Worthless Regression Chapter 334

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Episode 336 79. Whereabouts (3)

Scarlett and Osla couldn’t help but be a little embarrassed.

Seongmin Lee and Jana rode a fairy horse to Cheped and less than half a day had passed.

Lee Sung-min’s face, which returned after such a short time, was distorted like a demon.

Scarlett’s expression hardened as she looked at Lee Sung-min, who was shaking and shaking his shoulders.

“… … “What happened?”

Scarlett guessed that something unusual was happening and asked that question. Seongmin Lee tried to calm his voice, but no matter how hard he tried, his voice would not calm down.

In the end, Lee Sung-min gave up and told Scarlett what had happened.

“This crazy… … !”

After hearing the whole story, Scarlett’s face distorted.

“Why didn’t you tell me it was related to Baeksogo…?” … ?!”

As Scarlett shouted, she looked down at the bracelet on her wrist. This bracelet was given by Scarlett to Baek So-go and Lee Seong-min before leaving the Mt.

Wherever Scarlett is in the world, if she wants, she can relay fragmentary information to the person wearing the bracelet.

Conversation was impossible, but what she wanted to do now was not a conversation with Baek Sogo.

You just need to know the location.

Scarlett concentrated her mind by infusing magic into the bracelet. As long as you’re wearing a bracelet. Even if communication is impossible, the approximate location can be determined.

Lee Seong-min was feeling a bit of déjà vu.

I’ve had this experience before. She is a village girl that Gwangcheonma wanted to meet. She succeeded in finding it through Aladur’s magic, but… … The owner of the bracelet was dead in the grave.

No way, this time too.

Lee Seong-min chewed his lower lip. Please, not this time. Seongmin Lee earnestly had that wish.

“… … found.”

Scarlett’s eyes opened. To get a clearer picture, Scarlett closed his eyes and focused his mind even more.

“… … thank god. “It looks like he’s not dead.”

“That means… … ?”

“I don’t think it’s normal. … … and… … here is… … Umm… … .”

“Where are you?”

Seongmin Lee asked with a trembling voice. Scarlett hesitated a little and looked at Lee Sung-min.

“… … “You’ve been there too.”

the tip of the north.

“The Vampire Queen’s Mansion.”

In an instant, my legs lost strength.

Seongmin Lee stumbled and barely caught his body as it was about to fall.

Travia, the vampire queen’s mansion. Why is Baeksogo there? She challenged Joo Won and lost. She was poisoned by Juwon’s poison and she barely escaped Cheped.

Why is she in the vampire queen’s mansion?

“… … “What are you going to do?”

Yana, who was listening to the conversation, asked.

“Ink flash light Baeksogo. I don’t know what she means to you. But seeing you do this, she must be precious to you.”

Seongmin Lee did not answer. A precious being. He didn’t even have to think about it.

At Mushi Mountain, Lee Seong-min received help from Baek So-go. Without Baek So-go’s help, Lee Seong-min would not have been able to survive on that mountain and would have died.

At that time, the Muyeongtalhon that he learned from Baek So-go had saved Lee Seong-min’s life several times.

I wanted to prevent Baek So-go’s death. So he headed to the Doppelganger’s Dungeon, where he took down Weezy Hoenn’s doppelganger. Baek Sogo’s death was prevented.

In Germud. Baek So-go turned into a monster and intercepted Lee Seong-min, who was going crazy. if… … What would he have done if Baek So-go had not blocked Lee Seong-min at that time?

In a state where I can’t even remember, only the instinct for violence remains. I must have done terrible things.

Because Baeksogo blocked Lee Seong-min, Frau was able to seal Lee Seong-min. If it weren’t for Baek So-go, Lee Seong-min would have gone on a rampage and been subjugated to death.

A lifesaver.

private residence.

I remember the letters Baek So-go left behind.

“I will go.”

I have been avoiding meeting Jennyella.

Her power was so strong that even Lee Seong-min couldn’t help it now. Because she was very reluctant about her ability to see the future.

So, when the seal was broken. When Lao Xian asked me to go north with him, I refused without thinking.

In that situation, the reason I didn’t kill Raoxen, the other vampires, or the Lycan Slopes was because I didn’t want to conflict with Jennyella.

Things have changed.

“I will go with you.”

“I’m going too.”

Scarlett spat out.

“If you had told me from the beginning that it was about Baeksogo, I would have gone from the beginning.”

“Didn’t you say you couldn’t leave your seat?”

“Have you forgotten what I did in this forest for 10 years? “Don’t worry, I have students who can maintain research while I’m away.”

Scarlett said that and glared at Lee Sung-min.

“I’m going to visit my tower for a while. If you leave me again this time… … I’m going to hate you “Because you’re not the only one worried about Baek Sogo.”

“… … All right.”

After hearing Lee Seong-min’s answer, Scarlett turned around and headed towards her tower using floating magic.

“The Vampire Queen is dangerous.”

Osla, who had been listening to the story in silence, opened her mouth.

“She was born in this world, Eria, and is a being close to a true transcendent. No, in some ways she exceeded the standards of a transcendental person. “The good news is that tonight is not a full moon.”

Osla muttered that and looked at the sky. It is not yet night, and the moon has not risen.



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“You can never kill her in full moon. Even if she is not Manwol, she is still difficult to kill. but… … “What is truly dangerous is not her immortality, but her overwhelming magical power, the pinnacle of the vampire species.”

“Is it that strong?”

Yana asked. Yana had never met Jennyella in person yet. Osla nodded her head at those words.

“What a nine-tailed fox. “I know you are a being of tremendous power, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the Vampire Queen.”

Soon after, Scarlett returned. She was wearing a gorgeous crimson robe and ornate gloves.

The magic of the Lesir school created by Scarlett does not use a staff.

Those gloves were the weapons needed to use the magic she created called ‘Spell Inscription’.

“I can’t go in person.”

Osla said with a sullen face. Instead of. She added and raised both her hands. Colorful particles of light gathered in both her hands.

“It’s the fairy’s protection.”

When Osla raised her hands high, the particles of light contained in her palms poured down on the heads of Lee Seong-min, Yana, and Scarlett.

“It will protect your mind from the Vampire Queen’s mental attacks. But don’t be too overconfident. “Because I don’t have the confidence to completely block her power.”

“thank you.”

This was the only help that Osla, who could not leave the forest, could provide. Seongmin Lee bowed his head deeply to Osla and expressed his sincere gratitude.

“thank you.”

“Don’t die.”

Osla said with a sullen face.

“Ryeonju died for you. And he gave you his all. you… … Although it is not a series. I used to see Ryeonju in you. “Do you find this unpleasant?”

“… … “No offense.”

“Don’t worry. But that doesn’t mean I like you the same way I liked Ryeonju. You and Ryeonju have a different vibe and physique. Her face is also different from Ryeonju. “I like a face like Ryeonju.”

“yes… … .”

In a rather serious mood, Osla stuck out her tongue and spoke.

Lee Seong-min was a little embarrassed, but smiled awkwardly and nodded his head.

Don’t die.

What Osla said was undoubtedly sincere.

I didn’t want to die.

Of course, Lee Seong-min did the same.

“Can the three of us be overthrown?”

Seongmin Lee glanced at the fairy horse’s expression. Fairy Ma showed no reaction and only his eyes were blinking. He seemed to be overthrown.

Seongmin Lee sat close to the fairy horse, and Scarlett sat behind him. And Yana sat on the fairy horse’s hips.

“Three people are the limit.”

Scarlett grumbled. Seongmin Lee thought of Jennyella’s mansion.

Today alone is the third space leap. Once upon a time, Abel said: A fairy horse’s spatial leap is not omnipotent.

It was as he said. The moment he landed near Jennyella’s mansion, Seongmin Lee felt intense dizziness.

He straightened his wobbly body and took a deep breath. His head felt a little dizzy.

It was the same for Yana. she muttered, shaking her pale face from side to side.

“… … greatly… … “It’s unpleasant.”

“This is the third time today.”

For the first time, Scarlett seemed fine.

“I jumped that enormous distance three times in a row. Of course it takes a toll on your body. It would be best to stop at three today. If you go any further than that, your body and mind may become completely separated.”

“What does that mean?”

“Literally. It means becoming an idiot. Or the opposite. The body disappears between the gaps in space, and only the spirit succeeds in leaping… … Yes, to put it simply, it means becoming a ghost. “If you’re curious, would you like to try one more time?”


Lee Seong-min answered immediately and took a deep breath. The pounding headache completely subsided after a while. He stood up from his bowed position and glared at Jennyella’s mansion.

The red mansion did not appear to have changed on the outside compared to 10 years ago. Seongmin Lee slowly approached the front door of the mansion.

Previously Cheped, now Trabia. But the weight I felt in my heart was different from before. There was no main source in Cheped. But there is Jennyella in this mansion.

Seongmin Lee’s hand touched the front door.


Someone called Lee Seong-min from beyond the front door.

“I heard that Lao Xian was successful. Also, you have a fairy horse.”

The front door opened. Standing there was a girl of small stature.

“If it was going to come like this in the end, why did Germud reject Lao Xian’s offer? “You made Laoxian sick too.”

“… … who?”

“One of the Queen’s children.”

The girl said with a bright smile.

“I know why you came here. A martial artist led by Queen. “You must have come because of the flash of ink, right?”

Lee Seong-min’s expression changed at those words. As Lee Seong-min took a long step forward, the girl quickly raised both hands.

“Whoa, whoa. Don’t get too excited. We take great care of her. “Quinn even ordered that.”

“… … why?”

“Because I knew that she was important to you. Our queen is so mischievous. And she was pretty lucky.”

At that time, Jennyella was before she lost her Mirae Eyes.

“Don’t blame Queen too much. “If she hadn’t been looked after by Quinn, she would have been poisoned by her master’s poison and died in her old days.”

“… … The poison… … “Has it been treated?”

“No, that’s impossible. It is impossible for even Joowon himself to decipher Joowon’s poison. The same goes for our great queen. What Queen did… … Don’t let your addiction progress too far. She was just taking care of that woman so she wouldn’t be killed. “Isn’t that a great blessing?”


Lee Seong-min chewed his lower lip and glared at the girl. The girl shrugged her shoulders under Lee Seong-min’s murderous gaze.

“The introduction is late. I’m Gemini Queen’s first blood relative. Now, come in here. “Isn’t she here to meet that human?”

“Why doesn’t the queen come out?”

Seongmin Lee asked, glaring at Gemini. At those words, Gemini laughed and turned her body.

“why? “Do you want to meet Quinn?”

If possible, I don’t want to meet you.

“Don’t be too hasty. Because everything has an order. first of all… … I’ll help you meet the person you want to meet. Wouldn’t it be better to talk about other things later? Yes, if I may say so… … “Your relationship with us, etc.”

Relationship with Predator.

“There are a lot of customers. I didn’t know that it would even attract the nine-tailed fox. and… … Even red sage. “If anyone sees it, they might mistake it for thinking they came to kill Queen.”

Probably not?

Gemini turned his head and laughed.

Seongmin Lee felt the same danger as Jennyella in that small girl.


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