Absolute Necromancer Chapter 186

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A scene so horrendous that it is hard to believe that it happened with just one punch.

This is because the blue spirit extending from the fist literally translated the word ‘annihilation (滅世)’ into reality.

“He’s dead.”

Tess was just looking at the spot where she was with an emotionless face as she saw the traces of Asmodeus that were not even traces left behind.

Although transcendental people are said to be of a similar level to gods and devils, it clearly showed that there are different levels.

Even more so considering that they both simply assumed the body of the person who called them, not the other’s true body.

In particular, Asmodeus had transformed his body to suit himself, so Asmodeus had an advantage, not a disadvantage, so Tess’s greatness was even greater.

-Go back now, Master.

“upstart. When will he be called upon and now that he has outlived his usefulness, he will be kicked out?

-… … I don’t mean that.

“It is done. You must return to the Emperor Wu’s palace immediately after this incident. “You still lack training to be swayed by a prostitute.”

Emperor Wu’s Palace.

Located on the 300th floor, it is the residence of Emperor Wu Tess and can be said to be the imperial palace of Empire Wu.

And for Choi Kyung-hoon, it was like a training ground.

‘That’s terrible. How much more will I be beaten… … Damn, this is why I didn’t want to call Master.’

The moment of training with Tess was more fearful and painful than the numerous hardships he experienced while climbing the tower, so it was natural for Kyung-Hoon Choi to react this way.

But the words that came out were not rejection.

-… … yes. I’ll be there soon.

“Then don’t go back. “I’ll see you on the 300th floor.”

Even if she said she didn’t go, it was obvious that she would be forcibly taken away later, and Tess was in control right now.

Choi Kyung-hoon had no choice but to answer obediently because if he said he would not go, he might return his body after it was broken in one place.

Choi Gyeong-hoon, who regained control of his body as he felt Tess, who was smiling slightly and saying that she would see him again soon, left, lay down on the dirt floor.

“Damn, it’s really f*cked up… … .”

Choi Kyung-hoon’s sad voice, which had become X several times throughout the day, flowed through the wind.

“… … “I don’t have any strength in my body, and the only one left is Cha Jin-hyuk, so I guess I should take a break and then go beat up some demons.”

Choi Gyeong-hoon, who confirmed that his body was losing strength due to the aftermath of Tess’s descent, stuck out his tongue and closed his eyes.

Anyway, even if I participated in the battle in my current physical condition, it wouldn’t be of much help in the battle against the Four Emperors.

It would have been more efficient to rest a bit and then stop the demons that were being blocked by spirit soldiers, including Vulcan.

After thinking about it up to that point, Kyung-Hoon Choi began to take a rest.

“Damn it, damn it, I don’t want to go to the 300th floor.”

Of course, as he thought about going to the 300th floor after this incident was over, his mouth was constantly swearing –

For him, it was a similar situation to a 20-year-old being taken to the military. * * *


A bright halo of light burst through my eyes and seemed to set my optic nerves on fire.

“… … Tsk. Soul Skin.”

In a situation where he couldn’t even move properly due to the bright light, Jinhyuk covered his entire body with a thin layer of spiritual power.

Soul Skin.

It gently covered the cornea, blocking the radiance of divine power.

“It’s a shame, I was trying to show you the miracle of light with your own eyes.”

“If blindness is a miracle of light, does God’s miracle also mean the extinction of the soul?”

“You are saying the obvious. “If the soul is destroyed by the power of God, wouldn’t that be the greatest blessing for that person?”

“… … This is why I hate baby pigeons. “They seem like fanatics.”

Words such as miracles of light and miracles of God.

Jinhyuk was disgusted by the way people talked about things that looked good on the outside, but were fanatical and psychopathic, calling them miracles.

They appear to be better than anyone else, and actually pretend to be, but this disgusting image that has settled in their hearts makes them look more disgusting than other disgusting things.

“After all, you have to die here.”

“Can you do it? An Elyos who reached the former Netach rank. “The person you are now is not something that can be overlooked.”

The intense divine power emanating from Hamiel’s whole body as he grinned and flapped his two pairs of wings began to melt his soul skin like ice cream on a hot day.

In order for a low-level energy to suppress and destroy a high-level energy, there is no other way than to hit the low-level energy with a tremendous amount of force.

‘I never thought there would be someone who really uses this inefficient method.’

Instead of directly attacking a higher level of energy, you simply attack using energy.

Jinhyuk knows very well how inefficient that method is.

Even if the spiritual power is at the highest level, it does not mean that it cannot be cut by a sword wrapped in mana or that it cannot be damaged by magic.

‘And yet you are melting the spiritual power as if you were burning it with divine power. One of the true chosen people’s consciousness of the Four Emperors is… … .’

A being who leaves the easy path and returns to the difficult path.

The Four Emperors were just such a being.

‘Well, I’d be happy if you were arrogant.’

Of course, apart from feeling bad, it was a good thing for Jinhyuk.

If an attack is made using divine power, a thin soul skin cannot completely block it.

However, it was a truly inefficient and non-lethal attack as it simply used divine power to collect sunlight with a magnifying glass and burn the soul skin like burning paper.

Well, it had the heat to sizzle the skin as soon as the soul skin disappeared, but melting the soul skin with divine power alone was not that easy.

More than anything-

“Sipji Gangtan (十指强彈).”

“… … !”

Ride it!

Jinhyuk was not the kind of person who would just sit back and watch his soul skin burn away.

Ten bullets fired from the tips of ten fingers.



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They were shot towards Hamiel, who was emitting divine power.

Feeling the powerful power of each bullet, Hamiel flapped his two pairs of wings with a look of surprise on his face.


Hamiel’s divine power was added to the powerful gale created by the wings, and it became a wind of purification that purified everything and swept away the bullets.

However, Jinhyeok was not the one to sit still and watch the bullets changing their orbits randomly due to the wind.

“Disruption – Target Fixation.”


The ten bullets split into dozens of smaller bullets, and all of them were fixed on Hamiel.

No matter what wind blows, it is a magic that will eventually pierce the target as long as it does not destroy the bullet itself.

Jinhyeok smiled at the sight of the bullets soaring into the sky and eventually heading towards Hamiel, even if they fell to the ground.

“Tsk – purification of light!”


In the end, Hamiel also had no choice but to turn the divine power he used to melt the soul skin and use it on the bullets fired at him.

This is because I felt that it was not the time to fight over pride.

The bursting brilliance enveloped the flying bullets.


The powerful divine power that was encroaching on the flying bullets melted them.

The steel bullets slowly melt as if they were hit by an acidic substance.

Hamiel smiled at that.


“… … gun?”

That was until Jinhyuk’s bracelet suddenly turned into a pistol.

A pistol for firing a single bullet.

A pistol form of Manbyun Soul Energy that doubles the conduction and amplification rate of all energy.

In response, Jinhyuk loaded the strongest shot he could use.

“Georyongma Kangtan (巨龍魔强彈).”


A single bullet, which made an explosion sound like a cannon shot from a pistol, was fired at Hamiel, who was busy melting the steel bullets.

A bullet the size of a finger.

However, considering the massive power, dragon power, magical power, and spiritual power compressed within it, it was a bullet that could never be ignored.

“I can’t allow bullets like that to reach me, God of Light! “Guardian of light!”


Hamiel gritted his teeth and spouted out his divine powers.

It was the same technique used by Ashur Hum, but its perfection and strength could never be compared.

A huge shield of light appears in front of Hamiel, and light surrounds Hamiel’s entire body.

At the same time, the giant dragon demon bullet reached the shield of light.


A battle between a single bullet and a shield created by condensing light.

Quad deuk-

An eerie sound echoes amidst the confrontation.

The shield of light is trying hard to block the bullets, and the bullets are trying hard to pierce the shield of light.

The winner is none other than-


It was a giant dragon bullet.

In fact, the match between the Shield of Light and the Giant Dragon Demon Bullet was no different from what had been decided.

The reason was the difference in density between the Giant Dragon Demon Bullet, which only needed to pierce one spot, and the Shield of Light, which had a large range because you didn’t know where it would fly.

There was a brief standoff, but in the end, the giant dragon demon bullets that pierced the shield of light rushed towards Hamiel.

“… … “Shield of Light-”

“No matter how hard you try to block it, it breaks through, you little pigeon.”

Hamiel gritted his teeth at the sight of Jinhyeok grinning and clasped his hands, changing the halo of light that enveloped his entire body.

“The Emperor’s Armor.”


The armor that began the change, bursting with bright light as if announcing the beginning of change, was amazing.

The fact that it sparkles is a bonus, and it looks like a work of art that captures pure white light.

But what was truly remarkable was not its appearance, but the strength of the armor itself.


This is because the giant dragon demon bullet that reached Hamiel reached the emperor’s armor, but was unable to pierce it at once, and a fierce confrontation began like the one with the Shield of Light.

And unlike the Shield of Light, the winner was not the Giant Dragon Demon Gangtan.

Push Tasting-

With the sound of the wind falling, the energy that made up the Georyong Demon Bullet slowly began to disperse.

The enormous divine power contained in the emperor’s armor naturally disrupted the cohesion of the Georyong Demon Bullet and further ‘purified’ the Georyong Demon Steel Bullet itself.

In the place where the Giant Dragon Demon Bullet had completely disappeared, there were only scratches and holes in the Emperor’s armor.

of course-

‘… … Make a hole in the Emperor’s armor? ‘How powerful was it?’

For Hamiel, that was also a surprise.

The Emperor’s Armor is literally the armor of the Emperor, the head of the Elyos, embodied with divine power.

It is a high-level skill with not many Elyos that can use it.

It would have been absurd for Hamiel since the bullet could have pierced through such armor at best.

But actually, it was natural.

Currently, Jinhyeok’s spiritual power is over 300, and his magic power, dragon power, and strength are also over 200 or close to 200.

If you add the amplification rate of the Manbyun Spiritual Energy to that, the current Georyong Demon Bullet becomes an attack that literally has the power to kill with a single blow.

Since it was not the real Emperor’s armor, but rather an imitation made with divine power, it was natural that there would be holes in it.

If there had been any lack of durability or Jinhyeok’s strength had been stronger, the attack would have pierced Hamiel’s body through the small hole in the Emperor’s armor.

‘… … After all, I have to kill him right here. ‘Others may not know, but we must kill this person to fulfill our great destiny.’


And Hamiel, once again convinced that he had to kill Jinhyeok, the climber in front of him, gritted his teeth and flapped his wings.

Coo coo coo coo-


A change began for Hamiel with his sincere flapping of wings.

The flapping wings become bigger, and the power contained within them increases explosively.

“… … I will kill you even if it means cutting my life short. Tiphareth, open.”

5th degree of Sephiroth, Tiphareth.

Hamiel forced open the door that was not yet permitted to him.


Along with that, another sun rose above the ruined goblin village. 

Wiggle-! Wiggle-! 

And as another sun rose, the movement of the seeds also became stronger. 

It was a movement so strong that even Jinhyuk, whose attention was focused on another sun, could feel it.

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