Worthless Regression Chapter 313

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Episode 315 75. Demon King (1)

Did Abel meet Kim Jong-hyun?

Seongmin Lee was out of breath and dragging his feet. His body recovered, but he found it difficult to move.

That final blow.

The ‘gaebyeok’ that completely erased Volander from this world consumed too much of Lee Seong-min’s mental energy.

That means it’s still a long way off. Seongmin Lee took a deep breath and straightened up. After taking a few deep breaths, Lee Seong-min quickened his pace.

killed Volander. The Lord of the Death Knights, who had ruled the Predator for hundreds of years, was just recently exterminated by Lee Seong-min.

Lee Seong-min did not feel much emotion about it. He felt a sense of accomplishment for what he had done and the sweetness of victory. He was too thin to feel and be drunk.

Because I thought I was inadequate, I felt little sense of accomplishment, and because annihilating Volander was not a complete victory, it did not feel sweet.

Rather, it tasted a little bitter. Volander, a brilliant knight, was cursed to live as a Death Knight for hundreds of years.

For hundreds of years, he maintained his own chivalry, and only now has he found a way to become human and abandoned the chivalry he had followed for hundreds of years.

In doing so, he hoped to become human.

To become human and die. Because a Death Knight can never reincarnate. To be honest, Lee Seong-min was feeling a little guilty.

There are quite a few people who have died by his hands so far. Whether they wished for death or not, at least death would have applied neatly to them.

But not Volander. And, other Death Knights will do the same.

[so. Did you want to turn Bolander into a human?]

Heoju chuckled.

[If Bolander died as a human by abetting the deaths of tens of thousands of people, then yes. Bolander must have died in good spirits. Would you have been satisfied with that?]

‘That’s not right.’

[Then don’t think about useless things. Now you are pitying Volander, whom you finished off, and that is cheap pity. Do not pity the enemy you have defeated. Bolander was earnest and desperate in his own way, and you were just earnest and desperate in your own way. At least. By defeating Volander, you saved tens of thousands of lives that he was planning to use as a sacrifice to become human.]

Of course, other people won’t even know.

Heoju chuckled.

Cheap sympathy. Lee Seong-min chuckled, remembering what Heo Joo said.

Yes, it’s exactly what it says. Thinking like this now, what should I do? At the moment he threw out his spear, he did not have any sympathy for Volander.

‘What happened to the church?’

Although Bolander has disappeared, the Death Knights he leads are not neutralized. At least we should be thankful that they were caught.

Since there is Teresa and there are paladins and priests, they will not be exterminated. Of course, this is just a guess.

“What happened?”

So, Seongmin Lee asked a question in a tired voice.

Seongmin Lee looked around at the monsters surrounding him. These are the monsters that participated in the punitive force. As Heo-ju warned, the person they were targeting was Lee Seong-min, who possessed deep magical powers.

“Before you guys came. What was the situation? Were the Death Knights or Paladins superior?”

The monsters only looked nervous and did not respond. They saw Lee Seong-min take down Bolander. What Lee Seong-min showed at that moment was a transcendent inaction that went far beyond their common sense.

Even after seeing that, the reason they stepped forward was because the monsters were not confident in their own power. This was because Lee Seong-min, who couldn’t even walk properly and was staggering, looked so weak that he looked appetizing.

“I don’t know?”

Seongmin Lee asked, squinting his eyes.


The monsters showed their teeth.

Who wants to go out first? As they exchanged glances, Lee Seong-min sighed and walked forward.


The purple electric current spread silently and exploded the bodies of the monsters. After killing a dozen monsters in an instant, Lee Seong-min found his direction.

It follows the flow of energy and magic power in the air. Probably by now, Abel is also clashing with Kim Jong-hyun. It was just as I thought. A violent flow of energy was detected in the distance.

* * *

Before Volander died.

While Lee Sung-min and Volander were clashing with each other for a while, Kim Jong-hyun and Abel were confronting each other.

Kim Jong-hyun was quite embarrassed that the magic he had prepared in this space did not shine properly and was dispelled by Abel.

I never thought there would be a wizard capable of dealing with something like this. It’s only theoretically possible, but to forcibly intervene right before the magic manifests and disrupt the spell to dispel it.

It’s not just one magic either. Dozens of magics were instantly dispelled according to the order of their appearance.


Those consecutive dispels didn’t use any special magic. It was nothing more than applying basic techniques that any wizard would know and doing it in an instant.

‘Focus on the basics… … No, I can’t even say it’s basic at that point.’

After embarrassment comes admiration. Kim Jong-hyun truly admired Abel’s technique.

At the same time, interest arose. Wizard guild leader. The image most people have of a wizard is that of an old man who is engrossed in magic experiments that he has no idea about. It’s not wrong. Most wizards belonging to the wizard guild have their own secret wishes and devote their lives to achieving them. And, it is an unavoidable fact that most of them are magic experiments.

But Abel is different. Kim Jong-hyun guessed to some extent what kind of wizard Abel was. Specialized in anti-mage warfare. Who would have thought that the wizard guild leader was a combat wizard who specialized in anti-mage warfare.

Kim Jong-hyun felt even more joyful at the fact that his expectations were different.

‘Then where…’ … .’

Let’s see how far that quick succession dispel is possible.

There are a hundred magics that Kim Jong-hyun has installed in this space. A dozen of them have been dispelled, but there are still countless spells that can be used.

It gives them an overwhelming advantage in battles between wizards. To put it bluntly, it could be said to be the same as holding a machine gun that can fire non-stop and dealing with a single-shot shotgun that requires you to load and fire bullets one by one.

come. Abel’s eyes widened. Dispelling magic was a basic skill, but detecting magic installed in space was an improved Detect Eye.

It is impossible for ninety magics to manifest simultaneously. Sequentially, so which comes first? Read the flow of mana.

It was easy for Abel. She immediately goes into dispel. In order to disrupt the situation, Kim Jong-hyun tried to deceive Abel by performing fakes, repeatedly controlling and withdrawing mana, directly canceling the magic just before it appeared, and manifesting another magic instead.

It was no use. Kim Jong-hyun’s disturbance did not confuse Abel. The machine gun that fires continuously cannot even fire.

Kim Jong-hyun was impressed again and again. At the same time, he raised his finger and pointed at Abel. Magic placed in space is not everything. If you are preoccupied with the magic dispel prepared in advance, wouldn’t it be okay to immediately unleash the magic and attack from here?

Abel is not a fool. If you attack the magic in space with Dispel, it is natural that Kim Jong-hyun will attack you directly. Although not as good as Kim Jong-hyun, Abel also prepared a lot for this final battle.


As black flames surrounded Abel, he took out a small bead from Robae’s sleeve.

Quad deuk!



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The flames disappeared. A pile of pure white ice covered the empty space. Magic item? Kim Jong-hyun made a hand sign as he saw a block of ice approaching.

The ice melts instantly. Even though it wasn’t a chantless process, casting was done at high speed. Jonghyun Kim applied three magic techniques at the same time and put pressure on Abel. Nevertheless, he continued to activate the magic in space.

‘This side is at a disadvantage.’

Know. As long as the fight takes place in Kim Jong-hyun’s territory, these disadvantages must naturally be embraced and overcome. What Abel made in the carriage were scrolls and magic items that could be used in various situations.

But this alone is not enough. It’s not very efficient, but it can’t be helped.

Draw a circle with your right hand and a square with your left hand. The shape of the circle must not collapse. A square must have sharp angles. This is f*cking disgusting. Abel recalled a memory from her distant past.

Something I did a long time ago to destroy my damn brother before magic.

Yangyi Shingong is not a very effective martial art. Divide your mind into two and perform two martial arts skills at the same time.

Just looking at the theory, it is a new technique that will never be seen before in the world, but it is very difficult to learn, and even if you perform two martial arts at the same time, it is not as powerful as performing one martial arts properly.

This is because inner strength is a profound thing, and if two skills are deployed at the same time, a conflict is bound to occur no matter what method is used.

But magic is different.

Magic, unlike martial arts, is not performed with the body. Even if the body is still, it is possible to perform magic at the same time without collision if the magic is completed properly.

Abel opened his lips and quickly recited the cast. Meanwhile, he continued working on Dispel.

While reciting the spell, I shook both hands and opened the magic item I had prepared.

Kim Jonghyun’s eyes opened wide. Abel’s magic collided with Kim Jong-hyun’s magic, and the opened magic item added firepower. However, Dispel does not stop.

‘Multicasting? ‘No, no.’

If it’s possible to perform two magic tricks at the same time, Kim Jonghyun can do it too. However, multi-casting is nothing more than combining two techniques together.

The only way to do this is to combine two spells into one and use one spell to perform two magic spells. As a result, the level of perfection as magic inevitably falls.

Additionally, multi-casting that dispels and casts at the same time cannot exist. How is this possible when the two types of magic are completely different?


The corners of Abel’s mouth rose. Before he knew it, his eyes were bloodshot and blood was flowing from his nose. Even so, the brain was overloaded due to over-concentrating the mind while continuously performing dispels.

Abel found the throbbing headache rather enjoyable. He was a bit pushy from the start, but still.

All the magic that Kim Jong-hyun had placed in this space was completely erased.

“You’re f*cked.”

Abel spat out. He stopped his yang-shin attack and spread his hands wide. Dozens of magic scrolls that had been prepared in advance were released from inside his sleeve. Kim Jong-hyun was once again taken aback by the fact that the magic in the space had completely disappeared. He said in the Great Magic Dictionary that he had never imagined that the day would come when he would be so embarrassed, so his agitation spread to his expression.

Dozens of scrolls were opened simultaneously.

There are many differences between Abel and Kim Jong-hyun. If you look at things like the amount of magical power he has, Jonghyun Kim would be better than Abel. But Abel had something that Jonghyun Kim did not have.

It is skill. Even if Kim Jong-hyun has Arbes’ knowledge. Abel and Arbes have different magic directions. Unlike Arbes, who was a warlock, Abel has thoroughly trained himself as a combat wizard specializing in anti-mage warfare. It’s not a direction that suits the title of wizard guild leader. Abel had the skills to call himself the pinnacle of magicians.

Magic is not something that can be achieved simply by preparing a lot and performing a lot. Magic also has compatibility and connection. Abel’s Scroll is structured to be thoroughly connected.

The magic unleashed at the same time does not conflict with each other, but rather strengthens them. The level of magic in its composition does not matter. The power of magic missiles, which can be said to be the basic of basics, increases exponentially depending on how you use them.

If you combine Hellfire, which is considered the strongest in flame-type magic, with Magic Missile, it becomes a bundle of hundreds of flames.

Using ice magic and fire magic at the same time only reduces each other’s power. However, wind magic and fire magic work well together.

The feast of scrolls planned with such calculation made Kim Jong-hyun take a quick step back. Kim Jong-hyun wore the hood of his robe.

The defensive magic enchanted on the robe was activated immediately. Kim Jong-hyun’s body was swallowed by a translucent barrier. It is a barrier that even the spear that Lee Seong-min fired two days ago could not break through.


The storm created by various types of magic pushed Kim Jong-hyun’s body back significantly. defensive barrier. Abel checked him and jumped into the air. He made a hand sign and memorized the casting. Abel’s hands were wide open.

“You don’t use grimoire magic?”

Abel’s hands moved forward amidst this hesitation. Inside the defensive barrier, Kim Jonghyun opened his mouth to say something. casting? late. Abel’s magic was faster.

Unleash two magic spells with Yangui Heart Ball. The two spells were independent multicasting. In other words, what is actually unfolding is four magics.

Kim Jong-hyun’s defense barrier was shattered. What broke through the defensive barrier was a very thin stream of water.


Abel sentenced.

A stream of water pierced Kim Jong-hyun’s body and expanded into a large ice awl.


Kim Jong-hyun’s body was divided into two.

Abel looked down at Kim Jong-hyun’s falling body. The cut part that was messily torn is frozen and not even blood flows.


Two divided bodies fell among the zombies.


Kim Jong-hyun did not use grimoire magic. Because you’re arrogant? Did he think it wasn’t necessary? He didn’t even use an escape magic. As for Kim Jong-hyun, he was definitely hit by magic.

“… … ha ha ha.”

Still, Kim Jonghyun smiled.

“This… … really. “I never thought it would turn out like this.”

Kim Jonghyun muttered in a smiling voice. no way. Abel’s expression hardened as he looked down at Kim Jonghyun. He too was thinking the same thing as Kim Jong-hyun. He never thought that Abel would become like this.

‘He’s not human.’

That obvious fact was realized again.

Kim Jonghyun stood up. The body, divided in two, stuck together, and the frozen parts were forced to stick together.

‘Jun Demon King.’

Kim Jonghyun shook off the ice chips that stuck to his body and raised the hand holding the grimoire.

Even if he is only half a devil, the devil is still a devil.


The Demon King, a transcendent being, is an immortal being.


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