Worthless Regression Chapter 392

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Episode 394 92. Despair (1)

The pain is familiar.

I was used to it.

That’s what I thought. So far, I have experienced many types of pain. Although my memories are vague, there was a time when he died.

Dying, returning to the past, until now. Lee Seong-min’s life was not easy. He always had enemies, he always fought.

There has never been a comfortable victory. If I think about it now, all of the opponents Lee Sung-min fought drove him to the brink of death.

But it didn’t die. Lee Sung-min always won, even when he was like that. The blessing of fate allowed Lee Seong-min to survive in that way.

The more he fought, the closer his body became to a monster rather than a human, and the regenerative power he gained instantly healed fatal wounds and made Lee Seong-min continue to move.

That regenerative power is cursed. It would have been better if it had been a weak human body.

“Ah ah ah ah ah… … .”

I wouldn’t have had to experience this kind of pain.

Jennyella was right. Pain is something you never get used to. It’s just that my patience increases.

Even if it hurts a lot, you won’t be able to think of it as being painful. It’s not that I’m getting used to it, it’s that my patience has increased.

No matter how much it hurts, if it’s this bad… … . I start to think. Because I have already experienced this level of pain. So I endure it. I think this is okay.

But if it goes beyond a certain point. When you reach areas you have never felt before.

Jennyella was good at inflicting pain. Having lived for hundreds of years, she knew well how to crush and crush the human spirit with her suffering.

And Lee Seong-min was Jennyella’s best toy. Although he has a human spirit, he is not easily broken.

Jennyella has already pulled out Lee Seong-min’s fingers and arms dozens of times. Seongmin Lee regenerated that wound.

The torn arm is reconstructed starting from the bones. The body of a complete monster. Overflowing magical power. All of that made me reject Lee Seong-min’s death.

[What a bitch!]

Heoju shouted. He gritted his teeth, acutely aware of his helplessness.

All he could do now was to keep calling Lee Seong-min’s name so that his spirit would not be shattered, and to use his magic power to push Jennyella away.

[Lee Seong-min!]

Luvia cried out and cried out. She couldn’t do anything and the same was true for Luvia.

The reason she stayed in Lee Sung-min’s arms was to prevent an absolute attack on Lee Sung-min’s behalf that would lead to his death.

The protection of absolute defense granted by the extinct spirit queen, which once prevented the death of a light horse in the past, can only be used once.

I was holding my breath to shout out God’s protection at the crucial moment, but before I could do that, Lee Seong-min cornered me like this.

“Get out of my way… … .!”

Osla roared and charged. Osla’s charge, with light wrapped around her entire body, seemed quite powerful.

If it had been reached, it would have actually been so.

“I told you.”

Jennyella lowered her outstretched hand. She giggled as she looked at Osla, whose body was pierced by dozens of awls.

“You can’t do it. “You are too weak.”

“ah… … eww… … .”

“As an immortal, are you used to pain? It doesn’t look like much… … why? What did you think you could do to me in this forest? Ahaha, that’s too arrogant. With what kind of confidence? Yes, it is true that you have outlived me. But you, who have been playing house with the mischievous fairies in this peaceful forest for such a long time… … How can you stop me?”

Osla twisted her body while listening to Jennyella’s muttering. Every time she moved her body a terrible pain blanked her mind.

Reunion, reunion… … .

Osla called his name in a sobbing voice.

“You lost it.”

I don’t want to hear any whining. Jenny Ella snapped her fingers.


A red awl rose from under Osla’s chin and pierced her entire head.

“If I whine and call out to Sima Lianzhu, will he come back to life? Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. “He was your teacher, right?”

Jennyella stopped laughing and looked down at Seongmin Lee.

“He was a foolish person. He even informed me, kindly, that he would soon die… … Even though he heard about his death, he didn’t run away. Could it be that he thought that was brave?”

“Doc… … Hit it… … !”

Seongmin Lee spat out blood. Jennyella giggled and easily scratched his magic with her hand.

“Heoju, please. At this point, try learning a bit. You can’t do anything with only your soul left. You think I don’t know? You stayed too long. “It’s already the limit, isn’t it?”

[shut up.]

Heoju’s spirit surged. Is it true? Jennyella burst out laughing.

“It’s natural that there are limits. Hundreds of years have already passed since you died. No matter how powerful the monster was, only its soul remained for so long… … I’ve barely managed to scrape together the remnants of the magical powers I used to control and remain in the world. Why on earth are you still here? “Do you have any regrets in this world?”

[shut up… … !]

Jennyella was right. Heoju remained in this world for too long. From the moment I left Sleeping Forest, I quickly reached my limit.

If he hadn’t absorbed the remnants of his old magical power from the south along the way, he would have reached his limit faster than this.

“I can’t force that helpless body to move right now.”

Damn bitch. I should have killed him 400 years ago. Heoju suddenly gritted his teeth and regretted it.

That statement was correct.

In the past, it was possible to move Lee Sung-min’s body for a moment while he was unconscious.

But now that I had reached the limit of remaining in the world like this, it was impossible to do so.

“Why are you staying in this world just to see something good happen?”


Heo Joo did not tell Jennyella.

[Are you listening?]

Lee Seong-min was blankly listening to Heo-joo’s voice. It hurt. It hurt so much.

My whole body.

My thoughts didn’t flow properly. It was because of the red awl piercing the eye.

[After listening, there is nothing wrong with what I said. Why on earth do I stay in this world just to see something good happen?]



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Heo Joo chuckled and laughed.

[I was able to leave this world more than ten years ago. But I didn’t leave. I wanted to see your end, not my end. you… … What to do. I was wondering if you could really save this shitty world by struggling.]

Are you listening? Heoju asked again.

[You worked hard. On your topic, that is. You are such an ugly bastard. Does it hurt a lot?]


[What are you going to do? Your aim failed. Even though we fought in this forest, we couldn’t defeat that crazy bitch. It’s something that can’t be helped. Jennyella was stronger than you thought.]

What are you going to do? Heoju asked again.

[You worked hard. If some f*cking guy laughs at you and asks, “Why can’t you do this much?” I will kill that bastard. You worked hard. I did everything I could. still… … There is also a law like this. No matter how hard you work, you can’t do something you can’t do. You may fail.]

Even if you try your best, it doesn’t mean you will always succeed.

[If only I had done this much… … I think you can give up.]

‘haha… … It’s not like you.’

[I feel sorry for you… … That’s what I’m saying.]

Because I feel sorry for you.

Lee Seong-min chuckled at what Heo-ju added.


Jennyella licked her lower lip.

“I guess I can endure this level of pain. I’m tired of pulling out fingers and gouging out eyes. Let’s enjoy it a little more. How about sifting through the intestines? Have you ever seen an organ properly? Stomach, liver, large intestine… … i know? The large intestine is very long. “How long is yours?”

or not.

[…] … Let go of your consciousness.]

Heoju advised.

“Why don’t I bother someone else besides you?”

[Don’t listen.]

Jennyella raised her lowered body. Sensitivity is sensitive. It smells… … It came out. A different smell than the fishy smell of spilled blood. Seongmin Lee knew that smell.

Don’t feel it. Heoju spoke again. Heo Joo’s voice was trembling. He was truly saying this for Lee Seong-min.

So that Lee Seong-min does not despair further. So that he doesn’t scream.

[This is so cruel.]


She always smelled like this.

The smell of an unknown wild flower.

Lee Seong-min’s fingertips were trembling.

i miss you? Jennyella asked with a smile. The magic force forcibly turned Lee Seong-min’s head to the side.

He opened his only eye wide. Jennyella stood up, her shoulders shaking with laughter, her feet shaking with anticipation, and Baek Sogo standing in front of her with a pale, tired face.

I came after killing Kun.

With Kun’s death, his power would return to Zeniella, but I thought it would be okay if she joined and fought with the priest.

Kun was strong. Manwol made his strength and regenerative power even stronger. So it took longer than expected.

But it wasn’t difficult. His attacks were neither lethal nor as fast as Baeksogo’s.

It was easier than I thought. As he came here, he thought that the fight with Jenny Ra would be easier than he thought.

I thought that if I fought with the priest, it would be possible to defeat the powerful Vampire Queen.

“buy… … my… … ?”

“don’t worry.”

It was Jennyella who answered, not Seongmin Lee.

“Even if you look like that, you’re still alive. It’s still playing at this very moment. “Isn’t it amazing?”

“Priests… … .”

“I’m sure they all hear what you call. why? Do you want to hear your priest’s voice? “Then let me help you.”

Jennyella moved her raised hand.


A red awl erupted from the floor and pierced Lee Seong-min’s stomach. The dried internal organs came up to Lee Seong-min’s nose.


A scream burst from Lee Seong-min’s mouth. Sister, please. Lee Seong-min chewed his trembling lips.

Run away.

He pursed his lips and said that. Heoju didn’t say anything more.

I didn’t want to see you like that. Heo Joo’s mumbling could be heard far away.


Baek Sogo shouted. Her mind turned white. Baek Sogo’s feet kicked the ground.

The martial spirit that unfolded as naturally as breathing made Baek Sogo’s body move.

She opened her eyes and rushed towards Jennyella.

“Please, sister.”

Seongmin Lee sang Baeksogo in a tearful voice. You will never be able to defeat that monster. Run away, run away. My consciousness was shaken.

I feel like it will break.


Jennyella smiled.

Baek Sogo’s hand, which tried to grab his neck, is caught by Jennyella’s hand. She smiled softly and twisted Baek Sogo’s wrist.

Baek Sogo did not resist and just rotated his floating body so as not to break his wrist.

Meanwhile, Baeksogo’s other hand cut off Jennyella’s wrist.


Blood spurted from the cut wrist. Seongmin Lee saw Baek Sogo with tears of blood flowing down his face. Baek So-go’s eyes met Lee Seong-min’s eyes.

‘Why are you crying?’

Baek Sogo thought so.

‘Does it hurt a lot?’

Don’t worry, priest. are you okay. Just as the priest has saved me from danger many times, I can save him this time.

Baek Sogo’s hand stretched out. The wide-open piece flew into the face of Jennyella, who was grinning.



Jennyella turned her head and looked at Lee Seong-min.

“What did you say?”

Baek Sogo sat down on the spot. She blinked her eyes blankly, watching the blood patter and drip. Jennyella pulled her hand out from where her back was stuck in her stomach.

“Couldn’t you have said it sooner? Then we can stop properly.”

“ah… … eww… … .”

Blood dripped from Baek Sogo’s mouth.


Seongmin Lee cried out and vomited blood. The regenerated body moves. Before it could move completely, Jennyella’s magic power exploded Lee Seong-min’s head.

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I won’t kill you. Yes, not yet.”

But humans are annoying. Jennyella took out a bottle of elixir and poured it into Baeksogo’s open wound.

“Because it’s difficult to control my strength.”

Jennyella muttered that and looked up.

“Are you just going to watch?”

Jennyella asked a question to those hiding in the dark.


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