Worthless Regression Chapter 336

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Episode 338 80. Queen (1)

I ignored Gemini’s grumbling words. He felt Baeksogo’s pulse. It’s shallow. But it is not thin. A strong pulse that will not break continues for a long time.

Feeling that, Seongmin Lee felt a little relieved. At least, that’s what he saw from above a moment ago. Baek Sogo looked healthier now than when Baek Sogo was wrapped in bandages on the bed.

“It’s not fun.”

Gemini grumbled once again. Seongmin Lee turned his head and looked at Gemini. A situation that Gemini intentionally created. A mansion filled with the smell of death and a bed in the middle of the room.

Anyone could see that Baek So-go looked sickly. It was all Gemini’s direction. Due to the directing, Lee Seong-min had no choice but to be dragged into the conversation Gemini intended.

“What are you aiming for?”

He saw through it and turned the table over. The reason I was able to do that was because of the strong sense of discomfort I felt from Baek So-go on the bed.

No, the source of the sense of discomfort was not Baeksogo.

space itself. No, not that either. Seongmin Lee glared at Gemini.

“You said you wanted to talk to me.”

The source of the discomfort was Gemini.

“What have you done to me?”

Seongmin Lee asked, glaring at Gemini. This space itself was wrong. The smell of death and the white cow that was lying down. Gemini shrugged her shoulders.

“I was fooling you. That’s the kind of magical eye I have. I hinted pretty strongly… … I isolated you by placing Yana and the Red Sage, who should be familiar with this type of power, outside the mansion. “How did you even notice?”

The blessing given by Osla. A feeling gained from awakening as a complete youkai. It made me feel uncomfortable. At some point, Lee Seong-min was deluded by Gemini’s magical eyes.

[Magic Eyes?]

Heo Joo’s voice came out in Lee Seong-min’s head.

[That’s strange. Only pure-blooded vampires have magical eyes. Didn’t you say that that girl is Jennyella’s first blood relative? How can a blood-related vampire who is not a Lord have magical eyes?]

Seongmin Lee asked Gemini as a question. At those words, Gemini smiled, showing his teeth.

“That’s why you asked to talk to me. “With me, not the Queen or the Predator.”

Gemini is hiding something. No, it would be correct to say that he has some intention rather than something to hide.

It was like that a little while ago. Lee Seong-min was able to pass Gemini and go to Baek So-go. This was because Gemini was not alert at all.

It was so different from the normal reaction. He tried to hide the true Baeksogo by giving hints and even using the magic eye. Even though it is obvious, Gemini does not show much caution.

“I am different from my basic blood relatives.”

There is no place to sit. Gemini twisted her own long flowing hair between her fingers as she grunted.

“I am… … I transformed into a vampire on the same day as Quinn. Hundreds of years ago. “Immediately after that, I was bitten by Queen and became a blood relative.”

Like Jennyella, Gemini is also a pureblood vampire. And Jennyella forced Gemini, who had become a vampire like herself, to become her blood relative.

That’s why Gemini has the magical eye that only pure-blooded vampires have.

“A blood-related vampire can never rebel against the Lord. But I’m different. “I wasn’t turned into a vampire by Queen.”

“… … “What do you want?”

“I wish for things I can’t do. I have no intention of forcing you. “What I want to do is tell you a story.”

first of all. Gemini raised her finger and pointed to Hundred Sogo.

“A year ago, Queen captured Baek So-go, who was running away after being attacked by Joo-won. As she weakened, she cast her demonic eye on her and she learned from Germud that you were not dead.”


“Queen captured Baek Sogo. Because she wanted to despair you, and she thought that if she captured Baeksogo, she could redeem you.”

It was just as Jennyella had intended. In fact, Lee Seong-min came to Jennyella’s mansion to save Baek So-go.

If Baek So-go had not been here, Lee Seong-min would never have come to Jennyella’s mansion.

No matter how much Lee Sung-min has become stronger with the body of a carnivore, Jennyella is a monster that surpasses Lee Sung-min’s imagination.

“Quinn lost her Mirae Eye.”

Too bad. Gemini shook her head.

“It caused a lot of despair for Quinn. Although she was used to giving her despair to others, Quinn was not used to experiencing despair herself. “It devastated her that what she had spent hundreds of years seeing, hoping for, and intending to make happen, had become completely invisible.”

That’s why Jennyella stopped leaving the mansion.

“The vampires of the clan were embarrassed. Because to them, Queen was an absolute being. In fact, all Predators did that. Arbes is dead, Volander is dead, and Red Demon is dead. The leaderless monsters, lichs, and death knights scattered from Germud were gathered together by the queen. “Joowon, the king of Lycan Slope, was no different from the queen’s limbs from the beginning.”

Gemini giggled as he said that. Her entire attitude was filled with blatant ridicule during the current conversation, especially when talking about Jennyella.

“The Predator, which had been silent for hundreds of years, began to move in earnest 10 years ago. The Blood Demon is Queen’s second blood relative. Long ago, it was a warrior who was ruled by a queen. “The five upper-ranking blood relatives, with Lao Xian as the last, have lived only around the queen for hundreds of years.”

It was like that until now. A few years ago, a blood demon came out to Wulin. After the collapse of Sima Lian, the divided factions gathered under the Blood Demon and formed a blood alliance.

“The Predator has begun to operate in earnest. Just as Queen wanted. Originally, the clan led by the Blood Demon planned to destroy the Murim Alliance and take control of the Murim. but… … As Queen, who lost her Mirae Eyes, became silent, everything for Predator stopped. In fact, at this point, the clan should be destroying the Murim Alliance.”

Lee Seong-min also knew that there was a relationship between the clan and the Predator.

However, the blood demon is Jennyella’s blood relative. This was also the first time I learned that they were second blood relatives.

“What’s the story you’re telling me?”

“There are many reasons… … okay. in this case.”

Gemini took a few steps back.

“It’s a waste of time.”


A large tremor shook the space. Lee Seong-min hurriedly supported Baek So-go’s body and stood him up. done. Gemini clapped her hands and she shouted like a child.

“I didn’t want to fight with you.”


“I have nothing to gain by fighting you. It’s just dangerous. Oh, you can take Mukseomgwang with you. The reason we had Muk Shin-gwang with us was to lure you out. “Now that you’re here, there’s no need to take Muk Shin-gwang with you anymore.”

The darkness disperses. Red light spread through the gaps in the scattered darkness. A distant magical power of fear covers the space.


It was Yana and Scarlet who came through the darkness. Yana spread her nine tails wide and attacked Gemini.

Wow. Gemini let out her squeals while laughing. But not before her tail hit Gemini.

“You’re late.”

Gemini whined.

What blocked Yana’s tail were two vampires. They stretched out their mutated hands and held Yana’s tail tightly.

“Chen, Kun. “The fact that you two came means that Queen has left the mansion, right?”



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One of the vampires nodded his head. Chen, Kuhn. The two are twins, brothers who were turned into vampires by Jennyella hundreds of years ago. They were Jennyella’s third and fourth blood relatives, respectively.

“Lee Seong-min.”

Yana said, looking at Lee Seong-min behind Gemini. Her voice was full of caution.

The situation is not good. Lee Seong-min held the unconscious Baek So-go in his arms and stood next to Yana in martial arts. Geminido, Chendo, Kundo. I didn’t stop Lee Seong-min.

Gemini said.

The purpose was to kill time. Lee Seong-min comes to this mansion and meets Gemini. Until I went to see Sogo Baek. Lee Seong-min sees through Gemini’s sense of incongruity and meets the real Baek So-go. And the conversation we have. All of that is a waste of time. For what?


Yana tugged her tail back. Chen and Kun knelt down on one knee. Gemini looked up at her and smiled brightly.

Yana bit her tail back and looked up with a nervous face. Scarlett chewed her lower lip and clenched her gloved hands loosely.

Feeling Baeksogo’s shallow breathing.

Seongmin Lee looked at the sky. The fragments of darkness that shattered and scattered seemed like the night was falling apart.

A being wrapped in red magic slowly descends, breaking down the darkness. The queen, with her long red hair flowing down, was looking down at her with two eyes redder than the magic power wrapped around her body.

“Gemini. “Sometimes you are mischievous.”

“It’s all for you. queen.”

When talking about Queen, Gemini laughed out loud. Such a speaking method naturally leaves a certain impression.

The impression is that Gemini is rebelling against Queen. The background is that while she was a pureblood vampire, she was bitten by Queen and became her blood relative. She laughed out loud, saying that Quinn was in despair as she lost sight of her future.

Even now, Gemini was smiling like that. But is Gemini really defying Queen?

“After not coming out for a year. “That’s why I’m doing this, right?”

Jennyella chuckled at those words. Jennyella stood on the ground, receiving the worship of Chen and Kun.

She looked at Yana, she looked at Scarlett. I also saw Lee Seong-min supporting Baek So-go.

“long time no see.”

Jennyella said with a smile.

Lee Seong-min did not feel the slightest bit of joy.

“Was the purpose of luring you away?”

Seongmin Lee looked at Jennyella and asked a question. At those words, Jennyella smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

“I didn’t order it. Gemini… … My lovely first daughter is very different from my other blood relatives. “She acts when you don’t tell her to, and she’s mischievous.”

“Quinn likes it when I do that too.”

Gemini giggled.

“I heard you locked yourself in the mansion in despair?”

“despair? Ah, that’s a misunderstanding. I didn’t do anything like despair. It is true that I was very embarrassed. Well, it can’t be helped, right? The future we’ve seen for hundreds of years is closed. “I no longer see a future where genocidal predation emerges, nor do I see any other future.”

What should I do?

Yana and Scarlett are together. Baek Sogo, who has lost his mind, cannot fight alongside him in the current situation.

“Over the past year, I’ve thought a lot. “There’s one thing I want to ask you, are you a slaughter predator?”

“10 years ago.”

“Strange… … It’s so strange. I have met you many times so far. Each time, you gave me various new things. There were times when I saw you with my direct, magical eyes, and there were times when I did not see you. And now… … “I still can’t see it.”

Jennyella tilted her head as she said that.

“You were a genocidal predator, and even though you were awakened… … It’s different from the carnage and predation I’ve seen. This is the confusion I’m having. Since you went on a rampage in Germud, I thought you were the one responsible for the massacre. Are you a genocidal predator?”

“10 years ago.”

Seongmin Lee answered without hiding anything. At those words, the corners of Jennyella’s mouth went up.

“A year ago, I was very confused. If you are a genocidal predator, what is the genocidal predator I saw? Before I could even sort out the confusion, I could no longer see the future. During my one year at the mansion, I summarized what I had done so far and the future I saw. And I came to my own conclusion.”

And today you came. Jenny Ella raised her hand.

“You are not the slaughter predator I was hoping for.”

A terrible force swirled in her hands.

Seongmin Lee had a hunch.

For the first time, Jennyella was trying to kill Lee Seong-min. Not once so far. Jennyella may have threatened Lee Sung-min, but she never really tried to kill him.

But not now. Now Jennyella was trying to kill Lee Seong-min. In the current situation, it cannot be avoided.

[What should I do?]

Heoju asked.

‘I should try it.’

Seongmin Lee held the spear.


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