Worthless Regression Chapter 358

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Episode 360 ​​86. Blood Pledge (2)

As I thought at the time, Sima Lianzhu was a person whose true intentions were different from what he said. He said that the Sima Lian he ruled was a nuisance.

Considering Sima Lianju’s personality, those words would not have been false. However, this did not mean that the Master of Simarien was negligent in his practice.

Even while he was away from Sima Lian for decades, he managed Sima Lian from behind the scenes by planting messages in the heads of branch leaders, and planted his henchmen within Sima Lian to check for disruptions.

When he awoke from a long silence, he sent his successor, Lee Seong-min, first to nip the strife in Sima Lian in the bud.

We do not know what kind of feelings the Sima Lian Master, who is already dead, no, has transcended this world, harbored.

What we can be sure of is that Sima Lian was once the home of the Lord Sima Lian.

It was a group ruled and led by a great man named Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon.

Even though it was disbanded due to the choice of Lee Seong-min, who received the will of Sima Lianju.

In people’s eyes, the clan was an organization that succeeded the Simalian. The leader just changed and warlocks were added.

Some even claimed that Blood Demon was a hidden disciple of Sima Lianju. He was an absolute expert who suddenly appeared without a single rumor, and it was only natural that he created a clan by bringing together the disbanded Simalyan factions.

I don’t like that.

It was just as Heo Joo said. I wasn’t just ‘a little’ annoyed, I was ‘a lot’ annoyed. I get annoyed by the noise of people I don’t even know.

Blood Demon is not a disciple of Sima Lianju. The clan is not an organization that succeeds the Simalian.

So I wore a mask.

“uh… … .”

The guards at the gate opened their mouths blankly when they saw Lee Seong-min approaching. Lee Seong-min, wearing the hideous goblin mask, did not explain the situation to them.

He came here for invasion and war. Now that it is certain that Jennyella is in the north, now is the right time to cut off the blood demon.

[Have you made your decision?]

‘There is no answer other than that. If killing her blood demon would only return Jenny Ella’s power… … ‘I’ll make sure she doesn’t go back.’

[You mean to prey on them.]

The monster with great strength was released and took over the space. The light disappeared from the eyes of the guards who were at a loss as to what to do when they saw Lee Seong-min wearing a mask. I left them stumbling and falling.

“I will go first.”

After leaving those words, Lee Seong-min’s foot kicked the ground. At that moment, he became a bolt of lightning and shot forward.

The Black Dragon Association shook its head as it looked at Lee Seong-min, who had disappeared all the way in front of him.

“Why did you bring me here if it was going to be like this?”

Even though he said so, the Black Dragon Association sped up after Lee Seong-min. It was the same with Yana.

Lee Seong-min jumped up to the sky above the city where there were no obstacles, and flew in the shortest straight line to the clan building.

I thought about breaking down the gate and entering, but I didn’t go that far.

It was because I thought the blood demon might run away while I was wasting time like that.

“It’s coming.”

The blood demon did not run away.

He wore his black hair up and wore a red robe. He stood in the exact center of the pavilion, with his back in a loose posture.

He felt a huge presence closing the distance, but he was not afraid. He felt a presence approaching through his narrowed eyes, but he did not run away.

The Blood Demon’s two eyes, shining with red light, were looking at something other than the scenery seen from all sides of the pavilion.

“Maybe, no, definitely. “I will die.”

Even as he spoke about his own death, the blood demon’s voice was calm. What the blood demon was looking at was Jennyella at the far northern end.

Even though he was speaking to the Lord who stood at the top of the blood clan, the blood demon did not raise his words. It would have been fun to see the destruction that Jennyella had created, but the blood demon chose to die like this rather than see it. In fact, if you look at age alone, she was older than Jennyella.

“Are you not even worried?”

The Blood Demon smiled and asked. In the north, Jennyella was smiling face to face with her blood demon.

“It was you who wished for death.”


The Blood Demon nodded his head. She lived for hundreds of years. She would have lived this many years even if she had remained human instead of becoming a vampire, but the blood demon was tired of the hundreds of years she had lived.

Destruction is planned anyway. Soon it will all be over. It would have been fun to see the destruction that Jennyella had created, but the blood demon chose to die like this rather than see it.

“Something happens just because it happens.”

Jennyella whispered.

“Maybe I won’t die.”

“You’ll have to try it to find out.”

Even though he said so, the blood demon had a premonition of his own death. If it had been a night when the moon was up, I would have ‘definitely’ won, but now it is early in the morning without the moon. It’s coming slowly. The blood demon prepared for the last time.

“Is there anything last you want to say?”

“It might not be the last time.”

“No, it will be the last time.”

“then… … Thank you so much. “I hope I can see it again in myself later.”

“It won’t be that loose.”

The blood demon said with a grin. Jennyella’s smile wavered slightly as she saw such a blood demon.

Jennyella felt that way for the first time in a long time. Was this perhaps a feeling of loss? Or pity?

She had forgotten those feelings a long time ago, but as she was about to say goodbye to her second blood relative, whom she had been with for hundreds of years, the forgotten feelings rose up a little.

“thank you.”

“You always ask me for favors that I don’t like. But the last request was okay. “This is quite fun.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”


The river, wrapped in purple electric current, shattered the ceiling of the pavilion. Scattered fragments fly through the air.

In the midst of the howling wind, the Blood Demon lowered his hands behind his back.

Since it was the last time, I expected you to call me father. Her blood demon chuckled. I guess I’m too old to talk like that.

The Blood Demon recalled a memory from a long time ago. Jennyella was standing in the middle of a pile of corpses, holding young Gemini’s hand.

Was that already 700 years ago?

He had the audacity to ask me to adopt him as his daughter, but I thought he was cute so I adopted him as my daughter.



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Ten years later, the blood demon became Jennyella’s second blood relative.

“It’s violent.”

The Blood Demon looked up at Lee Seong-min standing in the sky. Seongmin Lee looked down at the Blood Demon who was looking up at him with an unfazed expression. The middle-aged blood demon smiled and gestured towards Lee Seong-min.

“I have no plans to run away, nor do I have any plans to do anything. It looks like you came to kill me… … “If you have the ability, you can kill me.”

This is more than I thought… … .

Lee Seong-min’s eyebrows twitched beneath the mask. Seongmin Lee was able to get a glimpse of how much power the blood demon had.

If you look up from below, you won’t be able to see the end, but if you look down from a high place, you can see a lot of things very easily.

The level of the blood demon was not clearly visible. At least in terms of martial arts, it was clear that Hyeolma was at a higher level than Lee Seong-min.

I knew that he was a vampire with tremendous power because he was Jennyella’s second blood relative.

That’s why the blood demon had to be cut off here. It would be a pain in her ass if the blood demon later joins Jennyella, or if Jennyella kills her blood demon and takes away her powers.

[You must not kill.]

Heoju advised.

[Don’t forget. If you kill it, its power will return to Jennyella. If that much power were added to Jennyella, she would become an uncontrollable monster.]

You have to catch it and eat it.

“What is Heoju saying?”

[That arrogant bastard. Are you calling this old man’s name carelessly without even knowing the topic?]

When the blood demon asked with a smile, Heoju made a wheezing sound. Seongmin Lee held his spear with both hands and took his stance.

The blood demon clicked his tongue as he looked at Lee Seong-min.

“There is no need to rush. Didn’t I tell you? I have no intention of running away, and I have no intention of making any tricks. If you fight to kill me as a warrior, then I also intend to fight you as a warrior. “Before that, I just want to talk a little bit.”

“… … Why don’t you run away? “Does this mean I’m not a threat enough to run away?”

“No, that’s not it.”

The Blood Demon shook his head and denied it. His actions were leisurely and without haste. That’s why Lee Seong-min couldn’t understand the blood demon’s attitude.

“You are a threat enough. What is especially threatening is that although you have the body of a monster like no other in this world, your mind… … So, the martial arts skills you have do not match your body size.”

“Why is that a threat?”

“Because there is still room for growth.”

The blood demon laughed.

“If there is no room for growth in body and mind, there is nothing to call a threat. Unless a great miracle occurs, it is difficult to grow further there. Especially, as you know. Once you reach a certain level, it becomes more difficult to advance to a higher level. But not you. Since the body is further away than martial arts, it is easy to create variables that would be impossible with martial arts alone. “There is room for growth.”

It’s different from me. The Blood Demon added that.

“I have been stagnant for hundreds of years. I continued to practice martial arts, but there was little improvement. “I don’t know if I would have stayed human, but hehe, it doesn’t mean much now.”

“… … You left the North and formed a clan here. The reason is that?”

“It was to create confusion. At that time, Jennyella created a clan through me and tried to use the clan to wage war. That was one of the paintings Jennyella designed. They tried to ruin this world by causing chaos through war and causing conflict everywhere. Actually, that wasn’t the future Jennyella saw. At that point, Jennyella could barely see her future… … It seemed like they were planning to use me as a variable in their fate, but it doesn’t seem to have worked out in the end. Do you understand what I mean?”

The Blood Demon shrugged his shoulders.

“I guess I am throwing this away.”

“… … “You said you used it as a throwaway word for vampires like you?”

“I wrote this as a throwaway comment since I’m a vampire of the same caliber. They thought that if they had as much power as me, it would be enough to twist fate. Well, in the end it failed.”

“so… … “Is this how I dispose of you?”

“disposal… … It’s a disposition. “It is I who wanted it to be like this.”

The blood demon took a few steps back. With that, he took off the robe he was wearing.

“But that’s because it’s unmanned. “I want to die fighting a strong warrior.”

Seongmin Lee silently watched the blood demon take off his robe. He rolled up his sleeves, clasped his hands together, and stretched out.

“It’s been a while since something like this happened.”

“… … you… … “What’s your name?”

“Joo Hee-baek. You have no idea. It was 700 years ago that I made a name for myself as a warrior. At that time, there was no Sima Lianju, Geomseon, or Martial God. Everyone who lived at the same time as me is dead. No matter how advanced your martial arts skills are, it is impossible to live for 700 years. “Wouldn’t you know it if you became a vampire like me?” “Why did you become a vampire?”

“It’s a common story. “Parents ultimately have no choice but to listen to their children’s begging.”

parents… … child… … ? Seongmin Lee didn’t know so he tilted his head. The Blood Demon, who lightly relaxed his body, said while shaking his hands.

“Let’s try it soon.”


A sound came from below. It was the sound of Yana and the Black Dragon Alliance, who arrived a little later than Lee Seong-min, breaking down the clan’s gate.

“Does the fact that you came wearing a mask mean that you came to punish me as a disciple of Sima Lianzhu? It would be a good story for those who enjoy rumors to pick up as a snack. “If you kill me and get out of here in style.”

Seongmin Lee put up the window without saying a word.

“The martial art I use is called Sura Heavenly Killer. “You’d better be careful.”

The blood demon stretched out both hands forward.

“But 700 years ago, it was a martial art that was called the best in the world.”

A powerful energy surged from the blood demon’s body.


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