Worthless Regression Chapter 376

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Episode 378 89. Advent (3)

I did not necessarily believe in the words that a player would win. It’s just that he didn’t have anything else he wanted to share with the queen.

Immediately after her descent, the queen was defenseless and had no desire to answer the questions asked with frustration and displeasure.

And Lee Seong-min was fast. Distance to the queen’s standing height.

The distance narrowed in an instant. The queen’s eyebrows twitched. Before she could take any action, the spear stabbed by Lee Seong-min came crashing down on her queen.


The spear that tore through the space collided with an invisible wall. Seongmin Lee felt a strong sense of resistance from the hand that stabbed his spear.

The invisible wall blocking the queen’s path trembled. The queen looked into the face of Lee Seong-min, who was nearby. Her eyes fluttered.


I knew who it was. The queen’s face brightened as she recognized Lee Seong-min. The irritation that had been controlling her emotions a moment ago disappeared.

Inside Lee Seong-min, Luvia curled up, her body rigid. The queen even noticed Rubia’s existence.


The space between Lee Sung-min and the queen burst. Seongmin Lee swung his spear sharply and stepped back.


The queen’s voice rose.

“My creation. An artificial spirit created with my own hands. Why are you there? “Why on earth are you standing before me when you couldn’t even protect your poor master?”

[Hehe… … !]

Luvia trembled even more at the words the queen shouted. After that, the queen raised her long index finger and pointed at Lee Seong-min.


The queen’s voice was full of joy.

“It’s you. Yeah, if it weren’t for you. If only you hadn’t forced him to swear… … .”

The queen’s voice was strangely distorted. She was licking her lips and chattering incoherently.

The voice got louder and the queen’s eyes became sharper. Lee Seong-min couldn’t understand the words, but he could roughly guess what she meant through the queen’s voice as she poured out her words and her murderous eyes.

[This… … long-time… … It is the language of spirits.]

Luvia trembled and muttered. Luvia could not bear to convey the words she understood to Lee Sung-min.

This was because he did not have the confidence to correctly translate the queen’s crazy curses in the language of spirits.

Seongmin Lee frowned at what the queen first said. If only it weren’t for you. Yes, if you think about it, it is not completely wrong.

The reason Envirus fell into such disgrace was because he met Lee Sung-min. In Eormuri, Lee Seong-min asked Envirus to handle the dragon heart, and upon hearing his request, Envirus even made an oath on mana.

Lee Seong-min did nothing wrong. He did his best to help Envirus. He broke into the Err group’s barrier, defeated Preskan, and engaged in a fight with Aine.

Rather, it was Envirus that was at fault.

It wasn’t something I couldn’t understand. From Envirus’ point of view, Lee Seong-min was an extremely dangerous person.

At that time, Envirus planned to kill Lee Seong-min in exchange for his own life.

It just failed. Seongmin Lee survived, and Envirus faced death as a reward for breaking Mana’s oath.

If the Queen of Spirits had not descended and intervened at that time, Envirus’ body would have completely collapsed due to the overflow of mana.

“only you.”

The queen, who had been pouring out curses in the language of spirits, let out a flash of bloodshot eyes.

“If it wasn’t there.”

to be honest. It was a bit unfair. If you think about it, Lee Seong-min did nothing wrong. Envirus made its own judgment and betrayed it at will.

That’s how I got paid. Lee Seong-min was never directly involved in anything that happened after that.

Rather, didn’t Envirus ruin the job? The dimension-connecting magic that Abel used up all of his remaining lifespan was ruined by Envirus.

The person who killed Envirus was not Lee Seong-min.

However, the queen was unconditionally blaming Lee Sung-min.

‘It’s not that I can’t understand, though.’

Lee Seong-min thought so and slowly put his foot down.


It was because of the signal.

Although it was an explosion, its form was different from explosions seen before. There was no explosion of high-temperature flames or explosion of light.

The space where the Queen of Spirits was located condensed into one point and then exploded.

The explosion that occurred without warning shattered the queen’s body. She didn’t spill any blood or internal organs, but she looked quite shocked.

The explosion created by magic did not end with just one explosion. Just as a flame devours oxygen, this explosion spreads from space to space.

Lloyd, standing below, was making a rectangle with the index fingers and thumbs of both hands. The spirit queen was trapped in the square he created.

“Burst, explode, explode.”

Lloyd licked his lips and spat out. Space continued to be swallowed, condensed, and exploded.

The silent explosion continued to engulf the queen’s body. The queen’s body was twisted ugly. His severed limbs swelled, burst open, and disappeared.

But the queen never dies. As a transcendent being, she was immortal regardless of day or night. ‘Low level’ attacks do not harm the queen’s existence.

Even if her body explodes without stopping, her existence remains here without any damage. The Queen’s eyes looked at Lloyd.


The earth shook. A blade rose from the ground and tried to tear Lloyd apart. An attack like that.

Lloyd silently opened Blink and escaped from there. Scarlett aims for the gap created by this.

She uses completely different magic than Lloyd. Her gloved hands wrote runes in the air.

Even space explosions cannot deliver satisfactory damage.

“Beads of prayer (炎呪).”

The magic unfolded with the words.


All of the queen’s flesh that exploded and scattered in the explosion was swallowed up in the fire.

The black flames turned the queen’s flesh into black ash. The Queen, with only her head left, looked irritated in the flames.

This flame is not enough to extinguish the queen’s existence. But it’s annoying and unpleasant.



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She was the queen of spirits. Even if this is not the spirit world and there are no spirits to offer loyalty to.

Just because the conditions were not good, it did not mean that the queen was not a transcendent person.


The queen let out a laugh. The corners of her queen’s mouth twitched and rose.


The queen’s body and her being became a huge drop of water. A lump of floating water appeared in the air.

And it fell straight down, creating a huge wave. An angry wave crashed in the middle of the forest. That was before Lloyd and Scarlett could react.

“ha ha ha!”

King Chang laughed loudly. He jumped and fell in front of Lloyd and Scarlett.

He swung the spear above his head and brought it down.


The ground shook violently and the cracked ground rose up.

The waves that seemed to swallow everyone were blocked by the rising ground. The bouncing waves transformed into the queen’s body.

King Chang’s eyes sparkled as he looked at the queen’s body made of water.


King Chang shouted and raised both hands. Before he knew it, he had split his long spear in half and was holding two single spears.

King Chang kicked the ground and leaped. The Queen, who was sloshing around, looked at King Chang with her annoyed eyes.

It was humiliating to step down. The Queen transformed into her original body and welcomed her Spear King.


The King of Chang’s arms moved at high speed. The javelin he wielded stabbed, swung, and struck, putting pressure on the queen with all kinds of attacks from all directions.

The queen’s attack method was neither flashy nor beautiful.

Rather, it was simple and ignorant. She knew for sure that she was a transcendent.

He knew very well that he couldn’t kill himself with a low-level attack.

Therefore, avoidance is minimal. Likewise, defense was minimal.

To begin with, there was no such thing as a fatal wound to the queen, but if her head was lost, she would not be able to see it even for a moment. Without her legs she becomes temporarily unable to move.

Everything else. Ignoring the spear passing by my side. There is no such thing as internal organs in the first place.

So it cannot be said to be a wound. Her outstretched hand is smashed by the spear. Regardless, we keep moving forward. Arms regenerate quickly.

When the wide open hand is turned towards the Spear King, and the Spear King’s spear is about to smash the arm again. A little while later, the queen’s hand began to shine.


King Chang quickly lowered his posture.


The light flashed once.


The space behind King Chang’s back exploded. The trees, the ground, everything that was there disappeared without a trace. It was time for the queen to launch a further attack.

The Black Dragon’s foot kicked the queen’s body. After her kick, the queen’s body flew into the air.

The queen, who had been spinning around, quickly regained her balance. The queen opened her eyes wide at the Black Dragon League leaping off the ground.

Knock knock!

The ground trembled and rose upward. The earth expanded greatly and engulfed the body of the Black Dragon Gorge.

This was the first time this kind of joint work had been done. As a result, Lee Seong-min was unable to properly take advantage of the opportunity to intervene.

In fact, there was no need to intervene unconditionally. Everyone had a certain level of strength.

They complement each other’s gaps. If there is an opening, the side that can exploit it will actively step forward and attack.

The earth and sand that the Black Dragon Gorge was pressing torn apart, and the Spear King jumped into the air. At that moment, Lee Seong-min also ran towards the queen.

It hasn’t been long since the battle started.

But the queen was feeling an enormous amount of frustration in the meantime. None of those who were bothering her now were particularly threatening.

Even magicians and warriors who have reached the highest level among humans are ultimately only humans.

There are just a lot of numbers. In terms of threat, it is no worse than Wijihoyeon, who invaded the spirit world alone.

Rather, at that point, Wijihoyeon had transcended the human realm. Therefore, despite fighting in the spirit world, the queen was unable to kill or overwhelm Wijihoyeon.

The fight for ten days and nights brought the spirit world to the brink of collapse, and the queen had to make a hasty descent and escape from the spirit world.

I don’t feel that sense of crisis right now. This was because their attacks were not enough to harm her existence.

Still, it’s annoying. Annoying.

The queen recognized the screaming King Chang as a madman. The guy was laughing loudly because he was so happy, and he was handling the two spears like limbs.

The spear was fast and heavy. He twisted his upper body to avoid the digging spear.

My heart is broken because I didn’t dodge it well enough, but I don’t care. I was confident that if I touched it, I would kill it.

It was when I stretched out my open hand forward.


The queen’s vision went black. Lee Seong-min pulled out the spear that was stuck in the queen’s head.

“It’s my fight!”

“It’s our fight.”

Lee Seong-min responded to King Chang’s shout in a calm voice. The queen’s body, which had been falling down, was shaking.

The queen’s body wriggled and swelled.

Shhh… … Shhh… … .

There was a sound like a balloon being deflated from a neck that was not regenerated by the head. and.

It exploded.

The wind that had been tightly pressed into the exploded body burst out. However, neither King Chang nor Seong-min Lee were surprised by the wind and did not back down.

Even the Black Dragon Alliance, which came in late, cut the wind with its twin spears and opened the way to enter.

Lloyd and Scarlett raised their hands and aimed upward. Different magic targeted the queen in the storm.

“At best, human… … .”

The queen’s words did not last until the end. The warlike King Chang jumped in ignorantly.

He tore the wind with one spear and carefully lifted the other spear and aimed it at the queen’s body.

Threw a javelin and a spear. The thrown spear glowed blue and exploded.


A strong storm erupted from the window, destroying all winds that impeded the path. King Chang jumps into the path he ignorantly opened.

Rather than exerting any effort, the Black Dragon King followed the path opened by King Chang and ran closely behind him.

The queen was thinking of gathering her strength and wiping them out all at once, but as she had just finished descending and was not receiving assistance from other spirits, she lacked instantaneous firepower.

The difference was simple and easy. The queen was alone and had many enemies.

[Isn’t this the first time you’ve been in this position?]

Heoju giggled and laughed.


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