Worthless Regression Chapter 391

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Episode 393 91. Invasion (11)

I assessed the odds of winning. Not 0. Although it wasn’t high, it wasn’t so high that it could never be won.

However, I wasn’t full of hope either. It was close to 0, so I had to struggle. The good news is that you’re getting used to it.

Attack methods that could not have been attempted before are also possible. The ultra-fast attack was so powerful that it was impossible to follow it with the eyes. Nevertheless, my awakened senses forced my body to move.

An attack with overwhelming magic power and high density that leaves no gaps visible. I chose to advance rather than avoid.

If there is no gap, jump over the whole thing. Muyeongtalhon and Heukreobeoncheon were completely combined.

This ultra-fast, innovative method transcends space, reaching the level of not just moving quickly, but leaping through space.

Jennyella was in no hurry to face Lee Seong-min, who was attacking her fearfully. The night was long.

‘Chen and Kun are dead.’

It was a natural procedure. He was sent to die. I thought there was no way they would win, just in case.

The two twins were loyal servants who had been by Jennyella’s side for hundreds of years. No condolences were sent.

The singing style pouring from top to bottom could no longer be considered martial arts. The entire space was trying to kill Jennyella with murderous intent.

Jennyella chuckled. The magical power that surged from Jennyella’s body gathered into one point.


The clash of attack and attack shook the lake. Osla watched the clash between Lee Seong-min and Jennyella with a stiff face.

Seongmin Lee is doing well.

I used all the numbers I had. Aine’s heart was also absorbed and her body was given maximum potential.

In fact, Lee Seong-min made the fight with Jennyella possible based on forced growth.

If that method had not been used, defeat would have already been confirmed.

‘but… … It’s not enough.’

Osla, away from the fray, is clearly feeling it. Unlike Lee Sung-min, who is giving it her all, Jennyella still has room to spare.

doing well. There wouldn’t be many beings in this world who could fight to that level against the queen of monsters on a full moon night.

[Just holding on is not enough.]

Heoju wasn’t just giving advice. His magical power soared endlessly, protecting him from Jennyella’s fatal attacks.

It’s not just Heoju’s magical power. The Fairy Queen’s protection that Osla continuously grants also protects against Jennyella’s attacks.

[To throw a bet… … Is it early?]

‘I don’t know.’

The problem was that I wasn’t sure. Even if I use martial arts, I am not sure that I can kill Jennyella.

So far, I have used Mugeuk twice. However, he has never completely destroyed his opponent with just one hit.

Jennyella is stronger than the blood mana or spirit queen. That’s why she’s not sure.


Lee Seong-min’s body flew backwards. He tried to straighten his rolling body and immediately engage in an attack, but at that moment, Jennyella’s hand was already touching his chest.

The Fairy Queen’s blessings and Jennyella’s magic clashed. Her magic was canceled out, but Jenny Ella’s next attack began as if she knew it would happen.


The magical power tore apart the self-defense equipment. The magic that infiltrated shattered Lee Seong-min’s internal organs. Blood spurted from Lee Seong-min’s nose and mouth.

[Hold on!]

Heoju shouted. Seongmin Lee caught his flying consciousness.


Seongmin Lee shouted and increased his strength. A force was forced into his body as he fell backwards.


Lee Seong-min’s foot hit the ground. The consciousness that felt like it was going to break forced my body to move. Seongmin Lee gritted his teeth and forced his fist to move.


While swinging, my muscles ruptured and my bones shattered. Only the enormous magical power contained within exploded without being disturbed and destroyed Jennyella’s magical power.

“It’s okay to overdo it.”

Jennyella sneered. Her full moon is granting her her endless magical powers.

In this battle, Jennyella was a strong woman who stood in an overwhelming position. To her, her Lee Seong-min was nothing more than an indestructible and strong punching bag for her.

“Is it not enough?”

Do you still think you can do it? Jennyella asked sincerely. The odds are… … .

No, don’t think about it. Lee Seong-min took a deep breath.

Find a way out somehow. How to win.

The tattered arm regenerated. Seongmin Lee held the spear with both hands. Don’t get hung up on the form of a window. Heoju shouted in his head.

know. Lee Seong-min’s feet hit the ground. While putting pressure on them with Muyeong Desertion, they keep them in check with Blood Phantom Demon Attack, and thanks to Osla’s protection, they don’t die easily.

The spirit began to rotate. What more do you want to show me? Jennyella whispered. How long will she save it? She scoffed and asked a question.

Jennyella already knew Lee Seong-min’s hidden method. The attack that killed the blood demon has not yet occurred.

“Then I’ll push you harder.”

Magic power surged. The space is dyed red. The inferior Osla spread its wings.

Even if it has little combat power, it cannot just grant protection. Powders of light spewed out in all directions from its wide-open wings.

The light of Osla resisted the grip of magical power and drove away Zeniella’s power. Jennyella laughed loudly.

“You can’t be added!”

The magic power exploded. A series of magical explosions tore apart the space.

The light of Osla was extinguished by red magic. It was best to create a gap. The pounding headache came back.

The eyes see the flow of magic power. Where is the gap? Seongmin Lee’s window moved. You shouldn’t be limited by singing style.

Seongmin Lee forcibly twisted his arm and changed the shape of the spear. Gucheonmugeukchang was overused. I ran while tearing through the storm of magical power.

The secret method of muyeongtalhon was unfolded.

Muyeongtalhon Chilsik.

An explosion of magical power inflated by two-bo frenzy, three-bore death, and four-bo frenzy. The magic power that was spreading in all directions stops.

Lee Seong-min’s feet were raised high. When he put his foot down, the force that had spread came back again.



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A gale of trust (疾風迅雷) destruction (滅殺).

Feet fly off. Consciousness flies. Consciousness cannot keep up with the speed at which the body moves.

No, is it the opposite? Seongmin Lee felt his body becoming a bolt of lightning.

Muyeongtalhon Chil-sik and the gale-pung trust annihilation placed the group of extreme pleasures of Black Thunder and Muyeongtalhon further ahead.

“This is my first time seeing this… … .”

It was before Jennyella finished speaking.

Quack, boom, boom!

Lee Seong-min, like a ray of lightning, passed by Jennyella. Jennyella’s body spurted blood and soared into the sky due to the storm of magical power that immediately struck.

Lightning crackles and changes direction. Magical power enveloped Jennyella’s body.


The collision shattered Jennyella’s barrier. Why do this now? Jennyella had this thought during her flight.

‘It’s no longer possible to save.’

I guess I wanted to write it and finish it at a certain moment. But that was no longer possible. My soul creaks.

Just by maintaining the speed of the gale of destruction, the body explodes and regenerates repeatedly. Seongmin Lee held the spear with trembling hands.

Jennyella’s head, with her eyes wide open, was smashed with a spear. Jenny Ella’s headless body fell to the floor.

‘now… … !’

My mind exploded brightly. A group of warriors were loaded onto the spear. More efficiently, more completely… … . There is no time. Jennyella’s body is regenerating.

‘I’m faster.’

Mugeuk was shot.

A flash of light completely dispelled the darkness. Power and endurance. It didn’t explode anymore. Seongmin Lee looked down with trembling eyes.

Obviously, I was faster.

“Be dangerous.”

Jennyella whispered.

The arms that were soaring high fell down. The intangible spear he was holding scattered and disappeared.

Seongmin Lee stumbled and took a few steps back. Blood spurted from both his severed arms. What’s going on?

Seongmin Lee could not understand this situation. He accelerated to top speed using Gale Confidence Annihilation.

Jennyella’s consciousness was cut off by blowing off her head. She performed the dance moves faster than Jenny Ella’s body could regenerate. What she was aiming for was her breasts.

Couldn’t pierce it.

At the moment when the dance was completed, Jennyella’s body disappeared.

It was too late to correct the direction.

Lee Seong-min thought while coughing up blood. No, what was unexpected was Jennyella’s movement. His body disappears… … .

“Don’t you understand?”

Jennyella asked with a smile. Jennyella glanced at Seongmin Lee’s regenerating arm.

“I already know your spear is a threat. “Do you think I’m so arrogant that I don’t guard against that?”

A blood demon’s death is worth it. Because it made us realize how threatening Lee Seong-min’s last move was.

So I was on guard. Even while fighting, he did not forget that that dangerous technique could target him at any time.

“It’s nothing special.”

Seongmin Lee gritted his teeth. The body still moves. As before, he did not burn out just because he wrote a non-geuk.

It’s not over yet. Her feet stretched forward. When you try to walk away like that.


The magical blade that rose from the floor cut Seongmin Lee’s knee. Lee Seong-min’s body lost its balance and collapsed.

“I could have done it, but I didn’t.”

It’s no different from before.

In order to make her feel like she had a chance of winning and that she could do it, Jennyella pushed herself in the fight with Lee Sung-min.

I could have avoided it, but I didn’t. I could have stopped it, but I didn’t. It has been steadily building up. He showed his true colors once in the middle. It was to ask if you were in despair.

“How about now?”

Jennyella trembled from the joy rising from her toes. Seongmin Lee, who was sitting down on her back, looked up at Jenny Ella blankly.


No, I understood it already. When the attacks of her conversion failed to pierce Jennyella.

Even if you thought ‘Why?’… … .

Actually, I knew it. At that moment, Jennyella’s speed changed. Evade her stumbling block, burrow inside her, and cut off both of her arms.

“Are you desperate?”

Even Heoju couldn’t say anything. I don’t know how I can get through this terrible situation.

There is a huge difference in what you can do. That was it.

“It’s impossible to look at it any longer.”

Jennyella muttered that and stretched out her hand.


Seongmin Lee screamed and swung his regenerated hand.

“I said it was impossible.”

Blood spurted from my wrist. Seongmin Lee took a step back with trembling legs. Jennyella chased after Lee Seong-min.

She grabbed his shoulder and pulled out Lee Sung-min’s entire shoulder with a gentle touch. Her hands were unstoppable.

Jennyella’s foot pushed Seongmin Lee’s leg. As if it had to happen, Lee Seong-min’s leg was broken.

Jennyella’s lips twitched as she looked down at Lee Seong-min’s body that had fallen backwards. She couldn’t hold back any longer and smiled brightly.

I couldn’t help but laugh like that. Jennyella shivered with joy as she saw the emotions on Lee Seong-min’s face as he looked up at her.

“ah… … iced coffee.”

It was lovely. A scared face. The despair you feel when faced with such an absolute situation that no matter how hard you try, there is nothing you can do about it.

Jennyella chewed her lower lip. Her blood dripped down his chin.

“good… … .”

Jennyella bowed down, sobbing. Lee Seong-min gasped as he looked at the approaching red eyes.

In the meantime, he swung his hand towards Jennyella using the blood ghost demon technique. Both hands were caught so easily that it felt like nothing.

Jennyella smiled as she looked at Lee Seong-min’s arm, which had suddenly regenerated.

“I told you. “I won’t look at you anymore.”

So tell me. Jenny Ella lowered her head and put it close to Lee Seong-min’s face.

“Am I scared? You feel helpless because you can’t do anything, right? What do you think will happen in the future? What should I do? What kind of pain will it cause you? Think about it, one, one, one, one… … are you okay. I won’t give you any difficult or difficult pain. It’s intuitive, and I’ll give you that pain.”

Is the pain familiar? Jennyella sang.

“If you really think that way, you’re arrogant. You never get used to the pain. It just increases your patience. Don’t worry. “I will teach you step by step.”


“The night is still long.”

Jennyella’s nails dug into Lee Seong-min’s left eye.


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