Worthless Regression Chapter 335

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Episode 337 79. Whereabouts (4)

Most vampires are created by other vampires. During the process of sucking blood, if the vampire wishes, they will transform into a vampire regardless of the will of the blood sucking target.

Most vampires in the world are born that way.

But not all vampires are like that. All vampires in this world were once human.

Among them, there are those who became vampires without receiving blood from other vampires. Rarely, does it happen.

As if experiencing secondary sexual characteristics or becoming ill. As if it was no big deal, like waking up and having your first wet dream or catching a cold.

There are cases where a normal person suddenly turns into a vampire, even though there was no contact with a vampire.

Vampires born that way are called purebloods. Even if you were a human just the day before, once you transform into a vampire, you no longer have any human thoughts left.

In the case of contagious vampires, their mentality remains strong and they often suffer from vampirism, but this does not happen to pure-blooded vampires.

As soon as they transform into vampires, they become pure vampires, just like the blood they obtained.

Pure-blooded vampires born in this way have powerful monster powers from the moment they mutate.

Vampires born through contagion find it difficult to rebel against the entity that infected them.

Although this is not unconditional, a pure-blooded vampire at the highest level of the blood family has absolute command over lower-ranking blood relatives.

A bloodline is a clan that begins with one pureblood vampire.

The Lord Vampire Queen, Jennyella, had many blood relatives. However, little is known about the vampires of her blood relatives.

‘First blood relative.’

The first vampire Jennyella created after becoming a vampire. Seongmin Lee saw the back of Gemini walking lightly in front of him.

Her body is very small. She is almost similar to Osla. However, the ominousness she felt from Gemini was comparable to that of Jenny Ella.

[Gemini. Jennyella’s first blood relative… … Even I have never seen this before.]


[Jenniela was hiding a lot of things from this old man even before he died. In fact, it may be more because there was no significant contact between this old man and Jennyella.]

During his lifetime, Lord He made the south his territory. Since Jennyella had not come down from northern Trabia since those days, there would not have been many opportunities for Heoju and Jennyella to meet face to face.

[This may be the case for most people, but for people, the time they have lived is a measure of their strength. Unlike humans, humans do not grow old just because they live for a long time.]

If Gemini is Jennyella’s first blood relative. This means that she has lived a similar long time as Jennyella.

[It seems that simply living a long time is not everything. Jennyella… … I put a lot of effort into that little girl. It must have given him considerable power from the first time he mutated. This old man has also met quite a few Lords, but that little girl has overwhelmingly superior strength than them.]


The first time I became involved with them was when I first came to the North. To meet a nobleman in the north.

Since then, Lee Sung-min has continued to be associated with the Predator. However, Lee Seong-min’s main enemy at that time was Cheon Oe-cheon.

Thanks to the continued conflict with Cheon Oecheon, Lee Seong-min was able to cut Cheon Oecheon’s power in half. Three of the Six Venerables were killed by Lee Seong-min, and King Chang and the Black Dragon Association became involved with Lee Seong-min and betrayed the God of War.

Yue Hu was killed by Sima Lianju. I don’t know what happened after 10 years, but before Lee Seong-min was sealed, the only people left in Cheonoecheon were Martial God, Dojon, and the Spiritual Medium.

Kim Jong-hyun and Bolander are dead. The Death Knight Corps disintegrated. But does that make the Predator less powerful? Regarding that, Seongmin Lee… … I couldn’t possibly answer yes.

There was a definite enemy in Cheonoecheon: the Six Exalted Ones.

Predator also has five extra-human peaks called black stars. Vampire, Lycanslope, Death Knight, Lich, Yokai.

Among them, Acrich Arbes, the monster leader Red Demon, and the Death Knight Lord Bolander died.

The crucial difference between Cheon Oecheon and Predator.

[head count.]

Heoju chuckled. Even though the Red Demon is dead, there are many monsters that have mutated from humans in Predator.

Even though Arves is dead, there are still many lichs. The Death Knights who retreated from Germud would also have returned as Predators.

‘Cheon Oecheon was surviving thanks to the mercy of the Predator… … .’

I remember Jennyella shouting with a smile in her voice. Jennyella didn’t let her supernatural power bother her.

Even if there was, it wasn’t much of a threat. Because Cheonoecheon is not the enemy of the Predator, Cheonoecheon exists in the future Jennyella hopes for.

“Our relationship.”

Gemini crossed the garden.

“We are deaf. “He’s quite friendly towards you.”

“Do you mean the will of all Predators?”

“I mean Queen’s will. And the meaning of Queen is the meaning of Predator.”

Gemini chuckled.

“You’d better think rationally. What to gain and what to lose. “Isn’t it the basis of transactions and relationships to consider that first?”

“What do you mean you can give?”

“It is the Predator who can give you something, not me. but… … As Queen’s first child, I can tell you what I can give you. First of all, right now your… … No, I can guarantee your life.”

“That’s hard to ignore after hearing that.”

It was Yana who opened her mouth. When she raised her voice, the ferocious ominousness that had emanated from Gemini was invaded by Yana’s magic.

“What a nine-tailed fox. I know you are strong. But this city has all of Quinn’s blood relatives. If you wish, Lycanslopes and lichs will come as well. Do you think you can handle all the Predators just by adding you?”

“If I sacrifice my life, I will be able to make that person escape.”

“Right. You value your ears more than your own life. Why is it that there was some kind of connection between you and Gwi-chang that made you give up your life? Or is it because of Heoju in the ear window?”

Gemini muttered in a happy voice. Yana didn’t bother to answer.

“If you go so extreme that you risk your life, hmm… … good. Then tell me something else. Guichang, what can we give you? You know that well. “We can give you back your loved one.”

Baek Sogo.

“A year ago, we saved the Ink Flash Light Baek So-go under the Queen’s orders. She has taken every precaution to ensure that she does not die from her master’s poison. “Without turning her into a vampire.”

Gemini’s steps stopped at the back of the garden. It was one of many outbuildings.

“We can turn her into a vampire at any time.”

Gemini turned her head and looked at Lee Seong-min.

“Do you know what happens when a human becomes a vampire? Your way of thinking changes. There may be resistance at first, but once you start sucking blood… … Kiki, it’s all smooth sailing after that.”

I know what you’re talking about. I saw the Sword Demon go crazy, and I saw the Blood Heavenly Demon go crazy.

“It will give you a whole new sense of despair. “Because the person you remembered becomes a completely different monster.”

Those words were enough to stimulate Lee Seong-min.

However, it didn’t explode. Be patient. Seongmin Lee gritted his teeth and swallowed down the emotions that were bursting out.



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Gemini glanced at Lee Seong-min’s distorted expression and opened the door to the mansion.

“You come in alone.”


“why? I’m afraid? Don’t worry, I won’t harm you. “If you don’t like it, don’t.”

Gemini chuckles and pulls the doorknob again. The door that had opened closed. Seongmin Lee clenched his fists at Gemini’s attitude.

“I get it.”

“but… … .”

Scarlett and Yana were surprised by Lee Sung-min’s answer. But there is no way.

“That’s right.”

Gemini grinned and opened the door again.

Beyond the door, the long hallway was filled with the smell of death. The smell of blood. The smell of rotting flesh. A mixed, disgusting stench wafts through the air.

Seongmin Lee glared at Gemini with a pale, tired face. Before he could say anything, Gemini spoke first.

“I was doing my best.”

Gemini walks down the hallway.

“I stopped the poison from progressing while remaining human. Joo Won’s poison is very powerful. Very, very. It’s especially powerful against humans. Because external forces develop to kill and eat humans.”

Even the Black Dragon Hyeop, a half-human, half-dragon, suffered from Joo Won’s poison.

“It’s important from here on.”

End of the hallway. Gemini opened the closed door without hesitation.

“We are friendly to you.”

I see a bed in the middle of the room.

A woman covered in white bandages was lying down. She was wearing a white coat and covered with a white blanket. Seongmin Lee stood in front of her and looked at her.

If you listen carefully, you can hear shallow breathing. Every time she breathed, there was an indescribable fishy and foul smell.

The smell of poison. Lee Seong-min’s eyes trembled. A woman with a pale complexion and her eyes closed. Is it because 10 years have passed? No, is it because of the poison?

Baek So-go’s appearance had become much haggard than what Seong-min Lee remembered.

“Baekso… … .”

Lee Seong-min couldn’t bear to call her name. Gemini was watching Lee Sung-min’s reaction with her amused expression.

She walked lightly and stood next to Baek So-go’s bed. Gemini said as she stroked Baek Sogo’s white, dry back of her hand.

“Say it again. “We are friendly to you.”

Seongmin Lee did not answer.

I see Baek So-go lying down.

Emotional turmoil was natural. But, but. You should not be unconditionally swayed by it.

In this situation, it is Gemini who holds the hilt of the sword. As long as Baek So-go’s life is in his hands, Lee Seong-min has no choice but to follow Gemini’s wishes.

Yes, just like always. Think about it. Lee Seong-min tried to establish a day of reason amidst wildly agitated emotions.

What Gemini wants. The reason Baeksogo is there. Why did Jennyella captivate Baek Sogo? Why isn’t Jennyella showing up?

You have to look at it from a different perspective. Take a few steps back from this situation. Don’t be upset. Seongmin Lee whispered to himself.

You should not act according to Gemini’s intentions. She had already laid the board, and Lee Seong-min climbed on top of it.

No matter how hard you try, all you can do is think and act as Gemini wants.

The moment Lee Seong-min made that decision, he felt a strong sense of discomfort. I am drawn to Gemini’s conversation, and the smell of death fills this room. The stench of poison. He felt something he had never felt before when he was drunk with it.

‘Oh yeah.’

I understood what was going on.


Jennyella was the one who did not shy away from the appearance of the massacre predator. But she called Jennyella and she wasn’t in Germud 10 years ago.

It is undoubtedly true that Predator was involved in breaking Lee Sung-min’s seal, but Jennyella did not directly participate in the work of breaking the seal. It must have been because there was a good reason.

“Even at this moment, the queen is nowhere to be seen.”

“Do you think I’m not good enough?”

Gemini asked, her eyes shining. Seongmin Lee did not answer. He didn’t think it was necessary.

“The Vampire Queen used to tell me. I wish I was in despair. Are you saying I put her here for her despair? “Then why doesn’t she, Queen, show herself?”

Gemini giggled.

“Where is the queen?”

Seongmin Lee’s hand was raised.

“And your sister-in-law?”


A purple electric current exploded from Lee Seong-min’s hand. Gemini laughed out loud. Space is torn apart.

The intended odor has disappeared. The bed was shaking. The thing that was lying on top of it, in the shape of a white cow, distorted and disappeared.

“Queen doesn’t show up.”

The floor disappeared and black darkness appeared. Lee Seong-min and Gemini fell into that darkness.

“She lost Mi-rae-an a year ago. She could no longer see her future as the advent of genocidal predation.”

Gemini said with a smiling voice.

“I don’t know what she was thinking, but Quinn locked herself in her mansion.”

Gemini’s eyes glowed in the darkness.

“Before she lost her future vision, Quinn saw the future in an ink flash. And through the ink flash, we found out 10 years ago that you were not dead and were sealed in Germud. Queen… … I am very interested in you. So, I was thinking of stimulating the trapped queen through you… … Well, it doesn’t matter. “I was afraid that you would follow Lao Xian, so I was confining Mo Shinguang.”

I didn’t lie. Gemini said, slowly standing on the floor. It fell to a distant depth. This place was filled with the unmistakable smell of death.

“ruler. “Let’s talk again.”

Gemini spread out both hands. Behind her, behind her, beyond her thick iron bars, I saw Baek Sogo lying down.

“Neither Queen nor Predator. “With me.”

In front of the bossy Gemini.

Lee Seong-min is the most cool-headed he can be. He was most certain and took the most active action.

I passed Gemini, smashed the bars, entered, and stood next to Baek Sogo.

“… … hey.”

Gemini slowly lowered her spread hands and puffed out her cheeks.

“It’s no fun like this.”

Ignoring those words, Lee Seong-min checked Baek So-go’s pulse.


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