Worthless Regression Chapter 389

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Episode 391 91. Invasion (9)

When asked if he was in despair.

Seongmin Lee couldn’t give any answer. He thought he could do it. He thought he had a chance.

I thought that if I continued to fight like this, I might be able to drain Jennyella’s magical power and defeat her.

It was arrogance.

Open abdominal wounds regenerate. Torn internal organs, muscles, skin, and bones.

Jennyella looked down at the scene lovingly. Her long outstretched fingers caressed Lee Seong-min’s stomach.

Jennyella’s fingertips traced between her split abs.

“Is it not enough?”

Jennyella smiled and asked. What is lacking? Jenniela’s hand, which was holding Lee Seong-min’s shoulder, was filled with strength.

The soft hand crushed Lee Seong-min’s shoulder with terrible grip strength.

“Do you still have hope? Actually, I hope so. “That way, I’ll feel better when you’re really in despair.”

I glare at Jennyella’s face. Yeah, it can’t be this easy. The time of the Spirit Queen was too easy.

“Try more.”

Jennyella let go of Lee Seong-min’s shoulder. As if to prove that everything up to this point had been a play to give her hope, the magic power surging from Jennyella’s body has a density that is incomparable to before.

A shattered shoulder regenerates. I clutch my empty hands.

I guess I’ll hear something from Selgerus again. In the current situation, Lee Seong-min had that thought. He put a lot of effort into making it.

[you… … Are you okay?]

[Are you okay… … ?]

I move the shattered shoulder to see if it has regenerated well. Heoju and Rubia asked worriedly. Lee Seong-min smiled bitterly and answered.

“It can’t be this easy.”

It is true that I had hope. It is true that he thought he could do it and that he had a chance of winning.

It is also true that I was dazed because it was trampled on. I was momentarily intimidated by Jenny Ella, who was whispering and pressing her face close to me.

I was also disappointed in the fact that the reason I had overwhelmed Jennyella so far was as she had intended.

Still, I thought it was natural. There was no way the Queen of Monsters, who had lived for hundreds of years, would be this weak.

No matter how well prepared you are against her, there is no way you can overwhelm her. It’s unlike anything she’s ever experienced before, only experiencing hardships that can only be overcome with the help of her destiny power.

The magical power gathered in the hand became a long spear. Since I don’t have a window to write in, I had to use this instead.

Even though my hopes were trampled, I did not despair. She, Jennyella, was just weaker than she thought.

And now he was showing as much strength as I thought. In the end, nothing has changed.

So I had to struggle. Lee Seong-min flipped his body in the air and stood upright.

Jennyella looked at Lee Seong-min’s expression and the corner of her mouth trembled. She swallowed her exhaled breath as she felt intense pleasure.

There is still fun left. She loved the strength that did not break even when pushed hard. It’s good to see them struggling desperately.

At the end, I feel joy in seeing it completely broken. Even though she lost her magical eyes that could see the future, Jennyella could imagine it.

‘Your despair will be the most enjoyable.’

More than the combined despair I’ve seen in all the people I’ve ever considered blood relatives over the hundreds of years I’ve lived.

I want to make you despair knowing you can never win. Jennyella pressed her hands to her pounding breasts.

My throat became dry. It’s been a long time since I felt this thirsty.

I really wanted to eat and drink. My fangs were itchy.

I have endured a lot so far. I had several opportunities to kill. When we first met, after that, and even now. Jennyella could always kill Lee Seong-min.

Even so, the reason they were not killed was to allow them to ripen more sweetly. Now is the time,

There was no need to endure it. Jennyella’s body shot forward.

Jennyella, with red magic wrapped around her body, fell towards Lee Seong-min like a shooting star.

Density is different.

Seongmin Lee kept that in mind and expanded his consciousness. Jennyella said she understood the structure of the world.

However, this does not mean that martial arts that can be used in the world of magic are absolutely powerless against Jennyella.

Seongmin Lee jumped towards the falling Jennyella and swung the intangible spear in his hand.

The distorted space behind his back fired a spear attack. Hundreds of lightning bolts soared upward.

Jennyella’s magic spread widely. The lightning strike dispersed before the collision. I let it happen.

As a check, he restricted Jennyella’s actions for a moment, and used the opportunity to stab forward with the intangible spear in his hand.


Purple electric current splashed in all directions. Jenny Ella’s body suddenly popped out from within her scattered magic power.

A hand quickly stretched out to grab Lee Seong-min’s neck. The lightning strike twisted the spear’s trajectory upward.

Before Jennyella’s hand could reach Seongmin Lee, the soaring tip of the spear shattered Jennyella’s fingertip.


And Lee Seong-min’s body collided with Jennyella’s magic and was pushed back. The level of shock is different.

The fairy’s light became fainter and her breastplate became distorted. The shock that seeped into my body shook my internal organs.

I endured it. Seongmin Lee swung the spear he held with both hands sideways, trying to shake off Jenny Ella’s approach.

Jennyella didn’t dodge, but lunged forward.

Quad Deuk!

Jennyella’s body was split in two. Immediately, her body collapsed into her mist and she reconstructed her body right next to Lee Seong-min.

The playback speed was healthy. Seongmin Lee let go of his right hand that was holding his spear and slashed at Jenny Ella.

The Blood Phantom Demon God’s greed for blood and flesh collided with Jennyella’s magical power. However, Jennyella’s hand penetrated him and grabbed Lee Seong-min’s hand.


My wrist was torn off. Although his right hand was torn off, Lee Seong-min did not scream and stretched out his foot forward.

Even wounds of this magnitude regenerate. Muyeong, the first step of Muyeong’s desertion, created dozens of remnants. Thunderclouds that formed along with the remnants covered Jennyella’s surroundings.


Jennyella whispered. Both her hands moved.



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The swirling red magic tore the thundercloud apart. Seongmin Lee held the shapeless spear with both his regenerated hands.

Death Island pierces Jennyella’s body… … . she couldn’t Her swirling magical power scattered her intangible spear.


Jennyella urged in an excited voice. Compresses vital power and internal energy. Two forces with different characteristics created a new shapeless spear.

The power gathered as it swirled was charged to its limit. He shot Gwancheon. Jennyella laughed loudly and ran towards Gwancheon.


Jennyella’s body came closer, splitting the tube into two.


Don’t fret. Don’t be afraid. Seongmin Lee hinted to himself and held a new intangible spear.

The light of Gaebyeok fills the window. The world within the phantom world is filled with magical power. A swarm of Manre and Gaebyeok envelops the entire space.

The opponent is a monster. I’m a monster too. I lost my mind. The headache that had disappeared came back.

Brain cells die and regenerate repeatedly. Distant consciousness and awakened understanding find a way out.

Change the structure, become stronger and more perfect. Jennyella was close.

Magical power unfolded behind Jennyella’s back. It looked like giant wings made of light, like twilight just before the sun sets, and like blood gushing out.

The unfolding light folds. A wave of magical power with an enormous density covered a world full of lightning and lightning.


stabbed the spear Seongmin Lee looked ahead with wide eyes. He saw the tip of the spear he had stabbed disappear.

Hang in there! Heoju shouted.

His magic power has increased. It was built hundreds of years ago. Jennyella giggled and laughed.

“What are you going to do with your soul left?”

Jennyella chuckled.

Gaebyeok and Manroe scattered. Lee Seong-min’s body was pushed away by the overflowing waves of magical power.

The Fairy Queen’s divine protection shone brightly as if struggling. A sparkling light enveloped Lee Seong-min’s body. Seongmin Lee gritted his teeth and raised his self-defense skills.

Jennyella’s body slowly approached. She grinned and stretched out her wide open hands in front of her.

All the magical power that covered the world was gathered into her hands. And she condensed into a small sphere.


Jennyella laughed humorously. The sphere she slowly pushed out flew toward Lee Seong-min.


The sphere grew bigger.


It got bigger.

Thump, thump, thump.

The fully enlarged sphere was large enough to fill the entire space. Seongmin Lee looked at it with a white face.

more… … .

The words that Jennyella had been whispering to, are now being muttered by Lee Seong-min.


Lee Seong-min’s means of dealing with magical power of a different class are limited. Seongmin Lee gritted his teeth.

He ran forward, holding the formless spear tightly. He performed the Gucheonmugeukchang from the first to the eighth second without stopping.

The same was true for Blood Hwanshinmagong and Muyeongtalhon. However, the sphere that Jennyella launched only had its outer shell worn away, but the source was not damaged in the slightest.

Should I use non-geuk? What about exhaustion? The final day of Muyeong desertion… … .

Action was late.

The world has been shattered. The world that Lee Seong-min created collapsed. The sky returned to pitch black night and a large full moon rose in the middle of the night sky.

Jennyella stood with her back to the full moon and looked down. Seongmin Lee fell helplessly below her and looked at Jenny Ella with her shaking eyes.

Looking at Jennyella standing in the very center of my blood-soaked field of vision.

‘I’m late.’

Seongmin Lee calmly realized his mistake. The throbbing headache becomes stronger.

A little late, I understood the situation just now. It was because I was impatient with the impending danger.

I was nervous because I couldn’t use Mugeuk so quickly, and I was taken aback by the power of Jennyella’s attack.

The martial arts that he displayed recklessly was not enough to push away the threat. The same goes for Muyeongtalhon’s final death. If I was going to write it, I had to write it clearly and on time.

‘If it weren’t for Osla’s blessings… … ‘It was dangerous.’

Lee Seong-min flipped over during the fall. A lake with ripples was visible. The battle in the world did not destroy the scenery of the lake.

I make eye contact with Osla, who is looking this way with a nervous face. Seongmin Lee wanted to smile to reassure Osla, but he couldn’t do it.

The awakened Oseong predicts the odds of victory. I find a way out in the fight against that ridiculous monster. Running away is impossible.

If Lee Sung-min makes up his mind and takes action, Jennyella will never lose sight of Lee Sung-min.

What about Osla’s support? There was nothing to think about. As for that, she had already finished her story with Osla even before Jennyella came.

Osla’s strength cannot be compared to Jennyella’s. Although she can protect Lee Seong-min from Jennyella’s attacks as well as various blessings, she is unable to fight Jennyella directly.

What if Osla uses his power to tie Zeniella to this forest? That too has its limits.

Osla estimated that he could tie up Jennyella for a maximum of three days.

This means that after three days, Jennyella will be released from this forest.

After three days, Jennyella will no longer receive the full moon’s protection, but she has a magical eye that forces the full moon to float.

Running away from here will not put Lee Seong-min in an advantageous situation.

Rather, if you fight three days later, you will fight under the full moon without receiving Osla’s protection.

[Now that things are like this, I have no choice but to believe in your final move. Do you think that is possible?]

Heoju asked. Lee Seong-min stopped in the air and checked his internal injuries. There is no damage. It was regenerated, and it was thanks to the new blessings of Osla.

‘It’s gambling.’

Gambling with low odds of winning.

As he feasted on Aine, his black heart was strengthened. Lee Seong-min’s goal is to evolve his body with the black heart’s ability during this battle.

Until now, Lee Seong-min has saved his life and won several times thanks to such evolution.

‘I can still do it.’

Excluding that uncertainty, I predicted the odds of victory.

It wasn’t 0 yet.


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