Worthless Regression Chapter 356

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Episode 358 85. Golden Magic Tower (3)

Seongmin Lee was troubled. It was a clear opportunity as the Queen’s location was clearly identified.

It was an inevitable fact that he would have to fight Queen someday, and he had to take certain actions to increase his chances of victory.

Nero and the Blood Demon.

Among them, Lee Seong-min’s heart was inclined towards blood demons. The fact that the distance between Cheped and Pemud volcanoes was not that far played a big part in turning Lee Seong-min’s mind.

Actually, defeating Nero in Cheped is not that difficult. Even though Nero is Joo Won’s henchman and a powerful lycanthrope, he is no match for Lee Seong-min.

Moreover, Lee Seong-min was not alone now. Those who help him include Yana, the nine-tailed fox, Baek So-go, the ink flash, King Chang, Black Dragon Hyeop, and Scarlet the Red Sage.

And even Teresa, a saint of the church. Even though Teresa has little fighting ability, her powerful divine power purifies even the poison of her main source, making her fatal not only to the undead but also to most humans.

“Are you going to help me?”

Seongmin Lee looked at Lloyd and asked. Looking back so far, Lloyd has been favorable to Lee Sung-min.

Even now, he does not hesitate to sacrifice his life to Gries and informs him of what is happening in this world.

“You are asking the obvious.”

Lloyd chuckled.

“I am the same in that I do not wish for the end. and… … If you think about it, wasn’t the end of the ‘now’ caused by my teacher and Abel, who killed him? “As a disciple, and as someone who has formed a relationship with them, I want to take at least some responsibility.”

Power was added. The owner of the Golden Magic Tower and the owner of Gries. Lloyd is also one of the most skilled wizards. After thinking for a moment, Seongmin Lee asked Lloyd a question.

“Do you know the location of Joo Won, the leader of Lycan Slope?”

“What Gries captures is an ‘event.’ Gries captures major events that occur in this world and records them there. “The descent and disappearance of the Spirit King was an event that Gries could capture, so he could see what happened, but not in Joo Won’s case.”

“Are you saying he’s not doing anything?”

“Isn’t there a rumor going around in today’s world that the Lycan Slope leader caused some kind of incident? Oh, of course, Gries doesn’t only capture rumors. Because it also captures incidents that occurred secretly. but… … There is no story about Joo Won. “The last record of Joo Won is that he defeated the ink flashlight Baek Sogo at Cheped a year ago.”

Lee Seong-min felt a little regretful at those words. If he could find out Joo Won’s location, he wouldn’t have to worry about who to attack first, Nero or the Blood Demon.

Because all you have to do is kill Joo Won, who is alone.

However, Joo Won’s location is unknown.

[Do you know what it means to kill a blood demon?]

Heo Joo asked in Lee Seong-min’s troubled mind.

[The blood demon is Jennyella’s blood relative. If you kill him, the power he achieved as a vampire will return to Jennyella.]

‘That sucks.’

[Vampires accumulate power that way. However, it does not mean that there is no way.]

Heoju smiled and continued speaking.

[The easiest and most helpful way for you to do it is… … There is predation.]


[Literally. All you have to do is catch and eat the guy called Blood Demon.]

It was said as if it was no big deal, but Lee Seong-min’s expression hardened.

[If you just kill it, its power will return to Jennyella, but if you feast on the blood demon, the story is different. Even if your spirit head remains human, your body is that of a complete monster. That alone completes the conditions for predation, but you also have a black heart.]

It wasn’t that Heoju didn’t understand what he was saying. Rather, Lee Seong-min knew very well what Heo-ju meant. Just once before. I had experience.

[The situation is different then and now. Your body is now a complete youkai, so there is no need to worry about awakening into a youkai or losing your personality if you feast on it. If you don’t feel comfortable drinking blood and chewing flesh, shouldn’t you just ask Osla?]

‘That’s right. but… … ‘I’m a bit reluctant to prey on vampires.’

[Don’t worry, eating a vampire doesn’t make you a vampire. And, you have a huge advantage in fighting vampires. Do you know what that is?]


[It means you will never become a vampire.]

Heoju laughed.

[Only humans are infected and mutated by vampires. A monster is bitten by a vampire and drinking vampire blood does not make it a vampire.]

That was why fighting vampires was difficult. No matter how much stronger the humans are than the vampires, if they are infected by the vampires at the slightest moment of carelessness, the outcome is overturned.

‘I can’t take my sister-in-law with me.’

The same goes for Scarlett. It was better to shake off anxiety as much as possible. Baek Sogo and Scarlett happened to be nearby.

“Are you going to be okay?”

After listening to Lee Seong-min’s story, Scarlett frowned and asked.

“I don’t want to become a vampire either. So I don’t even want to go help. still… … “Are you okay?”

“I don’t know how many vampires there are in the clan, priest. “Isn’t that too reckless?”

“I don’t think it’s reckless.”

Seongmin Lee shook his head. Rather, his power is full and overflowing. Her top vampires, including Jenny Ella, are acting alongside her.

Although it was a little unsettling that Nero was in Cheped and Joo Won’s whereabouts were unknown, it was actually a good thing that Joo Won was in the clan.

If we kill Blood Demon and Joo Won at this opportunity, we will be able to reduce Jennyella’s power considerably, if not by half.

“The Black Dragon Association and Yana will help me, and I am not weak.”

“I saw you defeating the Wind Spirit King earlier. Of course, I don’t think I’m weak.”

Scarlett grumbled.

“… … But I want to help.”

Baek Sogo opened his mouth.

“Just in case… … “If anything, it could be dangerous.”

“If it’s dangerous, I’ll run away.”

Seongmin Lee spoke without hesitation.

“So, sister. Please trust me.”

After saying that, Baek Sogo stopped hanging on. Baek Sogo, who was looking at Lee Seong-min with bitter eyes, slowly nodded his head.

The first thing to do was to leave this place. Seongmin Lee summoned a fairy horse. I planned to spend the day in the fairy forest today and attack the clan tomorrow.

It was partly because of the number of fairy horses, but the sun would set before long.

“Shouldn’t we split up?”

There were six people in the group. Although Luvia became a sphere of light and was in Lee Seong-min’s arms, there were two men and three women. Although the fairy horse was big, it was too small for five people to ride. Scarlett thought for a moment and came up with a clever idea.

“How about holding one in your arms?”



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“Or burn a wooden horse.”

Either way, I was reluctant. Meanwhile, Yana quietly stepped forward.

Nine tails wrapped around Yana’s body. The golden light sparkled. When the light disappeared, there stood on all fours a fox with golden fur that could easily fit into her arms.

“… … Yana… … ?”

[If we do this, we can go there in one go, right?]

Yana asked, raising her head. Although she did not open her muzzle, Yana’s voice was heard by everyone.

Scarlett swallowed her saliva as she looked at Yana like that. Even Baek Sogo, who was calm most of the time, trembled when he saw Yana now.

“… … cute… … .”

[Do not touch.]

Yana warned in a cold voice. She jumped up and got on Lee Seong-min’s shoulder.

Lee Seong-min was worried that Yana might fall, so he carefully picked her up with both hands and held her in his arms.

Yana slightly twisted her body and changed her posture in Lee Seong-min’s arms. Seongmin Lee looked down at Yana’s golden eyes looking up at him.

I had the urge to tear off this desirable fur, but I didn’t do it because I thought I would be scorned by Yana.

With Luvia and Yana in his arms, he rode the fairy horse with Lloyd, Scarlett, and Baek Sogo and returned to the forest.

“you. “You have so many friends.”

King Chang, who was meditating cross-legged, muttered with a puzzled expression on his face.

Lee Seong-min couldn’t help but laugh bitterly at those words. In fact, he didn’t have many relationships. He lived a very busy life and had few deep relationships.

But looking back now, Lee Seong-min’s network was amazing. Yana is a nine-tailed fox who rules the Eormuri and is considered the strongest among the monsters.

Scarlett and Lloyd were among the greatest magic wizards, while Baek So-go, Black Dragon Hyeop, and King Chang were experts in transcendental realms and stood at the edge of martial arts.

Although she doesn’t have combat skills, Teresa is also at the top of her game when it comes to sacred magic.

It fits so well.

Since the situation is so good, I feel even more anxious. If you think about it, Lee Seong-min so far… … I was almost alone.

Although there was Heo Joo, for the most part, Heo Joo served as a mental support in Lee Seong-min’s head. But not this time. Seongmin Lee is surrounded by experts of a similar level.

For the purpose of preventing the apocalypse.

For Lee Seong-min, meeting soon became parting.

Gwangcheonma Island, Simalyeonju Island, and Abel Island.

Those who worked together to help Seong-min Lee died, and their deaths matured Seong-min Lee rather than despairing him.

So the anxiety doesn’t go away. Maybe all of this is a trick of fate? What if the end is something that can never be overcome?

What if all of this ends up being nothing more than a meaningless struggle and everyone dies?

‘I escaped my fate.’

But the fate of the world remains the same. As long as he was part of the great flow of fate, Lee Seong-min escaped from fate, but he did not escape.

Seongmin Lee caressed his stiff cheek. Meanwhile, he tried to shake off his anxiety.

While spending a day in the fairy forest, Seongmin Lee organized his thoughts about what to do next.

The Queen of Spirits has not yet descended into the Sleeping Forest. Although Luvia became a familiar and lost her connection to the Spirit Queen, she was able to capture her case as Gries thanks to Lloyd joining her party.

If the incident is such that the Queen of Spirits will descend, you will definitely find out about it through Gries, and if that happens, you can head to the Sleeping Forest.

The problem is the Spirit King of Earth and Water who has not yet descended. Lee Seong-min reverse-summoned the Spirit King of Wind, and the Spirit King of Flame disappeared. However, the Spirit King of Earth and Water has not even descended yet.

“After the Spirit Kings descend, they will become stronger as time passes. The spot where they descend is a place specialized for them, and from the moment they descend, all spirits existing in the area will head there.”

Rubia advised. As time goes by, it becomes more disadvantageous. Seongmin Lee succeeded in countersummoning the Spirit King of Wind with relative ease, but that did not mean that the Spirit King of Wind was weak.

His wind was powerful enough to cut hundreds of transcendental masters to pieces, and was enough to overwhelm the transcendent realm.

The Spirit Kings, who possessed such power even just before their descent, become stronger as time passes.

It would be nice to have multiple bodies.

While I was thinking that, King Chang, who was listening to the story, opened his mouth.

“There are a lot of people. “Wouldn’t it be okay to split it up?”

“… … yes?”

“If you’re going to cover your head and whine alone, why did you bring us together here? “Weren’t we here to help you with what you can’t do and what is difficult to do?”

King Chang grumbled and tilted his head from side to side.

“Didn’t you say that the Black Dragon Association and the Nine-Tailed Fox are joining the clan with you? In that case, I will go to the Spirit King of the Earth. “It would be better to fight the land than to fight the water.”

King Chang chuckled.

“I will go with you.”

“How old do you think this bastard is?”

When Lloyd spoke with a solemn expression, King Chang immediately shot back. Lloyd, who had never expected to hear such criticism, looked at King Chang with a puzzled expression.

“… … I ate enough… … ?”

“Hey, my age is a little over 200 this year. “More than me?”

“… … “I will call you brother.”

Unusually, King Chang had a slightly old-fashioned temperament.

“Then, I will go towards the Water Spirit King with Baeksogo. “If you don’t think you can catch him, he’ll run away, so just know that.”

Scarlett, who was chewing her beef jerky, said. At that point, Lee Seong-min could not help but be embarrassed.

It hasn’t been long since I forced myself to shake off the anxiety that this might all be a trick of fate, but everyone is trying to take a dangerous path.

“Elder Changwang is right.”

Baek Sogo opened his mouth.

“A priest doesn’t have to do everything. Because we too have decided to join the priest in order to prevent the apocalypse. “I want to help in some way.”

“but… … It could be dangerous… … .”

“Even a priest is going to a place that could be dangerous.”

Baek Sogo smiled faintly.

“The priest said this earlier, right? Please believe me. I am the same. me… … No, trust us.”

I had nothing to answer. Baek Sogo’s eyes were sincere and earnest. Receiving that gaze, Lee Seong-min could not help but nod his head.

“… … All right. please.”

“Why are you holding on to weight unnecessarily? “I’m just going to have fun.”

King Chang yawned loudly.


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