Worthless Regression Chapter 357

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Episode 359 86. Blood Pledge (1)

Among the places Seong-min Lee visited, the one closest to the Chenelon Lake was Behenger. This is the city where Lee Seong-min came down from the mountains of Mushi and worked as a mercenary for a short time.

Close to the Dahar ruins is Vreden, where Shaolin was located. Unlike the Chenelon Great Lakes, the Dahar ruins are also in the spotlight as a tourist destination. If the Spirit King of the Earth descends there and commits a malicious act, a massacre may occur.

That’s why Seongmin Lee decided to immediately ride the fairy horse and take King Chang and Lloyd to Breden.

Then, after spending a day in Vreden, I planned to ride a fairy horse and return to the fairy forest.

[Is this your fourth time?]

‘I don’t want to overdo it.’

What happens until the fifth time? … I wanted to, but

After arriving in Vreden and spitting up what I couldn’t stand, the thought of going back to the forest on the fairy horse one more time, even if it was too much, completely disappeared.

“Okay, see you later.”

King Chang seemed to be very uncomfortable with the bracelet he was wearing on his wrist. Even if King Chang and Lloyd succeed in defeating the Spirit King of Earth, it is difficult for Lee Seong-min and his party, who are far away, to know about the victory.

That’s why Scarlett and Lloyd created a bracelet through magic.

No matter how far the distance is, if you are wearing this bracelet, you can send and receive at least a small signal.

The next time the signal comes, Lee Seong-min will come to Vreden’s gate to pick up Changwang and Lloyd.

“Be careful.”

“It’s not enough to listen to your concerns.”

King Chang chuckled. Lloyd was standing next to the King of Chang with a not-so-good expression on his face.

It seemed like he felt uncomfortable working with King Chang, who was older than him and had a terrible personality.

Lee Seong-min knew well that King Chang’s personality was terrible, so he internally took comfort in Lloyd.

After seeing off King Chang, who was leaving with Lloyd in tow, Lee Seong-min returned to downtown Breden. Before… … More than 15 years ago. Seongmin Lee came to Vreden.

A lot happened here. Here she first met Namgung Hee-won, and she became his stepbrother.

When I think about it now, Namgung Hui-won was remorseful at that time. She was forced into a relationship with Lee Seong-min, who had reached the peak of mastery, under the pretext of being her sworn brother.

Even so, Lee Seong-min did not have a bad impression of Namgoong Hee-won. He was honest and humane, unusual for the eldest son of the prestigious Namgung family.

Thanks to my relationship with Namgoong Heewon, I was able to enter Shaolin easily. It was also the first time she met Dang Ah-hee, with whom she had often been involved through chores. and… … She had met the French ambassador.

The meeting with Ambassador Bulyeong brought a lot of meaning to Lee Seong-min.

After coming down from the mountain of Mushi, Lee Seong-min, who was at a standstill in his martial arts skills, was able to focus on martial arts again thanks to Bulyeong Ambassador.

This was possible in part because of Jihak, which was called the future of Shaolin. Working with him definitely made Lee Seong-min, who had been stagnant, grow.

There aren’t many times when I’ve wielded a spear as calmly and earnestly as I did then. In the mountains of Mushi, people practiced asceticism through forced abstinence, but there was no such thing as prohibition in Shaolin.


Yes, I had to train my spear by confining myself with just my mind.

Are there still cicadas crying there?

As I remembered Jihak and Namgung Huiwon, I naturally thought about shamans as well.

Geomseon cannot leave the shaman. Even if he can leave the shaman, the power of Geomseon will be of great help in preventing the apocalypse.

How strong has Cheongmyeong, Geomseon’s disciple, become?

What about Namgoong Hee-won?

What about Jihak?

10 years is a long time.

Even 10 years ago, Cheongmyeong was an expert in the transcendental realm, so he would have become even stronger, and Namgung Hui-won and Jihak may have also broken through the wall of the transcendental realm.

‘After settling the affairs of the clan, I should go to the shaman.’

The more power the better. She is a problem as a spirit queen, but her most difficult enemy is of course the vampire queen, Jeniel La.

Can’t we drag Jennyella to Mt. Wudang? Or maybe she dragged them into the fairy forest.

Geomseon and Osla are each unable to leave their own territory. Then wouldn’t it be enough to just drag Jennyella into their territory?

[Jenniella is not a body-shaped person, so will she come if I call her?]

‘There is no way to attract her from my side.’

[If you look closely, you really have a bad personality. Are you aware?]

‘I? ‘I don’t think I’m that evil.’

[It’s not a question of good and evil. This… … It’s vague to say. Look. What are you thinking right now? If Jennyella is brought in as a shaman, all the unrelated shaman gurus will be killed. If you drag them into the fairy forest, the fairies will run away. You are not thinking about their death in the first place.]

Heo Joo’s words left Lee Seong-min speechless.

[It’s not like sacrificing a cow for the purpose of preventing the apocalypse. Again, you are not thinking that way in the first place. Do ordinary people think that way?]

‘… … ‘I don’t know.’

[Well, this old man has said several times in the past that your mind is half gone. There is nothing strange about it. There is nothing strange about the situations you were in even if you went crazy. However, if your goal is to live like a human being from now on. So, this world can escape from the fate of the end and not be destroyed… … If you want to live like a human being in such a world. Make sure you are fully aware of your level of gap.]

Lee Seong-min nodded his head slightly at those words. In this regard, Heo Ju’s advice had to be taken deep into his heart.

Because he was emotionally connected to Lee Seong-min, he often thought and gave advice from a perspective that Lee Seong-min could not see.

After coming all the way to Bredon, I wanted to go up to Shaolin and say hello to the British ambassador, but I couldn’t.

Ambassador Buryeong had once received a message from a divine spirit and guided Lee Seong-min to the north.

Now, I couldn’t tell whether it was a spirit or a demonic spirit that gave direction to Lee Seong-min through the body of Ambassador Bulyeong.

But either way, it was someone Lee Seong-min did not want to meet. Spirits are enemies and demon spirits are suspicious.

[Do you believe in a guy named Laplace?]

‘I don’t believe it. But I, too, am suspicious of demonic spirits. Because he was using me in the first place.’

What Maryeong wanted was Wijihoyeon, and Lee Seongmin was a trick and a throwaway card for him.

As a result, Lee Seong-min did not have good feelings toward Ma-ryeong.

[You know, right? If the demon spirit is in fact the enemy, then in the worst case scenario you will have to fight Wijihoyeon. Are you confident?]

‘doesn’t exist.’

Seongmin Lee spoke honestly. If I were to fight Wijihoyeon with my current strength, I would inevitably lose.

‘I hope that doesn’t happen, though.’

After spending a day in Breden, Li Shengming summoned a fairy horse.

Although I have been calling her several times every day lately, the fairy horse has not expressed any complaints.



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Was this even a living horse in the first place? Seongmin Lee looked up at the fairy horse looking down at him with transparent eyes.

Then, I quietly went behind the fairy horse’s back and pulled its tail.


[What are you doing?]

“I was just curious.”

Lee Seong-min, who was kicked by his back foot, patted his chest and muttered. Then he caressed the back of the fairy horse’s purring neck.

“I won’t do this again, so don’t drop it.”

After returning to the fairy forest, I immediately rode the fairy horse again and took Scarlett and Baeksogo to Germud.

Hoping that nothing dangerous would happen to them, they returned to the forest again.

“Can’t I get more fairy horses?” “I’m too greedy.”

Seongmin Lee, who sat down feeling shaky, asked Osla that question. Then Osla clicked her tongue and shook her head.

“I only have one fairy horse that can leap through space. I am the great fairy queen, but that doesn’t mean I’m all-powerful. “In the first place, fairy horses should not be owned by humans.”

“Why did you give it to me though?”

“I will also have to pay the price for doing something I shouldn’t have done at the end of the world.”

Osla puffed out her cheeks and responded. Osla always spoke vaguely about the ‘price’.

“Osla will not suffer any consequences.”

“… … “I mean.”

Osla muttered in a low voice. She threw away what she was holding in her hand.

“It wasn’t difficult. “By the way, why did you ask me to do this?”

“… … “It’s not a big reason.”

Seongmin Lee smiled bitterly as he put what he received from Osla in his arms.

“It just makes me feel good.”

Seongmin Lee swallowed his cries and climbed on the back of the fairy horse. Today is the fourth time.

Black Dragon and Yana rode on the back of the fairy horse. They expressed their intention to go together, but Teresa did not go with them this time.

She pouted her lips and looked up at Lee Seong-min.

“Please come back safely.”

“Are you going to buy me a gift this time too?”

“Lee Seong-min’s gift is not worth expecting.”

Even though she said that, Teresa often played with the batting stick she bought from Kron.

After Black Dragon Hyeop came to the forest, I learned basic batting techniques from him and was even practicing them.

Even though it was nothing more than a body movement that did not use internal energy.

“Let’s get it right this time.”

“I have no expectations.”

Leaving Teresa’s grumbling behind, the fairy horse jumped through space.


10 years ago, where Sima Lian was located.

The place where Sima Lianju was located.

Haras’ gate, which returned after 10 years, was not much different from before. Seong-min Lee recalled memories of his past as he looked up at the gates of Haras.

When he first came to Haras, Lee Seong-min was wearing a mask given to him by Sima Lianju.

It was to suppress a force that could not be controlled at the time. Nowadays, the body has become that of a complete youkai, and the magical power can be freely manipulated like a hand and foot.

In that way, there was no need for a mask for Lee Seong-min.

However, Lee Seong-min did not throw away his mask.

If you think about it, Sima Lianju gave little material things to Lee Seong-min.

He took Lee Seong-min as his disciple, inherited his martial arts skills, Heukreobeoncheon, and gave him the background of being the successor to Sima Lianju. I received it, but it was not something I could touch.

Masks are different.

This mask, made by Osla, was a symbol of being a disciple of Sima Lianju along with Black Lightning.

It was also the only item that Lee Seong-min received directly from Sima Lianju. Seongmin Lee took out the mask from his arms. The mask he took out for the first time in a long time made him happy, but also made his heart ache.

The image of Sima Lianzhu always wearing a different mask came to mind. Today, I enter Harrah’s. We will head straight to the clan.

The blood alliance is an organization created by the blood demons that suddenly appeared after the dissolution of the Sima-ryan by uniting the four factions that belonged to the Sima-ryan.

Only the name and owner have changed, but it hasn’t changed much since the time of Sima Lian.

I didn’t like it.

It was decided to attack the clan’s blood demon. It was partly because there was room for Jennyella to intervene if she attacked Nero, but that was not the only reason.

There was also a very personal reason.

Seongmin Lee slowly brought the mask he was holding to his face.

By asking Osla in advance, the mask’s function of suppressing magical power was removed. The mask she wore for the first time in a long time was awkward, but it fit her face perfectly.

“It’s funny to even say something like this to the subject who brought me here.”

Seongmin Lee grabbed the spear he was wearing behind his back with both hands.

“If possible, please do not come forward.”

“You look in a bad mood.”

The Black Dragon Association, which was behind its back, muttered.

“Is it because the teacher’s house was trampled underfoot?”

“… … “Master would not have considered Sima Lotus to be his home.”

“Then why are you angry?”

“Even if you didn’t think that way, the rest of the world doesn’t think that way.”

Seongmin Lee approached the castle gate.

“Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon died, and the disintegrated Sima Lian was taken over by a blood demon who did not know what it was and became a blood alliance.”

A monster with great strength has been released.

“That makes me a little annoyed.”

[You’re lying.]

Heoju chuckled.

[Aren’t you a little annoyed, not a lot?]

I didn’t necessarily answer that question.


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