Worthless Regression Chapter 365

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Episode 367 87. Sleeping Forest (2)

Why does the nickname Socheonma come from this place? Seongmin Lee felt embarrassed and headed towards the place where he heard the sound.

Just like the houses of other villagers, there was a foul smell wafting from this mansion as well. But there was no smell of rotting corpses.

[I think I will die soon.]

Heoju grumbled. Seongmin Lee opened the half-closed door of the room and went inside.

A skinny Kazuya was lying half-reclining on the dirty bed. The floor and bedding were filthy with dirt.

Luvia, who followed Lee Seong-min, showed a disgusted expression.

“Socheonma… … “No.”

Kazuya muttered. He somehow managed to open them, but Kazuya’s eyes were a dull gray.

It wasn’t just that I couldn’t see. The Kazuya I met before was at the pinnacle of martial arts.

It was so broken now. Both eyes cannot see and the body does not move well.

My keen sense as a warrior was shut down and my dantian was broken. Kazuya was dying.

“… … “Do you remember me?”

Seongmin Lee gave Luvia a glance. Luvia realized what that glance meant and opened her hands.

They hugged each other and water droplets splashed between Luvia’s palms. It wrapped around the entire room and disappeared. The dirty dirt and dust were washed away.

“This… … .”

Kazuya looked surprised. He tensed his eyebrows and looked at Lee Sung-min, but his eyes did not recognize Lee Sung-min. Kazuya said with a sigh.

“Who are you?”

“About 15 years ago, I came to this forest following the traces of Envirus.”

“ah… … okay. There you are. I remember. “They suddenly invaded our village and killed the tribal elder who tried to harm the intruders.”

I’m not blaming you. She laughed as Kazuya added.

“Why did you come here?”

“There is something I want to check in the forest. … … “By the way, what on earth happened in this village?”

It’s not like someone attacked it.

Seongmin Lee knew that fact well. However, he did not die because they fought among themselves.

“It was planned.”

Kazuya let out a laugh.

“It started suddenly, though. It’s not that there weren’t any signs. we are… … Everyone in this village has the same blood. From the roots. Mix them together, mix them, mix them together… … As a result, my body becomes weak. “You end up with a disease that even magic and elixirs can’t cure.”

Incest passed down through generations.

“Even though we knew that such breeding would end in destruction, we could not help it. The secret wish of the clan was important. “It’s an unknown secret wish, but everyone born in this village had to pursue it as if they had been brainwashed.”

Heoju said. It is said that the people of this village maintain the forest barrier just by existing.

That is why they cannot escape this village and continue to live in incest.

As Kazuya said, the village’s destruction was predestined.

Even so, it is too sudden.

“… … “Since when?”

“It was about a month ago. Suddenly, I started dying. “How long has she been dead?”

“Everyone but you.”


Kazuya chuckled. He got up unsteadily. Kazuya, who was sniffing, smiled in satisfaction.

“Thanks for cleaning. “I’m used to the stench, but it’s still better to be clean.”

“… … Do you know Socheonma?”

Seongmin Lee asked a question about something that kept bothering him. Kazuya stretched out his hand to the side of the bed.

I open the dresser and trace inside with my fingertips. I glanced at it and saw that the dresser was full of Byeokgokdan.

He took out a handful of Byeokgokdan and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Before the destruction begins. Yes, Socheonma visited the village a month ago.”

A month ago.

Seongmin Lee swallowed his saliva. At that time, it would be right after Lee Seong-min was released from the seal.

When Lee Seong-min woke up in Germud and was assessing the situation, Wijihoyeon came to this village and met Kazuya.

“She asked me politely. I want to go into the Sleeping Forest. I couldn’t refuse it. Her attitude was polite, but the power felt by So Cheonma made it impossible to reject him in his face. “She had no reason to refuse.”

A month ago, Wijihoyeon entered the sleeping forest. What happened after that?

Luvia said that Wijihoyeon appeared in the spirit world ten days ago. Was there a reason for him to come to the Sleeping Forest before entering the Spirit World?

“Didn’t you hear why?”

“They said it was necessary. It was vague, but I didn’t dig deeper and ask. “Because the reason is not important.”

Kazuya muttered that and got off the bed. He stood unsteadily, panting and straightening his bent body. Seongmin Lee quietly approached Kazuya and supported his body.

“I don’t know how much longer we have left.”

Kazuya muttered.

“Our clan has existed to maintain the forest barrier. now… … Everyone died except me. “If I die too, the forest barrier will disappear completely.”

“What happens after that?”

“I don’t know. We just existed. If I die, the forest barrier will disappear… … I don’t know what happens after that. “Because it’s never been like that.”

Old monsters are sealed within the forest. He asked about that too, but Kazuya shook his head.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be of help.”

“it’s okay.”

Kazuya was the same and didn’t know anything. He and the villagers have lived near this forest for hundreds of years and have only lived to seal it.

And now everyone except Kazuya is dead.


Those words floated through Lee Seong-min’s mind. Osla said that this world was doomed to end.

Even at this very moment, the fate of the world is steadily moving toward its end.



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At that point, the villagers who maintained the seal on the forest died in droves, and now only Kazuya was left.

[This forest may also be related to the end.]

Heoju muttered.

And Wijihoyeon came into this forest.

What happened? Seongmin Lee recalled the Wijihoyeon he saw at the Moon Palace.

Wijihoyeon seen while space was eroding. Unable to finish the fight with the Queen of Spirits, she looked annoyed as she was caught up in the sudden erosion of space.

Wijihoyeon only said that the reason for entering the Sleeping Forest was ‘necessary.’ There is too little information. Did Wiji Hoyeon enter this forest to prevent his demise?

Seongmin Lee and Kazuya stopped at the entrance to the forest. Tree vines are intricately intertwined, blocking the road.

[You’ve become weaker.]

It was just as Heo Joo said. The forest barrier was weaker than when I saw it 15 years ago. There were many rotten spots on the vines blocking the forest.

“Has it rotted a lot?”


“But there are still some left. “Because I’m alive.”

Kazuya muttered that and staggered towards the barrier. He cut his palm, causing it to bleed, and then touched the bloody palm to the vine. The barrier opened with a grunt sound.

“thank you.”

“what. “This should be my role.”

Kazuya answered, wiping his bloody palms. Seongmin Lee bowed his head to Kazuya and entered the forest barrier.


A strange sense of discomfort passed through Seongmin Lee. The Sleeping Forest is a place that cannot be entered even with a fairy horse.

Seongmin Lee tried calling for a fairy horse, but the fairy horse did not appear. As Osla said, this forest seemed to be of this world, but not a place of this world.

[It’s been a long time, so it’s a nice feeling.]

Heo Joo chuckled and laughed.

[Still, it’s a place that’s been stuck for over 300 years.]

‘What have you been doing for 300 years?’

[I almost slept. Or just think about the old days. It wasn’t much fun. It was much more fun when I was with you.]

‘Why don’t you say something unfamiliar?’

[What is that strange word? It’s true. So, hasn’t this old man done many things for you? Just 10 years ago, if this old man had not stepped forward, you would have been completely eaten by the slaughter predator.]

‘that… … I know. ‘Of course I’m grateful.’

[It’s quite interesting to hear something like this from a guy with a dick.]

Heo Joo chuckled and laughed. Seongmin Lee ignored the teasing comments and ran through the forest.

There was a strong sense of discomfort throughout the space. My skin twitched. I can feel the gaze from all directions.

Seongmin Lee looked around. Only the ordinary forest scenery was visible, and there was no one watching.

Even when expanding the feeling, the result was the same. No one is here. Only the gaze is directed.

“… … eww… … .”

Luvia felt the same gaze. Seongmin Lee looked at Rubia, who was trembling, and pointed to her own breasts.

Luvia nodded her head and turned into a sphere of light and hid in Lee Seong-min’s arms. She took out her spear and held it, just in case.

Something is looking at Lee Seong-min like that. The owners of the gaze simply watched and did not do anything.

Are they monsters that were sealed a long time ago?

Seongmin Lee ignored the eerie feeling and moved forward. Before long, Lee Seong-min arrived at the rock where he first met Heo Ju.

Seongmin Lee glanced at the rock. At first, Heoju was waiting for Lee Seong-min on the rock in the form of a huge flame. Heoju chuckled and laughed.

I passed the rock. I’ve never been beyond this. As we move forward, the feeling of discomfort becomes stronger.

The gaze became blatant. There was almost no sunlight, so the surroundings were dark. Seongmin Lee’s steps stopped.

What should I say?

Lee Seong-min stood in confusion and looked ahead. Something stood in the darkness of the pitch-black forest.

It is not something to be called ‘something’. Seongmin Lee knew very well who that was.

Seongmin Lee slowly advanced into the darkness. She was looking at Lee Seong-min without moving in the dark.

My heart was throbbing.

My heart was beating so fast that I thought it might explode. She said nothing as she saw Lee Seong-min approaching.

There was a lot I wanted to say.

There were many things I wanted to ask.

I’m sure it’s not just me. Lee Seong-min thought as he held his trembling hand tightly. We know each other well. Most of the ‘firsts’ Wijihoyeon experienced were with Lee Seong-min.

Seongmin Lee saw Wijihoyeon’s face standing in the dark. Are you laughing, crying, angry, or all of them?

Wijihoyeon was looking at Lee Sungmin with a complicated expression. The distance to Wijihoyeon was close. Seongmin Lee raised his hand and extended it towards Wiji Hoyeon.

Lee Seong-min’s hand passed through Wi Ji-ho-yeon’s body.

I knew it. You can see it with your eyes, but Wijihoyeon is not here. Contrary to what can be seen with the eyes, there is no sign of Wijihoyeon at all.

Lee Seong-min laughed bitterly. Seeing Lee Sung-min laughing, Wijihoyeon also laughed along with him.

Can you hear the sound?

All I have to do is check it out. Seongmin Lee opened his mouth and spoke to Jihoyeon Wi.

“I miss you.”

After a little silence, Wijihoyeon answered.

“so do i.”

Sounds went back and forth. When she heard those words, the trembling in her heart became stronger. Seongmin Lee raised his hand and pressed it to his chest.

“… … here… … “What are you doing?”

“It got ridiculous. “I went to kill the spirit queen, but it seems I was a little lacking in strength.”

“Who is the Spirit Queen?”

“You’re wandering somewhere different from me. Still, that girl is better off than me. “I was completely caught between the gaps in space, but she found a way to escape.”

Wijihoyeon said that as if it was nothing, but Seongmin Lee could not easily accept those words. It was stretched between the gaps in space.

I didn’t know much about that story, but it was definitely a serious situation.

“How can I save you?”

“It’s impossible.”

Wijihoyeon shrugged his shoulders as he said that. The gaze becomes more intense. Seongmin Lee focused his eyes and looked behind Hoyeon Wiji. There were countless corpses piled up there.

“It’s quicker than expected, but it had to be done.”

“… … “What are you doing?”

“Killing monsters.”

Wijihoyeon answered.

“There are many monsters sealed in this forest. “I was able to enter this space thanks to a coincidence created by the Queen of Spirits and her bitch.”

Thanks to you, I can’t touch you right now.

Wijihoyeon muttered like that and stretched out his hand. Just as Lee Seong-min did, Wijihoyeon’s hand passed through Lee Seong-min’s face.

“still… … “I’m fortunate to be able to see it with my own eyes and talk to it.”

Wijihoyeon smiled faintly.

“Because I’m doing this for you.”


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