Worthless Regression Chapter 366

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Episode 368 87. Sleeping Forest (3)

For you.

I was speechless. What to say didn’t come out of her mouth because her thinking mind was frozen.

Wijihoyeon giggled while receiving the hardened gaze. She muttered, lowering her hands down unable to touch her Lee Seong-min.

“Do you know?”

Like a complaint.

“What did I learn? “I learned the truth that I didn’t even want to know, and that the existence of ‘me’ in this world did not live by my own will, but existed for someone high up above.”

“… … know.”

“I was angry and annoyed. But in the end, I had no choice but to accept it. what… … It can’t be helped. “In the end, I had no choice but to accept it.”

Once again, Wijihoyeon raised his hand and tried to touch Seongmin Lee. Seongmin Lee also raised his hand.

They passed without touching each other’s hands. Seongmin Lee felt pain as if his heart was being torn apart.

“I’m the only one.”

The weight of responsibility that I never wanted. Lee Seong-min doesn’t know Wi Ji-ho-yeon’s feelings.

Seongmin Lee and Jihoyeon Wi are in different situations. It was different from the beginning. Lee Seong-min was a throwaway card arranged by the devil to deceive the eyes of the spirit.

Many of the things given to Lee Seong-min were not for Lee Seong-min, but for the slaughter that would descend and devour Lee Seong-min’s personality at the end of time.

The devil’s true target was Wijihoyeon. The absurd level of talent that everyone talks about.

Destiny of reigning as king.

Direct protection from the devil.

Although the true intentions of the devil are still hard to believe, Wijihoyeon’s life must have flowed as the devil had intended after being summoned to this world.

To some extent, it’s like my previous life.

A little differently.

As it changed little by little, it has become completely different now. The roles played by Wijihoyeon in the past and the current Wijihoyeon will be different.

Wijihoyeon’s role in the world now is to end the apocalypse. The sword called Wijihoyeon, forged by the devil, will cut down and kill everything that brings about the end.

How on earth has Wijihoyeon been living until now?

In the end, he said he had no choice but to accept it. They say it can’t be helped, because it’s just me.

Lee Seong-min was not driven to that extent. At least, it was Lee Seong-min’s choice to prevent the apocalypse. But did Wijihoyeon have a chance to choose?

Earnest. What Abel said. It weighed on her chest.

“It was a lot of work.”

Wijihoyeon’s voice was powerful.

“I found out everything 10 years ago and what I had to do… … After learning about a role that only I can play. I had to do a lot of work. It felt terrible. I told you, I learned too much. You weren’t a monster at that point, but I knew one day you would become one… … “I knew I had to do something with you with my own hands.”

“… … “I didn’t become a monster.”

“That’s the thing I’m most grateful for in this damn world.”

Wijihoyeon said that sincerely.


The darkness behind her wriggles. As Lee Seong-min, who was standing in a different space from Wijihoyeon, he could not clearly see what was in the darkness.

“When you became a monster and I was too far away from you. I asked the devil to do something. He threatened to kill me if I didn’t. “Was I helpful?”

“… … of course.”

As expected, it was with the help of the demonic spirit that Baek Ah came into his hands at that time. Because he was able to get his hands on Baek-ah at the critical moment, he was able to extinguish the massacre predator.

“It’s later than I thought.”

Wijihoyeon muttered.

“Actually, I… … I wanted to end everything before you opened your eyes. But it wasn’t that easy. It took 10 years just to wander the dungeon and destroy the monsters within it. Immediately after that, the Queen of Spirits was about to descend. “She was wondering whether to kill the vampire queen first or to destroy the spirit queen, but she thought it was the spirit queen that was urgent, so she entered the spirit world.”

“How were you able to enter the spirit world?”

“This forest is a complex and mysterious place. Dimensions and dimensions are intertwined. “It wasn’t easy, but we found a path to the spirit world.”

Wijihoyeon muttered like that and glanced behind his back. Not having any sense. Wijihoyeon muttered in a low voice.

“There is no time.”

Wijihoyeon turned his body. The black dragon gun wrapped around her shoulders was slowly lifted above her.

“I tried to take it step by step, but it seems like it was too much. “I can’t escape from here now.”

I don’t know what Wijihoyeon is looking at. Seongmin Lee clenched his fists and tried to get closer to Wizzy Hoyeon. But he couldn’t reach it. There was Wiji Hoyeon right in front of her, and she couldn’t go where she was.

“What do we do?”

Wijihoyeon did not show his face. The black dragon robe moved ceaselessly around her shoulders.

There was a sound of destruction. The black dragon gun fired into the darkness was taking down monsters that Lee Seong-min could not see one after another.

“I failed to kill the spirit queen. I should have succeeded. No, even if it failed, it shouldn’t have failed in this way.”

Wijihoyeon’s voice was trembling. Seongmin Lee saw Wijihoyeon’s hand hanging down. My tightly clenched fist was trembling.

“My existence has become tied to this space. It is impossible to escape on your own right now. that… … It’s very difficult. While I am chained here, the Queen of Spirits will find a way to escape, and she will descend into this world. She’s not only the queen of spirits. “The vampire queen, that monster bitch, is in some ways trickier than the spirit queen.”

Although she tried not to show it, the situation she found herself in made her reveal her feelings.

“What do we do?”

Wijihoyeon is not an iron man.

More than anyone else in the world, Lee Seong-min knew that fact better. Seongmin Lee knows Wijihoyeon well.

That she is not an iron woman. Even though it looks cold at first glance, I know that it is not like that at all on the inside.

Even if that true appearance is only visible to Lee Seong-min. Seongmin Lee could not help but sympathize with the frustrating despair Wijihoyeon was feeling in the current situation.

Wijihoyeon’s role is to prevent the end. In fact, she has lived like that until now.

Not being able to kill the Queen of Spirits, and being caught up in a sudden spatial erosion and being tied up in that unknown space, was probably the only failure of Wijihoyeon’s actions so far.

“… … “I have it.”

Seongmin Lee stretched out his hand towards Wijihoyeon’s back. I know that my outstretched hand cannot reach Wijihoyeon.

Anger, frustration, despair, helplessness, and responsibility that was forced upon me. I saw Wijihoyeon’s shoulders weighed down by those things.

“You don’t have to despair over your failure. I have it. Even if you are there, I am still in this world.”

Wijihoyeon looked back.



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“You said it was for me. I also want to prevent the end. “If you can’t do it, I can do it.”

Wijihoyeon’s eyes went blank. She stood up and looked at Lee Seong-min’s face.

Seongmin Lee held tightly to the spear on his shoulder.

“Maybe not as strong as you, but I’m not weak.”

“… … haha!”

Wijihoyeon burst out laughing at Lee Seongmin’s words.

“okay. I know very well that you are not weak. “Because you fought me and won.”

Wijihoyeon muttered like that and raised the corners of his mouth and smiled.

“Don’t go back on time.”

“i’ll wait.”

“If it’s too late… … “Can you come get me?”


Wijihoyeon giggled at Lee Seongmin’s answer.

“It’s a shame I can’t touch it.”

Wijihoyeon turned his back and looked at the writhing darkness and muttered.

“I want to touch you. “I want to hug you, kiss you, and do many things that are embarrassing to say in words.”

“… … you can do it.”

“I enjoyed spending time with you.”

Wijihoyeon’s laughter became louder. Those days were the happiest memories for Lee Seong-min.

At that time, the fairy forest was peaceful. Sima Lianju was alive and well, and Lee Seong-min continued to stay with Wi Ji-ho-yeon.

“Can I go back again?”

“… … “It would be impossible to go back to those days.”

Sima Lianzhu is dead.

“But we will be able to stay together again. certainly.”

“… … huh.”

Wijihoyeon smiled bitterly and answered. Those days were memories for Wijihoyeon. It took 10 years to wander around trying to prevent the end.

What sustained Wijihoyeon during that time were the memories of the times she spent with Lee Seong-min and the days she would spend with Lee Seong-min in the future.

“Because that’s what I’m doing this for.”

Wijihoyeon glared into the darkness. In the sleeping forest, the old monsters sealed here were beckoning towards Wijihoyeon.

Wijihoyeon felt his whole body tremble. In some ways, it could be said to be fear, but at this moment, Wiji Hoyeon did not consider what he was feeling to be fear.

“You are calling me.”

Wijihoyeon shrugged his shoulders while muttering that.

“If the.”

Seongmin Lee opened his mouth, sensing the possibility of something unknown.

“… … If the place you are wandering is a place that exists due to the seal of this forest. If you break the seal of the forest… … “Maybe you can escape.”


Wijihoyeon shook his head.

“You seem invisible.”

Wijihoyeon muttered like that and raised his hand and pointed into the darkness.

“There, deep in the depths, lies a powerful being whose power I can understand. It looks like it’s in a very deep sleep, and it doesn’t open its eyes even though I’m running wild. “The seal that Kazuya and his family maintain is to capture that bastard.”

“monster… … ?”

“It’s a guy called greed.”

The devil said so. Wijihoyeon chuckled.

“If genocidal predation kills and eats everything alive in the world, then tom devours the world itself. “In its stomach, the world returns to nothingness and everything starts again.”

“… … The forest seal is weakening. “Everyone except Kazuya is dead.”

“But Kazuya didn’t die. maybe… … Kazuya will not die for some time to come. “I’m not ready yet.”


“It means we haven’t harvested it yet.”

Wijihoyeon didn’t say anything more than that. She started walking into the darkness.

“I hope this is our last farewell.”

Lee Seong-min spit that out toward Wijihoyeon’s back as he walked away. At those words, Hoyeon Wiji laughed and turned his head to look at Seongmin Lee.

Swallowed by the darkness, Wijihoyeon smiled brightly.

“So do i.”

Wijihoyeon was no longer visible.

Nevertheless, Lee Seong-min could not leave the place. He slowly raised the spear.

The gaze I felt upon entering this space was no longer felt. However, I felt a commotion.

An inexplicable tremor shook the space little by little. It was the sound of Wijihoyeon fighting monsters in a space that overlapped with this place.

I don’t think about Wijihoyeon’s defeat.

I wanted to do that. You should not fall into anxiety. Seongmin Lee believed in Wijihoyeon. Even though I don’t know for sure the fight, the situation, or anything else she’s going through right now.

I had no choice but to believe it. Wijihoyeon believed in Lee Seong-min. He had no doubt that Lee Seong-min would do the things he could not do.

Seongmin Lee held the spear tightly. Still, if possible. I want to go to where Wijihoyeon is at any cost. She wanted to fight with her, come back with her.

I know it’s impossible.

Seongmin Lee slowly turned around. He left the noisy forest behind and passed the rock where he met Heoju.

Kazuya was sitting at the entrance to the forest. Kazuya lifted his head upon hearing her footsteps.

“Are you here?”


“Have you achieved what you wanted?”

Kazuya staggered to his feet. Seongmin Lee silently extended his hand and supported Kazuya’s body.

“… … “Half done.”

“is it… … ”

Kazuya nodded and muttered. Seongmin Lee checked Kazuya’s pulse.

Although it was weak, there was no sign of it breaking. It’s not time yet. Seongmin Lee thought about what Wijihoyeon muttered.

‘There was no harvest.’

This world has already entered the fate of end. Nevertheless, the world has not yet been destroyed. It is just steadily moving towards destruction.

It was an undesirable reprieve.


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