Worthless Regression Chapter 301

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Episode 303 72. Teresa

Theos, who had an embarrassed expression, raised his eyebrows slightly.

He looked back with a surprised expression. After hesitating for a moment, Theos looked back at Lee Seong-min and Abel and bowed his head.

“… … Adult… … “He said he wanted to apologize in person.”

“Without even showing your face?”


“Which carriage is it?”

At this point, Abel softened his attitude a little. Theos expressed his embarrassment, but took Lee Seong-min and Abel and approached one of the carriages escorted by the Holy Knights.

A white carriage that is no different from other carriages. However, as Lee Seong-min and Abel approached the carriage, the attitudes of the nearby paladins suddenly changed.

Theos gave a wink at the paladins who were reaching for their equipped weapons.

“… … Just in case… … .”

“Don’t worry, the stupid things you think won’t happen. I may be an old and spoiled wizard, but that doesn’t mean I’m a person without common sense or sense. “Would I, the head of the wizard guild, really say shit to the saints of the church?”

“that… … A little word choice… … .”

“Can I open it and go in?”

Abel chuckled.

Theos sighed and opened the carriage door. Seongmin Lee stood behind Abel and looked inside the carriage.

For a moment, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

It was the same with Abel. He blinked his eyes, put them into his sleeves, and gently uncrossed his arms.

Then he turned his head to look back at Theos. Theos smiled bitterly, as if he had expected Abel and Lee Seong-min to make such expressions.

“What kind of joke is this… … .”

“It’s not a joke.”

Theos shook his head at what Abel was about to say.

[…] … hmm.]

Even Heo Ju didn’t seem to have expected this situation.

In the end, Lee Seong-min and Abel entered the carriage and sat across from the saint of the church.

Lee Seong-min had never heard anything about saints in his entire past life, but during the three days he rode in the carriage with Abel, he heard stories about saints he knew.

Although it is certain that it exists, little is known about the saint. About age and gender. Among the many holy men, priests, and believers in the church, there are only a few who know the identity of the saint.

However, it is said that the divine power of a saint is far superior to that of a high priest in the church.

I wasn’t expecting an old priest who had devoted his entire life to faith. But of course, I wasn’t expecting a young-faced girl wearing a white nun’s uniform.

“My name is Teresa.”

The girl opened her mouth. She gently flipped the hood of the nun’s uniform she was wearing tightly behind her.

Abel couldn’t say anything because he didn’t expect that the saint of the church would be such a young girl.

Even in that uncomfortable silence, Teresa was looking at Abel and Lee Seong-min with curiosity in her eyes.

“This is my first time meeting the wizard guild leader. You are a person of whom there are very few rumors. Yes?”

“that… … you… … No, you… … “What should I call you?”

“You can call me Terrasa. “The priests and holy knights treat me difficult, but you are not a member of the church.”

“mister… … ?”

“Do you prefer to call me oppa?”

The question asked while tilting his head made Abel even more perplexed.

He wasn’t used to talking to people like this.

“Abel… … I think you can call me Abel… … same.”

Teresa smiled brightly at Abel’s muttering. And then, she shifted her gaze to Lee Seong-min.

Teresa giggled when she saw the ghost face mask Lee Sung-min was wearing.

“It’s a scary mask. Why are you writing that?”

“It has its own circumstances.”

“I know who you are.”

Teresa said, puffing out her chest. My breasts were barely developed, but when I pushed them forward like that, they came out slightly.

“Wear a mask, wear a spear. There is only one celebrity with this trait. “Are you a deaf ear?”


Seongmin Lee said without hiding anything. You guessed it right. Teresa muttered in a low voice. He seemed quite proud of getting the answer right.

“You and us have a strange connection from the North. No, should I say it is my relationship with Kim Jong-hyun? “You also participated in the war to subjugate the North.”

“At that time, there was conflict with the church’s punitive force.”

“I apologize for that. I can’t say I represent the church, but… … .”

“I don’t take it to heart.”

Seongmin Lee answered while shaking his head.

“Because the situation was unavoidable. “There was a lot of lack of explanation on my part.”

“Still, I am grateful to you. at that time… … Thanks to you, the lives of the paladins who participated in the punitive force were saved. Although there are many dead people… … .”

It’s something that can’t be helped. Teresa muttered. The subjugation in the north ended in failure. The troops of each force that participated in the subjugation at the time all suffered great damage.

There was also a lot of damage to the punitive force sent by the church. One of the high priests died, and other high-ranking priests and paladins also died.

“I heard the story outside the carriage, Abel. “With the same intentions as Abel, we are going to subdue the warlock Kim Jong-hyun, who has committed terrible evil deeds.”

“Aren’t there too few troops?”

It was Seongmin Lee who asked the question.

“I don’t know how much you know about Kim Jong-hyun’s power, but Kim Jong-hyun is not just a black magician. He is a being close to the Demon Lord, and the Lord of the Death Knights and hundreds of Death Knights follow him.”

“Kim Jong-hyun is using the city he initially attacked as a base and is not moving. By the time we reach the city, Germud will have turned into a royalties hell. Beyond the castle walls, tens of thousands of people who died unable to escape will be wandering around as undead.”

“I guess so.”

Teresa nodded her head. Teresa’s face was a little stiff, perhaps imagining the terrible story going on. But she answered without hesitation.

“Even so, I can’t leave Kim Jong-hyun alone. “As time passes, the damage caused by Kim Jong-hyun will increase.”



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“Is that God’s will?”

Seongmin Lee looked at Teresa blankly and asked. This is because it reminded me of Wolhu, who said it was the will of the gods and practiced Sama-ryeonju together with the god of war.

Maybe the god the church serves is the same as a divine spirit? It was a question filled with such doubts, but Teresa just widened her eyes as if Lee Seong-min’s question was strange.

“no. This is not God’s will. This is the meaning of the church. We… … I don’t follow God’s will. Do you understand the group called church?”

“To some extent.”

“The priests and paladins of the church are roughly divided into two categories. One is otherworldly people like me. They are beings who lived in another world, but were summoned to Eria. When we were summoned to Eria, our spiritual connection with the god we originally worshiped was lost. Because of this, we can’t hear God’s voice. “Only the divine power they originally possessed became their own strength.”

And, the other group are priests and paladins who serve the gods that exist in Eria.

The priests who allow ascetics to enter and leave under the mountain of Mshi belong to such a class of priests. Of course, not all priests of God belong to the church.

“The gods of this world also don’t force us to do anything. therefore… … To put it simply, a group called a church can be said to be a polytheistic religion. Most people worship different gods. Therefore, even if someone says they heard the voice of God, the church does not take such action as a group.”

“So, are you saying that it is the church’s will alone to proceed with this subjugation, not God’s will?”

“To put it bluntly, yes. Kim Jong-hyun killed too many people. Those who die from him are unable to leave this world and wander the world as undead. “Someone has to stop him.”

Teresa’s words were universally correct. Kim Jong-hyun is a villain who is doing terrible things to anyone in the world.


When I think of him. Lee Seong-min reflexively thought of Baek So-go. Maybe she is coming here too.

Kim Jong-hyun committed an act that anyone in the world would consider evil.

He had already killed thousands of people in the north, and in Germud, he led the Death Knights to annihilate a city. If someone doesn’t stop him, Kim Jong-hyun will continue to move north and kill tens of thousands more.

“What position do you have in the church?”

Teresa blinked at Lee Seong-min’s question. Teresa, who was tilting her head, answered after a moment of thought.

“It may be a little hard to say it with my own mouth, but I am the only one called a saint in the church.”

“Do you know about the apocalypse?”

Seongmin Lee asked. Abel glanced at Seongmin Lee. He took out the gris and placed it in her hand.

If this conversation was to bring about the Apostle of the End, a barrier had to be set up to stop him.

It was a question asked in such tension, but Teresa widened her eyes and tilted her head.

“what is that?”

Seongmin Lee glanced at Abel. Because she couldn’t tell whether her answer was sincere or false.

Abel stared at Teresa with his eyes shining.

Teresa was not so foolish that she could not understand the true intentions of the suspicious gazes directed at her. She raised her eyes towards Lee Seong-min and Abel.

“I’m not the kind of person that’s shameless enough to lie about something I don’t know.”

[Doesn’t the church understand the end times?]

Seongmin Lee sent a message to Abel. Abel was lost in her thoughts as he caressed her chin.

[Those who know about the end are limited. My brother and I learned about the end by dedicating our lives to Gries… … The Vampire Queen had magical eyes that could see the future, and Musin knew about the apocalypse through direct contact with a divine spirit.]

[Did Envirus also sacrifice his life to Gries?]

[okay. Since then, my brother has never used Gries.]

Abel grumbled.

Theresa really seemed to have no idea about the end.

However, it is too early to assume that not only Teresa but the entire church will be ignorant of the end times.

[It doesn’t really matter if she, an adult, doesn’t know about the end. Because she and the forces of her church are definitely on their way to stop Kim Jong-hyun.]


Teresa, who did not know that Abel and Lee Seong-min were having a secret conversation, called out Lee Seong-min with an expression that seemed like nothing had happened.

“You are strange.”

“What is it?”

“I feel so many things about you. The word chaos is one of the few people I have ever encountered in my life… … “I don’t think anyone can say that better than you.”

“I have my own circumstances.”

“Do you need any help?”

Teresa asked with a smile. Lee Seong-min did not respond immediately to those words.

He looked into Teresa’s eyes to get the real meaning of what she said.

Teresa’s eyes were sparkling and shining as if filled with countless starlight. At least Lee Seong-min couldn’t find any hidden malice in her eyes.

“I can help.”

“In what way?”

Seongmin Lee smiled and asked. At those words, Teresa raised her hand and slowly extended it towards Lee Sung-min.

“It’s purifying.”

“… … purification?”

“The things mixed up inside your body. “I can do it, if you let me.”

“What do you want from me?”

“No, no, I’m not saying this because I have a wish. Guichang, because you look troubled. And I say it because it’s something I can do.”

“What specific help can you provide? purification? “That’s too vague.”

“It is to completely purify the Saiham that resides in your body and the powers that do not match what you originally possessed.”

For example. Teresa touched the back of Lee Seong-min’s hand.

“The poor soul that resides in your body and cannot ascend to heaven. Embedded in your heart… … What is this? heart? With this… … and… … .”


After thinking about words for a moment, Teresa added:

“The poison spreading throughout your body. “It looks like it’s still calm, but if you keep leaving it alone, it will definitely kill you.”

[It looks like you figured it out correctly.]

Heoju laughed in his head. Seongmin Lee looked into Teresa’s eyes while hearing that laughing sound.

“… … What is purification? “Are you saying you’re going to eliminate them all from my body?”

“yes? Sure.”

“Then that’s enough.”

Seongmin Lee pushed away Teresa’s fingertips that were caressing the back of her hand.


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