Worthless Regression Chapter 369

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Episode 371 88. Shaman (2)

Something passed by Seongmin Lee.

A terrifyingly sharp feeling of anticipation descended on Jennyella. Geomseon did not directly hold and swing the sword, nor did he send the sword flying.

A hand gesture that lifts from bottom to top. With that alone, the space itself became a slash and cut Jennyella to pieces.

Jennyella did not move back at all. She giggled and flicked her fingertips. Her blood, which had been soaking her fingers, dripped and splattered.


The blood droplet swelled greatly. A red curtain surrounded Jennyella and Gemini.


The sword’s slash struck him. The thinly spread blood shook and received the sword’s slash.

Geomseon’s cheek twitched when he saw that. It was not because her own attack was blocked, but because the method used by Jenny Ella was using the blood of the clearing.


Geomseon shouted at him in a bloody voice and stretched his feet forward. The old man who had been lying helpless just a moment ago was no longer there.

The greatest expert of the Shaman faction and the top expert in the weapon called the sword, stamped the ground with his powerful foot.


A small tremor shook the floor. An intangible slash erupted from the ground and tore through the veil of blood.


Jennyella let out a laugh. Unlike her sword line, which contained her deadly moves, Jennyella continued to smile.

Jennyella is already very powerful. The night makes Jennyella stronger. The sword passed by Seong-min Lee.


“but… … .”

“This old man’s disciple has died. He was a disciple who was willing to give everything… … “It is not you who must take revenge.”

But isn’t it something you can’t just pretend not to know and back away from?

In some ways, this could be said to be an opportunity. Although it is a full moon night, this is Mt. Wudang.

And Geomseon, the top political faction leader, is seriously trying to kill Jennyella.

[It might be an opportunity.]

Heoju helped out. The moon is not full now. Vampires at night are stronger than during the day, but the full moon, which gives vampires absolute advantages and blessings, did not rise tonight.

Gemini is the only one with Jennyella.

What about Chen and Kun? What about Aine?

Has Joo Won not joined yet? I don’t know. At least for now it’s just Jennyella and Gemini.

Now… … By joining forces with Geomseon, wouldn’t we be able to kill Jennyella?

Even as Lee Seong-min was thinking such things, the sword was approaching Jennyella.

Every time he walked, an intangible slash came, trying to tear Jennyella apart. Jennyella giggled and flicked her fingertips. The blood that soaked her hands splashed and collided with her slashes.

“It was delicious?”

Jennyella asked. The question was directed to Lee Seong-min, not the prosecutor.

“I mean the blood demon. my father “Was it delicious?”

father… … .

Seongmin Lee recalled what the blood demon muttered. He said that parents ultimately have no choice but to listen to their children’s begging.

Seongmin Lee raised the tip of the spear and asked.

“… … “Was the Blood Demon your father?”

“There is no blood mixing… … Oh, it got mixed up. Because I made you a vampire. Well, aside from that. Blood Demon was Gemini and I’s adoptive father. When we were young… … More than 700 years ago. “When Gemini and I had just become vampires, we received a lot of help from the blood demon.”

“Aren’t you the one who drove the Blood Demon to death?”

“I didn’t force it. It was his choice. And, in the end, you were the one who killed the blood demon, right? “Oh, but I don’t think you are my father’s enemy, so don’t worry.”

Jennyella giggled. Geomseon raised her hand while glaring at Jenny Ella, who was leisurely sharing her story.

stop. Jennyella said with a chuckle. Jenny Ella spread her blood-soaked hands wide.


The red curtain expanded greatly and enveloped the interior of the conduit. The space is stained with blood. Jennyella shook her shoulders and laughed.

“You can’t kill me with pranks like that. “It seemed like he was angry because his student died, but I guess that’s not necessarily the case?”


Geomseon laughed at Jennyella’s mockery. Immediately, the smile disappeared from Geomseon’s face.

Geomseon’s hand grabbed the air. Something invisible was held tightly in one of Geomseon’s hands.

Lee Seong-min’s shoulders trembled as he looked at Geom-seon’s back.


Geomseon waved his hand. The invisible sword held in his hand tore through space.

The bloody world that Jennyella had created was divided. With that, the ceiling of the conduit flew away.

Cheongmyeong’s head rolled around in the harsh wind. Geomseon kicked the ground without looking at him.

My old body jumped through space. Jennyella opened her eyes round as she looked at the sword ship that came right in front of her.

Jennyella raised her hand. At that moment, the intangible sword of the sword cut into Jennyella’s body.


The diagonal wound across her body split Jennyella’s body in two and collapsed.

Seeing that, Geomseon raised his intangible sword high. At that moment Gemini moved.

What Gemini attacked after jumping off the ground was not a sword. She quickly passed the inspection line and held out both hands toward Lee Seong-min.


Lee Seong-min’s body, pushed back by the impact, flew through the wall of the conduit. Seongmin Lee took a stance in the air and pointed the tip of his spear at Gemini.


A loud laugh shook the night sky. The entire conduit was engulfed in red light and exploded.

Jennyella was seen standing up in the red blood. Jenny Ella, the intangible sword wielded by her swordsman, could not push away the light she gave off.

“Why don’t you run away?”



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As Lee Seong-min’s body fell to the ground, Gemini spoke to him. She stood not far away and looked behind her.

Jennyella, covered in blood, landed on the ground wearing a red dress. Against the rushing red wind, Geomseon did not back down at all.

The old uniform he was wearing fluttered in the wind. Geomseon held the intangible sword tightly with both skinny arms.


In the midst of the red storm, Geomseon’s body shone silver. As Geomseon took a step, the silver light surrounding his body became stronger.

It was the light emitted by a well-forged blade. Hundreds of intangible swords emerged with the sword as the center.

The sight of Geomseon moving forward without hesitation against the red storm caused by Jennyella was enough to be called a Geomseon.

“Geomseon will die.”

But Gemini said that without hesitation.

“I don’t intend to say that the inspection is weak. But the opponent is not very good. Even if it were daytime, the sword would not have been able to kill Jennyella, but it is night.”

As Gemini said that, he raised his finger and pointed to the sky.

“Night Jennyella is immortal. He can never be killed.”

“If it’s this powerful even on a night when the moon isn’t full… … “Isn’t now the right time to kill him?”

“Because today is not a full moon?”

Gemini laughed, revealing sharp fangs at Lee Sung-min’s muttering.

“That’s why I’m telling you to run away. You don’t know Jennyella. Because today is not a full moon? So, today is the right time to kill Jennyella?”

Gemini chuckled, perhaps finding it funny even though he said it himself.

[That’s something I can say because I don’t know Jennyella. okay? It doesn’t matter whether it’s day or night. It doesn’t matter whether the moon doesn’t rise or the crescent moon rises. If Jennyella wishes, she can turn day into night and make a full moon rise at any time. That is the last of the three magical eyes that Jennyella possesses.]

Those whispers came as a warning sound. Lee Seong-min’s eyes opened wide after hearing Gemini’s words.

[That’s why I’m telling you to run away. Fortunately, Jennyella has no intention of killing you right now. However, that doesn’t mean Jennyella will be merciful to you for attacking her. Do you understand what I mean now?]

[…] … Why are you telling me such things?]

Seongmin Lee sent a warning message while glaring at Gemini. She had felt that her Gemini’s behavior was suspicious since their first meeting.

Unlike other vampires, she was not blind to Jennyella.

At that time, just like I handed over Baeksogo at Jennyella’s mansion. Even now, Gemini was telling me things she didn’t ask for.

[Because I think that would be fun.]

Gemini said with a bright smile.

[Whether you believe it or not, that’s your freedom. However, if you attack Jennyella here, it is certain that you will die. It’s impossible to kill Jennyella just because you help with the search. And don’t ignore my existence too much.]

Meanwhile, Jennyella and Geomseon were clashing. Without hesitating, the swordsman swung her intangible sword and fired it, attempting to tear through the storm of magical power created by Jennyella.

Jennyella was still smiling. Her sword line’s attacks failed to tear through Jenny Ella’s defenses.

Gemini raised her hand and pointed behind her.

“Geomseon can’t kill Jennyella alone. “It’s the same even if you are added.”

[Be careful.]

Heoju advised.

[You must distinguish between what you can do and what you cannot do. You can’t blindly trust what that little vampire says. Isn’t it such an absurd ability that Jennyella’s third magical eye can create a full moon?]

If that is true, it means that Jennyella has no weaknesses.

Until now, Seongmin Lee had been thinking of ways to attack Jennyella. The easiest one to think of was fighting during the day rather than at night.

In the worst case scenario, avoid nights when there is a full moon. First of all, fighting in such a situation was the top priority.

But if what Gemini says is true, fighting in such a situation is impossible.

No matter how hard you try to catch the day, if Zeniella activates the Magic Eye and the full moon rises, Zeniella will ultimately have no choice but to fight in the most advantageous situation.

[What are you going to do?]

Distinguish between what you can do and what you cannot do.

This is what Heoju said. What you can’t do. Defeating Jennyella with the sword. That is impossible.

Even if Lee Seong-min uses all the power he has, even if he uses Gaebyeok and Gucheon Mugeukchang’s last herbivore, Mugeuk, and even if he uses the final five powers of Muyeongtalsoul that he has never used yet, it is not impossible.

So what about running away? It can be done. As Gemini said, Jennyella doesn’t seem to have any intention of killing Lee Seong-min here and now.

It was the same with Gemini. If you try to run away now, you can.

But you can’t take Geomseon with you.

Geomseon himself would not wish for that, and Geomseon, who maintains his body through the shaman’s energy, cannot leave the mountain.

In the end, I have no choice but to run away alone. Fighting and dying with Jennyella here would be nothing more than a dog’s death.

‘Where is Aine?’

What about Chen? What about Kun?

A premonition made Seongmin Lee shiver. He slowly dragged his feet back. What I can’t do… … .

And what you can do.

“… … “Let me back off.”

“Good idea.”

Gemini said with a grin. Seongmin Lee looked over Gemini’s shoulder with her mixed eyes.

Compared to the swordsman who was fighting hard while firing intangible swords, Jennyella had a lot of leeway.


Seongmin Lee slowly dragged his feet back. The inspection… … will die It has to be that way.

‘You have to be cool.’

Seongmin Lee clenched his teeth. It felt terrible. There was no time to mourn Geomseon’s death.

What you can do. Lee Seong-min once again engraved those words in his mind. He turned his body without seeing the sword line anymore.

“See you later.”

Gemini smiled and waved. Seongmin Lee ignored the greeting and kicked the ground. He ran straight to the cliff and jumped from the edge.

As I jumped over the distant cliff, my senses were wide open. The senses expand widely. A sound from afar catches my ear.

Yelling, screaming.

It was just as I thought. Lee Seong-min chewed his lower lip.

The Shaman faction was under attack.

* * *

Haegeomji collapsed.

Taoist monks lined up beyond the shattered shaman’s temple gate. Due to something that happened at Haegeomji, all the remaining masters of the sect gathered together.

They all thought that today would be the worst day in this world since the breakup of the Independents. The group of outsiders who passed by Haegeomji were idiots who had no knowledge of manners.

“Shouldn’t we ask the Great Master for help?”

“What kind of disgrace is it to bother the Great Patriarch over something like this?”

The monks whispered among themselves. Jang Mun-in, a shaman, was standing with his back to the outside of the mountain gate. four… … Jang Mun-in swallowed deeply.

four. There are four. Still, I couldn’t say ‘at best’.

‘It may not seem like it, but it’s prudent.’

Frescan climbed the stairs, dragging the hem of his robe. Aine, who was in the lead, was already drenched in blood.

This was because they tore down and killed all the shamanist monks who had attacked the moment they passed Haegeomji.

‘Or maybe I was just greedy.’

Jennyella headed to Geomseon’s residence, saying she would kill him herself. And Aine, Chen, and Kun headed to the shaman sect’s main building.

“I guess I’ll eat a lot today.”

Frescan said in a happy voice.

Kill and eat them all.

That was all Jennyella told Aine to do.


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