Worthless Regression Chapter 368

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Episode 370 88. Shaman (1)

After arriving at the destination, Seongmin Lee got off the fairy horse. He looked up at the rugged mountain.

It is said that mountains and rivers change every 10 years, but Mt. Wudang stood there unchanged. Seongmin Lee opened his energy. He was wary of the sword, but he didn’t feel anything like it.

[Are you planning to include Geomseon?]

‘Geomseon is a body that cannot leave Mt. Wudang.’

Seongmin Lee answered with regret. If Geomseon adds his strength, he will become a powerful ally.

However, Geomseon said that he had become unable to come out of Mt. Wudang after suffering from a poison spell a long time ago. When that thought came to mind, Heoju snorted at her.

[I don’t quite understand that.]

‘What are you saying?’

[It is not incomprehensible that I almost died because of the coin attack. But what does that have to do with being unable to leave Mt. Wudang?]

‘It might have been packaged to make it look appealing to say that you can’t go far.’

Lee Seong-min answered like that and climbed the road leading to the mountain. Before we knew it, the sun was setting and the sky was turning to sunset.

The sunset sky turns the mountain landscape red. Lee Seong-min looked at it and remembered what he said to Sima Lianju a long time ago.

Didn’t we decide to go to the shaman together? I also remembered the letter Baek Sogo wrote. It is said that when winter passes and spring comes, Mt. Wudang is dyed golden with bright yellow forsythia trees in full bloom.

The season was already long gone, and there were no forsythia to be seen on Mt. Wudang.


Not today. Seongmin Lee moved towards Geomseon’s residence. After walking for a while, he sensed someone’s presence.

“Mr. Cheongmyeong.”

Seongmin Lee called his name in a low voice. Then, Cheongmyeong, wearing a uniform, walked out from behind a nearby tree. He smiled bitterly and took a swing at Lee Seong-min.

“Long time no see.”

In response to Cheongmyeong’s greeting, Lee Seong-min also took the same position. Cheongmyeong looked a little embarrassed, perhaps because he didn’t think that his presence would be discovered so easily.

Seongmin Lee measured the state of Cheongmyeong. Even 10 years ago, Cheongmyeong was transcendental. now… … .

‘More than I thought… … .’

To be honest, I’m a little disappointed. At least that’s what it felt like if you think about it.

It is similar to the Black Dragon Alliance or Changwang 10 years ago. It was something that could not be helped. They endured for a long 10 years in the mountains of Mshi, training themselves through harsh abstinence.

Even if Cheongmyeong was Geomseon’s disciple, there was no way the 10 years he spent on this mountain would be the same as the 10 years he spent on Mushi’s mountain.

In the first place, King Chang and the Black Dragon Association were masters who had reached a higher level than Qingming, so it is impossible for Qingming to catch up with them even if 10 years have passed.

“Are you here to meet Master?”


“Please come this way.”

Cheongmyeong said. Seongmin Lee calmly followed Cheongmyeong and headed to Geomseon’s residence. Cheongmyeong spoke as he slowly walked towards the sword’s conduit.

“Thunder God, Little Demon Emperor, Divine Spear, Black Heavenly Demon. “Which star number do you like best?”

“It’s like I’m putting gold on my face, and I don’t like everything about it.”

Seongmin Lee answered with honest feelings. He destroyed the clan and murdered the blood demon in front of everyone.

Because of that incident, the nicknames people used to call Lee Seong-min became more diverse.

There were some who called him Thunder God because they said that every time he used a martial arts technique, a thunderous sound would be heard and a spinning wheel would explode, and there were others who called him Demon Emperor’s disciple and called him Soma Emperor.

There were some who called him Shinchang because his spear skill reached the level of a god, and there were also people who called him Heukcheonjeilma because he was the strongest among the Four Demons.

To be honest, I didn’t like everything. I feel embarrassed to say it all to myself.

It was ridiculous to use the nickname Thunder God when Black Lightning had not even reached its peak, and the same goes for the nickname Soma Huang.

If you use the nickname Shinchang when your spear skills are worse than that of the King of Chang, the King of Chang will laugh at you. It was the same with Heukcheon Jeilma.

“Master is inside.”

Arrived at the conduit of the sword. Seongmin Lee asked while looking at the conduit.

“Are Geomryong and Jihak still on this mountain?”

“They both came down the mountain a while ago. Jihak returned to Shaolin, and Geomryong returned to the Namgung family.”

Lee Seong-min felt a little regretful at those words. The reason he came to Mt. Wudang was to get help from Jihak, Namgung Huiwon, and, if possible, Cheongmyeong.

If he can receive their help, Lee Seong-min will recruit all the transcendental masters he knows that he can attract.

After that, I planned to find Jennyella or Musin and make a deal before it was too late.

But when I got there, I realized that Geomryong and Jihak had recently come down the mountain. So then, do we have no choice but to hope for Cheongmyeong’s help?

To talk about it, Lee Seong-min went into the conduit.

“How do you see Cheongmyeong?”

That was the voice that greeted Lee Seong-min when he entered the conduit alone. Seongmin Lee glanced at the closed door.

Cheongmyeong stands outside. Geomseon chuckled and laughed.

“Are you worried that the child will hear?”


“Don’t worry. The sound has already been blocked. Rather… … Cluck cluck. “From the way she looks at that kid, it looks like she doesn’t want to say anything nice.”

“Compared to my peers, this is a great achievement. “There are countless people who cannot reach the transcendental state at that age, and there are countless people who die at an older age than me without being able to reach the transcendental state.”

“Isn’t it enough to be called Geomseon’s disciple?”

Come here. Geomseon beckoned. Seongmin Lee slowly approached the place where the sword was located.

It smelled different from before when I entered the conduit where the inspection line was located. It was a familiar smell.

[I came here for no reason.]

Heoju muttered.

Geomseon was lying on the bed. Under the flickering candlelight, the shadow of the sword was visible.

Geomseon raised his upper body as he saw Lee Seong-min approaching.

“You’ve aged a lot now.”

“He should have died of old age long ago. “He’s lived long enough for this.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing happened. Nothing happened… … So this is what happened. “This old man was dying from a poisonous spell a long time ago, and he survived by living off the essence of this mountain.”



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That’s why I couldn’t leave Mt. Wudang. Geomseon wrinkled her wrinkled face and smiled.

“Has it been a while since you came to say hello?”

Seongmin Lee slowly shook his head. Looking at it, he made the sound of Geomseon laughing.

“I am proud to say that I have raised a student that I would not be ashamed to present to anyone. but… … It’s not enough. It’s still not enough. “I put a lot of effort into it for 10 years, but it’s only at that level.”

“Isn’t that too greedy?”

“There’s bound to be a lot. Even if it wasn’t enough to prevent destruction, I wanted to raise it enough to slow it down. but… … haha. “I guess this old man wasn’t a great teacher.”

“How much is left?”

“Maybe I will die today.”

Geomseon shook his head and said. Seongmin Lee looked at the swordsman with a bitter expression.

“Do you pity this old man?”

“I don’t think our relationship is deep enough to sympathize with you.”


At Lee Seong-min’s words, Geom-seon laughed again.

“It looks like the ugly hair is firmly stuck in it.”

“Because you tried to kill me.”

“This old man wasn’t sure if it was your end or not. “It’s still the same now.”

“Ten years ago, I was at my end. But not now.”

“That is not a problem that the old man can understand. but… … I understand this much. “Nowadays, Nobu can’t kill you.”

“Because you’re weak?”

“It hasn’t weakened that much. Because I’m still alive somehow. Even though I cannot grasp the entire mountain with my senses like before, Nobu is a swordsman.”

Geomseon muttered that and looked into Lee Seong-min’s golden eyes.

“Ilcheon has raised his students well. Cheongmyeong… … If that child had become as strong as you, he could have given up his life without any regrets… … .”

Geomseon’s words were not finished.


The door to the conduit shattered with a dull sound. Something came through the door and rolled around on the floor.

Lee Seong-min was surprised by that sudden incident and turned around. When he saw it rolling on the floor, Lee Seong-min’s eyes opened wide.

Lee Seong-min couldn’t believe that what he was seeing was real.

Cheongmyeong’s head, which had been rolling around, stopped.

Cheongmyeong’s head, which had been violently torn off, had a blank expression on its face, as if it had no idea what had happened.

He probably wasn’t even able to scream at the last moment. Is such a thing possible?

Cheongmyeong, an expert in transcendental realms, died in that way? Did he die at the last moment without being able to resist and without knowing what had happened to his body?

“… … uh.”

That sound came from my gaping mouth. The swordsman was not saying anything. He couldn’t understand.

Aside from the fact that Cheongmyeong died like that, why did Geom-seon and Lee Seong-min not notice the existence of the evil beast that killed Cheongmyeong?

No matter how focused the two were on the conversation, there was no way they wouldn’t have known if there was a being approaching that would kill an expert of Cheongmyeong’s level so cruelly.


I heard a voice. Lee Seong-min’s shoulders trembled at that thin tone.

no way.

Seongmin Lee grabbed the spear he had put down. Geomseon stood up behind Lee Seong-min.

Jennyella crossed the broken threshold while watching the two’s movements. Her eyes widened as she casually put down Cheongmyeong’s body that she was holding in one hand.

Gemini was behind Jennyella. Just as Jennyella looked uncharacteristically surprised, so did Gemini. She tilted her head and looked at Lee Seong-min.

“Why are you here?”

Jennyella asked. That was what Seongmin Lee wanted to ask. When she encountered Jenny Ella, she felt chills and goosebumps all over her body.

Jennyella’s terrible presence, which he had not felt until a moment ago, began to pressure Lee Seong-min only after he was faced with it.

So I couldn’t understand it even more. Even Lee Seong-min knows how vicious Jennyella’s presence is. So why didn’t she notice?

“… … Cheongmyeong… … .”

Geomseon muttered. Ah haha. Jennyella laughed.

“I killed him because he wasn’t great enough to play with. “If I had known this would happen, would I have listened to the will?”

“how… … I didn’t feel your presence… … ?”


Jennyella smiled brightly at Lee Seong-min’s muttering. She parted her smiling lips and stretched out her red tongue.

Jennyella said, licking the blood soaking her fingers.

“You don’t know me very well. I am also an excellent wizard. “If you want to do it, erasing your presence isn’t that difficult.”


I had no choice but to say this. She never expected that Jennyella would invade this place while she was talking with Geomseon.

[Not only that.]

Heoju warned. Heoju also didn’t expect Jennyella to attack her like this, so her voice was stiff.

[It is night.]

Behind Jennyella’s back.

The sky beyond the shattered door was pitch black. The case is different from before. Until now, it had never been night when Lee Seong-min faced Jennyella.

[Fortunately, it is not a full moon.]

Under the night of the full moon, vampires become most powerful. It was now night, but the moon was not full.

Seongmin Lee swallowed his saliva as he looked at the thin crescent moon. Jennyella smiled as she looked at Lee Seong-min’s nervous face.

“Are you going to run away this time?”

“why… … “You came here, right?”

“I don’t think there’s any reason to explain that to you. Don’t worry though. “It’s not you I have to see today.”

Jennyella’s eyes turned to Geomseon.

Geomseon stood silently. He pursed his lips tightly as he looked at Cheongmyeong’s head on the floor.


Until a little while ago, I never thought that Cheongmyeong would die like that. Even if you didn’t think about it, Cheongmyeong is dead.

That was a fact that would never change.

“… … Huh… … .”

Geomseon’s tightly closed mouth opened. Geomseon let out a long sigh and lifted his head.

“… … “I’m glad this old body still moves.”

Geomseon slowly raised his hand.


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