Worthless Regression Chapter 398

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Episode 400 92. Despair (7)

Jennyella looked up at Lee Seong-min with a puzzled expression.

Tap, tap, tap.

The cervical spine, which had been rotated like a twist, rotated in the reverse direction. Her vision spun, and Jennyella’s head spun along with it. She got a slap.

Yes, a slap. I?

The excitement cools down. Joy became irritation and pleasure became anger. This wasn’t my intention.

The original intention was to cheer up Lee Sung-min by fighting him moderately, and to give him even greater despair by taking away the hope he had given him until he was about to lose it.

I didn’t intend to give this much hope. Jennyella’s face distorted.

It shouldn’t be like this.

Seongmin Lee saw Jennyella’s mood change with a grave look on her face. Without needing to ask, Lee Seong-min knew what Jennyella was thinking.

She still didn’t know what the situation was. She was naturally and accustomed to being in the position of overwhelming power, so she did not understand the relationship that had turned upside down.

I liked it. Just as Jenny Ella hoped for her Lee Seong-min’s despair, Lee Seong-min also hoped for Jenny Ella’s despair.

I want to see that arrogant vampire queen despairing and despondent in an unavoidable situation. I thought it would be okay to enjoy it to that extent.

“only you.”

Seongmin Lee’s hand was raised. Lee Seong-min memorized his words to Jenny Ella, who was standing up. A proverb and a story of great power unfolded at the same time.


An enormous pressure pressed down on Jennyella’s shoulders. Unable to hold on, her bones were crushed and her internal organs were compressed.

“I wish it wasn’t there.”

Jennyella’s body fell to the floor. She swallowed her breath and twisted her body. Her surge of magic shielded her body and pushed the pressure back against her.

Space was distorted as force collided. Why are you like this? Jennyella held her breath. The night was long, today was the full moon,

She was a vampire queen who lived for 700 years. Just a few minutes ago, Jennyella had overwhelmed Lee Sung-min and she could be played with like a toy.

But why now?

“only you… … If there wasn’t… … .”

The emotions that were churning beneath the surface bubbled up. I couldn’t keep my cool and reason.

I needed an object of resentment. There was no need to force it. It is true that it is because of Jennyella. She wouldn’t be without Jenny Ella. If she didn’t wish for her own demise.

At least, Heoju wouldn’t have disappeared today. King Chang would never have died.

The fairy forest would not have been destroyed and others would not have suffered.


The distorted space was broken. The magical powers of Dragon Eon, the God of Superpowers, and Jennyella canceled each other out and were scattered in all directions.

At that moment, Jennyella broke free from Lee Seong-min’s restraints by collapsing her body into red mist. Seongmin Lee let Jennyella step back.

The scattered fog gathered again to form Jennyella’s body. She glared at Lee Seong-min with her hard face.

I didn’t want to admit it, but now I had no choice but to admit it.

Yongeon, Sura Cheonsalgong, Black Thunder Beoncheon.

Seongmin Lee handled it all perfectly.

Massacre predation… … Jennyella muttered it in a low voice. Just as Lee Seong-min himself acknowledged it, Jennyella also had no choice but to acknowledge it.

There, Jennyella experienced a small conflict.

What she hoped for was a future in which massacre predators would appear. If Lee Seong-min became a predator, Jennyella should not kill Lee Seong-min.

It was an act of denying herself the future she had hoped for for hundreds of years.

Of course, she knew that Lee Seong-min was different from the massacre predator she had hoped for.

The current Lee Seong-min will never slaughter and prey on everything in the world, even if it means slaughtering and predating. then.

‘I have to kill him.’

I made up my mind.

I decided to kill him completely. It was too late to trample on Lee Seong-min and make him despair. If we take that kind of leisure, we will get eaten by this side.

Yes, Jennyella recognized the power of Lee Sung-min. He decided to be content with seeing the despair and distorted expressions of death.

My mindset has changed. Now that she had made up her mind to kill him, Jennyella no longer had anything to worry about. His infinite magical power moved with murderous intent and ferocity.

“You’re arrogant… … .”

Seongmin Lee muttered in a low voice.

Jennyella’s body disappeared. She waved her hands as she leapt across her shattered space. Her magic followed her hand, filling the night with red.

Seongmin Lee didn’t move. The awakened understanding decided that there was no need to move.

He stood there and turned the spear lightly. Jenny Ella swung her claws and clashed with her intangible spear.

The magical energy that followed turned into a blade and cut into Lee Seong-min’s body.

It doesn’t get cut. The self-defense equipment surrounding Lee Seong-min’s body was too strong to be cut down with Jennyella’s magic power. The current crackled.

Blood spurted from Jennyella’s mouth. Before she could pull out the spear that pierced her chest, her intangible spear exploded and tore Jenny Ella’s body apart.

Only then did Seongmin Lee take a step. Jennyella’s head was visible between the scattered pieces of meat.

What kind of emotions are in those sunken eyes? Seongmin Lee checked him and raised his right foot high.


The explosion of Ibogaseul completely blew away Jennyella’s fragments. Jennyella’s body was reconstructed from a great distance away.

Before assessing the situation and adjusting his posture, Lee Seong-min walked one more time. A storm of deadly death erupted right in front of Jennyella.

Lee Seong-min’s divorce from martial arts was no longer tied to the streets. As the Five Stars fully expanded and inherited the hordes of Sima Lianju and Blood Demons, Muyeongtalhon went far beyond its original limits.

“Tsk… … !”

A moan burst from Jennyella’s mouth. She held onto her torn body and channeled her magic into her station.

Jennyella’s magic power struggled in the storm of the Three Treasures. Although he barely managed to change her trajectory, Lee Seong-min was standing not far from Jenny Ella.

He stomped his foot once more as if showing off.

Sabo madness. The spirit is running wild. Jennyella’s body shook like a leaf in an autumn wind.

She gritted her teeth and unleashed her magic. She soared high into the sky and caught her breath.

The body continues to explode. Today is the full moon, so there is no big problem in playing it.

“say it.”



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I heard a voice from behind me.

Jennyella was startled and leaned back. His swinging wrist was caught in Lee Seong-min’s hand. Seongmin Lee crushed Jennyella’s wrist and planted her knee in her abdomen.

Jennyella’s body was bent into a strange position, her back was torn, and her spine was bent in the opposite direction.

Blood spurted from Jennyella’s mouth. Seongmin Lee grabbed Jenny Ella’s hair with her other hand.

“How do you feel?”

The words Jennyella said to Lee Seong-min came back to her exactly as they were. Seongmin Lee held Jennyella’s hair tightly and stared into her eyes.

Jennyella’s eyes fluttered. She didn’t even know what she was feeling right now, Jennyella. This feeling was so unfamiliar to her.

“… … “Let go!”

Jennyella wrote evil. She waved both her hands and tried to push Lee Seong-min away.

At that moment, Lee Seong-min turned Jennyella’s hair away. Jennyella’s neck vertebrae broke with a snapping sound, and her body spun halfway around.

The swinging arm only scratched the empty space. Murderous intent boiled loudly.

Jennyella cut her own throat. Jenny Ella’s body fell down, losing her head.

And her body turned into a huge red blood and exploded in the air. Red waves undulated and covered the sky. Seongmin Lee threw the spear in his hand down.


There was a large hole in the red-covered sky. The magical power wrapped around Lee Seong-min’s body swelled greatly.

He slowly fell down and bent his upper body. Seongmin Lee’s body spun around.

A gale of trust is destroyed.

In an instant, the color of the sky changed. Lee Seong-min, who became purple lightning, filled the red sky with lightning.

Lightning exploded and magic dissipated. Jennyella fell down, covered in blood.

Lee Seong-min was now in perfect control of the ultra-high speed that he could not properly control.

Seongmin Lee grabbed Jennyella’s head and fell down, crushing her head on the ground without slowing down.

Jennyella’s body, whose head had been ‘ground’, wriggled. Seongmin Lee kicked Jennyella’s body.

Jennyella’s body flew a long way to the outside of the forest. There, Lee Seong-min struck a spear into Jennyella’s chest.


The ground cracked greatly and the shattered ground rose upward. Jennyella, her head regenerated, flailed around, coughing up blood and holding her spear with both hands.

“How does it feel?”

Jennyella didn’t answer. Only his distorted eyes looked up at Lee Seong-min with terrible emotions.

“Is it not enough?”

Would you like me to know more clearly? Seongmin Lee muttered that and held the new spear in his hand. Very naturally.

Lee Seong-min put martial arts at the tip of his spear. Jenny Ella, who saw through it, gasped and swallowed her breath, turning her body into her mist and trying to escape.

At that moment, Lee Seong-min’s powerful spirit grabbed Jennyella’s body.

The infinite spear pierced Jennyella’s left arm. A scream burst from Jennyella’s mouth.

It was worse than any pain she had ever experienced. Seongmin Lee twisted the spear that pierced her, completely cutting off Jennyella’s arm.

“Play it.”

Seongmin Lee said while looking at Jennyella who was struggling. There wasn’t even any blood flowing from the cut side of her arm.

Jennyella broke into a cold sweat and gritted her teeth.

It is the night of the full moon.

Magic power is infinite.

In this night, Jennyella never dies, and any wounds regenerate in an instant.

However, the severed arm did not regenerate. Non-pole penetrates to the source. A part of the mind that Sima Lianju reached in the end is dissolved in the group of martial arts.

Jennyella looked at her left arm with trembling eyes. The pain and empty feeling in her arm were so unfamiliar.

The emotions she was feeling right now were the same.

“Play it.”

Seongmin Lee urged in a low voice.

Gemini was watching it all with bated breath. She was annoyed that Lee Seong-min died once, but her rapidly changing situation extinguished all her feelings for him and made Gemini conflicted.

Gemini has a love-hate relationship with Jennyella. She hated the fact that her older sister, Jenny Ella, had transformed herself into a vampire without asking for her consent.

Not only that, but Jennyella is stubbornly forcing the destruction she desires.

Nevertheless, Gemini loves Jennyella. She turned her own sister into a vampire at will.

Gemini never doubted Jennyella’s love for him for hundreds of years. That made Gemini conflicted.

Actually, it was a funny conflict. Even if Gemini intervenes in that situation, she can’t change anything.

Gemini’s power was certainly strong, but even if she helped Jennyella, it wasn’t enough to change the situation.


Gemini has been hoping to see Lee Seong-min defeat Jennyella. If that happened, it was clear that they would obtain the freedom they had longed for for hundreds of years.

But now that this situation has come to pass, the hundreds of years I spent with Jennyella become a problem.

In front of your eyes… … Her older sister, with whom she had lived for hundreds of years, dies. It was that kind of conflict. It’s something I’ve wanted for so long, and now that it seems like it’s about to come true, my emotions fluctuate.

Even if we add our strength, we cannot change the situation. still… … We could at least die together. So that the path you take is not lonely.

My mind was lost. Do you really have to die like that? You’ve always wanted it to happen like this.

Since he couldn’t do it himself, he tried to kill Jennyella with Lee Seong-min, who seemed to have the least chance.

While Gemini was thinking about such things, Lee Seong-min kicked Jennyella’s head once more.

Jennyella’s body fell to the floor. Gemini gritted his teeth at the sight. And then she gasped, and Ella’s eyes looked at Gemini.


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