Worthless Regression Chapter 87

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< Sword Demon-2 >

Lee Seong-min opened his eyes wide in surprise and looked at Kim Jong-hyun. Kim Jong-hyun was equally surprised, and his mouth was half-open. It was the last time we saw each other before leaving Behenger, so it was four years since we met again with Kim Jong-hyun. Although there was a gap of four years between the two, Kim Jong-hyun did not change as if time had stopped.

“this… It’s a strange relationship. “Is this also fate?”

Kim Jonghyun muttered that and walked with a stride. Compared to four years ago, his face did not change, but his clothes were very different from then. Kim Jong-hyun’s attire that Lee Seong-min remembers consisted of a t-shirt worn casually and a white robe over it.

However, the current Kim Jong-hyun was wearing a dark-colored robe that looked luxurious. The black pattern on the robe was not simply engraved with gold thread. It was constantly writhing and moving as if it were alive.

“… Do you know each other?”

The middle-aged Taoist monk who was holding a sword and keeping Lee Seong-min in check asks. The target of that question was Kim Jong-hyun. Lee Seong-min’s eyebrows twitched at that question.

Being an extreme expert is not common. Among the martial artists that Lee Seong-min has met, there are a surprising number of masters, but there are only a few transcendent masters even in large sects. If you are a peak expert, you have intermediate or higher skills in any sect.

A middle-aged Taoist monk from Hwasan whose skills are about half that of Lee Seong-min. Considering that Lee Seong-min’s skills are knocking on the door of transcendence, the Taoist who blocked Lee Seong-min must be seen as an expert who has held a considerable position even within the Hwasan faction, which is one of the old factions. However, the leader of the volcanic faction was using extreme honorifics towards Kim Jong-hyun.

“ah. iced coffee. Ah, yes. We are acquaintances. however… What happened? “It seems like there was some misunderstanding.”

Kim Jonghyun looked around and muttered. The young Taoist monks of Hwasan, who had fallen, get up. They shouted at the top of their lungs.

“Ooh, we didn’t do anything wrong. As I heard, access was controlled here, but they said I had to go inside… !”

“… Umm… ”

The middle-aged monk groaned at the shouts of the young monks. He looked at Lee Seong-min’s face, realized it too late, and muttered.

“You… yesterday… “Aren’t you the young man who met Jang Mun-in alone with the Shaolin letter?”

“… you’re right.”

“okay… that’s right. What the rainstorm said I heard you were acquainted with the Sword Demon. no way… “Are you here to save the Sword Demon?”

“that… no.”

“Then what did you come here for? Why did you try to subdue them? “You said you didn’t come to save the Sword Demon, but why are you trying to disrupt Hwasan’s event to annihilate the Sword Demon?”

Lee Seong-min thought about what to say in response to those words. You must meet the Sword Demon. There is something I would like to ask the Sword Demon. You must take responsibility for this.

In what way?

I am not thinking about how I will take responsibility for the subject for which I feel responsible. However, vaguely. I just think I have to take responsibility. So it cannot be language. An impulse that you feel in your heart. An impulse at best. Since I have not been able to refine it into words, I cannot speak or capture my thoughts.

“… Hmm.”

Kim Jonghyun, who was silent, shrugged his shoulders. Kim Jong-hyun’s eyes turned to Lee Sung-min.

[Is there a problem?]

Kim Jonghyun’s voice rings in my head. It wasn’t a full sound, but it was similar to a full sound. First, Lee Sung-min explained the situation he was in to Kim Jong-hyun. Since Kim Jong-hyun knew that Lee Sung-min was a returning being after death, it was not very difficult to explain it to him.

“Let’s go together.”

Kim Jong-hyun, who heard the whole story, nodded his head and said. At those words, the middle-aged Taoist looked back at Kim Jong-hyun with surprised eyes.

“What is that… ?”

“Yusang Doin. I have been dispatched by the guild to help you at the request of your master, Jinrang Daoin. “You will absolutely need my help to chase down and kill the Sword Demon and hear the full story of the incident from him.”

Kim Jong-hyun spoke to Yoo Sang-do-in with a calm face. Yoo Sang Do-in looked shocked at Kim Jong-hyun’s words, but nodded his head.

“that… “I know.”

“If I can’t go with Lee Seong-min, I won’t go either.”

When Kim Jong-hyun suddenly said that, Yoo Sang-doin’s face distorted. Lee Seong-min also had that expression on his face.

[no. Isn’t this too far-fetched?]

[Is there any other way to persuade that strict master than to use force? Rather, in this case, nagging him like a child will work well.]

[What should you do if a Yusang Taoist overpowers you and takes you by force?]

[The paid teacher does not have the authority to do so. no. No one on the volcano can treat me like that. Volcano formally requested support from the Wizards’ Guild for this matter, and I was dispatched from the Wizards’ Guild to assist him. If the volcano treats me carelessly, it would be the same as trashing the prestige of the wizard guild.]

[Is it that much?]

[Lee Seong-min has changed considerably over the past four years. In particular, I think martial arts skills have improved a lot. He wasn’t playing around because it was me. Since Scarlett became a Red Magic Tower owner, I also felt embarrassed and left the Behenger Wizard Guild.]

[…] yes? What does that mean?]

[Now I have become the owner of the Black Magic Tower.]

Kim Jong-hyun said it with a face that said it was no big deal, but Lee Sung-min couldn’t take his words lightly. Black magic tower lord. That meant that Kim Jong-hyun rose to the highest position among the warlocks who had made enemies in the wizard guild.

[You don’t have to look at it that way. Unlike other magic tower lords, black magic towers are not very large and do not have great power. Skilled warlocks, like Freskan, are expelled or die for violating taboos, and in most cases, they do not join the wizard guild in the first place. what. Still, I have the strength to use force at times like now.]

Kim Jonghyun smiled. Yoo Sang Do-in, who was thinking with a shit-chewing face, gritted his teeth and nodded his head.

“… if… “What are you going to do if that young man tries to help the Sword Demon?”

“If that happens, I will kill Lee Seong-min. “For sure.”

Although the words were spoken without a single change of expression, Lee Seong-min could feel that the words were sincere. Yoo Sang-doin felt the same way about him.

In the end, Yoo Sang-doin allowed Lee Seong-min to go inside. When he was accompanied by Lee Seong-min, Kim Jong-hyun told Yoo Sang-doin that there was no need for him to escort him.

“Do you mean that young man is better than me?”

“no. It’s just that there’s no need for it. I am a black magic tower lord. “I have a lot of talent to protect my body.”

“But please bring me here politely…” ”

“I don’t feel polite enough to go with you. Just go and take care of those young Taoists who are in pain.”

After saying that much, Yoo Sang-doin could no longer follow Kim Jong-hyun. Lee Sung-min stuck out his tongue while moving with Kim Jong-hyun.

“Kim Jonghyun… “You’re better at using force than I thought.”

“Isn’t the place what makes the person?”

Kim Jonghyun answered. Lee Sung-min was impatient and walked quickly, and Kim Jong-hyun did not fall behind at all compared to Lee Sung-min’s walking speed.

“You can run as much as you like.”

Only after Kim Jong-hyun said that did Lee Seong-min open his eyes and run forward.

“By the way, do you know where to go?”

I glanced to the side and saw Kim Jonghyun flying about half a span off the ground. The flying technique would be world-class, but what Kim Jong-hyun is using is magic, not martial arts.

“… I do not know.”

“There are no plans. “I will decide the direction for you, so go.”

Seongmin Lee once again became aware of how emotionally moved he was. If he had not met Kim Jong-hyun in that situation, he would have suffered a great loss in the fight with Yoo Sang-do-in. Even if he was lucky and overpowered Yoo Sang-doin, he would have been at odds with Hwasan, and it would have been impossible to track the sword demon in this large area.

“however… It was called Cheonnajimang. “Why can’t I see anyone?”

“How inefficient and cumbersome it would be to narrow down a wide area by filling it with people, calling it Cheonnajimang. what. It seems like that kind of trickery was carried out in Murim, not in Eria, but… “This is not Wulin.”

Kim Jonghyun twitched the corner of his mouth and laughed.



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“There are many means of replacing manpower in Eria. Magic is one of those means. Hwasan requested cooperation from the Drimore Wizards Guild in order to efficiently carry out the Cheonraji Network to annihilate the Sword Demon. Of course, it wasn’t free, and the Wizards’ Guild accepted him. Many wizards in the Wizard’s Guild are using chase magic and familiars to chase the Sword Demon, and I, who was in Drimoore, happened to come here. The location of the Sword Demon has already been determined. “The information is being delivered to the volcano’s warriors in real time.”

“… you are… “What are you planning to do after meeting the Sword Demon?”

“You mean me? hmm. There will be no room for me to intervene in the killing of the Sword Demon itself. I just… I heard that the Sword Demon uses strange magic, so I came here in response. And when the Sword Demon died, I came to interrogate him.”

“… Interrogation. “When the Sword Demon died, didn’t you say that?”

“Sometimes it is more convenient to interrogate a dead person than to interrogate a living person. Especially for a warlock like me. Rather… Seongmin Lee. “Some of the ominous protection I felt for you has disappeared.”

“… “Can you feel it?”

“of course. Although it was impossible for me to do it. … Hehehe! Why did you give me that protection?”

Kim Jonghyun asked while making a laughing sound. Lee Seong-min, who was running in the direction chosen by Kim Jong-hyun, did not answer right away but lightly chewed his lower lip. After a while, Lee Seong-min answered.

“… “I didn’t want to depend on it.”

“That strange protection did not have any negative effects on you. Rather, I was helping you. It is a great ability to receive unconditional favor from strangers. Even though the crush is impulsive, being able to forcibly leave a ‘first impression’… It is an ability that has tremendous value depending on how it is used. however. Are you throwing away that kind of protection simply because you don’t want to rely on it?”

“… I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t been aware of the existence of that divine protection. As long as I recognize him, I have expectations of others. When others show favor to me. And you will become arrogant by taking it for granted. And I… “I don’t want to connect with others through that impulsive, forced favor.”

“ha ha ha!”

Kim Jong-hyun burst out laughing at Lee Sung-min’s answer.

“Isn’t it ultimately about self-satisfaction? Seongmin Lee. You have already obtained most of what you need, and the process of obtaining it must have been thanks to that unknown divine protection. “You took everything you could get, and now you’re saying something like that?”

“you’re right. “In the end, it’s about self-satisfaction.”

Seongmin Lee did not deny him.

“I am that kind of person. I am selfish and only know myself. The same goes for my actions now. I myself don’t know what I want to do when I meet the Sword Demon. However, I am doing it this way because I want to do it.”

“What’s new?”

Kim Jonghyun laughed again.

“Isn’t that what being a person is like in the first place? Do you need a great reason, basis, or understanding to do something because you want to do it? In the first place, all animals live by impulse. Reason is what suppresses it. “Just because one’s reason is weak and one does not refrain from doing what one wants to do does not mean that a person ceases to be human.”

I can feel the smell.

“Just because I act impulsively, there is no need for Lee Seong-min to answer why I am behaving like this. There is no need for a great, noble, or understandable reason for erasing divine protection. simply

Isn’t this it? Seongmin Lee. “You did it because you wanted to.”

That is why it is called self-satisfaction.

The smell you feel becomes stronger. Seongmin Lee knew this smell.

It was the smell of blood.

I saw corpses lying around.


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