Worthless Regression Chapter 375

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Episode 377 89. Advent (2)

Gries captures the event.

Even if the owner of Gries does not see it in person and is not present at the scene. Through Gries, you can find out what has happened or is happening in the world.

However, this is only when enough life has been sacrificed.

Just like Abel, Lloyd also did not have much attachment to his lifespan.

The magic that forms the basis of Golden Magic Tower owner Lloyd was learned from Envirus.

However, the current Lloyd was greatly influenced by Abel, whose short time he spent with his teacher Envirus.

Lloyd, who became the owner of Gries after Abel, had been using Gries’ magic ever since he acquired Gries.

“It will be tomorrow night at the latest.”

Lloyd opened his mouth. He caressed Gries on her lap with his fingertips. Gries hummed and glowed.

“Tomorrow night, the Queen of Spirits will descend on this forest.”

“I’m glad though. “Because you can aim for the moment when it comes.”

Scarlett muttered, looking down at her gloves. It was as he said. Rubia said that the Spirit Kings and the queens above them were at their weakest right after they descended.

No matter how powerful they are, the strength of a monarch who rules over the spirits is determined by the gathering of the spirits under him.

Immediately after it descends, the number of ruling spirits is so small that it cannot exert its full power.

“I think it would be more fun to be in perfect condition.”

“Stop talking bullshit.”

When the King of Chang grumbled, the Black Dragon Association scolded him with an expression that he did not want to hear. Then the King of Chang opened his eyes and shouted towards the Black Dragon Gorge.

“When will you ever fight a being called the Queen of Spirits in your life?”

“How about falling down and fighting King Yeomra instead?”

“When I die someday, I will be able to fight Yeomra. But since I’m still alive, I’ll have to fight the Spirit Queen as well.”

Of course, Lee Seong-min had no intention of listening to King Chang’s insistence. Not only Lee Seong-min, but everyone was like that.

Seongmin Lee felt a little disappointed that Yana hadn’t returned yet.

Yana’s power would be a great help in the fight against the Spirit Queen, but Yana has not returned from the Spirit Pavilion yet.

[I can’t help it.]

Heoju muttered.

Ten days have passed since Yana left. After the ceremony at Majyeongjeong was over, I received a signal through the bracelet and decided to go to Eorumuri and bring Yana.

Even after 10 days, the bracelet is still not sending a signal. In fact, Yana was not later than scheduled.

From the beginning, she had said that it would take about fifteen days for her to return after finishing her work at Demonyeongjeong.

Things just changed.

That’s it. The day has come for the Queen of Spirits to descend. Yana went to Majyeongjeong for her ritual.

The whereabouts of the Predator group, led by Jennyella, are unknown. Rather, it was a relief to Lee Seong-min.

The fact that her whereabouts are unknown means that Jennyella, who lost Aine, will not go on a rampage to the outside world.

Just as Lee Seong-min had hoped, he somehow succeeded in buying time.

[You don’t have to worry about the forest?]

‘I have no choice but to trust Teresa and Osla.’

Teresa and Aine remain in the fairy forest. Aine would convulse and go crazy whenever she opened her eyes, so Osla had to always use his powers to subdue her.

Teresa voluntarily remained in the forest. After learning that the Fairy Forest had become the battlefield where she clashed with Jennyella, Teresa wandered around the outskirts of the forest for several days, creating a barrier.

“Reverse summoning is not possible.”

Lloyd warned.

“Reverse summoning the Queen of Spirits to the Spirit World is nothing but a waste of time. As long as the queen tries to destroy this world, she will come again next time and try to bring about her end.”

Being back-summoned to the spirit world cannot be said to be a penalty for the queen. Rather, at the next advent, the Queen will come even more prepared.

In fact, this was my first and last opportunity. Wijihoyeon invaded the spirit world alone, and the queen hurriedly attempted to descend.

Thanks to this, the complete descent did not occur as the queen had originally hoped. The spirits under her could not be brought, and the Spirit King of Flame disappeared and the rest were reverse summoned.

“With the abilities of the Spirit Kings, they cannot descend directly into this world. If the queen disappears… … “There will be no danger in the spirit world.”

Luvia, nestled in Lee Seong-min’s arms, made a humming sound. The question is how.

A method of extinction rather than reverse summoning.

The first thing Lee Seong-min could think of was predation. Just as Aine ate the entire Flame Spirit King, Lee Seong-min also devours the Spirit Queen.

“It’s too dangerous.”

Scarlett warned.

“You and that crazy kid have different body structures. “That little boy’s body can’t even be called a body in the first place.”

It was the result of Scarlett and Lloyd’s exploration of the fallen Aine.

“If you feast on a being as big as the Queen of Spirits, your body will explode. “If you want to commit such a spectacular suicide, I won’t stop you.”

I just thought of it as one of the methods. Seongmin Lee touched the window next to him.

There are other things I want to try as well. Mugeuk, the last herbivore of Gucheon Mugeukchang.

A technique that could determine victory or defeat in a fight against a blood demon. The blood demon, who was a powerful vampire, could not regenerate the wounds of Mukuk. Even the blood demon seemed surprised that the wound did not regenerate.

‘Me too, but the Queen of Spirits is a transcendent being.’

Before coming here, I remember what Osla said.

‘Physically killing a transcendent is… … It’s impossible. From the beginning, by becoming transcendent, we gain near-perfect immortality.’

When the Queen of Spirits was about to descend, Osla said these words with a bitter expression to everyone heading to the Sleeping Forest.

‘Your attack may be able to destroy the body of a transcendental person, but it is impossible to kill a being. So we are endlessly resurrected. Especially Sarahenne. She is both a transcendent and a queen of spirits. The basis of all spirits’ existence is connected to the spirit world. In the worst case, Sarahenne may escape to the spirit world.’

But there is no unconditional immortality.

‘Our immortality is close to perfect, but not perfect. Repeated resurrections drain our strength. And if existence itself disappears, it is impossible for us to be resurrected. Other than that… … There is also a method called sealing. If you are sealed in a sufficiently weakened state, even if you are a transcendental person, you have no choice but to be sealed.’

We prepared several methods. The group includes Lloyd and Scarlett. Although the two came from different backgrounds, they were close to the peak in the field of magic.

And judging by Lee Seong-min’s judgment and public rumors, they were the ones with the most outstanding skills among active magicians.

As long as I received the assistance of those two, I would never feel lacking in magic. Although creating a sufficiently weakened state is a prerequisite.

This was the best Lee Seong-min could prepare for now. A magical power made up of Scarlett and Lloyd.



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The two will focus on long-distance magic and seal the Queen of Spirits if the situation allows.

In fact, sealing wasn’t a very safe method, but it was better to bind and seal it in this world than to reverse summon it to the spirit world.

And Lee Seong-min himself, Black Dragon Hyeop, Chang King, and Baek So-go. In this way, the four will fight directly against the Queen of Spirits.

The attack is too excessive and should not be reverse summoned. The goal was to seal it, and if possible, it would aim for extinction.

‘It might be possible if there is no drama.’

The blood demon could not regenerate the infinite wounds. The tip of that infinite spear might even work for the spirit queen.

The Spear King’s Spear, which succeeded in reproducing the method of Sima Lianju, even if only for a moment, may also add strength to finishing off the Queen of Spirits.

I do not know.

okay. Seongmin Lee doesn’t know what the outcome will be. There is nothing certain about it.

Although we have prepared as much as we can, we are not sure that will happen.

Perhaps none of his tactics will work and he will be defeated miserably.

What happens after that? Probably gonna die. Even if you succeed in escaping without dying… … Honestly, I don’t know.

If you make such preparations and attack the queen immediately after her advent but fail, it is impossible to win against the queen whose power becomes stronger over time.

In anxiety, Lee Seong-min closed his eyes. He calmed his trembling heart and reminded himself that he could do it.

No, just saying ‘I can do it’ was not enough. I absolutely had to do it. If you don’t cut off the Spirit Queen here, the story won’t progress.

If you lose here, the world will end. The spirit queen, or Zeniella, will completely destroy the world.

Musin… … What is Musin doing? What on earth is the spirit that uses martial arts as a chess piece aiming for?

Can we trust the devil? Uncertain questions. I wonder if this struggle I’m doing has any meaning, that kind of nervousness. Fear of the unknown.

Still, I can’t run away.

What is Wijihoyeon doing now?

This forest, another space spanning this space. In a space that can never be entered from this side, Wijihoyeon is fighting alone.

While killing the monsters sealed in this forest, we are cleaning up until the monster called ‘Tam’ crouching in the deepest part of the forest awakens.

Ten days have passed since Wijihoyeon was isolated in that space. After that, I came to this forest several times, but I never met Wijihoyeon.

With the help of Scarlett and Lloyd, I searched for her location and tried to find a way to intervene from this side, but even that was impossible.

I believe in Wijihoyeon. There’s no way he’s dead. He’s still alive and doing whatever he can.

It reminds me of the sagging shoulders of Wijihoyeon, who is not an iron man. The trembling of my voice as I muttered that I had to do it, but couldn’t.

When he turned around to avoid showing his expression, what was Wijihoyeon looking at?

What was wriggling in the thick darkness that couldn’t be seen from this side? Countless monsters, the gaze I felt when I entered the forest… … .

at that time. What kind of expression did Wijihoyeon, who turned her back and did not show her expression, make?

What on earth was she feeling? She, who had wandered alone for 10 years and prevented the end on her own, is replaced.

He said, ‘For you.’

Lee Seong-min pressed his chest with his hand. That was it. Wijihoyeon did this for Lee Seong-min.

I asked you to trust me.

I can do it for you.

“It’s faster than expected.”

Lloyd muttered.

Dawn was coming. Seongmin Lee quietly stood up. Lloyd held her Gries in one hand, lifted her body into the air, and stepped behind her.

Scarlett also put on her gloves and bent her neck from side to side. Baek Sogo, who was guarding Lee Seong-min’s side as she closed her eyes, looked at Lee Seong-min’s shoulder with a bitter expression.

I wanted to reach out and pat. No, I wanted to hug him. But I couldn’t.

‘why… … I wonder.’

I felt like I shouldn’t have done that.

Although he was not very pleased with this situation, King Chang did not persist any longer.

No matter how reckless he was, I thought he would understand this situation. Of course, it wasn’t like he didn’t want to fight proudly.

Still, I knew what was most important.

“Don’t give a damn for nothing.”

“I won’t do it, you son of a bitch.”

The Black Dragon Association looked at the Spear King from the corner of his eye and warned him, and the Spear King frowned and scolded him.

“this… … really… … It’s okay to tell you to cheer up… … .”

Luvia sighed and muttered. Although she completely betrayed the Elemental Queen by becoming Scarlett’s familiar, her Queen was Luvia’s creator.

That’s why Rubia couldn’t bear to cheer on Lee Seong-min and his colleagues.

“Just stay still.”

Lee Seong-min looked up at the sky while muttering that.

[You came.]


Black cracks spread across the dawning sky. The cracks cracked and cracked open.

Bright light flowed from the gap. In an instant, the light suddenly exploded. The flashing light gathered into one point.

The Spirit Queen stood awkwardly and looked down. It was not an aftereffect of excessive descent.

I wasn’t too tired. Although she managed to find her entrance by breaking through the complex maze of space and space, what the queen felt was irritation at having put all her energy into a useless thing rather than fatigue.

“… … “What are you?”

the queen asked.

Seongmin Lee acted without answering.


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