Worthless Regression Chapter 394

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Episode 396 92. Despair (3)

The fact that the head was blown off was certain death, but the body, which had become completely inhuman, held on to the soul and continued to regenerate, albeit slowly, even in certain death.

Meanwhile, Lee Seong-min’s consciousness wandered in the dark. In it, he forgot what was happening in ‘reality’. His consciousness wandered through the long, long time he had lived.

I was born as the son of Lee Seong-jun, the master of Heukryeonmun in Gwangjin-gu, a martial arts group in Seoul, Jungwon, and learned various martial arts from an early age.

His innate qualities were good enough to discuss the best of all time and modern times, but he was tired of learning martial arts and becoming stronger unconditionally, so he did not understand the reality that he had to go to college and did not listen to his school teachers. At that young age, his father, Moon Ju of the Black Lotus School, It surpassed the level of the weapon and surpassed the wall of transcendence.

Rather than my parents nagging me that I should go to a good university and get a good job, I liked kicking a ball on the playground, and I enjoyed going to PC rooms and buying cheap prostitutes with the daily wages I earned as a cheap mercenary.

I was a dragon, a great race, and a master of magic. Although I had never seen the great monster Heoju whose territory was a large forest, I was not afraid of it.

I crossed the forest ruled by the bastard and had to go to the academy, so I left the PC room and went home.

I was anxious about not being able to do my homework at the academy, but my martial arts skills in the Black Lotus Gate were insignificant.

The first thing I did after surpassing my father’s achievements and discussing the transcendental realm was to create my own martial arts, and that was Black Lightning.

The Black Lightning Heaven contains the fastest speed in the world, the magic is great, and when I came to my senses, it was the first time I came to another world.

I was given the title of Noble Bloodslayer, and during the turbulent times 700 years ago, I was considered the most influential person in the world.

I didn’t like having anyone around me, so I lived the life of a ronin, and Surachonsalgong was the only friend I had.

After completing the Black Lightning Heaven, I went to Denir to discuss a greater level, but I didn’t want to go to the academy because I was worried that I didn’t do my homework.

Life as a mercenary was full of danger, and while he was wandering around as a ronin, he adopted sisters whom he named Jennyella and Gemini.

I grabbed the stone from my previous life and returned, and while flying across the forest of Heju, I was caught by the bastard and suffered terrible pain.

I couldn’t arrive at the academy, and when I came to my senses, I found myself in this damn world.

I missed my parents and friends, but by my side were the two vampires I had adopted.

Life with them was fun, but as a C-level mercenary belonging to the Corona mercenary group, I felt that there was no hope for the future.

In the world I returned to, I called myself Demon Emperor and thought I might be the greatest person of all time.

As hundreds of years passed, the name Zhu Xibai was forgotten as a noble blood beast, and I became Jennyella’s second blood relative. I didn’t like the nickname Blood Demon.

As a C-level mercenary, I met Wijihoyeon. I killed the Sword Demon and became the Demon Emperor, and everyone called me the Demon Emperor.

As a dragon, I died in vain at the hands of Heoju. I, I, I… … .

Who was it?

Memories were tangled. Excluding Aine, who had no soul, the current Lee Seong-min, the past life Lee Seong-min, the dragon who was the owner of the Dragon Heart, the Blood Demon, and the Demon Lord.

The memories of the three hearts Lee Seong-min ate were mixed with the original memories. It was enough to say that the memories that were put together as soon as they did not fit together were chaos.

At the center of the chaos, Lee Seong-min was conscious of his own existence.

Very vaguely.

‘Who am I?’

Seongmin Lee looked down at his hands. Here and now, he was the demon emperor Yang Il-cheon, the Demon Lord of the Four Demons, the dragon who was the father of the Black Dragon Society who was killed by He Zhou, the blood demon who was the adoptive father of Jennyella and Gemini, and Zhu Xibai, once called the Ghost Blood Beast. Am I Lee Seong-min, the person with all those memories?


Seongmin Lee looked in the direction where the sound was heard. He was standing with his back turned to Heoju. He was staring into a swirling chaos of memories and consciousness.

Beyond the hazy fog there was chaos. Lee Seong-min felt all kinds of emotions at the same time as he looked at Heo Joo’s back.

What he felt most was the emotion of the dragon that was killed by Heoju hundreds of years ago.

Even though it was killed one-sidedly, the only emotion left for the dragon was constant fear.

“What did you see?”

“… … “Lots of things.”

“Are you scared of me?”


The feeling of fear faded and disappeared completely. It was a world of consciousness that I had visited many times. This is where Lee Seong-min always met Heo Joo.

“… … I am… … Why here… … .”

“Jenniella blew your head off.”

Jennyella? why? Why is that child, her adoptive daughter… … No, this is not my memory. Seongmin Lee held his head with both hands.

“You seem confused.”

“… … It’s terrible… … I feel terrible… … I… … I feel like it’s not me… … .”

It was my first time experiencing something like this. Three times so far. Seongmin Lee has been devouring the power of others with the power of his black heart.

Sima Lianju, Dragon, Blood Demon. Most of the power that was devoured like that left little to Lee Sung-min, and it did not make him grow that much.

All the memories that I had not been conscious of until now were floating around in this world. Heo Ju looked at it quietly.

“It’s been a while.”

Heoju opened his mouth.

“It has been in your consciousness for over ten years. Meantime… … I have seen you closer than anyone else. And I also knew what your fatal flaw was.”

“… … “What do you want to say?”

“The gap between soul and body.”

Heo Joo chuckled.

“You have always had that danger within you. It can’t be helped. Because you have a complex body. You become a complete monster, you undergo a complete metamorphosis, but you are still incomplete. You’ve always had those imperfections, and you’ve solved them in your own way. But always… … “It hasn’t been completely resolved.”

“What are you doing now?”

“I am.”

Heoju slowly turned around. It’s a sight I’ve seen many times in this world. But the expression he was making was unfamiliar.

“I needed to be sure. I had an idea to some extent, but hey, it couldn’t possibly be like that. I was thinking something like that. I didn’t even show it to you. I’m embarrassed to say this, but I hated it. “You say you don’t need me.”

“What are you talking about… … .”

“It’s because of me.”

Isn’t it easy to understand? Heo Joo laughed.

“There are two consciousnesses in one body. Although the subject is you, I have always been a parasite in the corner of your consciousness, occupying a corner of this vast world of consciousness. Tell me. “What was it that threatened you before you became a complete youkai?”

“… … Massacre predation… … .”

“To be precise, it was a possibility that he might mutate into a monster. What was it given? “It was because of me.”

“not now… … !”

“Do you really think so?”



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Heo Joo smiled with a bitter expression at Lee Seong-min, who was shouting in a panic.

“Why are you imperfect even though you have become a perfect monster? Why are you incomplete even though the massacre predation has disappeared? Because the body is superior to consciousness? Is it because you can’t completely make the power you gained from feasting yours? No, no. Your consciousness has grown sufficiently. See, everything you got from feasting was in here. “You just didn’t feel it.”

“But now…” … .”

“Because I am nearing the end.”

Heo Joo shook his head and cut off Lee Sung Min mid-sentence.

“Ever since I left Sleeping Forest, I have been reaching the limit of remaining in this form. And now the real end has arrived.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, that can’t be possible. That your existence made me incomplete? You haven’t disappeared yet. But I obtained all the memories I had never known before… … !”

“Because your body wants it.”

Heoju said with a smile.

“Having your head blown off is a fatal wound that is difficult to revive, no matter how strong your regenerative ability is. But your body is persistent in trying to save you. Your plan to prey on Aine’s black heart and increase the body’s performance and evolutionary potential to the limit was successful. In this extreme crisis, your superior body somehow found the answer to survive and win the fight.”

Heoju said that and moved the hand that was behind his back forward. Lee Seong-min’s face hardened when he saw that.

There was no trace of that big hand. Little by little, starting from his wrist, Heoju’s body was turning into powder and scattering.

“By completely excluding the imperfections within you. Well, it was planned. Anyway, I wasn’t able to stay for long. “If you can endure this much, you have endured it for a long time.”

“why… … .”

Lee Seong-min collapsed in his seat. It was something he didn’t want to understand, but he had no choice but to understand.

Heo Joo doesn’t lie. I couldn’t find anything wrong with Heo Joo’s words.

It was hateful. So disgusting. Everything happens like this. Why does everything disappear?

Why do the beings who gave their hearts and hoped not to disappear leave Lee Seong-min one by one?

“I tried to disappear 10 years ago.”

When the massacre was interrupted. Heo Ju prepared for his own extinction.

“Things went well and only the slaughter and predation disappeared. I was able to make a nice exit, but because he disappeared in vain, I had no reason to leave. from then… … I guessed it to some extent. “My presence is not of much help to you.”

“no… … !”

Seongmin Lee couldn’t hold back and shouted. He has never been less than helpful. It was thanks to Lee Seong-min’s spirit that he was able to endure until now without being broken.

When Sima Lianju died, it was Heo Ju who comforted Lee Seongmin. Even when there was no one by Lee Sung-min’s side, and even when there was someone. Heo Joo was always in Lee Seong-min’s consciousness.

Listening to Lee Seong-min’s concerns, giving him advice, and telling jokes. Always like that.

“I was glad when you asked me to wait.”

But I feel relieved that this has happened. Heo Joo waved his arms, which had completely disappeared.

“Because I gained confidence like this. “I can’t stay with you any longer unless I can help you.”

“no… … .”

Seongmin Lee held his head in both hands and cried.

“If you, too, disappear. I am… … What on earth are you asking me to do? … ?”

“Even at this very moment, other guys are dying because of Jennyella.”

Seongmin Lee’s body trembled. Faint memories come back clearly.

Before my head flew off.

The sight of Baek So-go, who had collapsed with blood spurting out, and Scarlett… … .

“It’s not like dying.”

Heoju muttered that and looked at Lee Seongmin. He saw a long road leading behind Lee Seong-min, who was sitting down.

I saw a familiar face from far away. With Samaryeonju and King Chang. Heo Joo laughed.

“Same as your teacher. I left you… … It doesn’t disappear. “Leaving this world and heading down a path that only qualified people can take.”

“You’re leaving in the end… … .”

“Don’t cry, kid.”

Heo Joo, who heard Lee Seong-min crying, swore. He approached with great strides and kicked Lee Seong-min, who was sitting down.

“What are you going to do with me? Even though you whine not to go, I have to leave you in the end. It has to disappear. Even at this moment, I am disappearing. It couldn’t be helped. It’s a bit weird to disappear without even leaving a word, so I’m staying here to say goodbye to you. “Are you unable to understand this old man’s feelings and just whine about how sad he is?”

“It’s because of me… … !”

“그래, 너 때문이지, 이 개새끼야. You’re weaker than Jennyella, and your body is telling you to go away, saying you don’t need me. Still.”

Heo Joo once again kicked Lee Sung Min’s body.

“It has already been extinguished, so I will go by my own will. I have no regrets. I wanted to see how far you could go, but now I can’t even if I want to. It’s okay though.

Because I believe in you. You ripped Jennyella, that bitch, shattered the damned destiny called Jong-eun, and lived doing whatever you wanted… … Later, when there is nothing I want to do anymore.

Following Nawa, Sima Lianju, and King Chang who went first. “I believe we will get there.”

Heoju spat like that and glared at Lee Seongmin’s face.

“So, smile, you idiot.”

Heo Joo naturally tried to hit Lee Seong-min’s face with his fist, but was unable to punch him because his arm was completely gone.

“Don’t show your ugly face by crying and crying. “Smile.”


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