Worthless Regression Chapter 337

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Episode 339 80. Queen (2)

With this, he will definitely become enemies with Jennyella.

It was nothing new. What Jennyella hopes for is the emergence of massacre predators.

Even if the ‘real’ massacre predation was extinguished by Lee Seong-min, Jennyella’s wishes do not change.

In fact, Jennyella came to the conclusion that Lee Sung-min was a true genocidal predator, and through a year of silence, she gave her own answer.

Jennyella was destined to become enemies with Lee Seong-min ever since she hoped for the appearance of the Slaughter Predator.

The emergence of massacre predation is the end, and Lee Seong-min is trying to prevent the end.

I see Sogo Baek leaning his head on my shoulder. She hadn’t opened her eyes yet. Breathe out evenly… … That reassured Lee Seong-min.

What if I had to face Jennyella and her blood relatives without meeting Baek Sogo?

Lee Seong-min would have had to fight Jennyella in a very frustrating situation.

The current situation was not free for Lee Seong-min. But, at least now Baek So-go was by Lee Seong-min’s side. It’s important from here. How to overcome difficulties.

[I don’t know if you’re alone. Yana and Scarlett are by your side now.]

Heoju advised.

[Yana’s power and Jennyella’s power… … It remains to be seen which one will have the upper hand, but there is a high probability that Jennyella will overwhelm Yana.]

Lee Seong-min’s thoughts were similar. It is undoubtedly true that Yana is a nine-tailed fox with great power, but Jennyella is a vampire among vampires with endless power.

[Jenniella’s higher-ranking blood relatives. This is my first time seeing this old man in person… … Gemini. That obnoxious girl is very strong. It would be good to be on guard.]

Seongmin Lee nodded his head slightly. Gemini is the one who created this situation. Lee Seong-min came to the mansion, and Gemini came to meet him.

While she was taking her time with Baek Sogo, Jennyella, who had been staying in the mansion, came out. Wasting time, just wasting time… … .

Is that really the case?

It seemed like Gemini had another goal. When Lee Seong-min passed Gemini and saved Baek So-go.

Gemini did not stop Lee Seong-min. From the beginning, it seemed like he was neither wary of such things nor cared about them.

why? In a situation like this, it would definitely be advantageous to have a white sogo. Seongmin Lee and Gemini’s eyes met. Gemini didn’t know if he knew Lee Sung-min’s feelings, but he only smiled mischievously.

“Carceral predation.”

Jennyella opened her mouth.

“Kill everything, eat everything. That could truly be called slaughter and predation. You know? I’ve wanted to despair you for a long time. The body is similar to a monster, but human… … You, who have such contradictions. “I wanted to break you down with despair as you somehow wanted to remain human.”

That was Jennyella’s sadistic taste. All of the vampires of her blood family she had made so far were like that.

The only exception is Gemini, Jennyella’s first blood relative.

“It’s still like that now. I wonder what it would be like for you to collapse in despair. Will it become a vicious youkai worthy of its body size?”

Jennyella’s hand pointed forward.

“If you can’t protect anything and stand by helplessly. Would you despair? “I think that would be pretty fun too.”

“Do you want to turn me into a genocidal predator?”

“That might not be bad either. “It’s a story about when you were in despair.”

Jennyella’s fingertips flicked.

Phew! The red-hot magic turned into flames and attacked. Yana’s nine tails protruded forward.


Yana let out a low moan with a shock that shook the space. The tip of her beautiful golden tail was wet with red.

A wound of that magnitude regenerates in an instant, but Yana couldn’t help but be quite surprised by the power of Jennyella’s attack.

Because I never imagined that the vampire queen of the North would be this strong.


First, we must overcome this situation. Although it has a means of transportation called a fairy horse, it takes some time to jump through space with four people riding it.

Seongmin Lee handed over Baeksogo, which he was supporting, to Scarlett. Scarlett nodded his head and moved his hands quickly.

Wherever her hand passed, runes glowing with brilliant colors were engraved. The powerful defensive barrier she independently created protected Scarlett and Baek Sogo.

After minimal safety was confirmed, Lee Seong-min grabbed the spear. After awakening as a complete youkai, it was the first time I was in a situation where I had to show my full strength.

There had been a few fights before, but they were too easy to be called fights.

But not now. Unless you give it your all. Okay, if you don’t give it your all… … It will be as Jennyella said. Helpless, losing what I had to protect. You must be so despairing.

[Isn’t it too late to despair now?]

Heoju chuckled.

Seongmin Lee also agreed.


Gemini, who was watching the situation, shouted in a surprised voice. Lee Sung-min’s movements were so explosive that Gemini, who was laughing the whole time, was startled and warned.

The body of a monster. It is a body of carnage and predation. It is the inevitable end, and in fact it is the strongest and worst end that completely closes this huge breeding ground called Eria.

It’s not complete. In order for this body to properly function as a slaughter-predator, it must be the slaughter-predator, not Lee Seong-min, who dominates this body. Even so.

It’s much better than the imperfect, anxiety-filled body that held the seal 10 years ago.


Lee Seong-min’s eyes, which had turned completely golden, showed many things. The moment the ‘battle’ begins and you decide to engage in battle.

Lee Seong-min’s eyes were seeing many things that he had not seen before or even 10 years ago. movement of magic power.

I see the endless ferocity that Jennyella possesses. Even at first glance, his ominous magical power was greater than that of Kim Jong-hyun from 10 years ago, and was far beyond that of Volander as well.

Kuhn and Chen. see them The power they had was also great. It is on par with the transcendental warrior. If I had to compare it, it was comparable to Geomzone.

I see Gemini. Gemini’s power was also surprising. It far exceeds the power of Kun and Chen. Although she is not as powerful as Jenny Ella, she is worthy of being a first blood relative and a pureblood vampire.

I had no choice but to admit it. Just as Jennyella laughed out loud. Cheon Oecheon was surviving on the mercy of the Predator.

If Jennyella and her blood relatives had come forward without the entire Predator, the six most powerful people in the world would have been exterminated long ago.

Even so.

A commitment to do it. Confidence that you can do it.

If you fall here, everything is over. That’s not what I’ve lived for.

The massacre predator was not eliminated for that kind of conclusion. I didn’t come here to save Baek Sogo just because he was so desperate.

If it’s Sima Lian Ju.

No, I am.



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Just like you.

Yes, just be me.

The spear is already in hand.

Jennyella stretched out her hand towards the spear that came straight in front of her. The end of her, her mysterious and sinister magic rose up with the gesture of her hand and encroached on her space.

Even on a moonless night, she was a monster with incredible strength. One, as Gemini warned.

Jennyella saw the tip of the spear tearing through the magical power. indeed. In that split-second moment, Jennyella smiled.


Monsters recognize monsters.


Jennyella’s body is pushed backwards with an explosion of alcohol. This collision did not cause her any injuries.

Her magical power was too thick and tough. It was enough to make her back off. The spear held in Lee Seong-min’s hand gave off a flashing light.

Chen and Kun, who ran out to help Jennyella, were exposed to the window. They twisted their bodies with stiff expressions. Mutated arms block the window.

It’s not an attack that can be blocked like that.

Quad Deuk!

Both of their arms were torn apart with a terrible sound. The space through which the window passes vibrates violently.

Even though I put in an enormous amount of energy and energy, I don’t feel the slightest headache. Currently, Lee Seong-min was handling his powers perfectly.

There is more to see. Becoming a complete monster gave Lee Seong-min a lot of things. To be precise, it allowed us to fully utilize what we originally had.

The dragon’s magic power and the power of Sima Lianju. All of that was perfectly coordinated within Lee Seong-min’s body.

10 years have made his body mature. The body is perfect. The only thing that falls short of that is the martial arts of the mind. Even if he falls short of the state of private ownership.

Still, it’s not that big of a shortage.


Lee Seong-min’s lips trembled. When he swung his spear once, purple lightning shot out non-stop in its path.

The entire space was engulfed in lightning. Jennyella smiled and raised her hands and spread them out in front of her.

Gemini quickly hid behind Jennyella. The same was true for Chen and Kun. A bright red curtain was created in front of Jennyella.

Quack, quack, quack, quack!

The binge drinking continues. The sound did not stop. The lightning that shot out without stopping hit Jennyella’s tent without stopping.

Lee Seong-min, who was about to swing the spear, then froze. The tip of his spear was shattered. It wasn’t just the tip of the spear. The window sill was also full of cracks.

‘Why are you so weak?’

No, was my strength too much? Still, it is a spear made using a dragon as material. It seemed certain that if I swung it a few more times, it would shatter.

I’m sure I’ll hear something from Selgerus… … Seongmin Lee put even more power into his spear.

The spear trembled and trembled. Lee Seong-min infused his inner energy and magical power until the spear was shattered, and threw the spear with all his might towards Jennyella’s red curtain.


The space where the spear was fired was torn apart. Although suffering from constant thunderstorms, the Red Curtain was still alive and well.

Beyond that, Jennyella is seen smiling. She only erected a tent and made no other attacks.

Although it was a little unsettling, the opportunity was created. Seongmin Lee stopped Yana, who was trying to attack additionally, and ran toward Scarlett and Baek Sogo. And immediately summoned a fairy horse and climbed on top of it.

“I’ll send it to you.”

Jennyella’s voice came from behind me.


No next time. Jennyella didn’t necessarily say that. I don’t want to see it again. With that in mind, Lee Seong-min grabbed the reins of the fairy horse.

Even though there were four people riding on it, the fairy horse did not look tired. Still, four people were barely able to get on board because they were so close together.

Think of a place to return to. The safest place in the world that Lee Seong-min knows.


After arriving at the fairy forest, Seongmin Lee just threw up. Even though he had the body of a carnivore, he could not help but feel the aftereffects of jumping through space four times.

It was the same for Yana. Although not as loud as Lee Seong-min, Yana exercised as much restraint as possible, turning her head and lowering her posture to spit out what she had eaten.

“I thought I was going to die.”

Scarlett’s expression wasn’t very comfortable either. This is because she also jumped through space twice. She glanced at Baek Sogo’s face, who was supporting her with a sigh.

“Couldn’t you have taken it easy on the way home?”

Osla’s voice was heard. She turned her head and saw Osla standing in the middle of the fairies.

She clicked her tongue as she looked at the things Lee Seong-min and Yana spewed out. Next to Osla, the fairies were pinching her nose.

“I told you. No matter how great you are, continuous space jumping puts too much strain on your body. “If you were unlucky, your body and soul would be separated.”

“It was an unavoidable situation. “It would have been dangerous if I hadn’t jumped through space.”

Jennyella intentionally allowed Lee Seong-min and his group to escape. What would have happened if he had continued to fight? It may be something you have to do to know, but it’s unsettling that Jennyella and Gemini didn’t actively engage in the fight. At least in that situation, the right answer was to run away for Baeksogo’s sake.

“so… … how is it?”

Osla glanced at Baeksogo and asked. Her eyes were still closed.

“What do you think, Osla?”

“Don’t answer a question with a question.”

Osla said, pouting her lips.

“I didn’t become a vampire. It doesn’t seem like there’s any trick… … poison… … silver. “I guess I’ll have to take a look at it first.”


“Aren’t you being too pushy?”

Osla grumbled and grabbed Baek Sogo’s wrist.


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