Worthless Regression Chapter 354

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Episode 356 85. Golden Magic Tower (1)

Luvia didn’t know what to do and ran after Lee Seong-min. Lee Seong-min massaged the shoulder of the man who wielded his spear and recalled the fight a little while ago.

Although he was said to be the Spirit King of Wind, he was weaker than expected. Lee Seong-min did not feel any crisis during the fight with Sylphid.

The wind and storm he created were unable to pierce Lee Seong-min’s self-defense skills and did not even cause him a small scratch.

“Are the Spirit Kings really that weak?”

“No way.”

Luvia, who had no choice but to follow Seongmin Lee, answered.

“Sylphide a little while ago wasn’t at her best. To be precise, it was a situation where power could not be produced. It is said that the power of the Spirit King is added to the power of the ruling Spirit. “It creates wind by gathering even the lowest wind spirits.”

In the spirit world, Silphid would have been able to show its full power, but not here. The sudden spatial erosion succeeded in bringing down the spirit king, Sylphid, but failed to bring the other wind spirits.

“If time passes, Silphid will become stronger. The Wind Spirit King creates wind spirits just by existing. In particular, this place, Mt. Yuzkiah, is a place where there are especially many wind spirits.”

Luvia said that and stretched out both hands towards the blowing wind.

“… … Well, it has no meaning now. “You were reverse summoned before you could fully regain your original power.”

“You are cooperative.”

“It’s because of Lee Seong-min!”

Luvia glared and shot back. Lee Seong-min laughed and continued to ask questions.

“It’s already come to this, so why don’t you tell us a little more? “Lubia, you probably don’t want to die unjustly.”

“Why on earth is this happening to me?”

“Didn’t I tell you? Some damn bastard is playing with the fate of this world. All the damn coincidences that we don’t understand and that shouldn’t be happening are because of that son of a bitch. “It’s the same as the fact that Rubia’s master died.”

Luvia’s face frowned at Lee Seong-min’s words.

“Didn’t Sylphide tell you? All spirits learned that Rubia was a traitor. “Still, are you going to go back?”

“I don’t want to betray the queen.”

“And yet you want to help me?”

“… … “The queen is trying to destroy the world.”

Luvia said, slumping her shoulders.

“… … “I don’t like that.”

Rubia’s emotions and situation were complex. She is an artificial spirit created by her spirit queen, and since she is her queen’s creation, she cannot go against her.

Since its birth, it has been living with Envirus and acting together. Even though she was killed by Abel, she ultimately provided the opportunity for the Queen of Spirits to go on a rampage.

Envirus’ desire to prevent the apocalypse was sincere.

“Grandpa Gwangcheonma too… … You’re dead. “I hope I’m doing well.”

Luvia’s steps stopped. Seongmin Lee, who was walking ahead of her, looked back at Rubia.

“One way or another, I have no choice but to die.”

Luvia muttered in a gloomy voice.

“I am an artificial spirit created by the Spirit Queen. If he calls, she has no choice but to be summoned there at any time. And if the Spirit Queen dies, I will die too. Just as the queen doesn’t need to kill me.”

“I can solve that.”

Scarlett, who was listening to the story, spoke up.

“I don’t know the circumstances. You say you’re a spirit, but you look more like a familiar. In that case, you just need to find a new owner. “If you wish, I can make a contract with you and make you my familiar.”

Luvia’s eyes widened at the sudden suggestion.

“That would be a complete betrayal of the queen… … !”

“What did the queen do for you, Luvia?”

Rubia was speechless at Lee Seong-min’s question.

“Looking at Luvia’s attitude, it doesn’t seem like she’s very loyal to the queen. Luvia, because of her situation, she has no choice but to follow her queen, and she does not sympathize with what the queen wants at all, right?”

Luvia said nothing and lowered her head. She had no choice but to do so.

To Luvia, the Spirit Queen was not a kind mother.

In the first place, Luvia’s existence was nothing more than an existence created to take the place of Envirus when Envirus was in danger.

“There is no time.”

Seongmin Lee urged.

“It is said that the Queen’s true body has not yet descended, but once she does, Luvia will lose her freedom of action.”

“… … all right.”

After thinking about it, Luvia answered in a weak voice.

“But know this. If I go back from an artificial spirit to a familiar, my connection with the Queen will be lost. This means we won’t even know where the Queen is.”

“Then let’s put it in advance now. Where is she?”

“… … He has not descended yet. “It looks like you’re wandering through a gap in space.”

“Then doesn’t that mean it may not come down as is?”

“There is no chance of that happening. It’s just that the hole made by incomplete spatial erosion is too small, so you can’t get in just yet. “Because he has a very large spiritual body.”

Those words reminded Seongmin Lee of the spirit queen whining to pass through a small hole.

[No sense bastard.]

Heoju’s grumbling was ignored.

After Luvia made up her mind, Scarlett went straight to work. The fact that the spirit queen left her spirit world and wandered between spaces served as an advantage.

Because of this, the spiritual connection between Luvia and the Queen of Spirits was weakened.

Thanks to that, the familiar’s contract was completed without a hitch. Luvia, an artificial spirit, is closer to a familiar than a spirit, so all she had to do was cut the spiritual connection with the queen of spirits and make a new contract with Scarlett.

“Each of the four spots in Eria, including the Yuzkiah Mountains, symbolizes the four spirits.”

Luvia sat down and opened her mouth.

“A water spirit in the Great Lake Cheneron. The spirit of the land at the Dahar ruins. “There are many flame spirits in Pemud Volcano.”

“Could the Spirit King have descended there too?”

“that… … I do not know.”

“Who is the fairy queen?”

“He will probably descend to Sleeping Forest. “Probably not yet.”



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Luvia said that and pouted her lips.

“… … And, although it was late. I was saved… … thank you.”

Lee Seong-min smiled at those words.

“I’m glad I don’t have to fight with Rubia.”

“There wouldn’t have been a fight.”

Luvia grumbled. Seongmin Lee called Nevel and asked for information about the Great Lake Cheneron, the Dahar ruins, and the Pemud volcano. And before Nevel could get an answer, he summoned a fairy horse.

“It’s been a while since I saw Lloyd.”

The group climbed onto the fairy horse. Rather than being squeezed into the narrow seat, Luvia chose to turn into a small sphere of light like before and enter Lee Seong-min’s arms. Scarlett looked at it disapprovingly.

“I am your master, so why do you have to go into his arms?”

“uh… … that… … Because I’m used to it. Stop without even realizing it… … .”

Rubia responded in a surprised voice to Scarlett’s point. Scarlett puffed out her cheeks, but said nothing more.

Instead, she glanced at Baek Sogo, who looked calm. She knew that Yana was looking out for her husband, so she didn’t even look at her.

“Are you okay?”

“What do you mean?”

“That’s it, that’s enough. If you look closely, it seems like I’m the only woman who seems fine. Or is this a trend these days?”

“I don’t really know what you’re talking about.”

“no. “Because it’s the grumbling of a narrow-minded woman.”

Scarlett grumbled and crossed her arms.

The place where the golden magic tower is located is Rubes. The place where we promised to meet again with Wijihoyeon.

Upon arriving at Rubes, Rubia started to tremble slightly in Lee Seong-min’s arms.

It seemed to remind me of the time I came here with Gwangcheonma before. Gwangcheonma was amazed as he rode the train for the first time, and Rubia proudly told him about the train. Lee Seong-min also had vivid memories of that time.

Even when I first came to Rubes. Lee Seong-min had high expectations. This was because he thought he would be able to reunite with Wiji Hoyeon without any incident.

It was a thing of the past. Rubia and I came back to Rubes, but Gwangcheonma was not by our side.

“Lloyd, you are a pitiful person.”

On the way to the golden magic tower, Scarlett muttered.

“Ten years ago, the wizard guild leader died. The guild leader’s will has been made public. “It contained a plan to transfer all the belongings to Lloyd, the owner of the Golden Magic Tower, and appoint Lloyd as the next wizard guild leader.”

“… … “But Lloyd, you’re still the owner of the Golden Magic Tower, aren’t you?”

“That’s why I feel sorry for you.”

Scarlett said with a sigh.

“The old bastards in the council of elders were desperately opposed to appointing Mr. Lloyd, who had a very low distribution, as the head of the wizard guild. The reason was that he was too old, too experienced, and had low magic skills to be the head of the wizard guild, and his research achievements were low. Actually, it wasn’t entirely wrong. “Unlike other wizards, Lloyd did not have a clear secret wish to pursue, and he did little research on it.”

I didn’t know that story.

“Lloyd didn’t object much either. If you don’t like it, there’s nothing you can do. With that being said, he decided to be satisfied with the position of golden magic tower lord.”

“Then who is the current wizard guild leader?”

“The elders tried to nominate the green magic tower lord with the highest distribution among the active magic tower lords as the guild leader. But the green magic tower lord refused. Contrary to what he looks like, that old man is quite normal. After all, the position of head of the wizard guild is currently vacant. “For 10 years.”

Scarlett frowned and grumbled.

“The elders are jointly taking the place of the head of the wizard guild, but what’s better when there are people at the top who only serve their own greed? By that time, I had lost all my feelings and left the wizard guild. “It looks like Lloyd is still attached to the wizard’s guild.”

By the way, why are you planning to meet Lloyd?

Scarlett asked, tilting her head.

“There is something I need to check.”

Abel is dead.

Even though Abel brought Lloyd with him, he did not bring Lloyd with him in the fight with Kim Jong-hyun.

Abel said he left it behind because it was useless, but Lee Seong-min didn’t think that way.

And what little confidence I had just became confirmed by Scarlett’s words.

Abel gave all of his belongings to Lloyd.

Probably Gries too.

Standing in front of the golden magic tower, Lee Seong-min tried to knock on the door. But before that, the door opened. Lee Seong-min looked inside with surprised eyes.

“It was perfect.”

Lloyd was standing beyond the door. He was wearing a golden robe and looking at Lee Seong-min with a slightly old face.

“Did you know?”

“I didn’t use Gries. “I just confirmed it with the observation glasses placed around the Magic Tower.”

That also meant that Lloyd had the Gries that Abel left behind.

“I was wondering when you would come visit me.”

Seongmin Lee realized something. There was no one here, inside the golden magic tower, except Lloyd.

“The others… … ?”

“I sent it back. Because the golden magic tower will no longer be a magic tower. Everyone was very dissatisfied, but when I spoke strongly, they understood. “If I survive, I plan to take them back.”

If you save your life.

“Ten years have been a long time.”

Lloyd said in a grave voice.

“I knew little, and the things I didn’t know were written in the will Abel left behind. I saw things I didn’t know through Gries. “I sacrificed quite a bit of my life.”

Lloyd’s eyes turned to Lee Sung-min. He smiled bitterly at Luvia in Lee Seong-min’s arms.

“Gries can spy on everything. “I can see very little of the future, but I can see almost everything about the present and the past.”

“… … “What did you see?”

“Things I don’t know. How did my teacher die, and how did Abel die? What are you? what happened.”

Although he sacrificed a lot of his life in return, Lloyd did not consider it a waste.

“What have you come to ask?”

“… … It’s about what’s happening in the world right now.”

“I think Gries can answer.”

Lloyd smiled faintly.


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