Worthless Regression Chapter 367

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Episode 369 87. Sleeping Forest (4)

Because Wijihoyeon said that he should not die, Seongmin Lee suggested to Kazuya that they go to the fairy forest together.

But Kazuya smiled bitterly and shook his head. In order to maintain the seal on the forest, he had to remain in this village, and in the end, he could not leave the village until he died.

Sustaining only on Byeokgokdan did not seem to be a good idea, so Seongmin Lee used Erebrisa to prepare food for Kazuya and brought it to Kazuya’s room.


Wijihoyeon is constantly receiving feedback from Ma-ryeong. Wi Ji-ho-yeon probably knows more about the form of the end than Lee Seong-min.

Seongmin Lee looked back at the Sleeping Forest before leaving the village.

The Spirit Queen, the Vampire Queen, and Tom.

[They said there was no harvest.]

Heoju was deep in thought.

[It was said that this world is a breeding ground for acquiring perfected technology. Are you saying you haven’t gotten your hands on that ‘technology’ yet?]

‘… … It is said that Master was greatly involved in the beginning of the end.’

This is what Slaughter Predation said. Because Sima Lianju became too strong as a human. The level of nothingness he had reached was so high that the end had begun in earnest. At that point, the technology of Sima Lianju would have been sufficiently completed.

Slaughter Posik said that the form of the end is different every time. Among them, the one that always appears is slaughter and predation.

Those who return to the past are designated as genocidal predators from the moment they return, and when the apocalypse is implemented, they awaken as monsters and kill and eat all beings in the world.

I learned one more thing. A monster sealed deep within the sleeping forest. avarice… … Lee Seong-min chewed his lower lip.

Carnage prey eats existence, and Tom eats the world. And in Tom’s stomach, the world returns to nothingness.

If that is the case, it is at the end of the apocalypse that Tom appears. Wijihoyeon was confident that Tom would not appear yet.

That also meant that Kazuya would never die unless it was the final time of the end.

Still, I couldn’t rest assured. We will also have to look into Kazuya’s personal circumstances in the future.

Tam said that Wijihoyeon was a monster he couldn’t handle, and unless it was the end of the end, Tam, who was in a deep sleep, would never wake up.

A thing to do.

The bracelet on my wrist vibrated as it buzzed.

[Who is it?]

Rubia, nestled in his arms, asked. Seongmin Lee checked the bracelet on his wrist. The bracelets connected to Scarlett and Baek Sogo, who went to the lake, were responding.

Judging by the reaction, it seemed like they had succeeded in reverse-summoning the Spirit King. Seongmin Lee summoned a fairy horse and headed to Behenger.

* * *

“It wasn’t fun.”

After a week, King Chang and Lloyd also joined the fairy forest. King Chang had a bored expression on his face and told me about what he had experienced.

The story was that they spent nearly ten days at the Dahar ruins and succeeded in attacking and reverse-summoning the descending Spirit King.

“The attack method was tricky and annoyingly hard. Other than that, it wasn’t fun. “I waited for nearly 10 days and looked forward to it, but I felt nothing but disappointment because it only lasted that long.”

“I’m glad it ended easily.”

“Are things called spirit kings naturally this weak?”

King Chang grumbled. In fact, it is not that the Spirit King is weak, but that the Spear King is too strong.

King Chang was a warrior at the top when it came to the weapon called the spear, and he was a great man who even to some extent digested the instincts of Sima Lianju, who could be said to be the one who brought about the end of this world.

“In the first place, the Spirit Kings who descended immediately are weak.”

“Look at this. Are you taking sides just because we are the same spirit?”

“It’s not about taking sides… … .”

“Nothing, that’s right. Should I have fought and died there instead? uh? Or maybe he should have waited a little longer when it came and then fought?”

As the Spear King chuckled, Luvia’s shoulders trembled. Among Lee Seong-min’s colleagues in the fairy forest, King Chang was the one with the most perfect personality.

“… … It’s just that my grandfather is very strong. “Okay?”

“Where do I see you as a grandfather?”

“You’re old enough to be a grandfather.”

The Spear King snorted at Luvia’s grumbling words. Lloyd was sitting a little away from the King of Chang, sighing deeply.

Within ten days, Lloyd’s cheek had sunken. Even without asking, it was clear how much he suffered from King Chang at the Dahar ruins.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

The Black Dragon Association patted Lloyd’s shoulder with an expression of understanding. Scarlett was at the magic tower, and Baek Sogo was sitting in the shade of a tree and meditating.

[Lee Seong-min.]

Yana spoke to Lee Seong-min, who was listening to King Chang’s grumbles. Seongmin Lee looked back. Yana was standing far away and looking at Lee Sung-min.

[What’s going on?]

[for a moment… … ]

Yana looked embarrassed. It was the first time Yana had made an expression like that. Seongmin Lee ignored King Chang’s chatter and approached Yana.

[…] … It is time to go to Majyeongjeong.]

Lee Seong-min’s cheeks stiffened slightly at those words. Yana’s power as a nine-tailed fox was received directly from the devil. Because of that, Yana had to periodically go to the magic pavilion in the Huyja Mountains to perform rituals.

Seongmin Lee had never been to Maryeongjeong before. He had originally planned to go to the Demon Spirit and meet the Demon Spirit after waking up from the seal.

However, I did not go because I was concerned that Laplace of Erebrisa had told me not to trust demonic spirits too much. Since then, I have been avoiding meeting demonic spirits.

[…] … What happens if I don’t go?]

[The power I have as a nine-tailed fox will disappear.]

Yana said with a bitter smile. A nine-tailed fox is a fox that gains magical powers and changes through a thousand years of training.

Yana, who has lived for about 400 years at most, was far from being able to become a nine-tailed fox. It was a fact that Yana herself acknowledged.

[What I received from the devil was a magical power that I could not have originally. No matter how talented I was as a youkai, there was nothing I could do about the natural magical power accumulated through thousand years of training.]

The demon granted Yana’s wish and gave her the magic power she needed to become a nine-tailed fox.

[If you do not go to the Demon Spirit and perform the ritual, the magical power received from the Demon Spirit will disappear. It was that kind of contract from the beginning.]

‘… … All right.’

It was not only Lee Seong-min who lost his power as a nine-tailed fox, but it was also not what Yana had hoped for. Lee Seong-min also knew that there was nothing he could do.

Maybe I’m just overreacting. The fact that the demon spirit was suspicious was all that Laplace had told him, and it was possible that the demon spirit had no other plans.

Lee Seong-min rode a fairy horse and took Yana to Eormuri. There was something to see at the same time.



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Frau looked at Lee Seong-min with a bored expression. In response to that blatant gaze, Lee Seong-min calmly took out the tribute from his arms.

As a large gold bar and several jewels were placed on the table, Frau clicked his tongue.

“It’s too much money to refuse.”


“Give it to me.”

Frau grumbled and stretched out his hand towards Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min placed the Wolhu items he found in the Moon Palace on the table and gave Frau a subtle look. Frau asked, licking his lower lip with his tongue.

“why. Let’s give it a try?”


“no? “Then why do you look at people like that?”

“no… … Isn’t it a bit uncomfortable for me and Frau to come and ask for something like this every time? therefore… … .”

“go away.”

Frau spat out, his eyes shining brightly.

“I just like this kind of relationship. Your fate is no longer visible, no fate is bound to you… … So you are more dangerous. “If I’m with you, it’s perfect for getting killed.”

“What do you mean?”

“Not being entangled in fate means you are free to do anything.”

Frau muttered that and lifted the longing on the table. The surface was old and dirty as it had not been maintained for a long time.

“A guy like that is not being quiet, and is directly rejecting the fate of this world. “How can you accept the existence of God, who has decided your fate and is leading the world according to your destiny?”

“… … “There won’t be much interest.”

“Maybe so. Because it is impossible to change the position of a rock by throwing an egg. But, an egg that hits a rock will definitely break.”

Frau chuckled.

“… … I don’t want to say that Abel’s death was a dog’s death. I don’t even want to say that he was as bad as an egg. But in the end, Abel died.”

“If the end comes, everyone will die.”

“It would be fair if everyone died.”

Frau’s laughter grew louder.

“If you struggle to prevent the end, and end up dying, and as a result the end will change… … So what are you doing? He’s already dead. I’m dead, but other people are laughing and living in a world where the end will never come. I don’t like that. “Why do I look selfish?”


“It’s nice to be honest. Yes, I’m selfish. I am the only one who knows. I don’t want to get killed either. “Anyway, I don’t want to get caught and be killed with you.”


“Let me give you some advice. “I told you about the fate force a long time ago.”

The forces that act on fate.

Beings living in this world are inevitably, unavoidably, and naturally entangled in the great flow of fate.

Destiny is ambiguous and can change at any time, but the flow is so large that fate itself does not change completely unless something happens.

“You who have escaped from the fate force do not belong to its flow. Therefore, you can create a big change in fate. but… … If you collide with fate over and over again, you will be caught up in it and be destroyed, whether you like it or not. “You and the beings who act with you.”

Frau muttered that and signed his hand. Wolhu’s items placed on the table were enveloped in a hazy light.

“… … “What is this?”

Frau muttered.


Objects enveloped in fog were shattered. Frau quickly withdrew his spell and spread his hands to create a barrier.


White light rose from the shattered objects and struck Frau. However, the barrier that unfolded before that blocked the light.

“Look at that.”

Frau spat out with an annoyed expression.

“If I stay with you, I will die.”

“What was that just now?”

“Can’t you tell when you see it? The owner of the item had this device in place from the beginning. He planted a curse that would be activated if someone tried to chase him through this. “It’s a shame that you’re a witch doctor like me. If he were a decent bastard, he would have just died without being able to take the curse.”

Frau waved his hand and threw the smashed items aside.

“Tracking the location was unsuccessful. Seeing as they even planted a curse, it seems like they really didn’t want their location revealed. Even if you fail, the gems will not be returned. “Because I almost died.”

“… … Jewelry is fine.”

“go back.”

Frau sat down on the bed and slapped his hand.

“Thanks to this incident, I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore.”

I bowed to Frau, who was grumbling, and came out of the mansion. Seongmin Lee did not return to the fairy forest right away.

While I was out, there was a place to stop by.


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