Worthless Regression Chapter 318

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Episode 320 75. Demon King (6)

Can Lee Sung-min kill Kim Jong-hyun?

Abel thought about it.

Perhaps that is impossible. Even though Kim Jong-hyun’s immortality is not complete. It is never easy to completely kill someone who cannot die. If Lee Sung-min is overwhelmingly stronger than Kim Jong-hyun, he wouldn’t know it.

‘He’s dangerous.’

Abel did not downplay that fact. Abel knows Lee Seong-min’s situation well.

Seongmin Lee himself is conscious of his own insecurities and has already consulted with Abel about them. Maybe, really maybe. He may be the end.

There is no telling when Lee Seong-min’s imperfect seal will be released. Lee Sung-min couldn’t force himself against Kim Jong-hyun, who couldn’t die.

Cain did not trust Lee Seong-min, but Abel trusted Lee Seong-min. This guy is not the end. As long as he considers himself not the end, he will never become the end.

‘I can’t take your burden off you.’

In this situation, Kim Jong-hyun is not desperate.

Even though the Lord of the Death Knights was lost and the Death Knight Corps was disintegrated.

For Kim Jong-hyun, it cannot be said that it is a loss that prevents him from dreaming of a comeback.

Kim Jonghyun has: If the situation becomes unfavorable, he can leave this place at any time.

If a magician of Kim Jong-hyun’s level decides to run away, Lee Seong-min will not be able to catch him. It shouldn’t be like that. No matter what happens, Kim Jong-hyun must be eliminated today.

Cain was dead behind Abel. From a very young age, his older brother Cain… … For Abel, he was an object that must be overcome.

Talent and sense for magic. From childhood, Cain was superior to Abel. Even before he became an adult, Abel had hoped that one day he would surpass his older brother.

Since I grew up, I have been seriously considering and practicing how I can defeat my older brother in magic battles.

At least I never thought that I would kill my brother in this way. Rather than the fact that he killed his brother, the fact that he was killed ‘in this way’ made Abel feel worse.

It wasn’t even a magic competition. His older brother did not remain as the great wizard that Abel had hoped to surpass as a child.

I learned too much, and I wanted to preserve my own life more than anything else. There is nothing left of Abel that he admired as a child.

Abel chewed and swallowed the bitter feeling. What made Abel even more displeased was that in addition to killing his brother in this way, he also broke a taboo that he had never broken before in his life.

Can not help it. In that way he was not comforted. In any case, he will soon have to pay the price for breaking the taboo and killing his own brother with his own hands.


Thanks to drinking the dragon’s serum, my body was filled with endless magical power. By killing his own brother and breaking a taboo, his short life span was made up to some extent.

Abel saw Frau for the last time. Frau looked at Abel with bitter eyes and shook her head.

“bye… … Should I say that?”

Abel chuckled at those words. Frau sighed and gave Aladur a glance.

Aladur quickly helped Lubia, who had fallen. Abel took off her cumbersome robe and turned her head.

A place where people pound and drink loudly without stopping. Fortunately, Kim Jong-hyun was still there.

‘I’m glad the fairy queen is asleep.’

At least she won’t go on a rampage for killing Cain.

* * *


My thoughts are interrupted. He wasn’t the type of person to allow such idle thoughts. The overlapping defense barrier was easily split like a glass window.

Just before the hit, deploy blink to evade.

The attack comes as if waiting for the space they jumped into. That could no longer be called spearmanship. Ruthless and widespread violence swept through the space. Fatal injuries must be avoided.

Once you start getting pushed back, there is no answer. The immortality that Kim Jong-hyun obtained is not complete. If you receive a fatal injury that cuts off your consciousness even for an instant, you will face death dozens of times before you have time to escape.

The reason why wizard Kim Jong-hyun was able to overwhelm Lee Seong-min in hand-to-hand combat was because he had the body of a demon king that continued to grow even during the battle.

But not now. The gap between Lee Sung-min and Kim Jong-hyun now is that it has to be similar or slightly sagging to gain the upper hand, but the gap between Lee Sung-min and Kim Jong-hyun is not slightly sagging or similar.

Even now, Kim Jong-hyun continues to grow. however… … I’m pushed. With his fighting instincts as a demon king, he was constantly moving to find a way out and gain an advantage, but Lee Seong-min’s speed, power and range of his attacks completely ate away all of that.

[Are you okay?]

‘Not yet.’

He answers quickly when Heo Joo talks to him with concern. It was a strange feeling. Her head hurt like it was going to explode and her heart was beating so fast and hard in her chest.

Every time I move my body. I didn’t feel any headache for a moment. Every time I swing the spear, my body cannot withstand it and my muscles explode. He immediately recovers and pushes Kim Jong-hyun. No matter how much he poured out, his energy did not dry up.

There is still a long way to go. Sima Lianju’s Black Thunder Blade was faster, sharper, and stronger than today’s Lee Seong-min.

Lee Seong-min was not a Sima trainee, but I wanted to emulate the ideal martial arts he showed.

Just be me. Yes, just be me. Was what I heard at the end of the fight with Bolander an auditory hallucination? Or did Sima Lianju, who went to another world, suggest a path for Lee Seong-min?


How many times has it been already? Lee Seong-min’s spear pierced Kim Jong-hyun’s stomach.

All of the internal organs are torn apart and the back panel explodes. Kim Jong-hyun forcibly held back his fading mind. Both his hands turned gray-white.


The reason I didn’t dodge the spear even though I knew it would pierce my body was because I needed a critical amount of time.

And to slow down Lee Seong-min’s movements as much as possible.

Words that constrain behavior do not work. I already checked several times. Words of defense were of no use.

Both the words and the barrier were too weak against the current Lee Seong-min. Only attack.


Kim Jong-hyun uttered the command by shouting.


A large explosion engulfed Lee Seong-min. At best, it’s just a trick. It’s deplorable that an explosion triggered by words can only have that much effect.

But this is different. Kim Jong-hyun poured out annihilation magic targeting a wide area. This magic that annihilates the soul itself is Arbes’s own magic that he created through his entire life.

Against annihilation magic, self-defense techniques do not serve as a proper defense.

Bigger, stronger. With such an attack, the space itself where the annihilation magic was spread must be destroyed.

Let’s go!

Lee Seong-min’s body became a beam of lightning and he stepped back. As he widened the distance, the spear held in both hands was caught in a violent rotation.

Gwancheon lightning strike.

The sky turned purple. The surviving paladins and priests who were watching him from below covered their eyes with their hands from the bright burst of light.



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When the light faded there was nothing in the sky.

Damn it. Kim Jong-hyun uttered an expletive that was out of character. The space where the annihilation magic unfolded itself was destroyed.

How can you tell that this is a singing technique and martial arts?

‘How much time is left?’

According to Kim Jong-hyun’s calculations, he should have defeated Lee Sung-min by now. But this is something. The reality is that instead of being suppressed, they are being pushed back in a mess.

‘It’s really dangerous.’

Soon the magic will end. If that happens, it will be difficult to escape. So it’s difficult. There was no need to die, but dying was not what Kim Jong-hyun wanted.

With that, Kim Jong-hyun made up his mind.

Here is the following. There is still more that can be done. And still die? This is ridiculous. Having no regrets about life and dying foolishly are two completely different things.


A black darkness swept over Kim Jong-hyun. He brought out all his magical powers. The grimoire floating around him received his magic and glowed black.

I know that it is impossible to escape easily. In that case, you have no choice but to do your best to escape.

Lee Sung-min also noticed that Kim Jong-hyun’s behavior was unusual. Are you really trying to run away? Come now? Of course, I had no intention of sending it away. Lee Seong-min kicked the air and leaped. He leaps through space with a flurry of trust.


Lee Seong-min’s movements resemble magic rather than martial arts, and even Blink, a space leaping magic. I don’t know the detailed principle, but it is the same as Blink, which transcends the space it originally existed in and appears in a completely different space.

However, it is superior to the magic called Blink in many aspects. The instantaneous speed and the leaping distance. Although it may be a story about a high-level wizard, Blink is not an almighty.

This is because the moment you leap and appear in a new space, a fluctuating needle of mana in the air is sure to appear.

However, Lee Seong-min’s windstorm trust does not even cause such a phenomenon. Therefore, the location of appearance cannot be predicted. but… … Even if the principles are different, if that unknown martial art is space leaping.

Kim Jonghyun’s eyes widened. His concentration took a toll on him, and a nosebleed ran down his nose.

He was quite cautious, and even if he could use a tactic, he would save it for use at the moment when it was most appropriate and would yield the greatest benefit.

Even if it was possible to use it in the first place, it wasn’t easy to use.

In the dim concentration of his mind, Kim Jong-hyun caught a ray of lightning crossing the space. His sense as a demon lord and his sense specialized in battle gave us a glimpse of him, even if only for a moment. It is now. Kim Jong-hyun’s hand was twisted.

While jumping through space with a flurry of confidence, Lee Seong-min felt a strong sense of discomfort. Dangerous. A fatal premonition of death, something he had never felt even in his fight with Bolander, came over him.

Seongmin Lee quickly stopped believing in the gale. The space he was aiming for was not reached. That was fortunate for Lee Seong-min.

‘Avoid this?’

Thanks to this, Kim Jong-hyun could not help but be greatly embarrassed. No, that was it.

You shouldn’t be too greedy. Although the number that was judged to have been used when it was most powerful was in vain, it was enough to instill sufficient awareness in Lee Seong-min.

It slows down the speed of closing the distance. If you have enough time, the magic can continue to unfold. Kim Jong-hyun’s hands turned downward.

The direction of gravity changes. Lee Seong-min’s speed, which was soaring upward through the air, noticeably slowed down.

I layered the commandment there and even infused it with debuff magic.


Just in case, a defensive barrier was wrapped around the entire body. Only after he had sufficiently distanced himself from Lee Sung-min did Kim Jong-hyun feel relieved.

This distance is enough for Kim Jong-hyun to get out of the way before Lee Sung-min arrives.

‘It’s not the end yet.’

Kim Jonghyun was confident in him. In that case, there is plenty of time to ‘do it again’.

Maybe I’ll end up doing something else. Yes, we can learn from this failure.

Kim Jong-hyun is still alive. As long as he lives, yes. As long as you live, you can do other things again.

‘Still, it’s a pity. I almost succeeded… … .’

It was a mistake not to anticipate Abel and Gries. Yeah, it’s okay. Even if Abel were to interfere again next time, I would have responded sufficiently.

I glanced at Lee Seong-min, who was running towards Kim Jong-hyun with harsh words. And, next time you’ll get in the way too. It was also unexpected that you were this strong.

‘I’ll have to be a little more careful next time.’

Okay, next time.

‘It’s a pity that I can’t even say hello.’

Abel is.

That’s what I thought when I saw Kim Jong-hyun flying high in the sky. I don’t think you’ll think I’m being heartless.

It’s just that I couldn’t afford it. Abel smiled bitterly and opened the greece.

Horsepower and lifespan. It’s just barely right. Abel slowly stretched out his hand and pointed at Kim Jong-hyun.

There is no way to go astray.

‘If I had known this would happen, I would have used this magic from the beginning.’

At that time, I had no idea it would turn out like this. She kept it as a last resort, but didn’t think she would ever use it.

I never thought that Kim Jong-hyun would have achieved incomplete immortality. He never thought that his connection with the spirit world would lead to this result.

Well, it’s done.

That’s all for me. I did everything I could. To save this world from its fate of end.

He gave his life generously. Even though it’s ugly… … He also achieved his childhood wish of surpassing his older brother.

Still, still. There were no regrets. I wanted to save the world. Abel laughed bitterly. When she found out that this world would one day end.

When I have no shortage of talent and even have a grimoire called Gries in my hands.

Abel had no doubt that he was the one who could save this world from destruction.

It wasn’t. In the end, Abel could not change his destiny. All he can do is erase part of the apocalypse from this world.

“Still, I’m glad I was able to do at least that.”

It’s better than my brother who couldn’t do anything.

Abel’s life was sucked into Gries.


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