Worthless Regression Chapter 399

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Episode 401 92. Despair (8)

Gemini didn’t know what Jennyella’s eyes were looking at or what emotions were fluctuating within them.

It was an unfamiliar feeling for both of us. It was also a feeling that was extremely unsuitable for Jennyella.

Anger, irritation, hatred, murderous intent, beneath those ‘familiar things’.

Gemini swallowed. The moment Gemini realized what that unfamiliar feeling was, he understood that the current situation was completely over.

Jennyella… … defeated.

Full moon night. The full moon high up there will not give Jennyella victory. He should have killed when he could have.

If Jennyella hadn’t tried to enjoy the situation so much, everything would have already ended earlier. Not only Lee Seong-min, but everyone in this forest will die from Jennyella.

But not now.

Gemini recalled the emotions seen in Jennyella’s eyes.

Strange to each other.

Something that doesn’t suit Jennyella terribly.

An emotion that she had never been conscious of in the long 700 years she had lived.

It was fear.

Jennyella was denying that feeling. For a moment, her mind just loosened up.

I was enjoying it so much that I wasn’t nervous enough. I tried to think of it as just an unpleasant feeling, like a wriggling earthworm jumping out and sticking to my ankle.

Still, I knew that the current situation was dangerous.

Jennyella took a deep breath and looked at Gemini. Seongmin Lee, who was standing right in front of her, was looking down at Jenny Ella with his cold eyes.

He was thinking about how to give Jennyella a cruel, painful, and hopeless death.

The same was true for Jennyella. I needed an answer. The left arm that was amputated as a spirit does not regenerate.

Although his magical power was infinite, he could not overwhelm Lee Seong-min even if he fought using it.

This case was very unfamiliar to Jennyella. She has never once been in the position of the weak in a fight.

The magical eye that sees the future allows one to wisely avoid a fight with a strong enemy, and even if a fight with a strong enemy becomes unavoidable, it allows one to fight from an advantageous position.

Mirae-an disappeared a few years ago, but I never once thought something like this would happen.

For 700 years, Jennyella has been growing in strength. Even Sima Lianju disappeared from this world, and even the swordsman, the highest leader of the martial arts faction, could not reach Jennyella.

Martial God, who was nothing more than a puppet of the divine spirit, was not in mind from the beginning. Brothers Cain and Abel, who were at the peak of magic as humans, fell out, and Lloyd, who succeeded Gries, was less capable than them.

There was no one in this world who could stop Jennyella. That’s why it’s unfamiliar. She felt fear for the first time that she was in this situation.

What should I do?

It was not possible to use a method to completely return the power of blood relatives. Trabia’s vampires were hunted by Lee Seong-min while Jennyella was away.

There is no assistance.

It was unexpected, but Joo Won appeared to be dead. Chen and Kun also died, and their power had already returned inside Jennyella. That doesn’t help much.

Blood demon… … The power of lies in Lee Seong-min.

What should I do? Her immortality no longer gave Jennyella the upper hand. Her effortless use of martial arts cuts off Jenny Ella’s regenerative powers.

It was not because it was difficult not to overdo it, but because it was to completely despair Jennyella.

What should I do?

I even thought about running away. It was immediately dismissed.

Regardless of whether it was possible or not, I didn’t want to do that. She was still arrogant and haughty. At least not yet.

‘Oh yeah.’

Jennyella looked at Gemini. Gemini was hesitating in her love and hate for Jenny Ella.

Actually, it was a funny conflict. In the current situation, it is impossible to turn the situation around even if Gemini adds strength.

Gemini rationally knew that it was like that. However, even though he knew, he was just suffering from the feeling that he had to do something.

It was because I did not want to watch the death of my beloved sister, who had been with me for hundreds of years.

Nevertheless, because he longs for freedom, he wishes for Jennyella’s death. Actually, that was funny too.

Even if Jennyella dies, Gemini’s freedom is not guaranteed. Because Lee Sung-min could kill Gemini.

‘There’s still one person left.’

Jennyella had a different idea from Gemini.

In the first place, what she wanted was the destruction of the world. It is the end time and everything disappears.

Jennyella saw the emergence of the Genocidal Predator and has been waiting for the world to be destroyed like that for hundreds of years.

From the moment he could no longer see the future of genocide, he attempted to lead the end by turning Aine into a genocide.

Ultimately, her wish is the death of everything. There are no exceptions to that. Even Jennyella herself intended to die with a happy heart when the time came.

Jennyella’s blood relatives could not reject her, so they all waited for death with the same heart. The only exception was Gemini.

Because they are sisters by blood? No, that wasn’t the reason.

Jennyella’s failure to control Gemini’s emotions was similar to the emotions of raising a pet.

Not equal to yourself. However, they don’t listen well, and when you treat them harshly, they listen to you with disapproval… … When he bit off the neck of Gemini, who had transformed into a vampire.

Jennyella just acted like that because she had an intuition that she would need someone like that by her side for the hundreds of years she would live.

I thought it would be better to have my younger sister, with whom I shared my childhood, as a pet, than to have someone I didn’t know as my pet.

What I did at that time was right. Among blood relatives who gave unconditional loyalty, Gemini always acted like a mischievous and disobedient puppy.

That’s why Jennyella doesn’t feel guilty. There was no reason for that.

Like all blood relatives, Gemini was expendable to Jennyella. Still, it was not without regret. If possible, I wanted to see the end of the world with Gemini and her blood demon.

‘It can’t be helped.’

Jennyella thought about that and focused her attention on Gemini. She receives back her powers as a vampire that Gemini had.

Of course, that won’t change the situation much. Even though Jennyella ignored his fears, she sensed her own defeat and death.

I just don’t want to die alone.

“uh… … .”

Gemini’s body trembled. Jenny Ella’s magic, engraved deep within her body, stirs.

The Lord’s magical power has absolute control over lower-ranking vampires of the clan.

Resistance is impossible, especially at this distance that can be seen with the naked eye.



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“Now, wait, Quinn, why? Why me?”

Gemini exclaimed in confusion. She never expected Jennyella to act like this.

Because we are sisters, because we love each other. Gemini looked at Jennyella with her astonished eyes, and Jennyella ignored the look.


Seongmin Lee nodded his head slightly.

With a small voice, the left expression became magic. The magic power filling the space was realized as a heterogeneous force.

Gemini gasped and sat down in his seat. Feeling returned to her motionless body.

The barrier created by Lee Seong-min blocks all internal and external interference. No matter how powerful Jennyella is, it is impossible to interfere with her blood relatives within this barrier.

“what… … ?!”

Jennyella exclaimed in embarrassment. She quickly raised her head and looked at Lee Seong-min.

However, Jennyella could not see Lee Seong-min’s face properly. What she saw was her fist flying right in front of her nose.


The bridge of my nose sank. Blood spurted from her crushed nose. Her upper body bounced back due to the impact of her back.

Before I knew it, hundreds of magical bullets had been placed behind Jennyella’s back. Jennyella moaned and placed her hands on her bottom.

Lee Seong-min destroyed the intangible spear he was holding in one hand and cracked the joints of both fingers.

“I thought about it.”

“eww… … .”

“How should I despair you?”


Lee Seong-min cracked his knuckles and approached Jennyella. Jenny Ella bounces her body as she uses her vices.

The right hand, swung haphazardly, flew towards Lee Seong-min’s head.


The deployed magic bullet was fired. The bullets fired one after another hit Jennyella’s side.

Red magic did not protect Jennyella’s body. Jennyella’s body spun around in the air.

“First of all, it will stop you from doing everything you want to do.”

It wasn’t that Gemini’s life was saved. All she did was stop Jennyella from doing what she wanted to do.

“Has it been fun so far?”

Jennyella’s body fell to the ground. She glared at Lee Seong-min with her venomous eyes. stand up. Seongmin Lee urged.

“Of course it would have been fun. You were watching me struggle from up there, intent on everything. “You said you would bring me to despair.”

Then all I had to do was do it. Lee Seong-min muttered that and laughed.

“I just think the position has changed. Now you… … No matter what you do, you can’t make me despair. I already felt it and decided not to do it. Heoju wouldn’t want that either.”


Jennyella shouted. Her magical power fluctuated. Before the magic power surged forward to attack, the magic bullet moved once again.

The magic bullets fired in all directions tore away all of Jennyella’s magic.

“I told you. “I’m going to stop you from doing anything you want to do.”

Jennyella’s shoulders trembled and trembled. She couldn’t say anything and just twitched her lips.

It was my first time being in this position, so I didn’t know what to say in this situation. The feelings I had tried to ignore were rising strongly.

“Try smiling a little.”

Seongmin Lee approached. Jennyella tried to back away from Lee Sung-min, but Lee Sung-min was approaching faster than her.

What he chose to destroy Jennyella was the simplest form of violence. His fist cracked Jennyella’s cheek.

The shattered jaw trembled. Her once regenerated nose was distorted again. He grabbed her by the shoulders, crushed her, and drove his knee into her abdomen.

“Wow… … !”

Jennyella bowed down and vomited blood. Her blows were simple, but suitable for inflicting pain against an immortal like Jennyella.

The regenerative power restored the body, but the blows did not stop. Swinging her fists and kicking his. Jennyella rolled around on the ground again. Her body was covered in dirt because she had been beaten so hard.

“Are you used to pain?”

Seongmin Lee grabbed the back of Jennyella’s head with his hand.


Then he hit her head on the ground. Neither Jennyella’s enormous magical power nor her strong vampire body were of any use. Her Lee Seong-min body was stronger than anything she had.

“Yeah, no. You said it. Pain is not something you get used to. “It just increases your patience.”

How about this pain? Seongmin Lee grabbed Jennyella’s wrist. The force of the thrust inside him burned Jennyella’s nerves and twisted his bones and muscles.

The pain felt as if thousands of bugs were crawling and gnawing inside my blood vessels. Crumbling sounds continued to be heard from inside the body, and Jennyella stood with her mouth wide open, trembling and trembling.

“You’re used to dying, but not like this, right?”

Seongmin Lee grabbed Jennyella’s neck with his left hand. Jenny Ella struggled and gasped for air under the tightness of her grip.

Her eyes bulged like crucian carp from the pressure. Just before he lost his breath, Lee Seong-min let go of his neck. And then he grabbed Jennyella’s neck again as she was panting.

“that… … stop… … .”

Jennyella muttered in a hoarse voice. Jennyella could no longer ignore her fear.

Arrogance and arrogance were shattered in the endless one-sided violence and pain.

“Lord, kill me. just… … me… … .”

“Of course I will.”

So, did you think you would save me? Lee Seong-min asked with his eyes wide.

“But not yet. You know. “The night is still long.”

At those words, Jennyella’s face twisted in fear.


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