell my students in advance.”

“I would have come here normally, but I had no choice because I was wary of the Flame Palace. “It’s such an important time.”

“What do you mean by saying it’s an important time?”

Varen tilted his head, but Naransonia shook her head.

It meant that I couldn’t tell you.

Varen, who was quick-witted, let it go without raising any complaints.

“I understand. In fact, most of what happened within the Flame Palace was confidential.”

“Thank you. “It’s okay to call me a minister, but I will guide you to the Dragon City.”

“yes? Well, there’s no need to do that…”

Varen waved his hand at the unexpected suggestion.

He was too much of a person to be a guide.

But Naransonia opened her mouth before he could stop her.


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【Nice to meet you. Dear mortals.】


【It is said to be Naransonia, which worships the Mother of Fire and His Majesty the Dragon King. I will be your guide during your stay in Adren, so please be kind to me.】

Even in the voice of a dragon, not a human.

The frozen students’ eyes were focused on her.

“If I am Naransonia, aren’t I the dragon who participated in the last war?”

“Why does such a big guy come to us…?”

The students were equally embarrassed.

Because it was like a minister-level figure from a country stepped in as a guide.

Naransonia personally answered the question.

【Don’t feel burdened. Because it’s a simple favor. I’ve been busy so I haven’t been able to guide you, but I really like the mortals from Phileon.】

As if to prove those words, there was a faint smile on Naransonia’s lips.

Anyone who knew her on a regular basis would be shocked and blush.

In fact, I couldn’t help but feel good about it.

Adren, the Dragon King, and even the people who saved the world were from Phileon.

Naransonia said.

【I have roughly confirmed your schedule. First of all, we’ll be hungry so we’ll go to Restaurant Alibrihe. This is where Ronan, a graduate of Phileon Academy like you, and the demon dragon Orsay met. It was originally a small tavern, but after it was destroyed in battle, it was converted into a restaurant. After eating, go to Asher Square…】

She gave detailed and friendly explanations of Adren’s main tourist courses.

Asher Square, where Asher prevented the fall, Memorial Park, where the decisive battle with the giant Doaru took place, etc.

The quality of the guidance was so good that I thought this was my main job.

As the friendly attitude continued, the students’ wariness gradually eased.

At the end of the explanation, one student who couldn’t overcome his curiosity raised his hand and asked a question.

“Hey, Naransonia. “Can I ask you one question?”


“thank you. By any chance, Navardose, how many days will I be able to have an audience with you? “I really want to meet you.”

For a moment, Naransonia’s face hardened.

It wasn’t just because of the content of the question.

The face of the girl who asked the question looked very similar to the wizard she knew.

After being silent for a moment, she opened her mouth.

【you. You are the daughter of Archmage Asher.】

“Oh, I got caught. Ehehe, that’s right.”

【How much time has passed already… Unfortunately, an audience is not possible.】


Sechika’s eyes widened.

Meeting the Mother of Fire at the Flame Palace was an event that took place every year on school trips, and was one of the things she looked forward to the most.

But suddenly an audience is impossible?

The students, except for Sechika, also started to get upset.

Varen, who hastily took over the baton, opened his mouth.

“Ah, sorry. “She should have told you in advance, but the Mother of Fire is said to be unable to welcome her guests due to personal reasons.”

“Well, then we can’t meet each other at all? “A whole week?”

“···yes. “It’s unfortunate, but I think we’ll have to wait for the next opportunity.”

“That can’t be possible…!”

Sechika sighed.

It was like a lightning strike.

I was in the midst of being in shock for a while.

【sorry. Adren owes a lot to your father.】

“Me, Naransonia? At some point…”

Sechika’s eyes widened.

Naransonia, who had been standing far away, had suddenly come to her side.

【I feel it again, but we really look alike. Bloodlines are so scary.】

“Uh, do you know my dad well?”

【I know. I was with the Archmage when he stopped Adren’s fall. That child already has a daughter… Human time passes so quickly.】

The hair that reached down to the nape of his neck was red like a tulip, just like Asher.

I still feel like I remember that day when I close my eyes.

The dragon king who went crazy, the giant’s spear that lit up the sky like a meteor shower.

Adren was falling head over heels, and the young wizard was chanting a spell while bleeding from every hole in his face.

If Asher had not been there that day, the Dragon City would have been buried deep in the sea by now.

I felt sorry for treating my daughter so poorly.

Naransonia stroked Sechika’s head.

【I apologize once again. If you wish, I will request an audience with His Majesty the Dragon King. I don’t know if I’ll have time…】

“Oh, no. You don’t have to go that far. “You really don’t have to worry about it.”

【Hehe, you even seem to have a kind heart. I hope you take only good memories from Adren… That’s right, I heard from Varen that Ronan’s child also came.】

“aha. What is it? “Just wait a moment.”

Sechika’s expression brightened.

Anyway, it felt good to be intertwined with Ranse.

Originally, I hadn’t thought about it, but I thought we should go see the Dragon King together.

She raised her eyebrows as she looked around for Lanse.

“what. “Where has he gone?”

【What problem happened?】

“No, that was definitely until just now…”

Sechika frowned and closed her eyes.

A radar made of mana was deployed, but Lance could not be found.

Apparently, it was there until I got off the airship and went through immigration.

Now that I think about it, I, the new friend I made, was also nowhere to be seen.

“no way···?”

Only two people disappeared.

For a moment, a small spark lit up in Sechika’s mind.

Lansei has very strong tastes.

And then a beautiful transfer student suddenly appears.

When I thought about it objectively, Naro’s physical appearance seemed to be very, very slightly superior to my own.

Her answer, which came out before I could ask, flashed through my mind.

– Rest assured. Because I’m not interested in your boyfriend.

With the maxim that strong negativity is positivity.

Sechika chewed her lower lip as she imagined the worst case scenario.

“······Oh, I guess not.”


“Is this really the right place?”

“Are you sure. “I said it would be impossible from the beginning if it wasn’t here.”

Lance nodded.

Butterfly Rose followed him in silence, even though she had a disapproving expression on her face.

If Ronan said something after drinking, it must be true.

I could understand this just by recalling an anecdote in which I asked myself if I was in such good shape because I ate a lot of tropical fruits.

Lanse, who was looking around, was amazed.

“Anyway, it’s amazing… this is a sewer. “I think the dragon race is fundamentally different.”

They were walking through the sewers of Adren.

The watery smell was musty.

A drainage ditch as wide as a decent canal ran through the center of the passage.

Even if I spoke a little too loudly, the echo would echo, so I had to speak almost in a whisper.

This was the passage that Ronan and Orsay previously used to infiltrate the Sky Tower.

“Just in case, let’s take the invisibility potion in advance. “I don’t think there will be any, but there could be patrollers or homeless people.”


It was a reasonable opinion.

They took out the invisibility potion they had brought with them and drank it.

The new form of the two people that had gradually become meaningful has completely disappeared.

There was no problem recognizing each other.

Although it was not comparable to Butterfly Rose, Lanse also had excellent senses.

Nabirose muttered in bewilderment.

“Seeing as I wasn’t nauseous at all, I was very prepared. “It would be great if we put this much effort into class.”

“Ahaha… no shame.”

“The other two guys. “You’re trying hard enough.”

“huh? “How did you do that…?”

Lance tilted his head.

Nabirose realized his mistake late and kept his mouth shut.

I completely forgot that I had to play a girl I had never met before.

Damn, this needs to be sorted out.

“······My aunt often talks about you. “He is a student who shows his talent.”

“what? really?!”

“Keep your voice down.”

“I-I’m sorry. “I was so happy that I stopped… Did that instructor Nabirose really praise me?”

Lance’s voice was very excited.

Although I couldn’t see it, it was nice to see its eyes sparkling like a puppy.

I didn’t expect him to be this happy, but maybe I taught him too harshly.

Nabirose answered awkwardly.

“okay. “I praised it.”

“Wow, I’m so happy. Honestly, I thought I wouldn’t hear that until I graduated. “I thought you actually hated me.”

“······You hate it? Nonsense. “Why are you thinking like that?”

“Well, I am the son of the heroes Ronan and Adeshan… Instructor Nabirose is the teacher who taught them both. “No matter how hard I worked, I didn’t think he would ever be satisfied with me.”

Lance’s voice was a little dull.

I was proud of my parents more than anyone else in the world, but that wasn’t always a good thing.

The stronger the light, the darker the shadow.

Nabirose, who was dumbfounded for a moment, laughed.

“Ha, that’s ridiculous.”


“Listen carefully, Lance. The reason Nabirose didn’t usually praise you was because she didn’t want you to become arrogant. “I deliberately kept it short just a moment ago, but I think very highly of you.”


“The words came out in vain. “Navirose.”

Butterfly Rose tapped my lips.

Anyway, acting is not my aptitude.

“You are amazing in and of yourself, Lance. Even though Ronan and Adeshan are really good guys, don’t be discouraged. If things continue like they are now, these two will definitely reach the same level. “Maybe we can go higher.”

“Did the instructor even say that?”

“okay. Don’t doubt and move forward. “I… No, because Instructor Nabirose trusts you.”

“······thank you. “To me.”

Lance nodded.

A faint sniffling sound was heard.

“I have to work harder. “The instructor trusts me, so I can’t let him down.”

“joy. It sounds obvious. “If you become lazy because of these words, I will tell you everything.”

Nabirose laughed.

At this moment, I felt fortunate to be young.

It was a problem I didn’t notice when I was an instructor.

It seemed like I needed to be a little more careful.

“But why do men like big breasts so much? “It’s just an unwieldy lump of fat.”

“Well, that’s a profound story, but do I really need to tell it here?”

“done. There must be something I don’t know about. “If it had been just the size it is now, it wouldn’t have been uncomfortable…”

The two people walked around while talking about various things.

The closer I got to the flame palace, the denser the mana became.

It was about time that the point Lanse mentioned came up.

“for a moment.”

Suddenly, Butterfly Rose pulled Lanse’s back.

Ranse suddenly stopped and covered her mouth, almost screaming.

“It’s a surprise. “What’s wrong with you all of a sudden?”

“There is someone in front. “It’s not just one or two people.”


Lance was embarrassed.

Now that I think about it, I felt like I was vaguely popular.

Nabirose’s eyes were fixed on the corner in front.

“…I really have no luck.”

As she concentrated, she twisted her lips.

Unfamiliar voices were talking about Navardose.

– Perfect. Anyone can see that he is a special envoy of the empire.

– Your only chance is today. Even if you are the Mother of Fire, you are always defenseless when it comes to escaping.

-The bomb is also normal. Let’s go.

However, unlike in the airship, the problem was that the topic of conversation was not very pleasant.


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