Worthless Regression Chapter 386

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Episode 388 91. Invasion (6)


Theresa clicked her teeth together. The creeping sense of fear was unfamiliar and frightening to her.

I thought I wanted to run away, and I held onto my trembling shoulders, thinking that I shouldn’t.

are you okay? I heard Scarlett’s telepathy in my head. What’s going on? Lloyd, who had been silent so far, also asked that question.

“It’s okay… … .”

It’s okay.

The words got stuck in my throat and didn’t come out. Teresa took a deep breath. I wasn’t used to this feeling of fear.

Even during my childhood, I never believed in the existence of ghosts. Even when she was summoned to this world and unable to hear God’s voice, Teresa did not feel despair or fear like other priests did.

Even though she could not hear God’s voice, Teresa had no doubt that God existed in another world.

Because I have always received God’s protection, I have rarely felt fear.

Even after learning of the existence of the apocalypse, Teresa had hope rather than despair.

It would be nice to call it arrogance. Teresa vaguely thought that since she was with her, the world would never end.

Because she was a saint.

But now I’m scared. I was so scared that I couldn’t bear it. I wanted to scream and run away.

Teresa held Rosario tightly. Oh God. She called out the name of God, a name she had called several times.

But I still can’t hear God’s voice. Teresa stood up unsteadily.

She wiped the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand and checked the video.

[what’s the matter? I’m here?]

Scarlett is seen with a worried expression. Even as she was fighting her own battles, she was constantly talking to Teresa, trying to ease her anxiety.

[Don’t push yourself too hard.]

Lloyd is also seen with a stern expression. I won’t run away. Teresa muttered, pressing the clutched rosary to her chest.

We see White Sogo and Black Dragon Group pushing Chen and Kun. Teresa’s gaze stopped at the Black Dragon Alliance.

After looking at the Black Dragon’s face for a moment, Teresa turned over the hood of the priest’s uniform that covered her head.

He rubbed his pale cheeks with both hands and then slapped them. Teresa chewed her lower lip, feeling a sharp pain.


Hold the rosary with strength. I checked the video right in front of me. Jennyella was walking leisurely as she entered the lakeside.

From this side, Jennyella cannot be detected with the naked eye yet. If it gets close enough to be visible, it will be too late. Maybe, Jennyella is already seeing Teresa.

It actually did. Jennyella saw Theresa standing in front of the lake. Jennyella opened her lips and stuck out her tongue.

I licked my lower lip, feeling thirsty. That must be a saint. Even though she made a face that made her want to run away, she didn’t run away.


Jennyella chuckled.


The space vibrated. A sudden burst of light extinguished the darkness. Jennyella’s steps stopped.

A dazzling barrier of light blocked the path to the lake. It is incomparably stronger than the barrier that surrounded the entire forest.

Jennyella stretched out her hand toward the wall of light in front of her.


The moment it touched, holy fire burned Jennyella’s hand. She grinned, shaking off the burning flame in her hands.

Burnt hands regenerate in an instant. It is undignified to penetrate with your bare body. Jennyella took a few steps back.


Red magic surged from Jennyella’s body. Jennyella gathered the magic that covered her body onto her right hand.

The magic power she gave off was red and sticky like blood. Her magical power gathered above her right hand and became a round sphere.

Jennyella slowly threw the sphere in her palm.


A large explosion shook the space. The magical power emitted from the exploded sphere invaded the barrier of divine power.

“… … ah… … !”

A suppressed scream burst from Teresa’s mouth. She braced her wobbly legs and gritted her teeth.

It shouldn’t collapse already. Teresa swallowed the blood that filled her mouth and strengthened the barrier even more.



Jennyella’s magic struck the barrier once again. A scream came from Teresa’s mouth.

The legs that had given me strength to somehow hold on gave up and I collapsed into my seat. Blood flowed from between my quivering lips.

please. Teresa held Rosario with trembling hands. Teresa barely raised her eyes and found the figure of the Black Dragon Association.

“… … help… … .”

The howling wind did not reach us.

also. The barrier shook. Black blood dripped from Teresa’s eyes and nose.

god… … Teresa opened her trembling lips and looked for him. Even though he knew that no matter how much he called, there would be no answer.


A shock incomparable to anything seen before shattered the outer perimeter of the barrier. Cough. Teresa couldn’t hold back and vomited blood into her mouth.

Black blood dripped down. With her despairing eyes, Teresa saw the blood she had vomited.

I have to endure more… …

Someone grabbed Teresa’s shoulder.

She turned her head and looked behind her. Seongmin Lee looked with pitiful eyes at Teresa, with black blood dripping from her eyes, nose, and mouth. Lee Seong-min’s hand occupied Teresa’s blood vessel.

“Good job.”

Teresa heard those words in her receding consciousness. Is it okay to rest like this?

Just before losing consciousness, Teresa felt such anxiety and fear.

Seongmin Lee held Teresa’s limp body in his arms. He left Teresa to Osla behind him.



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Osla nodded her head and held Teresa in her arms. She approached the lake and carefully placed Teresa’s body down.

The water droplets of the lake covered Teresa’s body. Below the surface, little fairies accepted Teresa’s body with worried expressions.

The barrier disappeared when Teresa lost consciousness. Seongmin Lee took a deep breath and walked forward.

I saw Jennyella standing in the distance smiling brightly. Just as her Lee Seong-min was looking at Jennyella, Jennyella was also looking at her Lee Seong-min.


Heoju grumbled. Seongmin Lee held the spear tightly. Osla stood behind Lee Seong-min with a nervous face.

“You want to negotiate?”

Jennyella asked. Although the distance was quite far, her voice sounded as vivid as if she was speaking right next to me.

“If you came here to negotiate, you shouldn’t have come like this.”

“If you’re going to ask that question, you were the one who kidnapped Aine in the first place. So, how was it?”

Jennyella smiled, showing her teeth.

“Was it delicious?”


The beating inside my chest is still foreign.

“I thought you would be angry.”

“Now that I’ve come here, there’s no need for you to keep him alive. Do you think I’m a fool? “I never thought that if I came here in person, you would calmly return Aine.”

“Then why did you come in person?”

“Because I can’t see the future now. So I came to check it out for myself. And, I had no intention of looking after you anymore.”

You’ve seen enough of this. Jenny Ella shrugged her shoulders.

“This is the last time. “Shouldn’t you have run away instead?”

“Because it was best to fight here.”

“Ahaha… … “I guess you believe in the power of the Fairy Queen?”

Jennyella looked at Osla as she said that. Osla met Jenny Ella’s gaze with her icy eyes. The corner of Jennyella’s mouth twitched.

“surely. If it weren’t for the full moon today, fighting in this place would have been really disadvantageous for me. But today is the full moon.”

Jennyella did not ignore Osla’s power. In particular, this is her fiefdom where Osla can demonstrate her power.

“If I wasn’t confident, I wouldn’t have come.”

Jennyella started walking. Gemini didn’t move. She looked at Lee Seong-min with sullen eyes.

Deep down, she was hoping that Lee Seong-min would run away. No matter how positively he thought about it, it was impossible for Lee Seong-min to defeat Jennyella.

No matter how good the conditions are, one full moon cancels everything out.

‘It shouldn’t be like that.’

Gemini’s murderous intentions toward Jennyella are real. She loved Jennyella, but at the same time she wanted to kill Jennyella somehow.

Moreover, since what Jennyella wanted was the destruction of this world, Gemini had to kill Jennyella at any cost.

That crazy vampire queen wanted to commit suicide herself, and was forcing the destruction of the world and suicide on all of her blood relatives.

But Gemini had no desire to die at all.

“what… … ?”

Frescan’s consciousness, which had been frozen as if time had stopped, moved.

“Aine… … for a moment… … No way. Aine… … .”

“He’s dead.”

Jennyella answered without looking at Frescan. Even Frescan’s despair was entertainment for Jennyella.

“Did you really think he would be alive? Aren’t you hoping for a too hopeful development? “If you think about it carefully, there is absolutely no reason for Aine to be alive.”

“that… … Run… … No way… … queen… … ?”

“It can’t be helped. “If I had been in front of you, I would have stopped you, but you died while I was away.”

“Ah ah ah ah ah!”

Frescan cried. He sat there and let out a cry full of his despair and hatred.

To Jennyella, the sound sounded like pleasant music. Jennyella smiled with a satisfied look on her face.

“You won’t be able to escape this time.”

“I have no intention of running away.”

“Then do you plan to die?”


“Do you think you can win?”


“What is that.”

Jennyella chuckled. Jennyella’s body was swallowed by the red sphere. Her body floated.

“Then it wouldn’t be fun.”

Seongmin Lee saw Jennyella rising with her back to the full moon.

Is Gemini not moving?

It would be better if you just stay still. I expected Gemini to actively help, but in reality, there is no reason for Gemini to do so.

Gemini always gave as much help as he could give. Now she won’t do anything to completely break up with Jennyella.

“I will assist you as much as possible.”

Osla answered in a stern voice.

“I can’t assist on the offensive side. My attacks are weaker than your spear. Instead, my protection will protect you.”

[Do not trust your eyes and ears. Full Moon Zeniella is immortal and the embodiment of magical power. Trust your senses. I trust my fighting experience so far. And trust me. I see what you cannot see.]

Heoju’s spirit rose. Lee Seong-min’s body was wrapped in purple magic.

[Don’t forget. The opponent is immortal. Fight while keeping in mind that you will not die. Don’t overdo the final blow. I don’t know how much your body can do now, but don’t be hasty in using martial arts. If you become exhausted like before, it will end there. It means you die.]

Seongmin Lee nodded his head. He must never forget that fact. The opponent is a monster that cannot die.

Even if you pierce its heart and smash its head, it won’t die.

[There is still a lot of time left before the moon sets. Even if you’re lucky enough to last until the moon sets, it won’t mean much. As long as that woman’s magical eyes are capable of creating a full moon. haha! Even with these conditions, you have no advantage at all.]

Know. I had imagined it several times before today. When fighting Jennyella in his imagination, Lee Seong-min always lost.

Since it’s just an imagination, it would be nice to imagine winning at least once. What Lee Seong-min could draw was a picture of himself always losing.

know well. I am weak. There is no comparison to that queen of monsters.

Even if you can break a rock with an egg, Jennyella is not something that can be compared to a rock. Seongmin Lee stood on his tiptoes and leapt.

Even if I knew, I couldn’t run away.

Jennyella grinned at Lee Seong-min, who was approaching.


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