Worthless Regression Chapter 86

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Through conversations with Denir, Seongmin Lee learned many things. The apostle of the end and the end. If I tell you, I will die. When Kim Jong-hyun said that, Lee Sung-min felt puzzled. This is because I couldn’t understand who was trying to kill Kim Jong-hyun. Likewise, it was difficult for Lee Seong-min to understand Mr. Si’s self-talk.

But now I know. The one who threatened Mush and Kim Jong-hyun was the ‘Apostle of the End’. So what is the end? It was still an unresolved question. However, unlike before, when he had no idea what to do or how to solve the problem, meeting Denir clearly presented Lee Seong-min with what he needed to do.


I don’t know who the person with that name is. Unlike Lee Seong-min, he is a being with a twisted causality. Considering how large the area is, finding someone with just one name is nearly impossible. However, Seongmin Lee, a member of Erebrisa, was able to access information more easily than others.

‘The tide is changing because of me… ‘

As he left the suburbs, Seongmin Lee had mixed feelings and thought. that… I’ve never been very conscious of it. He had felt it, but he never thought it was anything serious. After Lee Seong-min returned, he thought back to the eight years he had lived, starting from the age of 14. The current Lee Sung-min only has the same name as the Lee Sung-min of his past life, but he had to be seen as a completely different person.

‘The existence of me… ‘Is it so great that it changes the flow?’

I don’t know. Because I had never thought of it that way.

Seongmin Lee continued his complicated thoughts and took a room at a nearby motel. The thoughts led to the ‘ordeal’ that Denir spoke of. I don’t know what Denir’s ordeal is. Neither Denir nor Mushi could say anything about it. If Denir hadn’t just issued an order to celebrate the guests, he would have asked him sincerely. It was a big regret, but it was too late to think about it now.

I fell asleep after congratulating myself. When I opened my eyes early in the morning, which I always did.

His Holiness Doin has died.

When Lee Seong-min heard the story about him on the first floor of the inn, he couldn’t believe his ears. Until just yesterday, Lee Seong-min had a private conversation with His Holiness Taoin, a famous scholar of Hwasan. Although Seong Ha Do-in was old, her energy was pure and her eyes were clear and full of vitality.

Such a saint has died. Only one day has passed.

“The Sword Demon was that strong?”

I didn’t get sick in half a day. Sword Demon Dokbijun… He killed His Holiness the Taoist. Lee Seong-min could not help but feel great confusion while listening to the story in the restaurant on the first floor.

Memories of a past life.

In his previous life, Lee Seong-min was not in a great position. There was a limit to the rumors that Lee Seong-min, who was a C-level mercenary, could hear. Since he wasn’t actively collecting information at the time, the only rumors Lee Seong-min could come across were really ‘famous’ ones.

It is a big rumor that can spread throughout Eria that Sword Demon Dokbijun murdered His Holiness Daoin, a member of the Volcanic Sect. But Lee Seong-min in his previous life had never heard of him. In his previous life, His Holiness Taoin did not die. But in this life, His Holiness died.

Seongmin Lee approached the guests who were talking and asked what happened. Is it because Lee Seong-min’s expression cooled down and the energy flowing out was unusual? They explained to Lee Seong-min the incident that happened last night without hiding anything.

Dokbijun, the sword demon, crossed the mountain gate of Hwasan in the middle of the night. It is said that Dok Bi-jun secretly invaded the bedroom of His Holiness a Buddhist scholar, a scholar-in-chief of Hwasan, and forced His Holiness a Buddhist monk to wake him up.

His Holiness the disciple scolded Dok Bi-jun for his rudeness and told him to leave, but Dok Bi-jun did not listen. He eventually went out first and attacked the monk, and the fight began with a sudden raid. It led to a life-or-death situation that escaped serious injury to each other, and His Holiness Taoin was killed by Dok Bi-jun.

The Taoists of the volcano arrived late, but everything was already over. His Holiness the monk turned into a cold corpse, and Dokbijun ran away from there.


Seongmin Lee ran out of the inn. Seongmin Lee constantly had his own questions in his pale mind. Dok Bijun in his previous life did not kill His Holiness Taoist. Perhaps, Dok Bi-jun in his previous life also visited Hwasan, but in the end, the meeting was not established and Dok Bi-jun gave up the meeting with His Holiness the Taoist. And he dies by Wiji Hoyeon in the dungeon a year later. That is the original flow.

But that has changed. What Denir said weighed on Lee Seong-min’s heart.

-The existence of you has become a variable and is changing this world from your previous life. What do you think it means?

-Your very existence is disrupting the entire flow of this world.

‘Is it because of me?’

Thoughts go there. That’s the only difference between my past life and now. Dok Bi-jun in his previous life did not meet Lee Seong-min at the mountain gate of Hwasan. Lee Seong-min met with Dok Bi-jun just yesterday. He met with Dok Bijun and told him why His Holiness Doin was refusing to serve. Did that change Dok Bijun’s behavior?


If that’s true.

Isn’t Lee Seong-min responsible for His Holiness Doin’s death?

The Hwasan faction had no intention of forgiving Dok Bi-jun, who murdered Jang Mun-in. From the moment Dokbijun escaped from Hwasan, Hwasan defined Dokbijun as Bul Daecheon’s enemy. The Volcanic Sect had already sent a request for cooperation to many guilds in Drimore and was in hot pursuit of Cheonrajimang.

Seongmin Lee couldn’t figure out the identity of the emotions he was feeling. Because it was a feeling that Lee Seong-min had never felt so strongly in his life. However, Lee Seong-min said that the feeling was unfamiliar, so he could not hesitate. When he came to his senses, Lee Seong-min was running.

According to the story I heard at the inn, Dokbijun was climbing north beyond the volcano. Attacking and killing His Holiness’ disciples did not exist in history. This would mean that the actions of independent ratification are also not planned. The reason Dokbijun heads north is not because there is something there. Just, just. He’s just running away from the volcano.

The light attack, which he used with all his might, made Lee Seong-min pass through the northern gate in one go. Lee Seong-min felt like he was out of breath all the way to his chin, but he didn’t stop.


It’s an unfamiliar feeling. For Lee Seong-min, who was a mercenary, responsibility was ‘money’. If he receives a request and does not perform it, he must pay the commission. At that time, Lee Seong-min’s sense of responsibility was limited to that extent. So what now? Now that I have died and come back to live.

Have you ever felt a sense of responsibility?

does not exist. I don’t know. I never realized it. He never seemed to have ever been in a situation where he had to take responsibility. The eight years that Lee Seong-min lived were a time for himself. Without a clear purpose, he only kept his reunion with Wiji Ho-yeon at a distance, and lived his life with ‘things to do’ in between.

I have never felt so responsible in my life. In fact, Lee Seong-min didn’t know whether what was happening now was something he really needed to feel responsible for.

But I couldn’t stay still.

Because ‘I’ and the Sword Demon met, the holy monk who should not have died died.

The existence called ‘I’ is disrupting the original flow.

Not just now. The eight years he spent so far flashed through Lee Seong-min’s mind. There will definitely be people who have deviated from their original lives due to the existence of Lee Seong-min. I couldn’t feel responsible for them all. okay. Lee Seong-min is selfish. He knows what he knows, what he can reach. I only think about those people.

So, I feel a sense of responsibility towards the Sword Demon. She feels responsible for what has become of this way. At the same time, she wanted to ask the Sword Demon.

There was something I wanted to ask.


Five Taoists blocked Lee Seong-min’s path as he ran to the vicinity of the volcano. They were all Taoists of Hwasan who had plum blossom patterns engraved on their clothes.

“I can’t go from here.”

“… “Why?”

“Cheonnajimang is going to unfold in front of here. “I don’t know who you are, but if you don’t want to get into an unnecessary dispute, please find another way.”

“… Are you chasing the sword demon?”

Seongmin Lee asked. The face of the Taoist monk who spoke those words became cold.


What should I do? What action is correct? Seongmin Lee looked at the monks in silence. When they saw that Lee Seong-min was not backing down, they grabbed the sword at his waist.

Should I step back like this? Speaking of meeting the Sword Demon… Is there anything Lee Sung-min can do? no. What do ‘I’ want to do in the first place? Do you want to save the Sword Demon? It is impossible. The sword demon has already killed the holy monk. The volcano will try to repay its debt at any cost. There is no room to support the actions of the Sword Demon.

What ‘I’ want to do.

“… Please get out of the way.”

Seongmin Lee spoke in a low voice. At those words, one of the Taoists who were blocking Lee Seong-min drew his sword. The drawn sword gave off a pale glow with a clanging sound. Starting with him, the five Taoists drew their swords in unison.

Seongmin Lee chewed his lower lip and grabbed the spear he was carrying behind his back.

The Taoists rushed in. The one who approached the fastest was the Taoist in the center. Lee Seong-min had never experienced the sword of a volcano. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know the sword. Ji-hak, who had mastered the seventy-two martial arts of Shaolin, had also reached the level of a master in swordsmanship, and for the past four years, Lee Seong-min had been training tirelessly with Ji-hak every day.

That’s why I know the ‘sword’. How is the weapon called the sword used? Swordsmanship is about using the sword as a weapon in a more diverse and powerful way. In the end, it cannot completely transcend the weapon of the sword.

The sword that approached sideways is retracted using Ran’s technique. You can’t use vinegar. If you do that, you will end up crossing a river from which there is no return. That is why Lee Seong-min did not use the Gucheonmugeukchang.

In fact, there was no need to write it.

Lee Sung-min is dealing with five. They were all disciples who had mastered Hwasan’s sword techniques, but that did not mean that they were all brilliant geniuses. They were a little younger than Lee Seong-min, and their skills were far behind. I hear the sound of swords being swung from all directions. Lee Sung-min felt the attack without even seeing it with his eyes.



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Unlike Lee Seong-min, whose goal was to subdue Lee Seong-min, the Taoists attacking Lee Seong-min aimed to kill Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee felt confused about the situation that had become this way. Maybe, if I still had that ‘holy protection’ left. Could it be possible to persuade them?

Throw away such thoughts. Because she didn’t want to rely on something like that, she asked the French ambassador to remove the protection. The spear spun in Lee Seong-min’s hand. As Changjun, not Changdu. The spear that Lee Seong-min swung became a heavy blunt object and hit the shoulder of a Taoist monk nearby. The Taoist screamed and let go of his sword. Lee Seong-min immediately changed the target of his attack. Faba Park! The spear head extended quickly, causing the swords held by the Taoists to fall.


The loud shout shook Lee Seong-min’s mind. Seongmin Lee was startled and dragged his feet back, but he followed the warning of his sixth sense and raised his spear.

Wow! With a shock that made his grip tingle, Lee Seong-min’s body was pushed back significantly. The person who stabbed Lee Seong-min with a sword as soon as he broke in was a middle-aged man with a short beard. The blocking itself was good, but Lee Seong-min felt his internal organs being shaken and his eyebrows furrowed.

The middle-aged Taoist monk who broke in had a skill level that was about half that of Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min glared at the middle-aged Taoist monk, thinking he was in trouble. The Taoist monk who made Lee Seong-min step back glanced at the young Taoists who were lying down.

“… “Who are you?”

Perhaps because he recognized Lee Seong-min’s skills, the master spoke highly of Lee Seong-min to some extent. In fact, it was not only a recognition of his skills, but also because the Taoists who fell to Lee Seong-min were hardly injured.

“… ah… Seongmin Lee?”

It was at that moment that an unexpected voice was heard.

Standing behind the middle-aged Taoist monk was a face that Lee Seong-min recognized.

It was Kim Jonghyun.


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