Worthless Regression Chapter 400

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Episode 402 92. Despair (9)


I continued to vent my emotions. Everything I’ve accumulated, to the point where I don’t regret it. I thought it was funny.

It hasn’t even started properly yet. And, no matter how much I think about it, Lee Seong-min held out longer than Jennyella.

It was ridiculous to talk about such a topic and say you can’t get used to pain.

Stop, please.

An object of hatred was needed. There was no need to look far, the target was right in front of you.

She was once a monster with no answer, but now she is no longer a monster.

I, I was wrong, please… … .

The monster was Lee Seong-min. Lee Sung-min carried out all the violence and torture he could think of toward Jennyella, who was begging.

I started with simple violence and even tried magic. What was especially interesting was mental magic.

Jennyella makes people tremble with fear just by her presence, but she herself has never experienced mental contamination.

please… … Kill me.

I felt a sense of accomplishment when I saw them crying and begging. I felt like I had finally done it.

But the moon has not set yet. The night remained long. Although he achieved success, Lee Seong-min did not stop. Just as there was still a long night left, there were still many things Lee Seong-min could and wanted to do.

At some point, Jennyella couldn’t even beg. In that case, her answer was simple.

Once her head was blown off, Jennyella’s body immediately regenerated and her mind, which had stopped, returned.

And then started again. Then Jennyella screamed and begged again. She didn’t say anything to save her.

This was because he knew that Lee Seong-min would not save him under any circumstances. Instead, she begged him to kill her.

“Kill me, kill me, kill me. “Kill me!”

“Not yet.”

Every time that happened, Seongmin Lee answered with a smile. The saying that revenge is vain came to mind.

I was dumbfounded inside. Futile? It wasn’t empty at all. Lee Seong-min’s memories of the blood demon showed resistance to the violence inflicted on Jennyella.

ignored. And then a different thought occurred to me.

If it weren’t for Jennyella.

If it weren’t for Jennyella, Sima Lianju would never have gone north.

If it weren’t for Jennyella, Baek Sogo would never have been poisoned by Joo Won’s poison.

If it weren’t for Jennyella, Baek Sogo would never have lost his right arm.

If it weren’t for Jennyella, Scarlett’s left eye wouldn’t have been gouged out.

If it weren’t for Jennyella, the Black Dragon’s left arm wouldn’t have been cut off.

If it weren’t for Jennyella, Lloyd’s right leg wouldn’t have been cut off.

If it weren’t for Jennyella, King Chang would never have died.

If it weren’t for Jennyella, Osla’s wings wouldn’t have been torn off and the forest wouldn’t have been devastated. Everything that happened in this forest happened because of Jennyella.

If Jennyella wasn’t there, no matter how you think about it, it would have been better than when Jennyella was around.


If it weren’t for Jennyella, Heoju would never have disappeared.

Also, Jennyella went limp and did not respond. Lee Seong-min casually blew Jennyella’s head off.

The speed at which my brain regenerates has noticeably slowed down. Seongmin Lee glanced up at the sky.

The night was already coming to an end.

Dawn approaches. Seongmin Lee looked down at his hands. It was a hand soaked in his blood.

Seongmin Lee brushed it off without thinking and looked at Jennyella. Her hair had regenerated and she was shaking, her blood soaked face.

She was no longer haughty or arrogant.

“… … Kill… … .”

I was just wishing for death. How many times did he die? No, if you think about it, the number of deaths is not that many.

It was a pain worse than death that shattered her spirit several times. The night was so f*cking long.

The full moon’s magical power and infinite regenerative power gave it infinite pain for eternity. Seongmin Lee looked at Jennyella’s eyes, where the light was dim.

I thought of Jennyella from earlier. She laughed loudly and asked if she was in despair. The current Jennyella has nothing left of that time.

She was asking about despair, and at this moment, she felt more despair than ever before in her life.

I whispered it several times.

Nothing you hoped for will come true. The future in which the Slaughter Predator appeared did not come true, and training Aine to become the Slaughter Predator also failed.

The destruction of this world that you most hoped for will not come true. Every time that happened, it was fun to see Jennyella’s body tremble as if she was having a seizure.

“Kill me… … now… … .”

I can finally die.

Jennyella thought this as she watched the moon set and dawn dawn.

It was long.

The night was really long. The night that seemed like it would never end ends. There will be no more suffering.

Not wanting to suffer any more was not the reason for wanting to die.

Jennyella couldn’t bear it. He realized that nothing he had hoped for or had done would come true.

The Slaughter Predator did not appear, and Aine could not be turned into a Slaughter Predator. With these eyes he did not even see the end. That was why she felt this much despair.

So I was hoping for death. If I were to die, I wouldn’t know what happened after that.

I thought I could find some comfort in that way, even if it was ugly. I am dead, but after I die this world will not have escaped the end.

“What are you thinking about?”

Seongmin Lee lowered his head and looked at Jennyella. Jenny Ella was horrified at the sight of Lee Seong-min’s face, which was coming close to her, and pulled her chin.

She clenched her shaking hands. Seongmin Lee saw Jennyella’s eyes filled with fear.


An intangible window was created in the hands of Seongmin Lee. He casually slashed the intangible spear into Jennyella’s right shoulder. Jennyella chewed her lip in terrible pain.

“ugh… … Ugh… … !”



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A moan escaped between tightly closed lips. The quality of pain was different from before.

Seongmin Lee was so tired that he completely cut off Jennyella’s right arm. The wound did not regenerate. Jennyella took a deep breath and squeezed her eyes shut.

After a few rounds of pain, it is completely over. While thinking like that.

“Doesn’t it hurt?”

“ah… … it hurts… … .”

“How do you feel?”

Jennyella didn’t answer. Lee Seong-min laughed and slashed Jennyella’s thigh.

Jennyella convulsed and screamed. He didn’t really ask because he wanted to hear the answer.

Seongmin Lee did what he decided to do.

Last, last. Jennyella screamed and endured it repeatedly, feeling the pain of all of her limbs being cut off.

And finally, the tip of the shapeless spear rose onto Jennyella’s chest. Jennyella gasped for air and looked up at her Lee Seong-min.

“Know it well.”

Seongmin Lee looked down at Jennyella and muttered.

“What you said is that nothing you wish for will come true.”

What is he saying now. Just stab me quickly. Jennyella chewed his lip and swallowed the words into his heart.

I had no intention of provoking anyone for no reason. Lee Seong-min slowly pushed his spear into Jennyella’s chest, looking at Jennyella’s eyes filled with all kinds of emotions.

The spearhead burns the skin and creeps in. The magic power could not be resisted and a large hole appeared in the ribs.

Ah, a spear touched my heart. It breaks through, it breaks through, it breaks through… … A gurgling sound came from Jennyella’s mouth.

Death was approaching. So far, I have experienced so many deaths. In my 700 years of life, I have never had as many deaths as I did tonight.

And, there is no next time in death, which is about to take over.

‘are you okay… … .’

No, it’s not okay.

I didn’t want to die. Although I hoped that one day I would die, I did not want to die like this.

I don’t want to die. I wanted to see how the end would come. Come to think of it

Why did you want to see it?

“ah… … .”

It was pierced.

My heart was pierced with a sigh. The spear that went straight through Jennyella’s back came out.

An electric current flashed with a crackling sound, and the shapeless window disappeared. The pain felt distant. Consciousness comes to mind. Many emotions passed through my mind.

It’s over, it’s over. Jennyella muttered in a low voice. She didn’t want to die. I didn’t want to die here because I wanted to see the end.

But that didn’t mean I wanted to live. I am afraid of continuing to feel this pain. I am afraid that in the end we will see that the end does not come.

So, in the end, I wanted to die.

‘ah… … .’

Consciousness was completely lost. There is no feeling in the body. I had had my head blown off and my heart exploded several times, but ‘real’ death felt different from the deaths I had experienced so far.


Is it really different?

A tingling and electric current flowed through my consciousness. Light shone in the dark vision. The first thing she saw was Lee Sung-min’s face right in front of her.

Jennyella tried to scream, but no scream came out. He had a fit and tried to run away, but he couldn’t move the distance.

A feeling of helplessness that she had never felt before was binding Jennyella’s body.


Seongmin Lee stroked his chin while looking at the beads in his hand. He was worried that it would go well because it was his first time doing it, but it went better than he expected.

It was a tremendous progress to acquire both the Four Demons’ and Blood Demon’s martial arts while reestablishing memories, but it was the dragon’s magic that was more versatile.

‘I didn’t know magic could be this convenient. yes?’

I naturally asked Heoju a question, but I laughed bitterly when I realized there was no way I would get an answer. Seongmin Lee lightly shook the bead in his hand.

[Ah ah ah ah ah!]

Inside the bead, Jennyella’s soul trembled and screamed. Lee Seong-min shook the bead a little more, scratching its surface with his fingernails to release the energy.

Inside the marble, Jennyella had a seizure. Seongmin Lee looked at that and smiled.

“I told you.”

I whispered to Jennyella’s spirit trapped inside the bead.

“Nothing you wish for will come true.”

Jennyella wished for death at the last moment. So he didn’t kill. He killed the body, extracted the soul, and imprisoned it with the dragon’s magic.

As long as the magic is maintained, Jennyella’s soul will never be released. No matter what she tries, there is no way to escape from her prison.

“Don’t think too badly.”

Seongmin Lee laughed as he saw Jennyella screaming in despair inside the bead.

“First of all, you’re not dead. “Maybe we’ll see the end of something like this.”

[Stop, stop… … !]

I ignored Jennyella’s screams. Seongmin Lee blocked out her voice in his head and slowly turned around.

Gemini sat down and looked at Lee Sung-min with a blank expression. She felt Jenniela’s body lying limp beneath Lee Seong-min’s feet and Jenniela’s soul shaking in the bead held by Lee Seong-min.

She gulped as she realized what had happened.

“Why didn’t you run away?”

Seongmin Lee asked as he approached Gemini.

“do… … I need to run away… … Because it has no meaning… … .”

“that’s right.”

Seongmin Lee nodded his head and held the intangible spear. Gemini shrugged her shoulders in surprise. And she immediately changed her position and got down on her knees.

“I swear on Mana. I will never disturb you. I will never oppose you. And, and… … please… … I… … “What should I do?”

“Do you want to live?”

“… … huh… … .”

Gemini cried and nodded his head. In her mind, memories of her blood demon stirred.

“Gather the vampires.”

Seongmin Lee lowered his formless spear.

“Vampires who do not belong to Jennyella. “Now that Jennyella is like this, make sure you become the new vampire queen.”

“that… … and… … ?”

“Don’t do anything. I’m not saying don’t drink blood, but don’t increase your blood relatives. There is no need to be stuck in the north. Drinking blood to survive is permitted, but… … “Do it in moderation.”

“ah… … Okay, no, okay.”

Gemini quickly bowed her head and said. She was appropriately sympathetic. Jennyella has fallen, but that doesn’t mean all vampires in this world have disappeared.

In that case, I thought it would be better to gather the vampire forces through Gemini and control them appropriately.


I’m satisfied with this level.

I erased the remnants of memories that were strongly engraved in my mind.

The memories the Blood Demon felt when he was traveling with his adoptive daughter.


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