Worthless Regression Chapter 385

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Episode 387 91. Invasion (5)

Jennyella walked through the forest without haste. She had been aware from the beginning that her observation eyes and the eyes of her familiars were watching her throughout the forest.

It seemed like he was trying to hide it, but to Jennyella, it was just blatant.

Even though she knew the entire location, Jennyella ignored her familiar and the observation eye. He wanted to see as much as he could.

The forest is shaking. She could feel it all without even seeing it with her own eyes.

The body became sensitive to magical power. The boiling magic told me what was happening in this forest.

As expected, lichs, monsters, and death knights were dying without being able to use their powers properly.

There was nothing surprising. There is no Bolander and there is no enemy. There is no Arbez or Kim Jong-hyun.

What Jennyella has brought in is a group that has a large number of members but is of no substance.

Gemini followed Jennyella. She didn’t want to understand Jennyella’s actions, but thanks to her hundreds of years of experience together, she understood very well why Jennyella was doing such pointless and inefficient things.

‘It’s to give you despair.’

Jennyella has always been like that. Push hope right in front of his nose and snatch it away.

You watch happily as your opponent struggles to cling to the hope right in front of him, then take it away and trample on it.

It was still the same now. Jennyella was giving hope to her opponent by sending the worthless troops she brought with her to his death.

Maybe I will win. This is such a torture of hope. There is no need to move like this if you were hoping for complete victory from the beginning.

All they had to do was bring in a ghost ship, break through the barrier, release their troops, and have Jennyella take the lead in the massacre.

Excellent wizard? No matter how perfectly prepared they are, Jennyella is invincible under the full moon.

Their magic can destroy Jennyella’s body, but it cannot cause death.

An unmanned vehicle that surpasses human limitations? The same goes for them. In the end, they are humans, and Jennyella was a vampire who was adept at killing humans.

“What are you thinking?”

Jennyella giggled.

“Chen and Kun are going to die. “The opponent is too strong for them to handle.”

“I guess so.”

“Joo Won will win, but. In the end, out of all the guys I brought, Joowon was the only one to win. “Everyone else will die.”

“But Queen is alive and well.”

“that’s right.”

The corner of Gemini’s mouth twitched at Jennyella’s smiling answer. Jennyella knows that Chen and Kun will die.

Despite spending such a long time together, Jennyella does not feel any sadness or regret over the deaths of Chen and Kun.

Jennyella’s feelings were quickly worn away. Her wish is to destroy this world.

I saw a future of destruction, and my heart was taken away by that future. For hundreds of years we have been acting to create a future in which genocidal predation will emerge.

Even though that future has disappeared and I can no longer see the future. Jennyella’s wishes do not change.

She still wishes for the destruction of the world.

“I hope they are confident of victory. “I want you to finish your own fight, join Guichang, and attack me with him.”

Jennyella’s eyes turned hazy. She felt joy deep in her heart as she imagined her future yet to come.

I picture Seongmin Lee’s face, confident of victory. If I could see that face in person… … iced coffee. Jennyella shook her shoulders and clutched her chest.

“I want to crush it.”

I have no intention of killing Lee Seong-min.

But not his colleagues.

Those in this forest.

Who should we kill first? Is it just a flash of silence? No, let’s postpone her death as long as possible.

Red sage? It would be a shame to kill her first too.

If possible, go with the person you are less familiar with first. Let’s kill them cleanly and give Ink Flash and Red Sage a painful death.

Let’s tear off his limbs and kill him in front of Lee Seong-min. Or cut the ship open.

I thought it would be okay to make him a vampire.

“Are you going to turn him into a vampire?”

“If he begs.”

What kind of expression will Lee Seong-min make in front of a dying body with its limbs torn off? What despair will fill him when his confidence in victory disappears.

I want to make him beg for his life. At that time, Jennyella will smile and recommend. Will she become a vampire?

‘Aine… … .’

Frescan was holding his breath and following Jennyella. He paid no attention to the conversation between the two vampires walking ahead of him.

Preskan had no doubt that he was the only person with common sense among this group.

Understanding the nonsensical stories they share is a waste of time. Rather, rescuing Aine comes first.

‘Why are you walking so slowly?’

Jennyella and Gemini were walking leisurely. Frescan’s stomach boiled over at their speed.

But I couldn’t yell at them to go quickly. And I couldn’t speed away first just because I didn’t like it.

Preskan knew his subject well. If he goes first now, he will be consumed by the divine power of the saint waiting in front of him.

Or get destroyed by Gwichang, that damn heart thief and kidnapper.

‘Aine… … ‘Wait.’

Fatherly love burned in Frescan’s heart.

Aine’s body was limp.

She was already a corpse. There is no heart. Osla was standing next to Lee Seong-min, who was down on her knees, with a stiff expression on her face.

The pounding in my chest was awkward. I felt a foreignness, as if my body was not my own. The mutation was successful.

From the beginning, Lee Seong-min’s body was a monster. With Osla’s help, he feasted on Aine’s heart.

Aine barely had any power. The only thing Lee Seong-min took was his heart.

“Are you satisfied with the transaction?”

Nevel asked. Seongmin Lee placed his hand on his chest and slowly nodded his head.

Earnestness did not awaken him or allow him to advance to a new level of martial arts.



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Instead, it made me think wildly about what I could write.

Erebrisa handles everything.

Until now, Seongmin Lee had only perceived Erebrisa as a convenient store.

I reminisced about a long time.

Mshi’s memories from the mountain.

Erebrisa even purchased a ‘soul’ from Mushi.


The transaction was satisfactory.

Seongmin Lee sold Aine’s soul to Erebrisa. The soul was pulled out and only an empty body remained.

Only after doing so did Lee Seong-min take Aine’s heart. What Seongmin Lee wanted was not the power that Aine had.

I didn’t have the confidence that my body could handle that much force anyway.

What Seongmin Lee needed was the black heart that Aine had. By taking it, I intended to add to this imperfect body what it lacked.

Lee Seong-min raised his hand and caressed his face. He pushed away the half-skinned dead skin with his fingertips.

He looked down at his damp body.

‘A complete transformation… … .’

It was not a complete transformation. However, the aim was successful to some extent. The Black Heart evolves its owner to suit the situation.

Lee Seong-min’s black heart was originally complete, but with the addition of Aine’s, he was forced to evolve.

Even if it’s a half-hearted transformation, it’s better than nothing.

“This is my first time purchasing a horn of this size. What would you like to receive in return?”

“I intend to fight the Vampire Queen.”

Lee Seong-min got up from his sitting position and answered.

“What will it take to fight her?”

“It’s the courage to run away.”

Nevel smiled bitterly and answered.

“If you really want to fight Queen, change your mind right now. “Today is the full moon.”

“You can’t run away.”

“… … Unfortunately… … “We don’t have anything that can help us fight Queen.”

“Then I will get the payment later.”

Nevel looked worried at Lee Seong-min’s answer and thought about it for a moment.

But no matter how hard he tried, it was impossible to give him any useful advice in the fight against the Vampire Queen. Nevel sighed and nodded his head.

“I hope we can meet again next time.”

“I have something to give, and we will meet again.”

“What do you intend to receive?”

“Please let me meet Laplace.”

Nevel’s face stiffened slightly at Lee Seong-min’s words.

“That’s not my jurisdiction… … .”

“We will discuss that issue later. Oh, I’m asking just in case… … “If I were to sell the Queen’s soul, would you be able to purchase it?”

“that… … If the situation calls for it, you might have to buy it. But to extract the spirit, the queen must be completely subdued.”

“I will call you if possible.”

After hearing those words, Nevel bowed his head and disappeared into the shadows. Seongmin Lee scrubbed away the dead skin cells that covered his face with his hands.

Osla, who was watching from the side, sighed and snapped his fingers. A cool breeze passed by Seongmin Lee’s body.

Seongmin Lee slightly bowed his head towards Osla with a clean face.

“thank you.”

“I didn’t do anything great… … how is it? “Can you do it?”

“You’ll have to try it to find out.”

“I will help you as much as I can, but… … I am no match for Queen by sheer strength. Although my level is higher… … Don’t believe it too much either. Did I tell you? “Jenniella is stronger than a transcendent even though she is not a transcendent.”

“No matter where I fight in this wide world, I will never be in a better position than fighting in the fairy forest.”

Jennyella is coming.

Even if no one told him, Lee Seong-min clearly felt it.

My heightened senses sense the approaching ominousness. The queen of monsters, who has lived for hundreds of years and accumulated her power, is coming here.

[You’ve grown so much.]

Heoju muttered.

[Jenniella from 400 years ago was also strong, but not to this extent.]

‘Because it’s a long time.’

[But still not as good as this old man. And, I vaguely feel… … If you play well with your dead teacher, it will be similar. Actually, that is something you have to fight to find out.]

Hearing those words, Lee Seong-min burst out laughing. Even though he had these conditions, he was still unable to stand in the same place as Sima Lianzhu.

What if it was Sima Lianju who was here, not Lee Seong-min? If Sima Lianzhu had not died, this situation would not have happened.

If you think about it that way, Sima Lianju was truly a great man. He started the end with Heo Joo, and he was the one who could end the end.

“There is no teacher.”

I’m not saying it’s dead. He escaped this world and went on a long journey. If Master was alive… … Such thinking is meaningless.

No matter how much I hope or miss him, he never comes back. What was here now was not Sima Lianju or Wei Jihoyeon, but Lee Seongmin.

Lee Seong-min grabbed the mask he had kept in his arms with his hand.

“I have to do it.”

[Aren’t you afraid?]

Heoju asked. What are you asking for? In response to Heo Joo’s question, Lee Seong-min asked that question.

“You know best.”

Heo Joo and Lee Seong-min are connected spiritually. Even though Lee Sung-min doesn’t show his fear, Heo-ju feels Lee Sung-min’s fear. Heoju sighed heavily and said.

[I thought everything would work out just fine when I destroyed the massacre predator.]

“So do i.”

[Even when you open your eyes 10 years later. I thought there wouldn’t be any difficulties.]

“I always have a bad time with others. “I fight with people stronger than me.”

[That’s a bit too much this time.]

“Because I am no longer under the protection of fate.”

Seongmin Lee suddenly remembered something and put his hand into his subspace pocket.

[Hey you.]

When Heo Joo found out what Lee Seong-min was thinking, he spoke in bewilderment.

Seongmin Lee held the egg he took out with one hand. Then he threw the egg at the biggest rock nearby.

Kkjjik! The egg thrown with all the force shattered the rock. Beyond the remains of the falling rock, an egg rolled across the ground.

“If you throw it well, even an egg can break a rock.”

[Crazy guy.]

Heoju laughed and muttered.

Why couldn’t I refute something like this when I heard something from Frau?

Lee Seong-min felt a belated regret.


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