Worthless Regression Chapter 388

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Episode 390 91. Invasion (8)

It might be a melee against the majority. Against a powerful individual, Hwan-gye’s deception is of little significance.

Especially if the opponent is an immortal like Jennyella. I already felt it during the fight with the Blood Demon.

No matter how much he blocks his senses and attacks from beyond, an opponent with power equal to or greater than Lee Seong-min’s will be able to respond even to attacks coming through a blind spot.

Even if you were unable to respond, the immortal Jennyella instantly repairs the damage caused by the attack.

So let go of the illusion. Lee Seong-min modified the structure of the world faster than Jennyella broke it.

Even though my head hurt like it was going to explode, my mind, which had reached a distant state, did the work.

At this moment, Lee Seong-min is not a dull person who lacks intellect like before.

The half-hearted transformation awakened Lee Seong-min’s intellect to this extent. Although it is not comparable to Sima Lianju or Wijihoyeon, Lee Seong-min’s intelligence is worthy of being called a ‘genius’ in any world.

The fog blocking the view disappeared. All the senses that had been blocked came back. But the world remains the same.

This was no longer a martial art that could be called Hwangye. Jennyella assessed the magical power that filled the space.

The fog of delusion disappeared and the senses that had been blocked returned. However, the spirit that filled the space was alive and well.

Rather, thanks to the abandonment of deception, the space is filled with a seething energy of violence.

“Ahaha… … .”

Jennyella giggled and laughed. She still doesn’t feel the slightest threat or tension.

Seongmin Lee pressed his temples tightly due to a pounding headache. Brain cells that have burned out from overwork continue to regenerate.

The twinkling fairy light continues to surround Lee Seong-min’s body. Osla’s protection prevented fatigue and protected Lee Seong-min from fatal attacks.

[eww… … .]

Luvia, who was in my arms, made a frightened sound. She wanted to run away too.

In this battlefield, this fight, Luvia’s power is minimal and is of no help. But Luvia did not run away.

Because there were things we could do just by being together.

[you… … really… … It has grown a lot.]

Heo Joo stuck his tongue out and praised Lee Seong Min for what he had done.

Kiririk… … .

A magical force rotated around Lee Seong-min. He didn’t need to swing the spear.

The space of the world is under the control of Lee Seong-min. All the magical powers here are Lee Seong-min’s hands, feet, and spear.

Seongmin Lee’s consciousness expanded.

The whirling magical forces gathered around him. Dozens of intangible spears made of magical energy were imbued with the nine-pointed shape of the Nine Heavenly Spears.


Seongmin Lee shouted and jumped forward. Walking became an intangible soul.

The successive killings of the Two Bosses, the Death of the Three Bosses, and the Madness of the Four Bosses created a storm of magical power.

Seeing Lee Seong-min running towards her, Jennyella ran towards him as if she had been waiting. Red magic flowed in both her hands.

The surrounding windows were equally herbivorous.


A thunderbolt was fired to kill Chuhon. The shapeless window became dozens of streaks of lightning.

Jennyella let out an excited breath and waved her hand widely.


Jennyella’s nails tore apart dozens of Chuhonssali with one single blow. The scattered magical energy became a spear again.

The dozens of spears fired became hundreds and then thousands.

There is no time to avoid it. In the midst of the thunderstorm, Jennyella’s magical power swelled greatly.


The space vibrated as if it would explode. The high-density magic power swelled, swallowing up all attacks and returning them to nothing.

Seongmin Lee stabbed the spear he held with both hands toward the wall of magical power. Can you break through? He didn’t have that question.

I absolutely had to break through.


The tip of the spear collided with the wall of magic. Beyond that, Jennyella is laughing like a maniac. Her laughter was loud.

[Shut up!]

Heoju shouted. More energy flowed in. Heo Ju did not hold back and poured all of his strength into Lee Seong-min.

It was said that he couldn’t withstand Heoju’s magical power before, but not now. There was no opposition to each other’s intentions.

Just as Lee Seong-min wanted to kill Jennyella, Heo Joo also wanted to kill Jennyella.


There was a crack in the wall of magic.


Seongmin Lee gritted his teeth. The overused window cracked. It doesn’t matter if the window doesn’t hold up.

The spear, which was pushed in with all its might, broke through the wall of magic.

The light of Gaebyeok exploded.


The wall that exploded within the barrier engulfed Jennyella’s body. The barrier, unable to withstand the internal shock, shattered.

Seongmin Lee jumped forward without stopping. Dozens of shapeless spears move along the curves of the Gucheonmugeuk Spear. Guryong killing. Hundreds of dragons were unleashed.

Jennyella stood up amidst the rampage of the dragon. The body that had disappeared without a trace was reborn once again.

There’s no way he’s really immortal. Seongmin Lee moved without stopping. Unless she is a complete transcendent, Jennyella’s regeneration has limits.

It’s just that the body is constantly being reorganized with that enormous magical power. If so, push it until it can’t play anymore.

The fastest of the nine herbivores of Gucheonmugeukchang was held.

Bub bub bub!

Blood spurted from Jennyella’s mouth. Jennyella’s body, impaled by dozens of spears, staggered and was pushed away.

The corners of Jennyella’s mouth fluttered up. She still smiled. Her body turned into red blood and collapsed.

Jennyella turned into a huge wave.



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It does not retreat from the oncoming magical power.


In Lee Seong-min’s mind, the Gugyeol of the Chilcho Gwancheon of Gucheonmugeukchang came to mind.

Throw away the clutter.

Gwancheon’s inner strength and power to unleash its maximum power are overflowing. stronger. The magical force of space rotated.

Dozens of formless spears came together as one. So that you can never avoid it. If you defend yourself, pierce even that.

Lee Seong-min raised the spear he held with both hands above his head. The huge intangible spear merged with the spear held by Lee Seong-min.

Gwan Cheon was shot. A large hole was created in the waves of magical energy that hit. The light of Gwancheon, which had advanced to the end, changed from the end to the beginning. The flashing light destroyed all magical power.

I couldn’t hear Jennyella’s laughter anymore. can do. Lee Seong-min took a deep breath and ran forward.

Even if today is the night of the full moon. Even if her opponent is a vampire queen who has lived for hundreds of years.

It is a monster with the strongest power among all humans that exist in this world, and even though it has the regenerative power to be considered immortal thanks to the magic power of the full moon.

Lee Seong-min’s attack is working. The terrifying magical power wielded by Jennyella cannot withstand Lee Seong-min’s attacks and is repeatedly broken through and disappears.

Even though his body kept coming back from the dead and regenerating, Lee Seong-min’s attacks repeatedly killed him.

So, you can do it. I thought I was at my limit, that I was cornered.

‘you can do it.’

You can defeat Jennyella.

There is still plenty of power to use. In my current state, I felt like I could fight forever.

Thanks to Osla’s protection, fatigue does not accumulate. The headache also disappeared. No matter how much his body is destroyed, Lee Seong-min’s body is a monster.

Although it’s not like Jennyella, it can be played over and over again. Seongmin Lee ran towards the remnants of the disappeared magic power.

If Jennyella were to regenerate, it was to kill her body again like before.

My heart felt lighter. The corners of her mouth twitched and went up. The trick worked.

Thanks to thorough preparation, I was able to deal with Jennyella easier than I thought.


Heoju shouted.

It was faster than looking back at that shout. It was faster than my senses warned me. My mind was momentarily cut off.

Lee Seong-min’s body flew in the sky like a kite with a broken string. The fairy light surrounding his body faded.

Thanks to God’s protection, it only ended up like this, if it hadn’t been for God’s protection… … I was sobbing and blood was gushing out of my throat.

“You laughed, right?”

A whispering voice was heard right behind me. Seongmin Lee was startled and turned his body over.


The shock from behind caused Lee Sung-min’s body to bend like a bow. Blood spurted from the open mouth.

Lee Seong-min, who was falling down, quickly caught his senses and regained his balance. Red magic power filled my vision.

I saw Jennyella smiling brightly inside.

“You laughed.”

Jennyella’s fingers twitched.


The end of the magical power was twisted like a twist.

It twists and turns into a sharp awl, and shoots forward. Seongmin Lee hurriedly stretched out his spear.


The magical power surrounding the spear collided with Jennyella’s magic and disappeared. The magic power went beyond that and shattered the spear head made of dragon material.

“What were you thinking?”

Jennyella stretched out her hand from among the shattered fragments of the spear. A magical force swirled behind Lee Seong-min’s back.

Jennyella held her hand tightly towards the Nine Heavenly Dance Spear that unfolded in an instant.


The intangible spear that was being fired did not reach the end and exploded.

“I told you, I’m an excellent wizard. I have already seen the nature of this space. “Did you really think I was just going to be helplessly beaten?”

Jennyella’s hand moves closer. Both of her hands grabbed Lee Seong-min’s shoulders.

“Tell me. You laughed, right? why? I can’t keep avoiding or blocking your attacks. It seems like they’re resisting, but they can’t respond properly and they keep dying. My head explodes, my body explodes, and when I regenerate, I die again. so… … .”

So, so. huh?

Jennyella’s face came closer. Seongmin Lee and Jennyella’s foreheads touched.

Jennyella’s eyes were wide open. In those red eyes, Lee Seong-min saw his own face reflected.

“What were you thinking? Why did you laugh? why? I know, I know. I know even if you don’t answer. Don’t lie, it’s obvious. But I want to hear it from your mouth.”

“eww… … .”

I smelled Jennyella’s breath. Even though she was bloody, her breath was seductive and sweet.

The hand holding my shoulder was soft. Jenny Ella giggled and pulled on her arm.

Seongmin Lee and Jennyella’s bodies were close together. Seongmin Lee swung his spear and tried to shake off Jennyella’s body.


Jennyella’s magic completely destroyed the spear that Lee Seong-min was swinging.

“You don’t want to tell me?”

The bodies of Lee Seong-min and Jennyella were floating in an unbroken world. Jenny Ella stretched out her tongue.

A red tongue licked the dried blood on Lee Seong-min’s cheek.

“I thought I could win.”

Jennyella’s eyes widened. Lee Seong-min’s face reflected in it was distorted.

“I thought you could do it. I thought you were pushing me. You thought you could kill me on the night of the full moon. Yes? Don’t say no. “Why do you need to come and lie now?”

Shirrick… … .

Jennyella’s magical power enveloped Lee Seong-min’s body. The Fairy Queen’s protection resisted Jennyella’s magic. Lee Seong-min gritted his teeth and developed self-defense skills.

“You’re not answering?”

Quad deuk! Jennyella’s magical power pierced both protection and self-defense at the same time.


Blood spurted from Lee Seong-min’s mouth. The magical power that pierced my stomach tore out my internal organs.

“You thought so. I can win, I can do it. huh? It’s okay, you don’t have to answer. Because I already know everything. I hope you think so, and that’s why I fit in. There’s no need to be too shy. It’s natural, right? Anyone would have done it, not you. If you fight with me and push me like this… … Everyone thinks like that. Everyone has hope. “I think anyone can do it.”

I love that.

Jennyella smiled brightly.

“I like having hope taken away right before my eyes. I like giving it to you until it’s almost out of your hands and then snatching it away. I like it when the smile that builds up without me knowing becomes twisted at the thought that I can do it. ah… … You’re looking really good right now. If I had known it would be like this, would I have waited a little longer? Maybe I should have stayed longer and waited until it looked better… … It can’t be helped. “It’s already too late.”


The magical awl that was piercing Lee Seong-min’s body was pulled out.

“how is it?”

Looking down at Lee Seong-min’s pale face,

“Are you in despair?”

The Queen of Monsters asked with a smile.


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